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  • I am going to start with the earliest type of beam discovered, the "Yagi" Beam. The yagi is very simple. The basic yagi consists of three elements, as shown in figure 1. The middle element is an antenna you are already familiar with, the simple 1/2 wave dipole antenna. — “The Ultimate Guide to 11 Meter CB Antennas”,
  • A Yagi-Uda antenna. From left to beam right, the elements mounted on A Yagi-Uda Antenna, commonly known simply as a Yagi antenna or Yagi, is a directional. — “Yagi-Uda antenna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
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  • Yagi - 117 results like the Winegard HD9095P UHF High-Gain 39-Element HDTV Antenna, World Electronics Inc Ya Yagi Repeater, Quick Track 6000 Mounted On Yagi Dog Tracking Box, Trivec 2040-3 Folding Satcom Uhf Antenna Portable Yagi, Cellular. — “Yagi - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review”,
  • Yagi antennas focus the transmit and receive power in a single direction. They are best used for fixed locations such as homes, offices, farms and remote locations trying to reach far away cell sites. They should be mounted as high as possible on. — “Yagi Cellular Phone Antennas”,
  • Overview, summary, tutorial about the Yagi antenna sometimes called the Yagi-Uda RF antenna that is widely used where gain and directivity are required from an RF antenna design. — “Yagi antenna :: Radio-”, radio-
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  • Shortwave antennas for Amateur Radio. Kurzwellenantennen fuer Amateurfunk. Richtantennen, Monoband-beams. Vertikalantennen, Groundplanes,MTFT Magnetic Balun. — “ZX-yagi Shortwave Antennas: HF beams, vertical groundplanes”, zx-
  • Shop for Yagi. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Yagi - Network Accessories - Product Reviews, Compare Prices”,
  • yagi n. , pl. , -gis . A directional radio and television antenna consisting of a horizontal conductor with several insulated dipoles parallel to. — “yagi: Definition from ”,
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  • Optimised Six-Metre Yagi. Recycling TV Antennas for 2-Meter Use (610,754 bytes, PDF file) QST November 1996, pp. 34-36 Make a 2-meter beam from junked TV antennas. 32-35 A tutorial on the Yagi antenna with construction of a two. — “YAGI ANTENNAS - XE1BEF PAGE”,
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  • M2 Antennas 15dBi Yagi (900-930MHz) with N-Connector. The M2 Antennas 915X-ISP high performance Yagi, is the latest product to come out of M2's Engineering Lab. Optimum. performance is achieved using highly accurate antenna design software along with a full CNC manufacturing process. — “Yagi”,

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  • Michiyo Yagi 17-string bass koto solo @ Inage Candy Live at Inage Candy, Chiba (Japan) / 2nd Apr. 2010 / Michiyo Yagi (17-string bass koto)
  • 2mt Portable yagi antenna Just a short film showing how I made a 2mt yagi to take portable. Hope you find it interesting.
  • 144 MHz 6 el yagi receiving demonstration A demonstration of a home-made 6 element yagi for 2 metres making use of the VK3RGL beacon near Geelong, about 60km away. The receiver was a Yaesu FT-817 and the yagi was on a pole about 2 metres tall. Dimensions for the yagi appear on DK7ZB's website:
  • Antenna Yagi Looking for DX. My antenna Yagi for 28mhz and 50mhz. For 28mhz made of PY2NI - Horta For 50mhz made of PY2MAJ QRV 28400khz and 50110khz 73 de PY2MAJ
  • Meibuken Genbu Kata -- Meibukan: Meitatsu Yagi
  • Pre-instalation ZX-Yagi 11m DX The pre-instalation for the zx-yagi dx for 11m
  • principle of a yagi antenna The film explains how a yagi antenna on the number of elements .........
  • Wilson Electronics Yagi Antenna Installation How to install and maximize the performance of your Wilson Electronics Cellular Yagi Antenna (oran.gs
  • Michiyo Yagi & Tamaya Honda 01 @ Asahi Art Square Live at Asahi Art Square, Asakusa, Tokyo / 22nd Aug. 2009 / in Contemporary Improvised Music Festival 2009 / Michiyo Yagi (21-string koto) Tamaya Honda (drums)
  • Directional Antennas Diana Eng demonstrates and explains a Yagi antenna, useful for transmitting directional signals.
  • Team 18 Vs DJ Yagi Vs Didrapest - Higher Now Artist - Team 18 Vs DJ Yagi Vs Didrapest Track - Higher Now Album - Olympic Sound 2 (Compiled By Holymen & Dj Yagi) Year - 2009 Genre - Psychedelic: Full On
  • Prime Note Ensemble - Yagi Bushi Prime Note Ensemble (PNE) sings YAGI BUSHI, Japanese Folk song at the 4th World Choir Games in Xiamen, China - July 2006
  • Yagi Bushi Hybrid Soul Live at Mandala on November 11, 2008 Isaku Kageyama (taiko) Chris Young (guitar) Pat Glynn (bass)
  • Goju Ryu Karate Do - Okinawan Meibukan Style - Akihiro Yagi Akihiro Yagi, Yodan, Meibukan Goju Ryu, son of Grand Master Meitatsu Yagi, Judan, performing the Meibuken Kata Tenchi before a seminar at the Cambridge Spring Karate Challenge in Cambridge, Ontario in May of 2003. Filmed by Tony Banh of Openminded Productions. ---------------- Update Dec 30, 2006 ***Video now available for download in Quicktime format at ----------------- International Meibukan Goju Ryu Karate Association Cambridge Martial Arts Academy http Information regarding the Meibuken Katas www.meibukan.ca ------------------- Openminded Productions www.openyourmind.tk http
  • Michiyo Yagi & Paal Nilssen-Love @ Inage Candy Live at Inage Candy, Chiba (Japan) / 2nd Apr. 2010 / Michiyo Yagi (21-string koto) Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) www.paalnilssen-
  • WIFI-Link Yagi antenna VS regular hawking technology antenna (Yagi more cheaper) compare the 2 antennas because if you get those hawking antennas in micro-center $55 plus 15 feet cable only the cable were $25 so the total $80 and the yagi antenna were $72. whit 25 f cable more cheaper and better you can get it here www.wifi- i hope my review help thanks
  • Yagi Project1 yt Ran out of Money, and Unemployment ran out 2 weeks ago and I did not know until yesterday. I decided to release some of my projects I was packing up in the barns. These are earlier version's of completed projects for other people. I am selling off the first model's of the finished version's rather than letting them collect dust for years in storage and do me no good for surviving. This is for Sale. It is LEGAL to use with the supplied drivers for all version's of windows. If you choose to add drivers for WAR DRIVING then you are making your own choice. War Driving is the name given to hacking into bank's, accounting firms, ect. from long ranges with specialized ept. War driving software can be found every where for breaking all Secuirty password, but is illegal to do so. I am selling it as a mobile WIFI long range antenna, maybe for boat, or campers, or people who just want to communicate with people who are on opposite sides of town. In it design right now- you can find a Free Legal WiFi signal Quickly and Easily, and get Free High Speed Internet It is for sale: 200 dollars. email me is you want to know more:
  • Steppir Dipole Yagi It has been a while since I posted a video on Youtube. A lot has changed with my amateur radio setup. I am in a new QTH with new equipment and antennas. This is my Steppir Dipole Yagi up 20 feet along with my Hustler 4BTV Vertical. The Steppir is by far the superior antenna and receives signals the Hustler can not even detect. I will be uploading more videos of the radios which includes an ICOM 756-Pro and a Kenwood 480HX. My wife was very instrumental in the installation of the Steppir antenna. I also would like to thank John and Hans at Steppir Antenna for promptly delivering me replacement parts.
  • 2m Backpacking Yagi **UPDATE** I took this antenna to the summit of Mt. Adams (12281ft) and was able to check into a net through a repeater in Pullman, WA (which was 211 miles away) using only 5 watts. This is a lightweight antenna designed by KD5IVP that I found the plans to online. It's simple to build and lightweight. It is for use on the 2 meter band. This video is my explanation on how to build it. Further details on the design and a slightly different way of constructing it can be found at: To see the antenna in action from the summit of Mt. St. Helens, go to:
  • JO1DZA Lowband Yagi antenna 75/80m 3ele,40m 5ele yagi antenna
  • yagi dipol glodanje dipola yagi antene
  • yagi wifi antenna long range a 12+ db gain wifi antenna long range for sharing wifi and internet get a 18db anttena here(better then this one!) found a amp here
  • Yagi Meitoku Suparinpei Suparinpei kata presented by 2nd generation Goju Ryu karate master instructor, Yagi Meitoku. The late master was a direct student of Okinawan karate pioneer, and founder of Goju Ryu, Miyagi Chojun. More here: www.koryu-
  • Brötzmann Yagi Nilssen-Love 04 @ SuperDeluxe "BrötzFest 2008" Live at SuperDeluxe, Roppongi (or Nishi-Azabu), Tokyo / 25th Sep. 2008 / Peter Brötzmann (tenor saxophopne) Michiyo Yagi (17-string bass koto) Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) Tokyo Conflux "BrötzFest 2008"
  • Hiromi Yagi vs Sumie Sakai (Sept '98) - 2 of 2 Part 2 of 2 - Like the match? Find this and many others at FLIK510's puroresu site: flik.theditch.biz
  • Michiyo Yagi @ Kongsberg 2006 Snippet of a gig from Kongsberg Jazz festival 2006 in Norway. The gig happened at a venue called "avanthagen". Michiyo plays the japanese traditional instrument KOTO. The other noises you hear are: Paal Nilssen-Love on drums and Peter Brötzmann on saxophone (not appearing on the video).
  • Michiyo Yagi & Tamaya Honda 02 @ Asahi Art Square Live at Asahi Art Square, Asakusa, Tokyo / 22nd Aug. 2009 / in Contemporary Improvised Music Festival 2009 / Michiyo Yagi (21-string koto, 17-string bass koto) Tamaya Honda (drums)
  • Homemade Indoor 6 Element UHF TV Yagi. I show a quick demonstration in the shack using a standard 1m long 75 ohm coaxial patch cable connected to my TV and the Yagi antenna. At the end of the video are the dimensions and materials used to construct the Yagi antenna. Pause the video if you want to write the information down. Good luck if you build one. It was a quick and fun project anyone can do with some basic workshop tools. 73
  • Hiromi Yagi vs Sumie Sakai (Sept '98) - 1 of 2 September 5, 1998 - This is Hiromi Yagi's first match after a 14 month layoff (she got married). I wish I had more of Yagi's matches, because she's pretty awesome. Here, she takes on fellow judo practitioner and current Chikara gal Sumie Sakai. Good stuff for you submission fans out there ^_^ Courtesy of FLIK510: flik.theditch.biz
  • ZX Yagi part 2 instalation of the zx-yagi for 11m
  • YAGI MASTAZ - My Love (The Prodigy - One Love)
  • Michiyo Yagi & Eivind Aarset live From Webconcert featuring Eivind Aarset and Michiyo Yagi creating beautiful music and sounds with Koto and Guitar. Tokyo meets Oslo
  • satellite antena yagi small video monitoring satellite system ao7 with antennas already installed in his place ...........
  • OH8X - 160M 3el yagi rotated The 3el 160M yagi rotated at OH8X. In the same tower also 5el for 80M and 4 over 4 for 40M.
  • Seipai Kata - Yagi Meitoku Yagi Meitoku is shown performing the Seipai kata at the dedication of Shuri Castle in 1992. Master Yagi, (1912-2003), was a student of the legendary Chojun Miyagi, (1888-1953). In 1986, he was named a National Living Treasure by Emperor Hirohito.
  • Brötzmann Yagi Nilssen-Love 01 @ SuperDeluxe "BrötzFest 2008" Live at SuperDeluxe, Roppongi (or Nishi-Azabu), Tokyo / 25th Sep. 2008 / Peter Brötzmann (alto saxophone) Michiyo Yagi (20-string koto) Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) Tokyo Conflux "BrötzFest 2008"
  • Our Yagi antenna Seen on TV Our Yagi antenne seen on TV. More info at
  • Making live beat by YAGI MASTAZ Beat Making with loops and simple samples (No Playtrack) with FL Studio 8 + VST + Novation Remote SL 25 Compact
  • 15 Antennas 360 Yagi's Array's dipoles Verticals tower more My 360 Surround Video. According to Hoyle the antennas are to close. I put the 25.5' 17/12 meter homebrew rotatable dipole up where you see it and it worked fine, Compared it to my vertical that is up 60'.I then moved the dipole up to the top of the mast. The recieve went down one S unit. so that is why it is close. Every element is grounded via Amertron remote antenna switch except the one i'm using. Lucky spot. The cam was installed so i could *** pigeons on the workshop roof. Thanks for reading my tales. De ka1klo
  • Aural Vampire - Yagi Parade It is Aural Vampire - Yagi Parade. The song is so great! I love it!
  • Moon Bouncing With a Single Yagi! Moon Bouncing with a Single 13 elements on Horiz. Polarization and 160 watts. Good Copy of W5UN on JT65b on 144Mhz! This was my first try to bounce signals of the moon. Thanks for the visit!

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  • “Will a yagi help? - forum topic i agree,get rid of the wilson antenna and find get a yagi and like me i have a panel antenna which gets me to 71% stable connection”
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