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  • Move over, Chatter. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt Yammer (news, site) revealed its new enterprise collaboration platform, effectively shelving the "Twitter for for the Enterprise" title in favor of a more social network-savvy look. . Topic: Yammer's New Platform is Facebook for the Enterprise. — “Yammer's New Platform is Facebook for the Enterprise”,
  • In addition to releasing its own applications, Yammer's platform model will enable third-party developers to create new applications that Yammer The first set of Yammer's applications, including Polls, Events, and Links, will be generally available on September 28. Additional applications. — “Yammer Announces New Platform and Applications for Enterprise”,
  • Yammer is the Enterprise Social Network. Check out our blog for product announcements, company news, and tips and tricks. New Desktop App Supports Yammer's Enhanced Direct Messaging. — “The Yammer Blog”,
  • Yammer's a kind of Twitter-clone for use within organisations. He prompted a flood of new registrations on Monday when he posted a link in a video contribution to the BBC's intranet. — “BBC Common Platform: Huggers yammers”,
  • Recipes, cooking techniques, and news, updated daily. - devoted to the pleasure of food and drink. — “yammers - CHOW”,
  • A competition played between two or more guys when going out to the bars. Started by stocking your refrigerator and cabinets full of junk food then. — “Urban Dictionary: yammers”,
  • Keywords: PKMN Misty Cosplay. Made By Self [yammers] Keywords: PKMN Keywords: PKMN Shiny Umbreon. Made By Self [yammers] Keywords: PKMN Zorua Musical. Made By Self [yammers]. — “Userpics”,
  • Definition of yammers in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of yammers. Pronunciation of yammers. Translations of yammers. yammers synonyms, yammers antonyms. Information about yammers in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “yammers - definition of yammers by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • [edit] Verb. yammers. Third-person singular simple present indicative [edit] Verb. yammers. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of yammer. — “yammers - Wiktionary”,
  • Four Christmases Yammers To Top Of Weekend Box Office. by Stuart Heritage on December 1, 2008 0 Comments. in Movie Gossip. Good news – Vince Vaughn's new movie Four Christmases has done better at the weekend box office than his last Christmas movie Fred Claus. — “Four Christmases Yammers To Top Of Weekend Box Office”,
  • The At***er Yammers (At***er, Calif.) entered the tournament with a bye and went for a straight sweep in all of their games, ending with a perfect record of 6-0. 19-4. The Her-icanes were not the only team to get beat offensively by the At***er Yammers. — “Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA)”,
  • Large Enterprises Fuel Yammer's Record-Breaking Q1 Results Leading companies such as Cisco, Nationwide, AstraZeneca, Alcatel-Lucent, SunGard, and Molson Coors have upgraded to Yammer's paid product, which gives them advanced control, customization, and security capabilities. — “Fortune 500 Companies Flock to Yammer”,
  • 6. Prime Minister Award : None 7. Hottie Award : Jeffy 8. Papa Award : Kevin's father (Bean) 9. Mama Award : Cactus on the run ..always run indoor & out door (house work & travel to her kids school each day & night for her lovely hubby. — “Yammers award..part 2? credits to : Station One.. 6. Prime”,
  • Yammer is a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: What are you working on?. — “Yammer : The Enterprise Social Network”,
  • Did you know: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is our longest word. Connect people & systems in your workplace with Pulse. Learn more:. — “Yammer | Define Yammer at ”,
  • "Yammers" is a super sweet kitten! He will definitely become a family favorite! "Yammers" "Tanner" excels at being a pup! This little guy is curious, playful and full of fun! Tanner is also a very quick study, he has quickly learned that he should go potty outside, he is crate-trained, does well on. — “Home”,
  • real alternatives in a sea of *** Sean yammers his gums about UK TV Series Sherlock, Evan yammers his gums about US TV Series Sons of Anarchy which leads to a readout of a scene from the Sons of Anarchy Script and some online reviews from neo. — “pretentious makes perfect " real alternatives in a sea of ***”,
  • She thinks we will sit there and quietly nod while she yammers like a pageant runner-up answering the final question, and speaks She thinks we will sit there and quietly nod while she yammers like a pageant runner-up answering the final question, and speaks against divis. — “Jim David: Sarah Palin Insults Our Intelligence One Last Time”,
  • If you are the owner of this web site you have not uploaded (or incorrectly uploaded) For information on uploading your web site using FTP client software or web design. — “This Web site coming soon”,
  • Yammers photos, 0 images. — “Yammers Photos & Photography at Crestock Stock Photos”,

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  • Yammers sniffing Pretty boring but he is just too cute so I have to pollute YouTube with him haha
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  • Yammers plays with his feed ball.3gp Heard the bell ringing in my sleep and caught the last few seconds of it. Lighting is kinda poor...my room has blackout so I can sleep during the day. I didn't want to move too much cause I didn't want him to realise I was up yet.
  • CLIP OF THE WEEK - One Session Clip Of The Week #102 - One simple little session before we got the boot from the security, aka 5-0. At least we got 5 minutes in! If you skate you know the feeling~ Shot/Edit By: Chase McMullen Precision Productions LLC Item9
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  • Thank you, Dorothy, you Girlfriend Forever, You! (or, Welcome to YouTube!) Jack opens his present; Jason cuts up; Willow yammers; Mimi yammers back; and other mundane stuff.
  • meow. that is all. Oh yeah, this is pretty mad. TOPICS COVERED: 1. Making a video, because I can 2. Subscribers 3. Musicals 4. Lamp 5. Lighting 6. Japanese 7. Children 8. Cat 9. Piano 10. Musical interlude/Izzie making an idiot of herself 11. SURPRISE ENDING! Music used: No-one Mourns The Wicked -' Wicked' original soundtrack Stay With Me Baby - Duffy (from the soundtrack to The Boat That Rocked)
  • Yammers This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Reflections of Music; Just a test run, while my yappity ass buddy yammers in the back..old, but a fun run. Just unpacked after 8month of solitude cuz i moved...ran my lil bro's old gemini mixer..still works! i like my djm600 better.obivously
  • To Be Loved The Yammers playing "To Be Loved" at JJ Mocha's December 17, 2009.
  • JteamTV JX Edition "MeetupLanguageFest In America" In this exciting installment, Jason yammers on about the April Meetup, Language Fair, and ChibiFest in America. *insert sourface from Emiliano* Special guest appearances by Emi, Zack, Josh, Raymond, Navarre, Noe, and guest band Vaeidos.
  • SHILOH YOUTH/ YOUNG ADULT CHIOR " Nobody Greater Then You" The Choir knocked this one out the park. I love each and everyone of my yammers!!!!
  • Show #500: Worst Episode Ever Steve yammers on like a ***age girl doing her first video blog to celebrate his 500th episode of The Ointment.
  • 28 Flat with Sam Lemley aka YAMS Clip Of The Week #89 - 28 Flat with Sam Lemley aka Yams. 28 flatgroung tricks from all over the city, that is, what is regular is switch, or nollie is fakie, at each spot, if you follow..? Sam Lemley, the youngbuck, the new blood, Cracktown's finest in the flesh; found at your one stop shop - Shot/Edit By: Chase McMullen Precision Productions LLC Item9
  • The yammers The Yammers playing cheek them out @
  • Yammer Yammers section from "Sleepwalker" by Yellow Fever.
  • YAMmers welcomed as members at Elim This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Andy Looney's New Watch Andy Yammers about the new watch he got after the death of the one he'd been wearing around his neck for the past 20 years
  • Heartbeat The Yammers playing "Heartbeat" at JJ Mocha's December 17, 2009.
  • Ingrid Yammers On
  • Dane Vaughn in "One Random Christmas" Clip Of The Week #75 - Featuring Dane Vaughn and the cooka-bangers! Also starring: George Vargas, Joel Wilkins, Robert Landers, Travis Prange, Lil John, and Yammers. Shot/Edit By: Chase McMullen Precision Productions LLC Item9
  • Sharon Morphs into Phyllis Nick can't get Phyllis off his mind, and as his wife Sharon yammers on about *whocares*, she transforms into beautiful, ***y Phyllis in Nick's mind. Later, as Nick nearly does a cartwheel over Sharon having to leave on business, he calls Phyllis up for another rendevous. :)
  • Meet The Lurks V2.1 CLIP OF THE WEEK #93 - Meet The Lurks V2.1 Featuring: Joel WIlkins, Travis Prange, Robert Landers, Yams, and Shane Stephens. A short, entailing one to Lurk the city and not mind the haters, ask Yammers! Shot/Edit By: Chase McMullen Precision Productions LLC Item9
  • Max yammers on about this and that Thanksgiving - I think somewhere nearbouts 2003
  • dance remix (youth camp) youth camp @ a/g dalipuga (oct. 27-30, 2009)
  • The UBK Fatso from KuSh Audio UBK runs a lot of sounds thru the UBK Fatso, and yammers on at length about the many desirable qualities that he feels ought to motivate any self-respecting engineer to buy one... or get their classic Fatso modded!
  • ABC World News Now Home Prices World News Now Reader "Sidekick" Ryan Owens yammers about depreciating Multi Million Dollar homes. The left seated reader Tanya Rivero gestures "Smallest Violin" to project their sarcasm. Is the "NEWS" to be biases?
  • Chlovin 2-14-11-Bicker, Kiss Kiss, Get It On Chloe and Kevin realize they are locked in Gloria's office. Kevin works on picking the lock as Chloe yammers away about her reasons for not wanting to continue their relationship. They argue and bicker about who is more difficult until they run out of excuses not to be together and start kissing. Jana lets herself into the office as Kevin is making out with Chloe. Jana tells Kevin she was worried when he didn't come home. Kevin says he has plans tonight and closes the door in her face. Chloe and Kevin get passionate and have *** in the office. After, they talk about how great it was.
  • Gavin Yammers On Random video of Gavin. It was my first time to see him speak. Have no idea what he said, but it doesn't really matter when you look like him. He spoke for 90 minutes, so I spared you 89 minutes of yammering, parks this, massage parlors that, housing this, etc.
  • Singing the Beinuni @ Yammers BBQ
  • 2009 11 02 Part 2 Orange Township Trustee Meeting Agan cuts off Cassady. Cassady tries to control the minutes. Katz yammers on and on with many petty changes. Spitzer just does The Stare. Cassady waves his hand at Spitzer and asks, Did you get that? Spitzer continues The Stare.
  • Craig Ferguson 1/20/10C Late Late Show chat Craig's Spanish Word of the Day and His Chattiness yammers on a bit about Jeff Zucker vs Penguins...Chilly Willy is da bomb!
  • Sonny and Brenda HD 11-09-10: Brenda's Past With the Balkan Revealed Diane yammers on about Claire's sacrifice. Brenda reveals her connection to the Balkan.
  • The Yammers - Live at studio 216 The Yammers - studio 216 - Captured Live on Ustream at www.ustream.tv
  • OK Go - Return (Live) - On handbells! I just got home from seeing OK Go perform live at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. (10/17/2010) They performed a really amazing version of their song "Return", with the instrumental portion being played on handbells! The audio is a little quiet, since they weren't mic'd very closely for this part, so you might have to turn your volume up. Sorry about that. Also, apologies for the jackasses behind me who were gabbing the entire time. Who watches something like this at a live show and yammers on like a jerk? Seriously. These guys know how to put on a unique show, and are true performers. They delight in trying new things, creativity, imagination, and having fun. They're my kind of people.
  • McCain on Illiteracy at RNC Please visit for more information HAHA! John McCain yammers on about adult illiteracy and then - bam - some dude in the audience holds up a misspelled sign.
  • She - The Yammers She off of SPEAK!EP.
  • Yammers 18 mo old baby eating yams with fork
  • Into the Dark - The Yammers Into the Dark from our SPEAK!EP. We recorded this at Brandon's house in his closet.

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  • “concentra crm database email extracts forecasting geocoding learn london boroughs postcode reporting sql server tableau uk Wordles yammer It may actually be faster to handle a stream of incoming yammers – they don't need filing or deleting for example”
    — - Blog,

  • “We're featured on Yammer's apps page! Filed under: Uncategorized SocialVisor releases new version and is featured on Yammers 3rd party apps page!”
    — SocialVisor,

  • “8 hrs ago | Posted by: roboblogger. Yammer's New Platform is Facebook for the Enterprise See all threads in the Microsoft Office forum " Would you support a ban on handguns? Vote”
    — Yammer's New Platform is Facebook for the Enterprise - Topix,

  • “The FREE online friend finder and dating community for girl and boys in Canada. Registration is easy, and you can search members by postal code and use the matchmaker tool to find your ideal match by compatibility percentage, send and receive”
    — Free Canadian Dating | Date Singles in Canada @ DateACanadian.ca, dateacanadian.ca

  • “Yammer is the Enterprise Social Network. Check out our blog for product announcements, company news, and tips and tricks”
    — The Yammer Blog,

  • “This post is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark as a new part of the Spark of Genius series that focuses on a new and innovative startup each day. When Sacks speaks of Yammer's "viral nature," he's pointing to two distinct side effects of the network: Yammer users are anxious to share how the”
    — How Yammer Won Over 80% of the Fortune 500 - AIPMM-Product,

  • “Amit Gupta's Blog - Entrepreneur and gentleman. Lives in San Francisco. Takes photos. For those of you who don't know, Yammer's basically a private, company-specific version of Twitter”
    — Amit Gupta's Blog,

  • “Blog. Contact. Recent Articles. This is the full list of articles I've written so far, Dec 5th, 2007. Just blog it. Nov 30th, 2007. Ballet and mental design. Nov 30th, 2007”
    — brunobergher's blog,

  • “Microblogging is the quintessential "keep it simple" service. So when a vendor adds a seemingly minor new feature, that's relatively big news”
    — Yammer's microblogging branches out < Real Story Group Blog, realstorygroup.com

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