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  • Yakitori involves cutting various portions of chicken into bite-sized chunks, skewering and roasting them. Basted with a soy-sauce based mixture called tare, they are then salted to serve. — “Izakaya | Articles on Japanese Restaurants | Japan Restaurant”, gnavi.co.jp
  • Try our Japanese style yakitori - yakitori Yakyudori Japanese restaurant. — “Yakitori Yakyudori”, yakyudori.us
  • Yaktori Taisho tel:212.228.5086 5 St. Marks Place New York, NY 10003 Sun.- Wed.6 PM-2 AM Thu.- Sat.6 PM-4 AM Thank you for visiting YAKITORI Copyright © 2009 YAKITORI All rights reserved. — “YakitoriTaisho”,
  • Japanese cuisine -- yakitori (grilled chicken) Skewers of succulent chicken dipped in barbecue sauce, grilled to perfection over hot charcoals, then washed down with cold beer -- it's easy to see the appeal of yakitori after a hard day's work. — “Japanese Cuisine-Yakitori Article”, masterstech-
  • Yakitori should be on the to eat list of any true meat and barbecue lovers If you are a meat lover, yakitori is a given on your list of things to eat in Tokyo. — “Eating Yakitori Means Enjoying Barbecue Or Grill Kabobs Full”,
  • Yakitori is great Japanese street food. Bite-sized pieces of chicken are threaded onto bamboo skewers, grilled over a charcoal flame and basted with 'tare," a teriyaki-style glaze. — “Yakitori Recipe (Japanese grilled chicken skewers) | Japan”, whats4
  • Japanese Yakitori recipe for grill and BBQ on Le Gourmet TV with video instructions. — “Yakitori Recipe | BBQ and Grill Video Recipes on Le Gourmet TV”, legourmet.tv
  • Yakitori (literally "grilled chicken") is Japan's most popular snack-enjoyed daily at innumerable yakitori parlors, where office workers gather after work for drinks, ( To read about a quintessential yakitori parlor in Tokyo) Traditionally, the chicken is. — “Yakitori: The Best Yakitori Recipe from Cook'n”,
  • Japanese cuisines - Yakitori (grilled chicken) Not surprisingly, yakitori-ya (yakitori restaurants and stands) are popular early-evening gathering places, typically filled with office workers stopping for snacks before the train ride home. — “ Japanese cuisines - Yakitori (grilled chicken)”,
  • Yakitori. Yakitori |焼き鳥/やきとり/ヤキトリ, grilled chicken, is a Japanese type of skewered chicken. Diners ordering yakitori usually have a choice of having it served with salt or with tare sauce, which is. — “Yakitori”,
  • yakitori n. A dish of bite-sized marinated chicken pieces grilled on skewers. [Japanese : yaki , roasting + tori ,. — “yakitori: Definition from ”,
  • The other week when I made the chicken souvlaki it reminded me of the Japanese version of skewered chicken, yakitori. Yakitori is a Japanese skewered grilled chicken dish where the chicken is coated in a tare sauce that is pretty much a teriyaki sauce consisting. — “Closet Cooking: Yakitori”,
  • We are proud to announce the 1 Year Anniversary of Yakitori 39! Yakitori 39 only use the freshest free range chicken in our yakitori and of course, as usual, our chef, Yoshikatsu Yama***a, has a special twist, duck breast yakitori, lamb chop yakitori, and an wide array of appetizers. — “Hiro of Teaneck, LLC”, yakitori39.com
  • 309 Reviews of Yakitori Totto "One of the best yakitori I have ever had. They have wide range of meats. Very tasty, cooked perfectly. Some of their desserts are strange but surprisingly good. What we ordered: gyoza, chicken oyster, meatball,. — “Yakitori Totto - Midtown West - New York, NY”,
  • Yakitori is a great appetizer which goes with beer and sake. Yakitori skewered with negi is called negima and is a popular kind of yakitori in Japan. — “Yakitori recipe - yakitori chicken - Japanese recipe”,
  • Yakitori Manufacturers & Yakitori Suppliers Directory - Find a Yakitori Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Yakitori Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Yakitori-Yakitori Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • A yakitori a day keeps the doctor away. Strike while the yakitori is hot. Two yakitoris is money. Every yakitori tells a story. [via The Presurfer] Saturday,. — “Yakitori!::From Japan”,
  • We serve traditional Japanese cuisine, tapas style, promoting sharing and a greater sampling of the menu. Our open kitchen highlights the talents of our sushi & yakitori chefs as art comes to life through the slow process of grilling and seasoning each skewer to perfection. — “Yakitori Boy”, yakitoriboy-
  • Japan Shop - hier findest Du die coolen T-Shirts von Yakitori, Taschen, Handyschmuck und Schuhe aus Japan. Online günstig einkaufen im Japan Pop Shop. — “Japan Shop - Japan Mode online”,
  • So for many a quick snack and a beer before leaving the city has become a tradition and one of the best places to go is one of the thousands of Yakitori stands scattered all over Japan. These little stands sit out on the street and serve up hot grilled chicken on a stick and a cold beer. — “Yakitori - Japanese Chicken Kebabs, Grilled, Sauced and”,
  • Category:Yakitori. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to: navigation, search ja:Image:Yakitori1.jpg Yakitori in Izakaya, a Japanese public house - 居酒屋の焼き鳥. — “Category:Yakitori - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Home > Recipes > yakitori. Burger Meisters. by Marcel Desaulmiers. Winner of the James Beard CHICKEN YAKITORI. Skin and bone chicken and cut in small pieces. Thread 3 pieces on a. — “ - Recipes - Yakitori”,
  • Yakitori is grilled chicken speared on sticks. All different parts of the chicken, thighs, skin, liver, etc. can be used for yakitori. The following recipe shows one of the most popular kind which is prepared with chicken thighs and leek. Ingredients: Chicken thighs: without bone and skin. — “Yakitori”, japan-

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  • Jacob in Japan #11 - Yakitori & Other Stories This is a defining moment in Jacob's vacation in Japan. His first taste of yakitori (grilled chicken) a quick visit to an electrontics megasuperstore and also a glimpse at some girl with Where's Waldo socks.
  • Yakitori Yakitori is a Japanese dish thats an afterwork favourite, washed down with a cold beer. Once youve had this at home, youll want to make the trek to Tokyo for the real thing. For more like this visit: www.legourmet.tv Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Eating Yakitori in Japan Enjoy barbecued chicken in Japan!
  • Yakitori and more in Shinjuku Japan UPDATE!!! I have heard that this street will be demolished to make way for a new Mall. Very sad! Hurry and enjoy this place before its gone forever! If you have info about the construction plans and demolition please leave a comment! Thanks. After a day in Shunjuku I ended up at a family friend's place on Omoide Yokocho St. 5th bar on the left after you enter from the end of the street shown in the video. It's right next to Shinjuku Station.... ask anybody they will know the street, it is famous!!!! The place featured in the video is called the FUKUHACHI BAR AND GRILL! This street has been featured in many documentaries an travel shows so its a must see for any fan of Japanese food and night life. Take your pick of the many quaint little bars, cause you can't go wrong here! Don't be shy just walk up and smile they will all welcome you.
  • Cooking Showdown (Dotch!) Yakitori vs. Oden, 5/5 Contestants battle for eating supremacy. They must choose between yakitori or oden... Dotch!
  • Easy Japanese Recipe: Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers) Please Order By Number instructs you on how to make the Japanese street food Yakitori. The dish consists of skewered chicken pieces seasoned with Japanese tare sauce (teriyaki) that are "grilled" and enjoyed immediately. For complete list of ingredients and instructions please visit us at
  • Cooking Showdown (Dotch!) Yakitori vs. Oden, 3/5 Contestants battle for eating supremacy. They must choose between yakitori or oden... Dotch!
  • Japanese Yakitori Restaurant This is a Japanese Yakitori Restaurant in Japan. Please Subscribe Rate 5 Stars and Comment. I hope you enjoy the videos! If you have any questions about anything, just leave me a comment.
  • Yakitori Me cooking Yakitori Sauce: 1/2 cup sugar 1/3 cup mirin 1/3 cup sake 1/2 soy sauce 1 clove garlic (optional) ginger juice (optional) Cook down to less than half. This make a syrup to put on the chicken. Keep an eye on the sauce or it will boil over. I love the skin ones the best but it is hard to get them on the wooden sticks. When you start putting the sauce on the chicken remember it will burn very quickly.
  • The Manga University Cooking Show: Teriyaki and Yakitori Part 2 of 2 Get out your chopsticks and soy sauce, because Manga University's new video series "The Manga University Cooking Show" is all about whipping up delicious Japanese dishes just as they appear in your favorite manga. Our first foray into the frying pan stars Yoko Ishihara, the genius chef behind The Manga Cookbook. Ishihara-sensei will teach you how to make teriyaki sauce from scratch, and how to use it to cook your very own yakitori chicken kebabs! This is part 2 of a 2 part episode. Watch part 1 here: For this and other great recipes, make sure to check out "The Manga Coobook" at
  • KING at Tanuki no Yakitori (狸の焼き鳥) KING at Tanuki No Yakitori in Sendai Japan キング 仙台市の「狸の焼き鳥」にてGreetings to all my righteous people world-wide. This is a little taste of something GOD for you, that was promised sometime ago. First, wanna give all praise to GOD and the holy Zion Rasta Spirit for guiding me to YOU. Basically, what is the KING from Sendai, but the hottest new web-sensation, featuring, none other than the KING, being the KING in Sendai (WE LOVE SENDAI) chatting up people, going to GOD places, like MATSUSHIMA and YAMADERA, on the "OKUNOHOSOMICHI"...Everyday. Photographer Guru and Life Coach/Model/Scout/Counselor/than again, what don`t I do that is not GOD. peace and blessings always "KING FROM SENDAI"-paying homage to all the great talk show host`s and shows, like the ARSENIO HALL SHOW, TRAVIS SMILEY, DAVE CHAPPELLE, THE KING`S OF COMEDAY, REV. IKE, FLIP WILSON AND JOHNNY CARSON. MIX OF ALL THINGS CONSIDERED GOD-LISTEN TO WMCA AM 570 NY CHRISTIAN RADIO..FOR A GOD LIFE... WAKE-UP AND PRAY....
  • Manga University presents ... 97 Seconds of Yakitori Fame! A candid video of the filthy-but-tasty yakitori stand near the Manga University campus.
  • Yakitori Chef @ Mezza9 Mezza9 review- by DBS Indulge Foodster Cindy TanFind complete reviews, photos and more videos at and follow the other Foodsters on their gourmet trail around Singapore's finest restaurants! You could be the next DBS Foodster. Follow @DBSFoodster on Twitter!
  • Cozy Yakitori Yep...... Yakitori again! Nice cozy place. Watch and enjoy! Some night footage and Sam and stefan5445 at the end singing karaoke at a different place. Thanks Stefan you rock!!!! Uploaded this video four times and re edited it to try for better still images of the food to no avail. Thanks again for lame stills you tube.
  • Japan Toriki Chicken Yakitori Tokyo's Freshest Chicken Yakitori
  • No Smoke Yakitori (Skewer/ Kebob) Indoor Grill Machine by Joseph Lee & Co. Joseph Lee & Co. of Australia carries the No Smoke Skewer/Kebob Indoor Grill Machine, which is designed and manufactured in Japan. The machines heats to the appropriate grilling temperature within 90 seconds. Each skewer can be placed into the cylinders and they will automatically revolve for an even cooking surface. Meats can cooked to perfection within 4-5 minutes. The surface of the heating coils are made with high quality non-stick material, which makes cleaning simple and brushing on sauces for the meat not a problem. The machine is user friendly and easy to clean, and the cooking process can be managed by one person. As this machines cooked the meat by heating coils, there will be no smoke produced (unlike the traditional barbeque grills). This machine is perfect for restaurants that produces large quantities of skewers, and want to safely manage the cooking process and the quality of food produced.
  • Yakitori Machine Yakitori Machine at Takashimaya, SNG
  • How to Make Yakitori (Skewered Chicken) Ingredients for Yakitori (serves 2) 300g Chicken (0.661 lb.) 12 Shi***o Peppers 1 Spring Onion 2 Shiitake Mushrooms Salt 1/4 Lemon Seven Flavor Chili Pepper 3 Shiso Leaves - Yakitori Sauce - 100ml Soy Sauce (3.38 fl. oz) 100ml Sake (3.38 fl. oz) 3 tbsp Brown Sugar 1 tbsp Honey 1 clove of Garlic ** The yakitori sauce can be stored in a fridge and reheated for reuse. The dipping process helps bring out the flavour of the sauce everytime repeated. About Music: Frederic Chopin - Valse in D-flat major "Minute Waltz" - Op. 64 No. 1 Play by Muriel Nguyen Xuan, recording by Stephane Magnenat Creative Commons
  • Mr Ajikko 88, Yakitori Drum Contest, A Great Victory (Part 1/3, Cantonese) ヤキトリ太鼓勝負! タレの工夫で大勝利 Yoichi and Kazuma continues to try and perfect their sauce for their Yakitori but still can't get anywhere as close to the store's taste that has a hundred year's of history. Meanwhile, Akihiko remains missing but they believe he is trying to find a way to beat Natsuhiko.
  • Yakitori-Yoko Kanno Yakitori by Yoko Kanno Cd: Stand Alone Complex
  • Yakitori in Saitama Japan PT 1 Hopefully this one puts you right in the seat and takes you through a meal at a Yakitori bar in Kawaguchi Saitama (Don't mind me I just feed my face but give some details in the process) Update! Despite the electric grill in the background.. Master Suzuki san in his great wisdom has gone to real charcoal and a new improved menu with added outdoor seating as well!
  • Yakitori in Japan 福岡、天神の焼鳥 Yakitori in Japan. We went to Tenjin in Fukuoka, Japan and stopped by one of our favorite Yakitori places. Luckily I had my point and shoot camera with me! Japanese Food FTW!!
  • Singapore Automated Yakitori Machine Singapore automated yakitori machine
  • 2 Yakitori: Stand Alone Complex OST 2 Yakitori Stand Alone Complex OST
  • Yakitori December Trip 2006 with Navin
  • The Manga University Cooking Show: Teriyaki and Yakitori Part 1 of 2 Get out your chopsticks and soy sauce, because Manga University's new video series "The Manga University Cooking Show" is all about whipping up delicious Japanese dishes just as they appear in your favorite manga. Our first foray into the frying pan stars Yoko Ishihara, the genius chef behind The Manga Cookbook. Ishihara-sensei will teach you how to make teriyaki sauce from scratch, and how to use it to cook your very own yakitori chicken kebabs! This is part 1 of a 2 part episode. Watch part 2 here: For this and other great recipes, make sure to check out "The Manga Coobook" at
  • Yakitori Song - KORG microKORG XL with GarageBand I composed this song with KORG synthesizer "microKORG XL". I used only a few Presets. And recorded with Apple GarageBand Title logo and lyrics animations are made with a Nintendo DSi software "Ugoku Memo-cho (うごくメモ帳)" Yakitori is Japanese style grilled chicken. [Yakitori song] lyrics(English translation) My favorite yakitori is negima. My favorite yakitori is seseri. My favorite yakitori is sasami. My favorite yakitori is bonbochi. liver burn enough So liver rare salt or sauce sauce or salt 【やきとりのうた】歌詞焼き鳥のネギ間を食って焼き鳥のせせりを食って焼き鳥のささみを食って焼き鳥のぼんぼち食ってレバー よく焼きそう、レバー 生焼きしお、たれタレ、塩webdog.be
  • Yakitori at a Hakodate Festival Matsuri
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  • Yakitori Machine by PF MAX COMPANY Japan-Made Automatic Yakitori Griller. You can choose either Electric or LPG Gas as a heat source.
  • やきとり -YAKITORI- ひたすら"やきとり"を焼く動画大吉 出雲駅前店世界各国での呼び名(鶏でないものも含まれていると思いますw) Called "Sate" in Indonesia. Report by MasDeon. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "Inihaw" in Philippines. Report by more2luv25. & jomarcel. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "Barbeque" in Canada. Report by SKIBRATmatty. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "Grillmat" in Norway. Report by nesgutta. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "Pinchos" in Venezuela. Report by LaTosty7. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "Brocheta" in Peru. Report by Rorriux. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "kabab" in Dubai دبي‎、. Report by mahra. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "Anticuchos" in Chile. Report by dontlookthat. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "sašlõkk" in Estonia. Report by xxIDropDeadGawjusxx. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "spiedini" in Italy. Report by VinterSaklig. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "grilling" in USA. Report by gIrLgOnEbOnKeRs. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "shao kao" in China. Report by moonside1988. Thank you! -------------------------------------------- Called "nuo'ng" in Vietnam. Report by azncrew89 . Thank you!
  • Yakitori From the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex OST 1. I really like the guitars in the song. If anybody could play either guitar part, I'd love to see it.
  • Cooking Showdown (Dotch!) Yakitori vs. Oden, 1/5 Contestants battle for eating supremacy. They must choose between yakitori or oden... Dotch!
  • Cooking Showdown (Dotch!) Yakitori vs. Oden, 2/5 Contestants battle for eating supremacy. They must choose between yakitori or oden... Dotch!
  • Add Video to QuickList Ghost in the Shell - yakitori Web: http yakitori ANIME: Ghost in the Shell OST: Stand Alone Complex OST [audio]
  • Japanese Japan Kushiage Shish kabab Tempura Cute Yakitori Girl 天七 Restaurant which serves Kushiage named 天七(tenshichi) - a stand up joint in Kitasenju, Tokyo - popular with imbibing middle aged men. Kushiage is a Japanese-style kabob. Kushi means bamboo sticks, and age means deep-frying. Skewered vegetables and meat are breaded and deep-fried. Tonkatsu sauce (Japanese worcester) and karashi (Japanese mustard) are standard condiments, and raw cabbage accompanies as complimentary side dish. Types of Kushiage include asparagus, shrimp, squid, scallop, beef fillet, cheese, and more. Moderately price. Friend and I had 4 adult beverages and 16 kushiage - cost 3900 yen.
  • Cooking Showdown (Dotch!) Yakitori vs. Oden, 4/5 Contestants battle for eating supremacy. They must choose between yakitori or oden... Dotch!
  • YAKITORI : Tokyo Japan 贔梯standing bar The Kahuna leaves paradise and goes to Tokyo to shoot The Aloha Show on location. Yakitori is a traditional Japanese sidewalk BBQ full of atmosphere, casual NY style elegance and insane food. A clean version of what NY could be. Grab a beer and enjoy this mouth watering delight of a short film from Kimokekahuna. The director continues to explore cultural connections between Japan and Hawaii through a slice of life POV that lets you be there. Tokyo girl Sumana-san gives descriptions of the exotic menu from the sidewalks of Daimon in downtown Tokyo.
  • VidBlog EXTRA: Eating Yakitori with the Family(part 1) So we went out ot eat Yakitori one night and I gave Izumi the camera. And then they wanted me to pose for the picture...haha
  • Yakitori tsukune flavors in Japan Hey its short and delicious... this place bends the traditional into a rainbow of tsukune flavors. And tsukune is my absolute favorite. A quick walk from Shinjuku station and reasonable prices. Iloveyakitori comes to Japan and gives me some advice... all the food was cooked over charcoal. Now some places have changed to gas and electric grills and the good places loose no flavor in the process but charcoal is still king.

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  • “Shin-Sen-Gumi Group - Best Japanese Restaurant "Makoto" Blog. What We Do & Where We Are: Find a restaurant / location " Gardena: Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori (Original) | Shin-Sen-Gumi Chanko | Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen | Shin-Sen-Gumi Shabu-Shabu | SHINSENGUMI”
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  • “YAKITORI. If you have ever visited Japan, you may have seen a selection of small stands yakitori regularly so they cook evenly and brush more yakitori sauce”
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  • “If you like an inexpensive yakitori treat, there is a new-comer, casual and lively Yakitori bar restaurant where you stand and Most of the yakitori at this bar is priced at $1 per skewer”
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  • “I'm going for a double yakitori. Just use 2 spring onions per yakitori and trim both ends. Go for medium the raw chicken marinade while it's still a little more liquid—this will prevent the yakitori from easily burning during grilling”
    Yakitori " Kayotic Kitchen,

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  • “ forum: Japanese culture in New York City If you want yakitori, go to Yakitori Torishin or Yakitori Totto, it's always packed and need a reservation for sure, but it's worth it”
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