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  • Yantra or yantras are diagrammatic representations of various dieties. Buy Vedic yantra, true Vedic yantras & good Vedic yantras from Divine- offers yantra like vedic yantra, shri yantras, kali yantra, kuber yantras, lakshmi yantra. — “Yantra, Vedic Yantra, Sri Yantras, Vedic Yantras, Buy Vedic”, divine-
  • After years of dedicated research and with the help of advanced mathematical software, the Sri Yantra code has finally been deciphered. Read the article to understand why the Sri Yantra is so difficult to draw and learn the three characteristics that will produce the optimal configuration. — “Sri Yantra Geometry Research”,
  • Jagjit Uppal has now been practicing astrology for over 30 years and has wide clientele around the world. He is the "Resident Astrologer" at the Taj Intercontinental Hotel in Bombay, since 1982. Jagjit left Mumbai in 2008 and is now settled in. — “Yantra”,
  • Yantra is the external, visual expression through which the deity When a yantra is adopted for worship and the energy is invoked in it, it becomes a. — “Using Yantras in Yantra Meditation connects to the divine”,
  • Yantra to negate the effect of Kaal Sarp Yoga.Worship of the Mercury yantra/Bhudh yantra protects from fire and electric loss etc. It is specially favourable for a pregnant woman against abortion and for. — “Ketu yantra, Kaalsarp yantra,Mangal Yantra etc”,
  • yantra ( Sanskrit ). 1. Diagrams composed of interlocking geometrical shapes, most typically triangles, used as symbols of various aspects of the. — “Yantra: Definition from ”,
  • Yantra is a divine instrument that consists of geometric patterns. Energized yantras will bring positive energy to your living space. Worship these powerful yantras to get blessed. — “Energized Yantras | Hindu Yantra | Vedic Yantra | Powerful Yantra”,
  • The Yantra Mat is an acupressure mat that provides stress relief. New limited edition Black Yantra Mats now in stock!. — “Yantra Mat USA | Spike Mat | Acupressure Mat | Acupressure”,
  • Yantra is the Sanskrit word for quot instrument quot or quot machine quot . Much like the word quot instrument quot itself, it can stand for symbols, processes, automata, machinery or anything that has structure and organization, depending on. — “Yantra Information (Sanskrit) @ ”,
  • Ce este Yantra? The Yantra is a geometrical drawing, a sacred diagram, bi or tri-dimensional, wich encompasses the energetic signature of a deity. It can be a deity that governs a planet, a certain hypostasis of The Divinity, or The Supreme Deity. — “Yantras | Yantra Painting here on ”,
  • Mahamritunjay Yantra - Long life. The use and upasana of Maha Mritunjay yantra is the worship of Lord Mahamritunjay Shiva and is most auspicious and bestows the person with wealth, health and happiness, good fortune and fame.Read More>> Kuber Yantra - Enhancing wealth. — “Yantra”,
  • Contains techniques and information on Hatha Yoga, Asana, Tantra, Yantra and Karma Yoga. — “ - Introduction to Yantra”,
  • The Sri Yantra symbolizes the ongoing interaction of Shiva and Shakti in the cosmos and Yantra (from the Sanskrit root यन्त्र् yam, meaning "to restrain,. — “Yantra - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Diagrams used for occult purposes form a separate category which has evolved within the tradition, and the role of such yantras is peripheral in comparison with that of yantras for meditation - Yantra, Madhu Khanna. The suffix 'tra' in Sanskrit means instrument. — “Yantra and Pranapratishta”,
  • Ved Bhawan's Website for Yantras:- JANATR MANTAR: Shri Yantra, Sri Yantra, Sriyantra, Banglamukhi Yantra, Planetary Yantra, Navagraha Yantra, Siddhi Yantra, Mahamrityunjaya Yantra, Bisa Yantra, Surya Yantra, Gayatri Yantra and many other Yantras. — “JANATR MANTAR: Shri Yantra, Sri Yantra, Sriyantra”,
  • Yantra, Yantras, Vedic Yantra, Vedic Yantras Astrological; science of Yantras to overcome the evils of planets. — “Yantra, Yantras, Vedic Yantra or Vedic Yantras - The Mystical”,
  • Yantras is a representation of mantra.Energised Yantras,SRI YANTRA,different types of yantras,Yantras and Mantras,Yantras & mantras,Yantras images,Yantras and ity yantra with deity pictures and mantra.Yantras meaning,Yantra pictures,. — “YANTRAS-Energized Mystical YANTRAS,Energised YANTRA AND”, rudraksha-
  • Every Yantra is active only when it has been energized. Read Mantras of all the yantras here.Yantras combined with Mantras can provide success , goodluck and achievement of target. — “Yantra, Yantra Mantra, Mantra of Yantra, Mantra yantra”,
  • Uchchattan Yantra. Maran Yantra. Practical uses of yantras for daily life. According to our shastras Yantra is a science which can be used through the five elements-earth, water, fire, sky and air and by recitation of mantras to control nature in one's own interest. — “Occult Sciences - Yantra,Methodology And Their Use”,
  • Yantra to negate the effect of Kaal Sarp Yoga.Worship of the consecrated Kaalsarpa Yantra Mercury yantra/Bhudh yantra protects from fire and electric loss etc. It is specially. — “ask question, ask a question, quesiton on astrologycal topics”,
  • Yantra, yantra, yantras, tantra, tantric, tantrik, tantrick, pooja, poja, worship, pooja, puja A Yantra is a symbolic diagrammatic representation of a Deity, or parts of human body, various aspects of life – both spiritual. — “Yantras”,
  • Powerful and energised Yantra for success, protection. Special bhoj patra yantra for special benefits. — “Powerful Yantra | Energised Yantra | Bhoj Patra Yantra”,
  • Yantra (यन्त्र) is the Sanskrit word for "instrument" or "machine" Yantra, as instrument and spiritual technology, may be appropriately envisioned as prototypical and esoteric concept mapping machines or. — “Yantra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A selection of articles related to Yantra The purpose of a yantra is to focus spiritual and mental energies according to computer-like yantric pattern, be it for health, wealth, childbearing or the invoking of one God or another. — “Yantra”,

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  • Whitney, James, Yantra, 1950 7 Brothers John and James Whitney began making experimental animated films in the 1940s, such as Film Exercises, in which the image generates sound. Yantra is a Sanskrit term for Tantric imagery in which geometrical representations of deities are visualized as a receptacle of the highest spiritual essence. The work attempts to emulate the expanded consciousness produced by Yogic practice. The films vocabulary is limited to tiny points of light that dance and flicker in complex, organic patterns. Although it was produced using relatively traditional materials and techniques and not electronics, Yantra nonetheless anticipated and influenced the formal and experiential qualities of psychedelic light shows, electronic video feedback, and computer animation of the 1960s and 1970s. The soundtrack, from Henk Badings Cain and Abel: Electronic Music Ballet (1957), which employed sine-wave and noise generators, a photo-electric siren, ring modulator, and reverb, among other devices, reinforces the films futuristic, yet blissful, quality. The work was shown on the dome of the San Francisco Planetarium as part of beat filmmaker Jordan Belsons Vortex Concerts in the late 1950s. The Whitneys, especially John, subsequently played a crucial role in the development of computational cinema and special effects, working first with ***og, then later, digital computers. - Edward A Shanken, Art and Electronic Media (Phaidon, 2009).
  • Southland Tales, Sri Yantra, and the Butterfly Effect Pt. 3 "This is the way the world ends, not with a whimper, but a bang." El Paso and Abilene, Texas have fallen victim to twin nuclear attacks on July 4, 2005 -- a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions which has sent America into World War III. The PATRIOT Act has extended authority to a new agency known as US-IDent, which keeps constant tabs on citizens -- even to the extent of censoring the internet and using fingerprints in order to access computers and bank accounts. In order to be able to respond to a newfound fuel shortage in the wake of global warfare, the German company Treer designs a generator of inexhaustible energy which is propelled by ocean currents, called "Fluid Karma." Unbeknownst to them, the generators alter the currents and cause the Earth to slow its rotation, ripping holes in the fabric of space and time. This is not the Future my friends - This is Present Day - 2008 Join me on this Synchronistic Expedition, which will attempt to uncover the mysteries behind Sacred Geometry, Time Travel, Stragates, Transformation, The Pyramids, and the head scratching film Southland Tales. Inspiration By: Henrik Palmgren Recent Interview http Jake Kotze William Henry AferrisMoon Christopher Knoweles Michael Tsarion David Wil*** and many Others... Thanks to ...
  • Sizu Yantra clips of his performance at the knitting factory, hollywood california on the 27th of september, 2006
  • Mangal Yantra Prayog I Special Videos By Gurudev Suresh Shrimali
  • Oregon Sri Yantra To see this and other videos related to ET's, crop circles, free energy, energy healing and more, download the DVD for FREE via Torrent from: You are a spiritual being having a human experience living in a multi-dimensional universe. The sooner you awaken to this reality, the sooner you can take back control of your life and we can collectively take back control of this planet from those few who seek power over us and the world. Don't just believe ANYTHING without checking it out yourself including what I'm sharing with you. Do your homework! The truth is within you and you must ultimately make up you own mind and walk your own path. Take what makes sense to you now and leave the rest for another time. If you are ready, it's time to wake up to your TRUE nature! Much peace, Will
  • YANTRA YOGA The Tibetan Yoga of Movement
  • Shiva sri yantra Ramana Shiva sri yantra Ramana lemurian crystal dolphins whale sounds. chakra clearing, right/left hemisphere brain balancing. Ramana Maharishi, moola mantra, om namah shivaya, deep meditation, relaxation, sleep
  • Yantra Yoga Tibetan Buddhism - Yantra Yoga
  • Opening The Cosmic Mind ( Sri - Yantra ) Welcome to the scientific revolution that will change everything. are you ready for the paradigm shift? Visit my blog ADD ME to Facebook Twit with me My personal blog key- Where I blog everyday! my Pure video art channel http TransAlchemy on youtube Become A facebook Transalchemy Fan Donate to Help Save the Humans Info on upcoming Documentary ADD Me to Myspace This is a collection of Sri Yantras to the beat of mozart. Great visual aid and or mediation Visit my blog key-
  • shri yantra mandala w/ schumann binaural playing around with my video effects editor.. shri yantra manada is from .. sound is a binaural beat frequency set to an energizing schumann resonance.. for best results, try using headphones
  • Yantra Song Malaysian Tamil song INTRO Yantra Song Malaysian Tamil song INTRO rtsclassic rtsc.co.cc rtsclassic.tk rts classic
  • Mahalakshmi (Laxmi) Mantra & Shri Yantra - Wealth Giving Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalaleyi Praseed Praseed Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaxmiyei Namaha (Various ways ways to spell the Sanskrit transliteration) My very rough translation: Underlying Vibration of all creation, abundance please, cherishing your lotus feet, be pleased Great Laxmi Goddess, I bow to You. The audio is by Shri Anandi Ma and Dileepji from the CD "Mantras For Abundance" published by Sounds True. The audio is available at Shri Anandi Ma's group's website , or directly from Sounds True at (Thanks to purna24 for info) 27 Repetitions (Repeat 4 times for 108 rounds = 1 mala = 40 minutes) *Morning is the best time to chant, especially after bathing. But in the evening before dinner, or 3 hours after dinner is ok too. **Once you learn it by heart, just practice on a mala, especially a lotus seed one, and it will take around 30+/- minutes to do 1 mala a day. *If you recite this mantra daily 108 times financial worries, trouble will go away. **Daily worship of this mantra helps in attaining Siddhi. *Siddhi is typically defined as "a magical or spiritual power for the control of self, others and the forces of nature." "Also to solve your financial worries, experience its wonder within 90 days. Proved to be very effective. Bestows you with lot of money and wealth from unexpected source. [Especially when using with either the Shree or Lakshmi/Laxmi Yantra] "'Shree Yantra' - Shree meaning wealth and Yantra - Meaning 'Instrument ...
  • Saral Alphabet Yantra/Mandala Shri Yantra is the basis of Saral Alphabet Yantra or Mandala .
  • Yantra Mat USA You dont need to be interested in yoga or acupressure in order to use the Yantra Mat. Just lie down, and the mat will take care of your rest. In minutes, youll feel warmth along the parts of your body touching the mat thats an increase in blood flow, a natural response to acupressure. Improved circulation means lower blood pressure and better nutrient delivery. Additionally, the Yantra Mats 8820 acupressure points provoke the kind of clarity and focus that usually comes with prolonged meditation or intense physical activity. A more relaxed state further improves circulation. Not surprisingly, people fall asleep on the Yantra Mat all the time. Acupressure The healing art of acupressure has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Scriptures written over 4000 years ago describe "nail beds" that were used to heal the body and mind. Says Wikipedia: Reviews of acupressure clinical trials have been conducted according to the protocols of evidence-based medicine; for most conditions they have concluded tremendous effectiveness in well-conducted clinical trials. Acupressure may even induce the release of endorphins and oxytocin, the bodys own pain-relieving and happiness hormones. And there is some evidence that it increases metabolism as well. On the back of the Yantra Mat you'll notice an Indian meditation symbol, the Yantra. This word comes from the Sanskrit word yan, which means form, and tra, which means free. When not in use, hang up your Yantra Mat with the back side ...
  • Maha Dhan Laxmi Yantra Maha Dhan Laxmi Yantra - To overcome all your Financial Problems & To Get Blessings Of Maha Laxmi. Goddess Laxmi, also called Shri, is the divine spouse of Lord Vishnu.Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth,fortune and prosperity,both material and spiritual.Goddess Laxmi, therefore, stands for the goal of life, which includes worldly prosperity as well as spiritual prosperity.Lakshmi represents not only material wealth, but the wealth of courage,success,valour,offsprings,luxurious life,eternal bliss. Who does not desire to please Mata Laxmi? Almost every mortal in this universe.However,it is not that easily accomplished by every one.To make this unattainable feat simple,Teleone bring to you Maha Dhan Laxmi Yantra. Prepared out of Panch Dhatu and plated with 24 ct. gold foil,even a glimpse of the Maha Dhan Laxmi Yantra pleases Goddess Laxmi,hence,one is bound to receive wealth and prosperity by means of this yantra. Laxmi puja is performed on the occasion of Dhanteras & Diwali festivals.Placing Maha Dhan Laxmi Yantra at home or office in these festivals bestows one with divine happiness,mental and spiritual satisfaction,success and a lifetime of luxuries. Once Mata Laxmi is pleased with a person,his luck draws wealth like a magnet.To get the blessings of Godess Maha Laxmi on this Diwali place Maha Dhan Laxmi Yantra at home or office for getting success in all endeavours. Benefits of Maha Dhan Laxmi Yantra: 1. Devoted worshipers of Maa Laxmi and learned saints have ...
  • Bala Vaidyanatha Yantra Pratishthaam After punya havachanam (ritual purification of the site and devotees), Ganapati Puujaam (prayer to Lord Ganesha), and Yantra PratiShthaM (Invocation of God into the Yantram or mystical diagram); puujaa is preformed offering the 16 tradtional upacharas and mantra pushpam. The mystical sounds of the nagaswaram (temple horns) resound in the back ground, as the devotees excitement increases to the culmination of the puja ritual with the arti (offering of light).
  • Yantra Budokai-do Koksijde Belgium Promotion Video (Internet-cut) Yantra Budokai-do Koksijde is proud to present his promotional short-movie on the World Wide Web. The Yantra sport-school had the opportunity to make this movie in cooperation with the municipality of Koksijde and Patrick Samyn from Art-Video in order to promote this Nepali martial art. A special thanks go to all members of the Yantra-school and the Yantra-board for their hard work and efforts. Keep on training! This video is the internet-cut. You can get the full DVD in high definition and with extra features by mailing us. You can find our coordinates by visiting our website. WWW.YANTRA-BUDOKAIDO.BE
  • Southland Tales, Sri Yantra, and the Butterfly Effect Pt. 2 (HD) This Video has been Amended to Uphold Youtube's Copyright Agreement. Very Little has been altered ~ Now in High Definition! A Sri Yantra is the sound vibration of the cosmic om seen as a visual diagram. It is said that when monks have chanted aum (or om) this pattern manifests, astrally and on the physical plane. Sri Yantras are made of 9 interlacing triangles - 4 upward representing the male principle and 5 downward representing the female principle. Together, they represent the non-static, vibrating, creative force of the universe. The point in the center or Bindu, represents the point of creative manifestation - the seed core behind time and space, Shiva and Shakti ( male and female energies) united in bliss. Meditation on the bindu takes the devotee to another dimension beyond form and formlessness. It is considered the mother of all mandalas. Join me on this Synchronistic Expedition, which will attempt to uncover the mysteries behind Sacred Geometry, Time Travel, Stragates, Transformation, The Pyramids, and the head scratching film Southland Tales. High Speed Sri Yantra Art Provided by: Inspiration By: Henrik Palmgren Recent Interview http Jake Kotze William Henry AferrisMoon Christopher Knoweles Michael Tsarion David Wil*** and many ...
  • YOGA YANTRA YANTRA. In India, sacred geometric patterns, known as yantra, are used as an aid to meditation and to call up aspects of divinity. BKS Iyengar describes asana, each one of which also has it's own precise geometrical shape, as meditation in action. This film combines images based on film footage of BKS Iyengar in practice, traditional Vedic yantras and mandalas, and devotional Indian music.
  • Digit-All-Love - Vadya Yantra
  • Yantra Inna Sancdom DVD pre-viz sampler Opening this visualization is the first 4 Mandalas, Shiva,Kali,Ganish and Durga. as a prayer to our Devi, our Guru. Music by PJ 3d Art by Buffalo lBob release date July 2008
  • Yantra Song Malaysian Tamil song FULL Yantra Song Malaysian Tamil song FULL By RTSCLASSIC.TK rtsclassic rts
  • Yantra - James Whitney (1957)
  • Yantra Yantra art with tibetan chanting...
  • BRZEE MANTRA ON KUBERA YANTRA (108) The Brzee Mantra on Kubera Yantra. Lord Kubera is the banker in the heavens. Website: RSS Feed URL feeds2 My Twitter Account: Please subscribe for video updates.
  • sizu yantra ruben from cafe tacvba at the knitting factory
  • Drawing the Sri Yantra Here I use the vesica pisces to develop the template that I use for the regulating lines for the yantra. Compare to
  • Magical Shree Yantra-- Great Power and Balance This Shree Yantra is, very Powerful and can be used by anyone for Business prosperity, Self protection, protection of the entire family from anything such as "Negative Influence from outside" and of course for Spiritual growth and Harmony at home and around.Peace, Enjoy this. Jagan
  • Making Shri Yantra How to draw Shri Yantra in 14 steps. Revised version is available at:
  • Observatory Ram yantra Jantar Mantar Delhi Ram yantra, an astronomical unit used for measuring the altitude of stars in Jantar Mantar, an observatory made of stone in Delhi, India. For more information on this video click - Video by
  • How To Use a Yantra to Attract Abundance How to activate and use a Lakshmi Yantra to attract abundance
  • Yantra and Mantra: Sri Vidya Tripura Tantra Yoga Meditation In the Himalayan tradition, the aspirant breaks through the final barrier through Samaya Tantra and Sri Vidya, after clearing the mind through the practice of Yoga meditation as codified in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, and practicing self-enquiry through Vedanta. Vidya means knowing, and Sri Vidya is the highest of all aspects of knowing, as it leads to the Absolute Truth. Yantra refers to the visual form, and Sri Yantra is the form of that knowing. Central to the practices is Maha-Tripura-Sundari, the great, beautiful one, essence, consciousness, or reality that dwells in the three "cities" (tri-pura, or three cities including: gross, subtle, causal; waking, dreaming, sleeping; conscious, unconscious, subconscious). Sri (or Shri) is conceptualized as the feminine creative force of Shakti that is ultimately found to be one and the same with the static conceptualized as masculine or Shiva. See also:
  • Rudra Dancers training in Yantra In March 2009, Rudra's young dancers took some classes in Yantra (Brussels) in order to prepare their "Rudra Bejart Ballet" Tour. Rudra was created in 1992 in Lausanne, Switzerland, by Maurice Bejart. Tele-Bruxelles filmed one of these classes, on march 8th. To know more about Yantra Dance Academy: www.aca-yantra.be
  • Tappetino Chiodato Yantra - dimostrazione in Inglese Tappetino Chiodato Yantra - dimostrazione in Inglese. "Based on the same concept as lying on a bed of nails - but without the pain - the Yantra Mat works on the bodys acupressure points to gently release endorphins and oxytocin (the bodys peace and calm hormones). The result? A tremendous feeling of relaxation, and an almost soporific calmness." Harpers Bazaar, April 2010 "The new craze, which is heading our way straight from Sweden... The Yantra Mat is the best thing since sliced bread" Daily Mirror, March 2010 Yantra Mat is listed in 3 ways to...aid a good nights sleep Take it Easy, March 2010 Yantra Mat featured in the Everyone's talking about section, where Health Editor, Janet Horwood said: "Yantra Mat is best for insominia, stress, flagging, energy levels and general aches and pains...its a little uncomfortable to start with, but relax and youll start to feel a soothing heat as blood circulates to the area. Most people lie on their back, but you can also lie face down or roll the mat up like a pillow to loosen tension in the neck or your jaw" Womens Weekly, March 2010 Yantra Mat featured in 2 to try for Natural Relaxation where the tester felt more energised after using it. Thats Life Magazine, March 2010 Featured as one of 3 Acupressure remedies to go in Woman Magazine, February 2010 One million Swedes bought one of these odd-looking mats last year - and we reckon they're the quickest way to have a 20-minute chill-out session without paying for a full-body massage ...
  • sri yantra a visualization of Sri Yantra
  • FC Yantra 2000 Gabrovo My Team
  • Sri Yantra Making of a Sri Yantra mandala by Lo Zang _ The sound is a great diphonic performance of the joy hymn in one breath sang by Tran Quang Haï_
  • Carolina Marquez - Yantra Yantra mantra mandala

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  • “This is my attempt to make some eye candy roughly in the style of James Whitney's music obama pi processing Puzzles toys tutorial videos whitney yantra”
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  • “Yantramatte Schweiz stellen ihr neues Yantra Blog vor. Wednesday, October 20th, 2010. Yantramatte Schweiz http://www.yantramatte.ch stellen ihr neues Blog vor. Bisher wurden Neuigkeiten und News auf der Yantramatte Schweiz Facebook Seite angekündigt”
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  • “Will it come back? By Yantra at 03/30/2005 - 6:38pm. Queer Mamas. mamaneen i wanted to respond to your blog, but i couldn't add comments. anyway, hi. my partner and i have four children and we both identify as queer. our kids are 13, 9, 8, and”
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  • “Yantra Yoga, the Buddhist parallel to the Hathayoga of the Hindu tradition, is a system of practice entailing bodily movements, breathing exercises and visualizations”
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  • “Blog Stats. Average Rating: 4.6. Posts Past 30 Days: 2. Total Posts: 76 this blog? Report it here. MANTRA-TANTRA-YANTRA Science - Siddhashram Blog. Start Reading”
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  • “As I was growing up in Cambodia, I often saw men with yantra tattoos decorating their bodies. That was when I came up with putting yantra tattoos on my son Ryker's apparel and on his crib”
    — March " 2009 " Blog,

  • “But, another great way that seems to have dwindled down the meditation practice list (at least in a yoga class is) is Yantra Meditation. A person would preferably place the yantra or mandala in front of them equal to their eye level and sit”
    Yantra | Asheville Yoga Center,

  • “The yantra is an expression, in terms of linear symbolism, of the cosmic manifestations, Part of its structure is explained on the Shástra Yantra Chintamani”
    — The ashtánga yantra,

  • “Yantra – 14/04 Goiânia”
    Yantra – 14/04 Goiânia,