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  • A xylyl (pronounced /ˈzaɪlɨl/ ZYE-lil) is one of a group of chemical radicals denoted by the formula (CH3)2C6H3. Xylyl entry in Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary. This article about an organic. — “Xylyl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • chemBlink provides information about 1-(2,3-Xylyl)piperazine monohydrochloride, 1-(2,3-Dimethylphenyl)-piperazine hydrochloride, CAS #: 80836-96-0. — “1-(2,3-Xylyl)piperazine monohydrochloride, 1-(2,3”,
  • Xylyl definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Xylyl | Define Xylyl at ”,
  • Five triphenylethylenes, a triphenylethane and a triphenylethanol, carrying methyl substituents ortho to one or both of the ring oxygen functions, have been examined for oestrogenic, and antioestrogenic activity in mice, and three of the. — “Oestrogenic, anti-oestrogenic and fertility effects of some”,
  • Xylyl information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Xylyl - ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of XYLYL : any of several isomeric monovalent radicals C8H9 derived from the three xylenes by removal of a hydrogen atom; especially : a radical of the. — “Xylyl - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • donor macrocycle and its ditopic xylyl-bridged. ***og as well as the crystal structures Syntheses of the xylyl-bridged macrocyclic isomers. Figure 2. — “Syntheses and Crystal Structures of Xylyl-Bridged NO”, newjournal.kcsnet.or.kr
  • xylyl (plural xylyls) (organic chemistry) Any of several univalent radicals, of formula (CH3)2C6H3- derived from the three isomers of xylene:- ortho-, meta- and para- (di-methyl benzene). Retrieved from "http:///wiki/xylyl" Categories: English nouns | Organic compounds. — “xylyl - Wiktionary”,
  • xylyl's Treasure Chest. xylyl currently has 0 gifts in his Treasure ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY XYLYL & SHANNEN BISAN WLA KO LIPAY KAAYO KO KAY NAGDAKU MO NGA. — “Friendster - xylyl lubang”,
  • Other Asia/Pacific Region. m-Xylyl Cyanide. Synonym : 3-Methylbenzyl Cyanide. Synonym : 2947-60-6. Related CAS Number : MDL Number : MFCD00001914. Data of Reference. bp : 130 °C. — “m-Xylyl Cyanide | TCI AMERICA”,
  • 31109-83-8,N-(p-(2-(Diisopropylamino)ethoxy)phenyl)-N-2,3-xylyl-benzamidine position >Home > Products >A > N-(p-(2-(Diisopropylamino)ethoxy)phenyl)-N-2,3-xylyl-benzamidine. — “31109-83-8,N-(p-(2-(Diisopropylamino)ethoxy)phenyl)-N-2,3”,
  • Xy·lyl n. [ Xylo- + -yl .] (Chem.) Any one of three metameric radicals which are characteristic respectively of the three Xylyl bromide. Xylyl. Post a question - any question - to the WikiAnswers community: Copyrights: Dictionary. Webster 1913 Dictionary edited by Patrick J. Cassidy Read more. — “xylyl: Information from ”,
  • Mefenamic Manufacturers & Mefenamic Suppliers Directory - Find a Mefenamic Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Mefenamic Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . n-(2.3-xylyl)-2-aminobenzoic acid Promotion. — “Mefenamic-Mefenamic Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Definition of xylyl in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of xylyl. Pronunciation of xylyl. Translations of xylyl. xylyl synonyms, xylyl antonyms. Information about xylyl in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “xylyl - definition of xylyl by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • (a) A compound, which is (N-phenylacetyl-N-2,6-xylyl)methyl alaninate, having the formula (I): [Figure] (3) Metalaxyl, which is methyl-N-(2-methoxyacetyl)-N-2,6-xylyl-DL-alaninate;. — “Fungicidal compositions based on (N-phenylacetyl-N-2,6-XYLYL”,
  • Medical definition for the term 'xylyl bromide' The information shown above for xylyl bromide is provided by Stedman's. Our medical terminology dictionary contains over 100,000 medical terms that can be accessed quickly and easily. — “Xylyl Bromide -- Medical Definition”,
  • 1-(2-(Bis(1-aziridinyl)phosphinyl)vinyl)-3-(2,4-xylyl)urea. 54948-25-3 1-(2-(Dimethylamino)ethyl)-1-isopropyl-3-(2,6-xylyl)urea hydrochloride. 78372-06-2. 1-(2,3-Xylyl)-1H-indazol-3. — “XYLYL COMPOUNDS”, chemicalland21.com
  • eBay My World for xylyl. Read xylyl's Reviews & Guides, blog, and eBay profile. — “eBay My World - xylyl”,
  • Write Xylyl Bromide essays, term papers help for research papers on Xylyl Bromides, term papers on Xylyl Bromide essay, college term paper about Xylyl Bromides, essay research, dissertation thesis writing. — “Xylyl Bromide Essays & Term Papers - Xylyl Bromide Research”,
  • 1-(2,3-xylyl)piperazine monohydrochloride, 80836-96-0--ChemNet CAS Database. — “1-(2,3-xylyl)piperazine monohydrochloride, 80836-96-0, ChemNet”,
  • Tertiary-amino allyl-or xylyl-lithium initiators and method of preparing same and aralkyls having from 6 to about 20 carbon atoms; R.sub.3 is a group selected from allyl, 2-methallyl and xylyl; R.sub.4 is a. — “Tertiary-amino allyl-or xylyl ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • A latin prefix (xyl) and sufix (yl) combined to create the ultimately redundant and useless word. xyl- wood yl- wood xylyl- wood wood. — “Urban Dictionary: xylyl”,
  • 14357-82-5 (CAS number); 14357825; 14357825 (CAS number without hyphens); 2-chloro-4,5-xylyl N-hydroxy-N-methylcarbamate; 204900 (US EPA PC Code Text); 204900 (US EPA PC Code); 2chloro45xylylNhydroxyNmethylcarbamate; Carbamic acid, (hydroxymethyl). — “Chemical Summary for 2-chloro-4,5-xylyl N-hydroxy”,

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