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  • The Microsoft Support home page is your support portal for Microsoft products. Download updates and find top issues, error messages, and troubleshooting tips for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Office 2010, the 2007 Microsoft Office system. — “Microsoft Help and Support”,
  • Buy Windows 7, Drivers, Downloads, News, Articles, Features Today, Microsoft announced that they are offering a big discount on Windows 7 with the title "The Microsoft Store is excited to announce the Windows 7 Family Pack will be on sale for $149!. — “Buy, Windows 7, Features, Downloads”,
  • Offers a collection of forums, software, tips, tricks, troubleshooting, and more for users of all versions of Microsoft Windows. — “”,
  • Explore Microsoft Windows family of operating systems home page for products, PC upgrades, Windows 7 features, downloads, offers, and more. — “Microsoft Windows: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP”,
  • For Windows XP, Vista, and 7. For For Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Intel Try out the newest tools while they're a little rough around the edges. — “Google Chrome (BETA)”,
  • WinZip: the world's leading Zip file utility for file compression, encryption, packaging, and data backup. The world's most popular Windows Zip utility for file compression, file sharing, file encryption, and data backup. — “WinZip® - The Windows Zip Utility - Zip Files, Unzip Files”,
  • Visit the official home page for Windows. Find help, purchasing info, and downloads for Windows 7, Internet Explorer, and other Windows products. — “Windows home - Microsoft Windows”,
  • Users running the high end editions of Windows also get the premiere language treatment from Microsoft. Enterprise and Ultimate SKUs of Windows allow them to access the complete collection of. — “Free Windows Downloads - Softpedia”,
  • Windows software news and headlines from across the web. After over 12 years as a largely static web site, the SuperSite for Windows will soon transition to a new content management system back-end. — “Alltop - Top Windows News”,
  • Windows A trademark for any of a series of GUIs or GUI-based computer operating systems. — “Windows: Definition from ”,
  • Download Now - Free Windows (3.1.6, English (US), 9MB) Download Now - Free Linux (3.1.6, English (US), 11MB) Download Now - Free Download Now - Free Windows (3.6.12, English (US), 8MB) Download Now - Free Linux (3.6.12, English (US), 9.8MB) Download Now - Free Mac OS X (3.6.12, English (US), 19MB). — “Mozilla Download”,
  • Search the Web with Microsoft's search engine, Bing (formerly Windows Live Search and MSN Search). Bing offers Web search and image search as well as videos, shopping, news, maps, and travel. — “Bing”,
  • Access Windows 7 System Settings the Easy Way. Access Your Entire Media Collection from Anywhere on Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Add a Quick Launch Feature to Windows 7 the Easy Way. Add Copy To / Move To to the Windows Explorer Right Click Menu. — “XP How-To Articles, Tips, and Guides :: How-To Geek”,
  • Windows shareware, freeware, and commercial software updates, current versions of software are updated hourly. Updates are categorized by categories and by date. — “New Windows Software”,
  • Downloads, shareware, and free software for Microsoft Windows systems. — “Windows Shareware - Tucows”,
  • The Windows Blog is Microsoft's Official Blog for the Windows Operating System. — “The Windows Blog”,
  • Update site for the Microsoft Windows operating system, keeping users' computers updated with the latest security patches and features. Includes Windows updates, Internet Explorer updates, and other software. — “Microsoft Windows Update”,
  • Article providing an overview of the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. — “Microsoft Windows - Wikipedia”,

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  • Windows 7 vs Windows Vista Windows 7 is out in the stores this week, many of you have asked me to compare it with Windows Vista on the same PC Hardware installed from scratch. PLEASE RATE OR COMMENT! :-) For more tips , tweaks and tutorials click
  • Matrix Runs on Windows XP Take the red pill. Get the blue screen. See our videos a month sooner at , check us out at our mobile site and follow us on http
  • Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98! EDIT 5: StepMania simfile available for extended version, thanks to Ashpotter! Download links: robbi-985 EDIT 4: Make sure you get this version of ModPlug Tracker: That will install itself as a program, which you can start running from the Start menu, as you would with most other programs. ;) A guide for getting started with ModPlug Tracker can be found here (I didn't make it) : EDIT 3: Just to try to avoid me having to reply to every other comment which says that it must have taken me ages to make, or that I must've been bored: This was just a way for me to pass a few hours of boredom. Yes, I WAS bored. No, I'm not trying to "prove" anything - that this is what I'm "capable of". I just thought I'd upload my music as a video here, to YouTube. I'm not the one who spread it around to Digg or random blogs, - I uploaded it here at YouTube some time back in December 2007 and it has only just "taken off", after all. EDIT 2: I'm making the IT file be available now too, don't really mind any more. I guess I'm too busy working on new things (not mod music) to worry about the 'old' ones. :P ごめん、翻訳はにくいけど、これからITファイルをダウンロードできるです。 638 KB, as ZIP EDIT 1: There's an extended version - please look at the end of this description text! 拡張版があります。このテキストの最後を見てください! A piece of music I made using some of the various sounds Windows XP and 98 come with ...
  • Edit and Share Photos - Windows 7 Windows Live Photo Gallery makes advanced photo editing easy. Use advanced features like photo tagging, photo fuse, and stitch to make your pictures even better. From there it's easy to send throughout your social circle.
  • 50 Cent - Window Shopper Music video by 50 Cent performing Window Shopper. (C) 2005 G Unit/Interscope Records
  • "Double Rainbow" -- Windows Live Photo Gallery Get Windows Live Photo Gallery here: How do you capture a full on, double rainbow, all the way across the sky in a single shot? You don't! As Paul "Bear" Vasquez himself shows us, you do it in three. With Windows Live Photo gallery, you can use Photostitch to combine adjacent photos and capture that giant double rainbow in a single panorama photograph! Directed by Max Lanman Photographed by Matt Garrett
  • "Too Late, Windows 7" - OneRepublic feat. Timbaland - "Apologize" Parody SUBSCRIBE!!! NOW ON iTunes!! - Or here - ******* Click HERE to TWEET!! JOIN THE FAN CLUB!!! Mic I use - Cam I use - Other cam I use - Video Editing software - Audio Editing software - Second Channel: My Vista experiences: I have 2 laptops with Vista. They have 3 and 4 gigs of ram, core duo 2.0, 8500GT video cards and they run games fine usually. But they bluescreen on reboot and sometimes just randomly... and the display constantly shuts off for 15 seconds at a time, and when the wireless card is active the sound skips. Plus, the wireless card shuts itself off for fun sometimes. Can't wait to install Win7... any students want to buy me a copy? C'maan. TOBY LINKS!: Twitter! Myspace! My Forum! Lyrics: It's been a couple years since Windows Vista came around.... Since then I've gotten sick of that f**king fatal error sound... And here comes Windows 7, Everybody thinks it looks so great! Microsoft I'm sorry, Vista sucked balls and I couldn't wait. It's too late, I got a Mac :( It's too late. It's f**kin' too late, I got a This is a parody of OneRepublic's song/video 'Apologize' - here's the music vid - Windows 7 is a version of Microsoft Windows, a series of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, and media center PCs.[4] Windows 7 was released to ...
  • Windows 7 Review get windows 7 here -
  • Windows Remix Remix, Download:
  • Windows 起動音 Windowsの起動音集・Windows 3.1 ・Windows 3.11 ・Windows 95 ・Windows NT ・Windows 98 ・Windows 98 second edition ・Windows 2000 Professional ・Windows 2000 Server ・Windows me ・Windows XP ・Windows Server 2003 ・Windows Vista
  • Aphex Twin - Window Licker I edited this video to get straight to the music, cutting out the beginning part of talking and setting up a story. Many people will recognize the end of this song was used in the movie "Grandmas' Boy" I do not own the rights to this song. No copyright infringement intended. Rights belong to Label: Rhino / Wea
  • Stay Connected - Windows 7 With Windows 7 and your mobile broadband subscription you can work and play just about anywhere.
  • iPhone versus Windows Mobile 6.5 How does the iPhone compare against Windows Mobile 6.5? This comparison shows you.
  • U2 - Window In The Skies (Modernista Version) Music video by U2 performing Window In The Skies. (C) 2006 Universal International Music BV under license to Mercury Records Limited
  • Windows 7 Installation & Boot Comparison vs Vista (HD) We take you through an installation of the new Windows 7 and a side by side comparison of booting compared to Vista:) Stay tuned for a full review! For all the latest reviews and gear! Sign up for our free newsletter! http Follow us on Twitter!
  • Windows 98 Crash!
  • How to Weatherize Windows with Plastic Film Insulation- DIY Home Improvement Using less than $20 in materials, Green Dream demonstrates insulating windows, stopping drafts and reducing conduction of heat to outdoors.
  • WINDOWS XP Tricks www.ifantastici20 In this video I will show you some tricks for Windows XP. Hack Windows XP | Hacking computers | Windows 7 | Microsoft, windows, hack, trick Software / Hardware Installation | Home network repair | Memory Upgrades Wired / Wireless Network set-up | General Maintenance | File and Printer Sharing | Operating System Installation / Upgrades | FREE Estimates Tutoring / Training | Spyware and Virus issues | Onsite Computer tutoring (Individuals) | Removal, | protection and Prevention Training | Free Anti-Spyware Software | Microsoft Office | Firewall Configurations | Internet Browsing | Browser Configurations | Data Recovery | Data Recovery due to HD Failure | Missing / Deleted Data Recovery | Data backup | PC Tune-Up | Check PC Status | Examine for Problems network, repair, troubleshoot Make your computer Faster. Use MSCONFIG to speed up your PC. Make your computer load faster. Diagnose computer issues, Disable Spyware from Auto Restarting. Boot Up Faster. Hack Hacking Windows Xp. Increase Systems Performance by gaining back resources How to make "Start Menu" menus to open real fast!!! XP Hack Change your start menu get the vista start menu on windows xp,Changing your Windows XP Start Menu Text,Hack any Site Funny Windows XP trick,Get out of freezeups in xp,How To" #2 Making WinXP run faster,Tricks- Make Windows XP Start Faster how to hack a password on windows xp,3d flip effect for windows,Hidden Windows XP Music,Google Tricks, Hacks and Easter ...
  • Kinect Controls Windows 7 This is the first video showing Kinect to control Windows 7 desktop and other multitouch applications. Find more info on my blog Evoluce press release:
  • iPhone versus Windows Phone 7 This is a comparison of iPhone with Windows Phone 7. We talk about the interfaces of both and how they differ. Windows Phone 7 uses a Start screen as its launcher where you can place a variety of live tiles. The iPhone is very application-centric. We also talk about how Windows Phone 7 doesn't do fast app switching, while the iPhone does.
  • Ballmer sells windows1.0 The commercial of Windows 1.0. Steve Ballmer telling about all the features of the OS
  • Really: New Windows Phone 7 Official Ad Check out this video of new Microsoft Windows Phone commercial ads, Really, featuring the Samsung Focus from AT&T. Designed to get you in and out and back to life. Be here now.
  • Vista install in 2 minutes Here is the best way to install Vista
  • Bust the windows out your car for some chicken Chicken Song like my fan page on Facebook please :
  • Connect the PCs in Your Home - Windows 7 HomeGroup makes it simple to share files between your Windows 7 PCs. Connect all your computers and devices together throughout your house to share all your movies, music, and pictures.
  • DJ Titon - Windows windows sounds - special remix
  • Jazmine Sullivan - Bust Your Windows Music video by Jazmine Sullivan performing Bust Your Windows. (C) 2008 J Records, a unit of SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
  • Windows 7 Parody A million ideas. And they used every single one of them. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on http
  • Boxmas - To the Cloud - Windows 7 Grandpa found the perfect gift for his grandson, but wasn't there to see him open it. So... To The Cloud! Where Windows 7 and Windows Live lets the family share those... ahem... magical holiday memories together. Learn more:
  • Windows 386 Promo Video (last half) The original video is about 12 minutes long, I've cut out the first 5 minutes to make it a little less painful
  • Windows 3.1 Commercial (japanese) Weird Japanese Windows 3.1 commercial
  • MWC: Microsoft debuts Windows Phone 7 Series BARCELONA (02/15/2010) - Microsoft fired its latest shot on Monday against competitors like Apple and Google in the battle for the cell phone software market. Windows Phone 7 Series, unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will be on phones by the end of the year and is a complete rewrite of the Windows Mobile operating system.
  • Erykah Badu - Window Seat Music video by Erykah Badu performing Window Seat. (C) 2010 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • Travis - Flowers In The Window Let's watch the flowers grow ;D
  • Windows 7: Advanced Overview TechnoBuffalo: Follow me on twitter: LP covers everything from XP mode to the Media center.
  • Installing Windows XP on a Netbook Via USB (Acer Aspire One) If you have issues with this, try the alternative install (scroll down a bit): Note: Installation may vary with laptop model and flash drive, you may encounter issues, this is just what I did. Here I talk about how I installed Windows XP on my Acer Aspire One A110 with just a USB Thumb Drive (Kingston DataTraveller 100 1GB). This is aimed at a how-to for anyone in a similar situation. This was done using the USB Multiboot Tool (Credit and Kudos to the authors). www.boot-
  • Windows 7 Overview: Better than Vista? TechnoBuffalo: Follow me on twitter: Giving an overview of Windows 7
  • Windows 7 - First Look Part 1 Review So you like my mouse cursors seen in my videos, download them from here free: Please Rate or Comment first!. Will you be upgrading to Windows 7 you think? Windows 7 is out in the Stores . For more Windows 7 tips , tweaks and tutorials click
  • Microsoft Windows History A history of Microsoft Windows
  • Windows Error Remix NEW DL LINK : This is the best Error Remix with Windows Sounds
  • Create Bootable USB Flash Drive for Windows 7 or Vista Netbook Install *Please make sure that you go into your netbook's BIOS and set the USB thumbdrive as the first bootable device. This way when you're done with this process, just keep it plugged in and reboot and setup should start* This quick video is to demonstrate how one would take the Windows 7 DVD image (ISO) and copy the setup files so that one can install Windows 7 via a USB flash drive. I used this process to install Win 7 on my new Acer Aspire One Netbook. All hardware was detected flawlessly BTW. Very quick. Very pleased.

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  • “Windows Live team blog's Blog - Windows Live To get the inside story from the people who build Windows Live, check out the Inside Windows Live blog, where Windows Live engineers and executives blog about all the Windows Live services, how they're built, and how we decide what to add or improve”
    Windows Live team blog's Blog - Windows Live,

  • “If you are looking to download Windows 7 Beta right now its possible directly from the official Microsoft website because its available to the first 2.5 million”
    — How to download Windows 7 Beta | Windows Blog,

  • “Read Windows XP discussions and get tips and advice on this topic and others on CNET Forums”
    Windows XP Forum and Discussion - CNET Forums,

  • “InformationWeek writers blog on a range of business technology topics: digital life, personal tech, enterprise mobility, Windows/Microsoft, Google, outsourcing, security, IT careers, IT salaries, leadership/management strategy and more”
    — InformationWeek's Microsoft Weblog,

  • “Windows 7 & 8 Forum Welcome To Windows 7 & 8 Forum! The number one place to chat about Windows 7 and Windows 8. Talk about all the latest Windows 7 and Windows 8 news, tweaks and tips. Or, post a message in the help forums if you need help. To start using the forum, click on the forum link at the top”
    Windows 7 & 8 Forum, windows7

  • “Welcome to the Windows forum in! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic related Nov 23, 2010 at 7:03am UTC http:///forum/windows/31963/ (by freddie1)”
    Windows Programming - C++ Forums,

  • “The Windows Blog is Microsoft's Official Blog for the Windows Operating System”
    — How To: Make your blog look its best with Windows Live,

  • “Tips, Scripts, Utilities and Troubleshooting information Windows 7, XP & Vista In Windows XP, to recover registry hives from a System Restore snapshot, you need to gain access to the System Volume Information folder in the root and copy the hives from one of the restore point folders”
    — The Winhelponline Blog - Windows 7/Vista/XP Tips, Fixes and,

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