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  • Professor Yaffle. Saturday, September 09, 2006. Three Men In A Boat, by Jerome K Jerome. In 1889, JKJ and two friends ("to say nothing of the dog"), suffering a mild hypochondria, decide it would be bracing to row up the Thames in a skiff, from Kingston to Oxford. — “Professor Yaffle - Book Reviews”, professor-
  • Free online dictionary with video examples from comedians, celebrities, sports-stars - and you! Your life, your words, your dictionary. Be the first to explore: yaffle upload. No video for this word, yet. We're a video dictionary, but we're new and there are many words in the English. — “yaffle - wordia”,
  • yaffle (plural yaffles) (British) the European green woodpecker, Picus viridis [edit] /wiki/yaffle" Categories: English nouns | British. — “yaffle - Wiktionary”,
  • Yaffle images, videos, blogs and news can be found at ; a new Yaffle in Blogs. About Yaffle. All information about Yaffle, links to sites related to. — “Yaffle images, videos, blogs and news - ”,
  • Myspace profile for Yaffle with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more. — “MySpace - Yaffle - 30 - Male - UK - /mryaffle”,
  • Translation of yaffle in English. Translate yaffle in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. — “Translation of Yaffle in English”,
  • it's the dose that makes the poison. - paracelsus. blog. code. this is . — “open/social”,
  • I make animated GIFs Yaffle. Ask. I make animated GIFs. cuddle. 1 day ago Notes (8) snakebomb: orchard: MONSTER BRAINS: Russian ***age Mutant Ninja Turtles. nothing will ever be better than this. — “Yaffle”,
  • Yaf·fle n. [Probably imitative of its call or cry.] (Zoöl.) The European green woodpecker ( Picus, or Genius, viridis ). — “yaffle: Information from ”,
  • The green woodpecker has many local or dialect names in Britain, including 'yaffle'. — “World Wide Words: Yaffle”,
  • Definition of yaffle in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of yaffle. Pronunciation of yaffle. Translations of yaffle. yaffle synonyms, yaffle antonyms. Information about yaffle in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “yaffle - definition of yaffle by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • I make animation and other bits and bobs. ndjT3MfBECk. yaffle. Subscribe. Add as Friend | Block User | Send Message. Profile. Channel Views: 43,635. Total Upload Views: 293,763. Age: 30. Joined: March 17, 2006. — “YouTube - yaffle's Channel”,
  • Yaffle \Yaf"fle\, n. [Probably imitative of its call or cry.] ( Zo["o]l.) The European green woodpecker (Picus, or Genius, Green woodpecker (Zo["o]l.), a common European woodpecker (Picus viridis); -- called also yaffle. — “yaffle”,
  • Phat Yaffle - The Cool Hangout for Games. — “Phat Yaffle - Home”,
  • Do you want to access your site more quickly on this computer? Check this box, and your username and password will be remembered Give A Yaffle Ham A Home. The Nacho's (born 09/04/09) The Komo's (born. — “yaffle-hams”, yaffle-
  • [Baffled by Yaffle? View some of our tutorials] If you can't find what for, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll help you out!. — “Yaffle.ca”, yaffle.ca
  • Get short, timely messages from yaffle.ca. Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. It's easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics. Learn how ask for it with this new Yaffle demo vid. http://bit.ly/9D8nwK 8:22 AM May 11th via web. Partnering up to power Labrador. — “yaffle.ca (yaffledotca) on Twitter”,
  • Uncommon English name for the European Green Woodpecker, immatative of it's laugh-like call (technically urban, you get them in green areas of town) Yaffle: Spaeaking loudly to foreigners as if it somehow makes you easier to understand. — “Urban Dictionary: Yaffle”,
  • With Yaffle Cottage I have tried to fulfil a wish-list for a self-catering country cottage. Yaffle Cottage is set in beautiful Sus*** woodland, off a quiet country lane, on the outskirts of a village, in an area designated "of Outstanding Natural Beauty". — “open the Yaffle Cottage website”,
  • Laughing Yaffle - Pony Needles Sock Kits Yaffle Sock Yarn Knit Pro (knitpicks) Needles Brittany Birch Needles Clover Accessories Get your skeins wound! Special Orders Gift Vouchers Blog Fledgling Alpaca sock hand dyed sock yarn, sock knitting,. — “Laughing Yaffle, Luxury hand dyed sock yarns and accessories”,
  • "Array#toJSON bug" was updated by Yaffle. Wednesday Nov 11 #845 / Prototype / duplicate "cumulativeOffset inconsistent in IE" was updated by Yaffle. — “Yaffle's profile - prototype”,
  • Professor Yaffle Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos by Professor Yaffle at ReverbNation. — “Professor Yaffle | Liverpool, UK | Folk | Music, Lyrics”,

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  • Chuong Tamatzui Reacts To Yiffy Yaffle Freaking Out My reaction to Wolfee getting bored on Second Life like hell. Yes, I have an SL and that's me as the wolf with shiny crystal blue eyes! Also, I am speaking Vietnamese in the video; my first and dominant language. (But as usual, I prefer typed English on SL as it's easy for me to get around.) I don't think I did good enough of a reaction since I was too calm at the time. But yeah...
  • DJ Burnz - Bagpuss. DJ Burnz - Bagpuss. (FERT 107) Full Effect Recordings. Excellent Old Skool Rave tune sampling excerpts from the trippy BBC 1970's childrens TV programme Bagpuss . Obviously trying to cash in on The Prodigy's Charly, Smart E's Sesame's Treet and Urban Hype's Trip To Trumpton but it still sounds good to me. Also samples Danny Breaks classic piano sample from Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era's Far Out. Respect goes out to Professor Yaffle, ha ha ha..... :)
  • Rose Marie - original song animation by Yaffle music by cheap robot © 2008 steve masek
  • Ode to Yaffle's Hands You like-a my dancing? More like air traffic control I know :-) Yaffle: Callie aka owlphanumeric: don't forget to do a hand collab with ournationalspace! love.
  • The Ballad of Yaffle (In D Minor) Silly pony, Yaffle is Canadian or something. Yaffle's dream come true.
  • I've never been to Yorkshire I've never been to Yorkshire. We have an lonesome aunt from there and yes she made the pudding. When we'd go to her house north of London, years ago, she sometimes had a copper pot boiling and steaming and the whole place smelled like sweetened lard. It reminded me of the incense in the scary haunted church my friend Anthony Petronelli once took me to - all dark and sad. I know I talk a lot on these long train rides, but the rocking and the rumbling shake my brain and old heavy thoughts rise up to the top of the ol' pond. Our aunt was always worried about locking herself out of her house. She firmly believed in locking every door and window - this, remember, was a time when no one locked their doors. So, she wore her house key around her neck whenever she went out. Eventually she took to wearing that key inside the house, too, so she could run out to the backyard garden or go chase the neighbor's dog away. But, then, according to Fiona, she slept with the key (in case of emergency) and always had it on. Although most of the time the key would be hidden under her blouse, the strap, which she never changed, was leather and sweat and mixed with her own body sweat and the steam of her cooking - she made more than Yorkshire pudding. I imagine she bathed with the strap and key on and probably gently soaped and brushed the strap. Yet, when we hugged her goodbye, there was a more than human smell, a hyper above floating smell - like strong perfume but of people - no, not of ...
  • Yaffle Featured? RE: those of us who took the advice of Doctor Metropolis in order to get featured. Public domain music by GADGETTO. .
  • Drawings from iSketch A collection of drawings I drew while playing iSketch (iSketch is a multiplayer game of pictionary). Here are the words and phrases I was drawing: bomb the bass brass monkey fairy cake happy camper hit the deck devil dog david jason 'let me be your fantasy' alice in wonderland highland fling Freddy and the Dreamers hangnail hell on wheels Waitrose toy soldier The Wurzels your ideal man spring roll cult of the missing (or something, music or band I think?) sir issac newton DJ Dirty Money red lion KC and the Sunshine band pineapple + eardrops jesus chase the rainbow God Is My Co-Pilot scales of judgement slow dive take a hike passive smoking french bread home to roost white elephant + gift hang up tomato paste wild hairdo country bumpkin silverware + caddy surfer under surveillance clothes spin baby oil apple core ladies man hot pad gameshow boy scout tribe missile father time
  • YJ 110: Rap Yaffle Hello lyrics will be updated here soon!
  • Re: My You Tube Non Celebration Tag (how much YT do you watch?) I was tagged by ydlorphans and he asks how much time does everyone spend on You Tube in an average day. And my answer is... good question. Not too much ♥ Sorry for the audio glitches. Tagged individuals also appearing in my video: owlphanumeric frumpyframpton mypersonaggiomagro slippereal chriscarlonemusic ournationalspace yaffle ydlorphans ukisociety Make a response or something What are the rules? Heck if I know. ♥ music by MGMT
  • YJ 131: Johnny Yaffle Cakes Originally seen on Viddler: --- Sooo many books! I went so see JohnnyCupcakes give a lecture about business, branding and customer service. I also met up with JohnnyDurham19 (from YouTube) Check out JohnnyDurhams t-shirts here
  • Bagpuss Intro - Bagpuss is a cloth cat that lives in a shop window. His owner Emily brings him broken things. With a little bit of magic and help from his friends (The Mice on the Mouse Organ, Gabriel the Toad, Madeleine the Rag Doll, Professor Yaffle) they would fix the object. They would then all fall fast asleep until the next time. Classic story telling by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin (Smallfilms).
  • a birthday song for yaffle who is rad hey there, hey there yaffle, yeah i think you're really great today is your birthday, yeah, so i appreciate all the ways you're awesome rad super fantastic brilliant bad but good you're bad but good you're good in a bad way you're bad in a good way you're rad in every way rad in every way hey there hey there yaffle, yeah i'm so glad we are friends when we were not friends ,yeah, yaffle i lived with the bends living with the bends is sad it's gross sickening awful bad but not good twas bad not good but you are a chamber good at decompression you're rad in every way rad in every way
  • Victoria and Yaffle on Children in Need What a fantastic, articulate young lady. ( Kylies not bad either..)
  • The Sea Fortress "The Sea Fortress" Colors with Sound Episode #015 colors yaffle sound our national space .
  • Professor Yaffle - Son of a Hermit Come & check out my tunes at or or I'll put the kettle on..
  • Yaffle 0002 Yaffle is a Dog for the Disabled Puppy and this video is him from 8 weeks to 1 year, when he started his formal training.
  • gordy the mayonnaise unicorn (but who'se sock was it) for UKISOCIETY: /ukisociety inspired by: /yaffle
  • heidi said marry me yaffle said i'm moving to the states bwharhr said I'm flying to the usa guidotnb said i'm already a citizen but for heidisaid i'll do it again heidisaid will you marry me heidisaid you'll fly for free heidisaid just stop my ex heidisaid from cashing all my checks there must be a better way to make the bank go away it's every man's dream to wed this pennsylvanian heidisaid ariestheramone will put on your finger the ring sadvipran will sign anything 8rf is serious about love the problem is if he can bring his girlfriend along i press my nose between the crook of your arm at your elbow the snot builds up in my nostrils then spills out and the boogers run down in streams on the flesh of your arm heidi we know you're being sarcastic but what you suggest is so fantastic it's every man's dream to wed this pennsylvanian heidisaid one day you'll laugh at all the suffering spent like a yaffle cartoon or matthias's accent you'll look back at now and you will say they can take my things but they can never take my days heidisaid proposes to the world .
  • glow worm Song by callie, who is rad: .
  • Into Space "Into Space" Colors with Sound Episode #007 colors yaffle sound our national space .
  • Desert Crawl "Desert Crawl" Colors with Sound Episode #010 colors yaffle sound our national space .
  • Elephant Commute "Elephant Commute" Colors with Sound Episode 001 colors yaffle sound our national space .
  • thanks, yaffle ...
  • YAFFLE (11/12/10-317) http
  • Instant Jo #003 Instant Jo Episode #003 "The Upload" featuring bwhahrhr as the internet video sound yaffle our national space Sandy in the Sunshine while everyone else looks for clues in the grass taking prints and looking for suspects there's one lady who's got enough sass to solve crime looking out of her ***pit with her goggles and her scarf blowing in the wind overhead she always spots the running crook she swoops down in her rainbow colored airplane and captures him with her shepard's hook she flies a marshmellow powered B-52 crashing through the sky high clouds subsonic aerodynamic gumshoe she's heading straight for the crowds she's Sandy in the Sunshine Will I Always Be Lonely will i always be lonely never knowing someone who loves the same things i do are they there in name only laughing and knowing why they're laughing too my computer screen in the dark glows blue in the quiet of night is your's glowing too .
  • airport airport love thankyou yaffle! /yaffle
  • Proffesor Yaffle Chucklebutty This is the first public information film brought to you by Proffesor Yaffle chucklebutty of the University of london. This week: NEVER MIX YOUR DRINKS! Done in the style of ronnie barkers public information films. These are just random comedies
  • Bryte Tonyte by Professor Yaffle performed at the Williamson tunnels while supporting Shellsuit on their album launch
  • Recycle Thing Music: .
  • Instant Jo #001 Instant Jo Episode #001 "We Eat Zap" featuring bwhahrhr as the internet video sound yaffle our national space .
  • here be yaffle matthias wants to marry him but not in a gay way doctor rusty wants yaffle to work for him but without any pay his royal dudeliness wants to trace him but for purposes for pwning you paperlilies wants to kiss him but now that's not really true who's the bloke who's never down - yaffle who does the watch wrist to clown - yaffle what does bristol have that they haven't found - yaffle who'll flip that frown upside down - yaffle who tells ms. metropolis how to drive her car on the road who captured kenrg's bliss with his beat heavy frantic ode who did mr. momodelicious how to get featured he showed why does paperlilies subscribe to his channel because he's owed that's yaffle spelled with ay he's called yaffle no one knows why "Here be Dragon" has been watched 67000 times "Picture in Pitcher" will surely blow your mind "Frogs in my garden" shows you he's still a child "The Legend of Bryony" surely is a cartoon capture of lust unbridled who's the bloke who's never down - yaffle why does a watch need a wrist to clown - yaffle what does bristol have that they haven't found - yaffle who'll flip that frown upside down - yaffle he leaves five stars and comments only to make the world better he loves the drama and to laugh but you know he's not a hater so what he's in love with paperlilies like ten thousand other men but he's the only bryony-tard that I can call my friend that's yaffle spelled with ay he's called yaffle no one knows why yaffle - the bottomless pit of talent www ...
  • I Shout At a Whole Bunch of Asses It seems buttheads rule YouTube. Blooper opener. Yaffle the great:
  • Green Woodpecker (Yaffle) 5th September 2007 Green Woodpecker eating ants in the garden of my old home in Titchfield Common on the 5th September 2007.
  • Tag! Five Facts about Me I was tagged by Yaffle so here are my five facts. I didnt quite understand the rules. I TAG now: TheBorgLives, ApotheosisAZ, Magekind, songtruth and 4dry4n.
  • happy bhrthday matthias bwhahrhr from colbent yaffle and our national space build us a man made of Viennese steel by way of draft broad shouldered military man he could have opted out of the national seal but he slept late on the morning of deferment watched the lady friend of his nightmare dream activate the neurons inside his pink electric lobes finally found a love sweet as neapolitan ice cream only to have her move on to the other side of the globe you who lie with your damned statistics watch out for the recluse avenging pasha in nine minutes he'll empty his mathematical bag of tricks then veer off his argument just saying blah blah blah bwhahrhr the unpronounceable one bwhahrhr the unannounceable one bwhahrhr the unpronounceable one bwhahrhr the unannounceable one bwhahrhr with his tales of misfortune bwhahrhr living life like a cartoon bwhahrhr hang on as a loose end bwhahrhr everybody's favorite friend matthias good man of mankind matthias making up his own mind matthias in the land of mozart sharing his role in this life's bit part oh matthias our matthias oh matthias bwhahrhr party mc colbent animation yaffle music our national space .
  • Bagpuss - The Mice and Professor Yaffle Drum and Bass Remix A Drum and Bass remix featuring The Mice and Professor Yaffle from the classic TV show Bagpuss - Enjoy! Jam. Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording outside the youtube framework without my express written permission will constitute an infringement of copyright.
  • YaffleU - Adding an Opportunity to Yaffle Do you (yes you!) have a proposal for a project that could benefit from Memorial University's wide range of faculty, students or staff expertise? Add it to Yaffle as an opportunity, and it'll help you find the right match at Memorial.
  • Proffesor Yaffle Chucklebutty 2nd in the proffesors public information. This episode: The enemy of existance, recorded in 2004/2005 when the enemy was still at our shores

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  • “We all went for an autumnal walk in Priddy Mineries the other day. Here's the view from the top of the hill: We usually stick to the paths, but you don't see much wildlife up close that way (the Mineries”
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  • “Debate current events in Scotland's tradtional celtic music scene. Forum. Buy CDs. Buy Books. Buy DVDs. Performers. Downloads. Podcast. Guides. News. FAQ. Search: Superb delivery times! Professor Yaffle. Joined: Last post: 17/02/2009 17:17. Number of posts: 3. Top Sellers. Rona Lightfoot. Eadarainn. £13.99”
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  • “Laughing Yaffle blog review. Alison Hamnett, the knitter, yarn dyer and occasional seamstress behind the Laughing Yaffle blog has and uses it to advantage on her blog, creating a vibrant, colourful”
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