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  • Yammer 109: Yammering Your Personal Journal. By Lee Aase | Published: November 17, 2008. For the last several years I have kept my personal journal in a series of month-based Microsoft Word documents, with a naming convention of 08January.doc, 08 February.doc, etc. — “Yammer 109: Yammering Your Personal Journal | SMUG - Social”, social-media-university-
  • HuffingtonPost's Fast News Page MSNBC is yammering like Sestak can win? Why? Has Philly not reported, or something? Shoq is following 3,279 and has 9,524 followers. Retweet. 4 minutes ago from TweetDeck. — “MSNBC is yammering like Sestak can win? Why? Has Philly not”,
  • Quote of the day: Amid the yammering of nitwits like George Allen and Connie Burns, Bob Herbert listens in vain for the GOP's "voices of reason" "Where are the voices of reason in the Republican Party--the nonbigoted voices? Why haven't we heard from them on this matter?. — “DownWithTyranny!: Quote of the day: Amid the yammering of”,
  • Definition of yammering in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of yammering. Pronunciation of yammering. Translations of yammering. yammering synonyms, yammering antonyms. Information about yammering in the free online English dictionary and. — “yammering - definition of yammering by the Free Online”,
  • Yammering. Insipid. Vain. Pardon me, I came to the thread late. Are we discussing Geraldo, Vain, Insipid and yammering. Oh now, be careful, Shep Smith may be those things -I disagree- but damn is he cute and adorable. — “Michelle Malkin " Newsflash: Cable TV filled with jerks”,
  • keith good epa biofuel farm bill politics elections Keith Good Farm Policy: Pre-election political yammering affects farm bill, biofuel, EPA issues. — “Keith Good Farm Policy: Pre-election political yammering”,
  • Yammer is a microblogging tool for the enterprise. Think Twitter for business.We use Yammer at Avaya. It's been a good product for us. Yammer is arguably the Yammer took a post by Former Forrester ***yst Gil Yahuda and made a case study out of it without Gil's or Forrester's permission. — “Yammer; You're Yammering Too Much | A Sales Guy”,
  • Think driving while talking on the cellphone is safe as long as you use a headset, as new laws require? Stop yammering and read this article. — “Hang up and drive - Katharine Mieszkowski - ”,
  • Knox County Commission, after a three-hour debate today, postponed the sale of Hillcrest nursing homes until three public hearings are held on the issue and until a certified appraisal and market ***ysis are properly conducted. He called their endless, uncomprehending yapping "yammering. — “County Commission postpones Hillcrest decision " Knoxville”,
  • Yammering cartoons from the CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. — “Yammering Cartoons and Comics”,
  • Yammer is a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: What are you working on?. — “Yammer : The Enterprise Social Network”,
  • With the internet and talk radio, there's more yammering available than ever, and it's not all from one side With the internet and talk radio, there's more yammering available than ever, and it's not all from one side. — “: (5756877) Comcast can not buy NBC from GE because”,
  • Pointless Yammering. things I should not say but do anyway, and thank god no one is I'm still in a de-cluttering mode these days (more on that soon), so I was intrigued by. — “Pointless Yammering”,
  • Delaware County Pennsylvania daily newspaper covering local, regional, and national news including local sports, video and multimedia coverage, and classified advertising. Deitch: Schill retires from pitching, not yammering. — “Deitch: Schill retires from pitching, not yammering”,
  • The Yammering Sasha - Biographical About Me Page Featured article by The Yammering Sasha. Style & Beauty > Fashion Trends & Styles Retro fashion trends making comebacks today. 4 of 6. So, you love the retro fashion look but don't want to pay the high prices in major department stores or you want the. — “The Yammering Sasha About Me Page at Helium”,
  • For all the yammering by TV, magazines and newspapers bemoaning the death of the "news" For all the yammering by TV, magazines and newspapers bemoaning the death of the "news". — “Comments Page: The Net didn't kill Hope”,
  • YAMMERING. Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 | Uncategorized. Those of you who've been around here for a while know that I have one hard and fast rule about comments. You can say whatever you want here as long as you're civilized. I've modified some. — “YAMMERING | Midwest Conservative Journal”,
  • Yammering definition, to whine or complain. See more. — “Yammering | Define Yammering at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Origin of YAMMER. Middle English yameren, alteration of yomeren to murmur, be sad, from Old English gēomrian; akin to Old High German jāmaron to be. — “Yammering - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Sarah Palin did not take the weekend off from Facebook. Sarah Palin Still Yammering About Death Panels. 11/8/09 at 3:45 PM. Comment 1Comment Comments. Photo: Getty Images. Jezebel ***yzes Sarah Palin's Facebook activity in the past 24 hours and concludes that Sarah thinks Pelosi's midnight deadline. — “Sarah Palin Still Yammering About Death Panels -- Daily Intel”,
  • buy yammering netty mugs, tshirts and magnets. Used to describe a person, usually a nagging wife, that constantly babbles and complains about even the smallest of issues. verb Yammer: To utter or say in a complaining or clamorous tone; and. — “Urban Dictionary: yammering”,
  • Written by yammering. April 5, 2010 at 6:43 pm. Posted in betty gormley, Written by yammering. October 28, 2009 at 10:29 pm. Posted in brenda,. — “yammering”,
  • yammer Informal . v. , -mered , -mering , -mers . v.intr. To complain peevishly or whimperingly; whine The Balloon Council, evidently full of its own product, is yammering about how [the proposal to ban them] criminalizes a toy." — Patt Morrison; More. — “yammer: Definition from ”,

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  • Yammering and Showing Stuff part 1 (9) Just a run down of stuff. Not much. Show stuff I got today. I talked too long so I had to do 2 vids today. Which is a good thing because I am behind on my 12 step program in May for Lemonette. Thank you to PalmOliveSoap for the recent shout out. He is very kind. Check him out if you haven't yet.
  • Random Bored Yammering :) Bored yammering
  • me yammering me takliin the talkkk.
  • FARK Photoshop Review 2008.mov A review of FARK photoshops by Yammering Splat Vector for 2008.
  • Me yammering about Sonic part 2 *crunch* A three... how long can I yammer about Sonic before my webcam craps out? Three.
  • Gavin Yammers On Random video of Gavin. It was my first time to see him speak. Have no idea what he said, but it doesn't really matter when you look like him. He spoke for 90 minutes, so I spared you 89 minutes of yammering, parks this, massage parlors that, housing this, etc.
  • Sue yammering to Mom Jean on the other end.
  • Forgetful Yammering Er, I talk. About things. This is probably not interesting at all to most people. ^_^
  • Christmas plans and yammering Title explains it all lol!
  • Laurel Yammering This is a baby. It can't talk, but she's trying anyway. Other people who have babies think this sort of thing is cute. YMMV.
  • Marshall v. Yammering Squirrel in Backyard Marshall has cornered this squirrel up a tree and decided to have a staring contest. By the time of this video, it has been 15 minutes. She is in a trance. Doesn't want to come in when called or be otherwise distracted from mission. This dog is awesome... squirrels are the enemy!
  • Just yammering See title lol
  • Yammering! Blah blah blah blah blah in joker makeup!
  • Dungeon Fighter Online - Slayin' Dragons and Yammering about Ken Burton Dungeon Fighter Online, dragonoid's nest w/Slayer. My thoughts on bullying and Ken Burton.
  • Sangha Moment - What is "Yammering?" In this video, Rev. Dr. David Phears explains how Success and Joy begins right here.
  • Sangha Moment - Just Omitting Yesterday's Yammering In this video, Rev. Dr. David Phears explains how you must realize the "Right Where You Are Is Perfection!"
  • Yammering DJ - OTAKON 08 It would have been more amazing if she had done this all in one breath. Oh, and the legs and feet to the lower right are M'Lady Shadowcat as Dead Vash (complete with a sign saying 'DAMN YOU LEGATO!' on her chest). And this was only the first day... SIGH! Only on 8-8-08... AN
  • 08 19 2009 Liam Yammering
  • Yule Tide Yammering this is some tomfoolery about me not eating myself to an early grave over christmas. i also comment on how painful it is to open christmas cards from truly happy, healthy, attractive people.
  • Yammering on.. Before bed video blogging, yay!
  • Update, yammering on.... Hey Everyone! How was everyone's Holidays and how is your January going so far?
  • Moar of ma yammering this time about crazy anti-Christmass or the attack on the holidays in MA no really there is an atack on the holidays in MA , producer Waters did a ambush interview for O'reilly tonight .. i found it kinda ridicules. . and i really did mean it when i said . if this stupid libral douchbaggery continues it's only a matter of time untill we all have matching born uniforms and gets culled based on our looks . becuse everyone has to be the same !. enough of this anti -tolerance and start actually practicing the tolerance you preach so much.. or is it really . tolerant to only those who you agree with ? of course you know it would be MA, remember Salem ? ohh I do.
  • Lincoln Yammering in the Jumper Lincoln in the jumper (again).
  • Yammering dinner w/bb
  • Random Yammering
  • Free Energy Fridge ....and me yammering on about its coolness I make a fridge. ....that uses no electricity. ....or anything like that. booya.
  • Cartoon rant-ish thingy (more like me just yammering) This is my first...rant..I think it's a rant...so forgive me if I jumped around with the topic a little bit...I didn't really plan this out.... I forgot to mention Adventure Time...that's also a neat little cartoon that hearkens back to 90s humor..and it's 2D!! :D I did kinda refrence from another rant I saw..kinda inspired me to do this XD FIRST VIDEO TO ALMOST REACH 10 MINUTES!!! ...apparently the only way I can do that is with either rants like these, or animation compilations..unless I get enough paitence to actually do one..seriously...30 seconds of animation takes HOURS!!! And If I offended anyone with some of the stuff I said, I'm sorry, but that's my opinion...I know someone that'll be mad at me about the "3D animation is EVERYWHERE" bit. I really should try it... This was suprisingly fun, I might do more of these..might be about cartoons again..or something else cat/animation/drawing related
  • Layla Yammering Layla mimmicking everything I say.
  • yammering to himself Jett likes to talk nonsense all day long!
  • Abigail crawling, standing, yammering, ... Scenes from the past week
  • Michael Garfield - Autocatalysis (acoustic tapping) Recorded by Integral***.org at the Rock N Soul Café in Boulder CO on 28 July 2006 and posted with their permission.
  • Ditz Queen Yammering Yes, yammering away.
  • Me yammering about Sonic part 1 How long can I yammer about Sonic the Hedgehog before my webcam craps out? Let's find out... a one, a two, a three...
  • Vivian's Yammering - Take Two So, apparently I can't shut up. xD I love you, Daniel.
  • sofia yammering away Around five months old...
  • Let's Play Super Mario World Part 18 - The Yammering Idiot I kinda embarrass myself later in the video and I briefly talk about an adorable couple but I should probably stop talking about them or they might despise me later ;w;
  • Matthew Yammering
  • Jonesboro Toy Run and random yammering Talking about the Toy Run this weekend and talking about random stuff
  • Yammering... Eventually, I will make videos that are worthy of your attention and ones that are not all about me. But this is good practice!
  • Vivian's Yammering In which I yammer and next to nothing makes sense... .___. I love you, Daniel.
  • lena yammering lena is beginning to babble - 4 months old

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  • “I couldn't come up with a specific blog theme so today I'm going to treat you I probably blog more about the weather than any other author on this loop”
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  • “HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog - Award winning blog on Internet marketing, search engine optimization, inbound marketing, ***ytics, best practices”
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  • “ A Baby Boomer Community " Blog " Yan's Yellow Yammering First, there seems to be no way to "subscribe" to the blog writers that a person especially enjoys reading. One must go to each”
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  • “M'Kenzi Kessinger and Jordan Ciliberto's wedding photos, from their wedding at Rancho Soquel, by Kelly McCord, of Kelly McCord Photography. Now, back to the yammering blog post So I had M'Kenzi and Jordan, an absolutely stunning couple, I had Rancho Soquel, an amazing wedding (or any type of event)”
    — Kelly McCord Photography Blog: M'Kenzi & Jordan Practically,

  • “Providing e learning software, development and design solutions for major corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations. Back to the NogginLabs Blog. Here We Come A Yammering. 0 Comments | Posted by NogginLabs | Read more in. With a MS in Interactive and New Communication Technologies, I have”
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  • “View yammering's blog at , the world's largest social network for English language students”
    — Macaulisho (_)o... Blog | English, baby!,

  • “New webhost Alex keeps yammering? PrisonPlanet Forum > ***THE MAIN BOARDS - Welcome to the Prison Planet Educational Forum and Library*** > Questions (Moderator: aLLyOuRbAsE) > New webhost Alex keeps yammering? Pages: [1] Go Down " previous”
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  • “We've been trialling Yammer within our team for the last few weeks and the initial feedback is good. If you haven't come across Yammer, it's like a private Twitter for organisations”
    Yammering on — Transform,

  • “You know, to those people who are always yammering on about the same old crap to you? Sometimes I think I'm definitely guilty of yammering. I live alone so when I finally get”
    — ilaxSTUDIO " Yammering away,

  • “Yammering about Tweet I don't get the whole Twitter thing. Maybe its the folks I am connected social media, twitter”
    Yammering about Tweet,

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