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  • Zampone of Modena is made from the front trotter of a pig. The trotter is stuffed with a Zampone of Modena is made from the front trotter of a pig. — “Zampone Modena IGP | Italian Culinary Tradition | Italian”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Zampone. Download Zampone Pop / Jazz / Latin music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Zampone's blog. — “Zampone on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • 1 sm Zampone sausage, about 4 to -5 pounds. 2 lb Russet potatoes, peeled, cut -in 3/4" cubes. 4 tb Melted butter. 1 c Whole milk Wash and dry the Zampone. Prick the Zampone about 20 times all over with a. needle. Place in a pot large enough to submerge the. — “Zampone with Potatoes and Balsamic Mustard Vinaigrette at”,
  • Zampone? Posted by Michael Larabel on January 05, 2009. In early December we shared that it was time for the Fedora community to come up with the Among the possible names that have received clearance are Indomitable, Blarney, Leonidas, Claypool, Zampone, Euryalus, Duchess, and Brasília. — “[Phoronix] Fedora 11: Blarney? Duchess? Zampone?”,
  • The assortment of meat often includes beef or veal (brisket or lean short ribs) a stewing hen, veal tongue, guancia (pork cheek), calf's head, cotechino and zampone. Unfortunately, zampone is now very difficult to find in the States. Braised lentils, potato puree and several sauces. — “Michele Topor - Boston North End Market Tours - Culinary”,
  • Zampone is a dish prepared from a pig's leg. It consists of the lower part of a pig's leg (called. — “Zampone”,
  • Zampone Trivia: Food Reference Zampone Facts, History, Recipes, Quotes, Food Art, Cooking Schools. — “Zampone - Food Facts and Trivia”,
  • Zampone is a primary dish across Italy during the Holiday period. Zampone is usually a 75% meat to 25% fat mix. Additionally the snout and other pieces. — “Italian's Insight to Travel Italy: Zampone con Lenticchie”,
  • Zampone Modena is closely related and also has PGI status. Mirandola developed its own specialty enveloped in a hollowed out pig's trotter, named the Zampone. — “Zampone”,
  • Zampone is traditionally eaten in Modena on New Year's Eve. The origin of zampone is often told as in the following apocrypha: During Pope Julius II's siege of Mirandola. — “Recipe: Zampone con Lenticchie (Italy, Emilia-Romagna”,
  • As for the cotechino, the legend traces the origin of the Zampone di Modena back to the fif***th century by the resourceful inhabitants of Especially around Christmas, however it is possible to find pre-cooked zampone packaged in sterile packages, in stores. — “ All you want to know about Italian wine”,
  • Zampone and Cotechino, stuffed pig's trotter and a sausage made from the same filling: both from Modena. — “Zampone and Cotechino, stuffed pig's trotter and a sausage”,
  • zampone m. ( plural zamponi) In cookery, stuffed pig's trotter, often served with lentils. [edit] See also. cotechino zampone" Categories: Italian nouns | it:Meats. Personal tools. New features. Log in / create account. Namespaces. Entry. Discussion. — “zampone - Wiktionary”,
  • zampone Italian; pork sausage where meat is stuffed in boned pig's trotter instead of casing. — “zampone: Information from ”,
  • 0 Comments. Zampone. Edit this page Read more: Glossary. Edited by Skorpio. View full history /wiki/Zampone" Related Categories. Category: Glossary. — “Zampone - Recipes Wiki”,
  • Mirandola developed its own specialty enveloped in a hollowed out pig's trotter, named the Zampone. By the 18th century it had become more popular than the yellowish sausage that had been around at the time, and in the 19th century entered mass production in and around the area. — “Cotechino Modena - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Zampone - Glossary Term. view glossary term online: http:///glossary-term/t--34610/zampone.asp. An Italian pork sausage that has a creamy texture and a very spicy flavor. The sausage is usually made from minced pork shoulder,. — “Print Zampone term”,
  • Stuffed Pig's Trotter. Zampone is stuffed pig's trotter. The foot and shin are boned and Zampone is traditionally eaten in Modena on New Year's Eve. — “Zampone - stuffed pig's trotterItalian Cooking School Bologna”,
  • Seven Fishes Blog shares a New Year's Eve recipe: Zampone con Lenticchie. 1. Prick the zampone all over with a couple of corncob holders or toothpicks, and wrap tightly in a double thickness of cheesecloth. — “Buon Capo d'Anno!: New Year's Eve according to Italy: Seven”,
  • Food Network invites you to try this Zampone e Fagioli: Sausage and Beans recipe from Mario Batali. — “Zampone e Fagioli: Sausage and Beans Recipe : Mario Batali”,
  • The zampone is made (by) filling the skin of the lower pig leg (the shin) including the toe little bones; the meat is minced to bigger chunks than usual sausages and Zampone was invented when they decided to take all the scraps of pig. — “Italian New year traditions and Recipies from your friend in”,
  • Salame cotto e Zampone. Cooked salame used to be made of scraps of lean pork meat, while the best cuts were used to make raw salame. Nowadays this product is made of selected meat and rarely of second-best cuts. The meat is minced quite finely. — “pernigotti - salame cotto e zampone”,

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  • “Bed&Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Holiday Homes, Accommodations, Apartments, Inns, Hostels, Country Houses in taken with parents and friends, usually include zampone or cotechino (kind of spiced Italian sausage) and”
    — New Year 2010: Celebrations in Italy and around the World,

  • “Boffer! Your Daily Deal, offers one unbeatable offer for one day only. Once it's gone it's gone. Check daily at to find out what the next deal is. Home - Bit On The Side - News - Blog - Forum - Contact - My Account - About Us - Suppliers - Terms & Conditions. Images & Text”
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  • “Lentils are the most important part of an italian New Years dinner. Eating lentils will bring you a prosperous coming year. And we all like that, don't”
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  • “Albornoz wrote:Zampone 10 torrone 0. Torrone 10 zampone 0. Lo zampone e le lenticchie L'anno scorso per uno zampone andato a male (rifilatomi due giorni dopo il 31 ) non mi”
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  • “Paste into your blog. Il maiale dall'arista allo zampone”
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  • “Sacramento's Food, Wine and Restaurant Blog by Sacramento Magazine. Taylor's Market Offering Zampone di Modena. Share. Comments. I have been known to visit Taylor's Market simply to stand around and ogle the specialty store's outstanding meat counter”
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  • “I asked Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor of The New Yorker, to explain this cartoon in the were adventurous enough to order soppressata, zampone or porchetta di testa, dishes we”
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