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  • The new way of creating ramdisks is with mkinitrd.yaird. has a yaird package for Debian Sarge. Before we can install it, we must install two prerequisites: apt-get install (The original yaird package was located in http:///debian. — “How To Compile A Kernel - The Debian (Sarge) Way - Page 2”,
  • Packages overview for Yaird Team Display configuration: (click to collapse) You need to allow cookies if you want the configuration to be stored. If not, remember/bookmark the right URL that will be provided after submitting changes. — “Debian Developer's Packages Overview -- Debian Quality Assurance”,
  • yaird. Debian kernels require an initial ramdisk to work. Debian has for some time distributed and installed modular kernels by default, depending on The above has the consequense of yaird not able to provide an official upgrade path from sarge to etch. — “InitrdReplacementOptions - Debian Wiki”,
  • Yaird, Yet Another Mkinitrd. Change of Address. This used to be the home page for yaird, a tool to make an initial boot image for Linux systems. The paper, downloads and project page are now hosted at alioth. — “Yaird, Yet Another Mkinitrd”, xs4
  • This is to announce yaird, Yet Another mkInitRD, a rewrite of mkinitrd based on hotplug algorithms. Yaird is intended to find out whether that assumption is correct: if. — “yaird, a mkinitrd based on hotplug concepts []”,
  • "yaird" package in Ubuntu. Ubuntu "yaird" package. yaird: Yet Another mkInitRD. This package Yaird Team. Urgency:* Low Urgency. Component:* universe. Architectures:* i386 powerpc amd64 arm armel alpha sparc. Latest upload:. — “"yaird" package : Ubuntu”,
  • El problema es que para los kernels >=2.6.12 hay que utilizar yaird (Yet Another mkInitRD) me encantan estos nombres. apt-get install yaird -t testing , y luego me he instalado mi kernel,. — “/bin/cat: /sys/block/hda/dev: No such file or directory | LinVx”,
  • You have searched for packages that names contain yaird in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Exact hits. Package yaird. sid (unstable) (utils): Yet Another mkInitRD. — “Debian -- Package Search Results -- yaird”,
  • Watch yaird shows and episodes on AOL Video. See the videos of all the yaird shows from AOL and its partners. — “yaird - AOL Video”,
  • The goalie uises his hauns in an 18 yaird box roond aboot the goal for tae stap the baa fae gaun in. If a player pits the baa oot o play at the ither end o the park, the ither team kicks the baa back intae play fae a 6 yaird box juist afore the goal (a goal kick). — “Fitbaa - Wikipedia”,
  • No results found for "yaird" Encarta® World English Dictionary [North Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. MSN Privacy. Legal. — “yaird definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • I booted without one of my mirrored drives, and yaird totally freaked out. While digging to open a Debian Bug report against yaird, I discovered that yaird, while annoyingly dropping me to a prompt (which I can "exit". — “grub, yaird, mdadm, and missing drives " codeblog”,
  • Welcome to "Yaird" Fotki page! Thank you for visiting my Fotki page. Yaird. PS. You too can join Fotki, add me to your Friends and share your photos and. — “Welcome to Yaird Fotki pages! | , photo and video”,
  • Install yaird and edit the following files (keep a backup of your current ones if you are To get yaird working on debian sarge (with SATA drive, 2.6.17. — “Yaird - TuxOnIce Wiki”,
  • Since yaird is no longer available with Debian lenny, I consider this document obsolete. I'm sure this is because yaird does not load every module known to man (it appears update-initramfs might). — “Begin: Waiting for root file system... ... on Debian”, www200
  • File: /etc/yaird/Default.cfg (extract only) # Required for decryption Because then you'll have to reflash the NSLU2 with the upslug2 tool and that image to be able to access your unencrypted system, so you can make changes to the yaird configs and run dpkg-reconfigure again. — “NSLU2-Linux - Debian”, nslu2-
  • two or more packages specified (yaird intrepid) To report a problem with the web site, e-mail [email protected] For other contact information, see the Ubuntu contact page. Content Copyright © 2010 Ubuntu is a trademark of Canonical Ltd. Learn more about this site. — “Ubuntu -- Error”,
  • linux-image and yaird seems ok' about 'Debian' So i upgraded yaird too (which was on h. old at the testing version) . The system rebooted just fine, so if you were wandering, the yaird issue s. eems. — “Debian: linux-image and yaird seems ok - ”,
  • Yaird, Yet Another Mkinitrd. This is a quick and dirty homepage for Yaird, a tool to make an initial boot image for Linux systems. There's a paper discussing the design here. For downloads, mailing lists and news visit the project site. The. — “Yaird, Yet Another Mkinitrd”,
  • Yaird. To rebuild the initrd there are several tools but finally I used yaird which allowed me to preload my IDE driver and get UDMA modes working, which was essential to get sth like 20x faster data transfers! etc/yaird/Default.cfg MODULE amd74xx MOUNTDIR "/" "/mnt" I had also some difficulties. — “Debian Soft Raid - YobiWiki”, wiki.yobi.be
  • Yaird Team. Overview. Code. Bugs. Blueprints. Translations. Answers. Bugs related to Yaird Team List all related bugs. List subscribed packages. • Take the tour • Read the guide. Please. — “Related bugs”,

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  • Howto: Debian Linux Kernel Compilation, Part 1 A four part miniseries on compiling a new kernel in a debian-based distro. The condensed version of this tutorial, all of this is explained in depth in the video: 1.wget recentkernel source from "" 2.extract kernel source in /usr/src "tar jxvf linux-2.6.xx.tar.bz2" 3. grab a patch, if desired. 3a. apply patch "cd /usr/src/li* && bzip2 -dc ../patchdiff.bz2 | patch -p1 --dry-run" 3b. if dry run patch succeeds, repeat process omiting --dry-run 4. copy current kernel config (if you want a decent base, if you want to build vanilla, omit this step) "cp /boot/config-`uname -r` ./.config" 5. "make menuconfig", load your config, and tweak as desired. 6. "make all" 7. "make modules_install" 8. "make install" 9. use mkinitrd.yaird or mkinitramfs, or whatever initrd generator you use to create a initrd for your kernel with "mkinitrd.yaird -o /boot/initrd-2.6.xx 2.6.xx" (where xx is the new kernel version) 10. update your grub config in /boot/grub/menu.list or do "update-grub" as root. 11. reboot into your new system.
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  • “I got bit by an initrd generated by yaird that didn't like being moved, so you should initrd, linux, lvm, pld, raid, rescue, root, yaird 3 Comments. Tags”
    yaird " The Fugue,

  • “With an office of 30+ users who run debian testing on their desktops, it's not a big surprise that any problems with debian testing can really come and bite us. Recently, a few developers who had been particularly slow with their upgrading hit”
    — Circular Dependencies When Upgrading Debian Testing (Etch,

  • “or /etc/yaird, no longer in /usr/local/lib/yaird/conf. * Avoid ide-generic if at all Latest News. yaird 0.0.12 released. Erik van Konijnenburg - 2006-01-03 09:17 - 0 Comment”
    — Alioth: yaird-0.0.12-released,

  • “When trying to use Yaird 0.0.12-7 with a recent 2.6.16 release candidate kernel, I best way to integrate this into Yaird, but rather wanted to get it”
    — Dirty Patch for Yaird and 2.6.16 ATA Block - Jason's postings,

  • “HTC Desire forum. Google Nexus One forum. Vodafone Sure Signal forum. Moderating team. All Find a store. Vodafone eForum: yaird - Viewing Profile. Jump to content”
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  • “Show reguests and reshares go in the forum. 2 days ago Gossip: hi tvu members. 2 days ago prolly in the forum, since show requests are not allowed in the whisperbox ;”
    — TV Underground,

  • “I booted without one of my mirrored drives, and yaird totally freaked out. digging through the initrd yaird generated, it just statically builds”
    — grub, yaird, mdadm, and missing drives " codeblog,

  • “Alastair Tse's Personal Blog problem with yaird is that it hardcodes the root device in the init script rather than getting it from the kernel boot params. mkinitramfs does the right thing, but it isn't quite enough”
    — entries during year 2006 | liquidx,

  • “Broken yaird backport. People keep asking me why installing kernel The reason why installing the packages fails is a broken yaird backport”
    — Broken yaird backport - Norbert Tretkowski,