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  • Definition of yacking with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. — “Definition of yacking”,
  • Yacking definition, yak See more. — “Yacking | Define Yacking at ”,
  • yacking. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 22 May 2009, at 02:31. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “yacking - Wiktionary”,
  • Jack Tretton on Almost Yacking. You may have seen a chunk of this clip before, but we wanted to pull out the meat, so to speak. Send a link to this post 'Jack Tretton on Almost Yacking' via email:. — “Jack Tretton on Almost Yacking”,
  • Are you tired of people yacking about how Linux isn't a serious application server platform? I know I am. Are you tired of people yacking about how Linux isn't a serious application server platform?. — “Java is Linux's Friend | Linux Magazine”, linux-
  • Stop Yacking! Looks like I am not the only person that gets annoyed by people talking on their phones, having private conversations in public places. But more importantly I hope people start getting the message that loudly yacking away on your phone in public (while someone is trying to serve you). — “Salt Lake Daily Photo: Stop Yacking!”,
  • San Francisco - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vowed Wednesday to take swift action against his wife Maria Shriver, who was caught three times by paparazzi talking on her cell phone while driving, in contravention of a law signed Schwarzenegger vows "swift action" against yacking wife. — “Schwarzenegger vows "swift action" against yacking wife”,
  • From 15, he grew up to be 51. Kindly explain the reason for calling your discussion site as 'Ann Arbor Yacking'.As a noun the word 'YACK' represents an alternate spelling for 'YAK', a stocky, long-haired wild ox(Bos grunniens)of TIBET and Central Asia, often domesticated as a beast of burden. — “Letter: AAGO cares little for tailgate traditions | ”,
  • "Manners are the happy ways of doing things. Who wants to hear someone's yacking loudly on a cell phone when in face-to-face communication, a breath away, the tone would be. — “A key to peaceable living without intrusion: Holster your”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. yakked also yackedyak·king also yack·ing. — “Yacking - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Go walk outside to your local market or street corner and what are you guaranteed to see? Someone is bound to be walking around yacking it up on their cell phone right? Cell phones have become apa. — “商务英语原文--Do Some Research When Choosing the Right Cellular”,
  • Have you ever wished your buddies were right there, watching the game with you on days other than Super Bowl? The cheering, cursing and yacking that occur in front of the TV are precious, but most of us are too. — “PARC to Make TV Watching More Social - BusinessWeek”,
  • The Saga of Cendant, Wall Street Says 'No' to Yes, and Yacking About Yurie Meanwhile, yacking about Yurie: A recent item here questioned less-than-arms-length relationships involving. — “The Saga of Cendant, Wall Street Says 'No' to Yes, and”,
  • Last week the party leaders kept yacking for more than 20 minutes. Stop yacking: Speaker Michael Martin needs to tell the front bench to keep it shorter and stop barging aside the backbench MPs. — “QUENTIN LETTS: Wake up, Speaker Martin. Tell the big shots to”,
  • Former deputy prime minister John Prescott has spoken out against the medias interest in a hung parliament - and insisted a party will have an overall majority. If you keep on yacking about whether you're going to work with other parties, don't be surprised if the public think that's the issue. — “Prescott frustrated by hung parliament 'yacking' - ”,
  • Parental Discretion AdvisedLife is short, don't waste it.Less yacking, More smacking.Ultimate compilation funny idiots escalator morons montage ouch darwin a. — “YouTube - Painful swarm of foolish people & motor vehicle”,
  • the person he is "yacking" with may be the line engineer Sometimes when fixing a line a worker in the field will need to call an engineer at the head office that will need to do some work in the central office to help fix the line the worker. — “Should I report this telephone company worker for standing”,
  • yacking yack throwing up drunk puking puke barfing wasted vomiting talking yak tool barf fool idiot vomit that's why we call her Mrs. Yack-Yack. by amanda Sep 7, 2003 share. — “Urban Dictionary: yacking”,
  • The Wyoming Tribune-Eagle Online provides up-to-date news and information for Cheyenne, Wyoming and the surrounding areas. Visit us daily for current news, sports, obituaries, classified advertisements, outdoors fun, local entertainment, real. — “Yacking about YAC - Wyoming Tribune Eagle Online”,
  • If you've ever been skiing or snowboarding and felt the familiar vibrations of your cell phone, you no doubt were frustrated. Because as much as you would Swany g.cell Cellphone Ski/Snowboard Glove combines yacking, hitting the slopes. — “Swany g.cell Cellphone Ski/Snowboard Glove combines yacking”,
  • Schwarzenegger vows "swift action" against yacking wifeSan Francisco - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vowed Wednesday to take "swift action" against his wife, Maria Shriver, who was caught three times by. — “Schwarzenegger vows "swift action" against yacking wife | TopNews”, topnews.in
  • Definition of yacking in the Medical Dictionary. yacking explanation. Information about yacking in Free online English dictionary. What is yacking? Meaning of yacking medical term. What does yacking mean?. — “yacking - definition of yacking in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Definition of yacking in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of yacking. Pronunciation of yacking. Translations of yacking. yacking synonyms, yacking antonyms. Information about yacking in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “yacking - definition of yacking by the Free Online Dictionary”,

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  • Lottery, Florida and Just Yacking TURN YOUR VOLUME UP AT FIRST. Sorry about the volume at first, I had my hand over my iphones mic, then it gets louder, LOL! This is me just talking about all kinds of things, again lol
  • Yacking with Laura All crafters please ignore this video. My sister always calls me from out of state and she wanted to see what I see from my back porch.
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  • Me yacking about stuff Lol im a little camera shy according to _Some_ people.. You know who you are XD But yeh, i tend to pull silleh faces while talking on cam :L so sorry about that. Anyway, i hope you enjoy! :D x
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  • Five Hour Energy 21 B-Ball Yacking! I have to say it's me, Derek in the blue and Ryan aka "Dork" playing 21 in Newport Woodbridge VA. and the reason I called this series of clip's Five Hour 21 because of Ryan thinking that it would help a man that has not played basketball in year's and also drinking water see what the outcome of that is, funny as ***. This is the third game but because of what happen's at the end of this clip I had to start with his one. You still my boy Dork.
  • Baker Yacking Baker throwing up after a night drinking
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  • “Yo! Martha's First Blog Post! Hi, it's me, Martha. I recently realized that all I really want to do was sit down and yack with my coaches and clients. So I've decided a blog is the way to do my yacking. I'll be posting every couple of weeks. I wish we were hanging out drinking margaritas and”
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  • “Does anyone else ever get tired of hearing someone go through every knob and description of a guitar/amp/pedal on youtube before they actually demo”
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  • “We (as in the Western world) keep on yacking about growth across the board – # of apps, how many iPhones are The Social Media Marketing Blog - Social Media Insights in the Increasingly Complex World of New Marketing”
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