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  • zebroid ( ) adj. Zebrine. n. The hybrid offspring of a zebra and a horse. A zebroid (also zebra mule and zebrule) is the offspring of any cross between a zebra and any other equine:. — “zebroid: Definition from ”,
  • SUBSCRIBE TO LIFEHACKER. Zebroid | Edit Profile | Settings | Password | Link twitter Zebroid has no friends. Followers. Be the first commenter to follow Zebroid. Archives. — “Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done”,
  • MySpace Music profile for Zebroid. Download Zebroid music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Zebroid's blog. — “Zebroid on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • A zebroid (also zebra mule and zebrule) is the offspring of any cross Zebroid is the generic name for all zebra hybrids. The different hybrids are generally. — “Zebroid”,
  • Zebroid definition, resembling a zebra. See more. — “Zebroid | Define Zebroid at ”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for zebroid in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “zebroid - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • From the Zebroid (Zebra + Equine) to a Beefalo (Buffalo + Cow), some of the most intriguing hybrid animals. A zebroid (also zebra mule and zebrule) is the offspring of any cross between a zebra and any other equine: essentially, a zebra hybrid. — “10 Amazing Hybrid Animals - (mixed animals, hybrid”,
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  • Zebroid = Zebra + Equine. A zebroid (also zebra mule and zebrule) is the offspring of any cross between a zebra and any other equine: essentially, a Zebroids have been bred since the 19th century.The zebroid showed in the picture above, Eclyse, is a very unusual one, because of her coloring. — “10 Amazing Hybrid Animals | Amazing Facts”,
  • Zebroids are any zebra hybrid, the offspring of a zebra and a horse, donkey, or pony. They are interesting and growing in popularity. Zebroid: The Zebra Hybrid Comes in Many Different Varieties. Zebroids are the Offspring of a Zebra and a Horse, Donkey, or Pony. — “Zebroid: The Zebra Hybrid Comes in Many Different Varieties”,
  • Wikipedia has an article on: Zebroid. Wikipedia zebroid (plural zebroids) A cross between a zebra and any other equine animal, but [edit] Adjective. zebroid. Of or pertaining to such a cross. Of or pertaining to a zebra;. — “zebroid - Wiktionary”,
  • Encyclopedia article of zebroid at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Zebroid encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • A hybrid animal known as a "zebroid" (horse-zebra) has been successfully used as a draft animal in South zeedonk, a cross between a zebra and a donkey; the zorse or zebroid, a zebra/horse cross; and the beefalo, an American bison/domestic cow cross. — “zebroid - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
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  • A `zebroid` is a cross between a zebra and any other equid: essentially, a zebra hybrid. They are also known as `zebra mules` and `zebrules`. In general, the sire is a zebra stallion. Offspring of a donkey sire and zebra mare, called a `zebra hinny`, do exist but are rare. — “Zebroid - Encyclopedia”,
  • A zebroid is a cross between a zebra and any other equid: essentially, a zebra hybrid. Zebroid s have been bred since the 19th Century. The extinct quagga was also crossed with horse s and donkey s. Charles Darwin noted several zebra hybrids in his works. — “Zebroid - Wiki”,
  • A zebroid (also zebra mule and zebrule) is the offspring of any cross Zebroid is the generic name for all zebra hybrids. The different hybrids are generally. — “Zebroid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Translations of zebroid. zebroid synonyms, zebroid antonyms. Information about zebroid in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. Other exotic hybrids include the zeedonk, a cross between a zebra and a donkey; the zorse or zebroid, a zebra/horse cross; and the. — “zebroid - definition of zebroid by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • A zebroid (also zebra mule and zebrule ) is the offspring of any cross between a zebra A zebroid (also zebra mule and zebrule ) is the offspring of any. — “Zebroid”,
  • This is a picture of a shetland pony crossed with a Zebra. A title and description can provide essential detail about this photo. Zebroid. This is a picture of a shetland pony crossed with a Zebra. Comments. — “Zebroid | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • At Zebroid we believe that successful business management is a black and white science' At Zebroid, we apply this approach to all areas of business management. — “ - Home”,
  • How about taking a look at some of the amazing, unique, and incredible hybrid animals? These hybrid animals include liger, grolar bear, grizzly bear, leopon, savannah cats, sheep goats, zebroid, beefalo, cama. — “Beefalo = Buffalo + Cow and Seven More Amazing Hybrid Animals”,
  • Definition of zebroid from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of zebroid. Pronunciation of zebroid. Definition of the word zebroid. Origin of the word zebroid. — “zebroid - Definition of zebroid at ”,

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  • Mixed breeds A zebroid is the offspring of a cross between a zebra and any other equine, usually a horse or a donkey. There are zorses, zonkeys, zonies, and a host of other combinations. Zebroids are an interesting example of hybrids bred from species that have a radically different number of chromosomes. For instance, horses have 64 chromosomes and zebra have between 32 and 44 (depending on species). Even so, nature finds a way. Savannah cats are the name given to the offspring of a domestic cat and a serval — a medium-sized, large-eared wild African cat. The unusual cross became popular among breeders at the end of the 20th century, and in 2001 the International Cat Association accepted it as a new registered breed. Interestingly, savannahs are much more social than typical domestic cats, and they are often compared to dogs in their loyalty. They can be trained to walk on a leash and even taught to play fetch.Ligers are the cross of a male lion and a female tiger, and they are the largest of all living cats and felines. Their massive size may be a result of imprinted genes which are not fully expressed in their parents, but are left unchecked when the two different species mate. Some female ligers can grow to 10 feet in length and weigh more than 700 pounds. Ligers are distinct from tigons, which come from a female lion and male tiger. Various other big cat hybrids have been created too, including leopons (a leopard and a lion mix), jaguleps (a jaguar and leopard mix)A cross between ...
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  • Baby Zedonk - cross between donkey and zebra - born at Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in north Georgia What do you get when you cross a donkey with a zebra? A zedonk, of course! The owners of the non-profit Chestatee Wildlife Preserve near Dahlonega, Georgia got a big surprise recently when their mama donkey gave birth to her mixed breed foal. Since she was born with striped legs and a solid body, they named the baby Pippi Longstockings. The foal has attributes of both donkey and zebra. Though she sports stripes, she is much less skittish than a zebra and seems not to mind all the attention she is getting. Chestatee is a non-profit wildlife animal rescue operation that is set up like a zoo so that visitors can enjoy their residents. The facility is open to the public 7 days a week from 10 am to 4 pm Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children 11 and younger. They accept cash and check only. Read more about my round-the-world travels on my blog: .
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  • ZONKEY BOOT - SPRING -SUMMER 2011 ZONKEY BOOT is an Austrian high-end men's shoe brand, created by Michael Rollig, the founder and designer of Saint Crispin's, and by his partner, Alexandra Diaconu. This is their first collection, for spring-summer 2011. ZONKEY BOOT collection comprises of four groups: hand-welted shoes, hand-sewn moccasins, leisure and urban sports shoes. Starting spring 2011, the shoes will be available in shops from Germany, Russia, Japan, and Netherlands. For more details visit , or their Facebook page at /Zonkey Boot. This movie was created by Alexandra Diaconu and all the copyrights belong to Zonkey Boot. Music: "Bloodstream" by Oddjob.
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  • Zebroid-"Run For Cover" cover Zebroid- frat party at NC State in 1984. Covertune of 'Run For Cover'
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  • “XML-RPC Url: Copy and Paste the following code into a new blog post Zebroid [zebra + other equid] Cama [Camel + Llama] Spotted lions [Leopard + Lion] A Spotted lion is the result of breeding a male”
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  • “Zebroid [zebra + other equid] A zebroid is a cross between a zebra and any other equid: However, a zebroid is usually more inclined to be temperamental than a purebred horse and”
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  • “Join munity today and join a community of thousands of dog lovers just like you! The community is a place to share photos, videos, and stories of your dog with others. Make your own personalized webpage, discuss the hottest topics in our”
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  • “A horse is a horse, of course, of course, unless, of course, it's a zorse!Well, or a "zebroid." Yep, that's Horse + Zebra. Today's zorse/zebroid/whatever is called Eclyse, she lives in Germany, and you really do have to se”
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  • “討論區|forum|香港論壇|香港討論區|蕭若元|長毛|潘紹聰|radio|恐怖熱線|廣播|電台|商業電台|社民連|黃毓民|節目下載|何紫綸|Ann|Ho|袁彌明|Freeze|甄穎珊|陳樂榣|石詠莉|羽翹|ava|蕭定一|譚志強|周顯|收音機|美容|美人|靚女|食譜|旅遊|潮流服飾|寵物 7. Zebroid. A zorse is the result of crossbreeding a horse and a zebra. A zonkey isthe result of crossbreeding a donkey with a zebra. The Zony is”
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  • “Pet Blog. Top Searches: • zorses for sale • ligers • zorse for sale • zorse for sale • ligers for sale • zorses for sale • zebroids for sale • ligers for sale • liger for sale • zebroid for sale • zorses posted here are not comments at all and should have really been posted in our forum”
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  • “A zebroid is the seed of a grouchy between a zebra and any other equine, usually a horse You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Powered by Web Wiz Forums”
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  • “A zebroid is the combination of A zebra and a horse< - When riding my horse, do I have to respect the highway code? Yes - The Personalize your forum posts with your photo and hometown. Apply to become an editor of”
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