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  • The online wildlife magazine for those who like wildlife, wildlife news and watching wildlife, plus a guide to UK nature reserves. — “Wildlife Extra - online wildlife magazine for wildlife”,
  • Scent elimination and scent products for hunters. Wildlife® specializes in cutting edge deer hunting scent and lures, doe urine, doe in estrus, masking scents, cover scents, scent dispensers, scent wicks, scent wafers, scent drippers, Scent. — “WildLife Management”,
  • Runs the Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium and works to save wildlife and wild lands throughout the world. — “Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)”,
  • South African Wildlife Gallery - View information about wildlife in South Africa, of which 2 are critically endangered, 11 are endangered, 15 are vulnerable, and 13 are near-threatened. — “South Africa Wildlife - South African Wildlife and Wildlife”, sa-
  • Yellowstone National Park has the largest concentration of wildlife in the lower 48 states. The following are the National Park Service Statistics for the wildlife of Yellowstone:. — “Yellowstone Wildlife”,
  • wildlife ( ) n. Wild animals and vegetation, especially animals living in a natural, undomesticated. — “wildlife: Definition from ”,
  • NetVet Veterinary Resources Wildlife Sites Department of Fisheries and Wildlife (University of Minnesota) Department of Wildlife and National Parks - Peninsular Malaysia. — “Electronic Zoo / NetVet Veterinary Resources - Wildlife Sites”, netvet.wustl.edu
  • The Wildlife Society (TWS), founded in 1937, is an international, professional non-profit scientific association dedicated to excellence in wildlife stewardship through science and education., Welcome to The Wildlife Society. Here is how you can. — “The Wildlife Society - Welcome”,
  • explains wildlife, national wildlife federation, wildlife safaris, wildlife photography and african wildlife. — “wildlife, National Wildlife Federation, Wildlife at”,
  • Wildlife uKHAHLAMBA DRAKENSBERG PARK MOUNTAINS - WILDLIFE The Drakensberg has a diverse population of birds, mammals and reptiles. — “Wildlife”,
  • Translations of wildlife. wildlife synonyms, wildlife antonyms. Information about wildlife in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. wildlife - all living things (except people) that are undomesticated; "chemicals could kill all the wildlife". — “wildlife - definition of wildlife by the Free Online”,
  • Wildlife and conservation news and ***ysis from the Guardian. — “Wildlife | Environment | ”,
  • Jasper wildlife in Alberta's beautiful Canadian Rockies - Jasper National Park. Jasper Wildlife in Jasper National Park, Alberta includes many species of mammals. — “Jasper Wildlife”,
  • Wildlife Program. The Wildlife Program at Grand Canyon is as diverse and dynamic as the multiple life zones encompassed by the The Wildlife Program has also developed an extensive monitoring protocol keyed to. — “Grand Canyon National Park - Animals (U.S. National Park Service)”, nps.gov
  • Lakota Wildlife Center, Inc. is a Wildlife Rehabilitation & Rescue Center or Sanctuary for Wildlife Animals that are orphaned, wounded or neglected and abused. — “Lakota Wildlife Center - Where all Wildlife Is Valued! - Home”,
  • Types of Wildlife Animals, Reptile Facts, Amphibian Facts, Aquatic Life Facts, Bird Facts, Endangered Animal Facts, Insect Facts, Reptile Facts, Amphibian Facts, Wildlife Conservation, Animal Web Cam. — “ - Your Guide to Information about Wildlife”,
  • National Wildlife Federation Helping Wildlife Impacted by the BP Oil Spill Put your wildlife observations on the map with NWF's Wildlife Watch. Donate| About| Where We Work| Contact. — “Home - National Wildlife Federation”,
  • Wildlife rehabilitation and educational center that focuses on native California wildlife and natural history. Offers a charitable vehicle donation program. — “Lindsay Wildlife Museum”, wildlife-
  • Home page of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a Bureau in the Department of Interior. Our mission is, working with others, to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the. — “U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Home”, fws.gov
  • When you adopt a wolf through our Wildlife Adoption & Gift Center, you help us fight for As the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge turns 50, an esteemed. — “Defenders of Wildlife”,
  • Nevada Department of Wildlife is the state agency responsible for the restoration and management of fish and wildlife resources, and the promotion of boating safety on Nevada's waters. Learn more and experience Nevada's wildlife. It's worth it!. — “NDOW - Nevada Wildlife and Habitat”,
  • Various species of deer are commonly seen wildlife across the Americas and Eurasia. Wildlife includes all non-domesticated plants, animals and other organisms. — “Wildlife - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • World Wildlife Fund - The leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species. — “World Wildlife Fund - United States”,

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  • Dresser crab camouflage - Weird Nature - BBC wildlife Ever wondered what a crab would look like wearing pearls? Learn more about the weird and wonderful world of the Dresser Crab in this fascinating short video from BBC wildlife show 'Weird Nature'.
  • Amazing! Bird sounds from the lyre bird - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife David Attenborough presents the amazing lyre bird, which mimics the calls of other birds - and chainsaws and camera shutters - in this video clip from The Life of Birds. This clever creature is one of the most impressive and funny in nature, with unbelievable sounds to match the beautiful pictures. From the BBC.
  • Cheetah vs gazelle - BBC wildlife Cute cheetah cubs learn to attack and kill their prey in Africa. The cubs are growing up and have learned how to make a successful, efficient kill. Free animal attack video clips from BBC Worldwide.
  • Giant panda bear does handstand! BBC wildlife The giant panda bear leaves its scent in the forest and does handstand in this scenting ritual narrated by David Attenborough for the BBC.
  • Scenes from Wildfires at Possum Kingdom - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official] Wildfires at Possum Kingdom burned about 90% of the state park and forced closure of the nearby fish hatchery. Fortunately there were no injuries or major facility damage www.tpwd.state.tx.us
  • Leopards vs zebra - BBC wildlife The crew tell the story of a young adult cheetah and her mother. From the BBC.
  • Grisly Wildlife Trade Exposed An activist uses a video camera to expose what many would consider a grisly illegal wildlife trade in Myanmar. Warning graphic imagery. See All National Geographic Videos
  • Violent chimpanzee attack - Planet Earth - BBC wildlife Sir David Attenborough narrates this violent and bloody natural history video recording the disturbing scenes of a real Chimpanzee territorial attack. Truly amazing scenes from BBC natural history epic, 'Planet Earth'.
  • David Bowie- ***age Wildlife (slideshow) David Bowie- ***age Wildlife
  • Elephants grieving - BBC wildlife Watch this moving video as the wild herd stumble across an elephant carcass and ceremoniously touch the bones, as if grieving for their loss. From the BBC
  • Monkeys relaxing - BBC wildlife BBC wildlife. After watching humans dip into the hot springs of Japan, the local monkeys are quick to follow their lead and escape the harsh winter environment with a relaxing bath! Exciting free wildlife and nature photography from BBC Worldwide.
  • WILDLIFE DRUNKS These animals get drunk by eating rotting fruits. WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!
  • Wolves hunting Caribou - Planet Earth - BBC wildlife Breath-taking images of a wolf chasing and capturing a caribou in the wild. Brilliant images from BBC natural history masterpiece, 'Planet Earth'.
  • Chimpanzees' sophisticated use of tools - BBC wildlife BBC wildlife. Charlotte Uhlenbroek demonstrates the facinating journey of human evolution as she visits the first tool users - the chimpanzees. Free video clip from the BBC.
  • Wildlife Photography: To Catch a Predator (On Film) Complete video at: fora.tv Wildlife photographer Michael Forsberg has long had an interest in photographing predators, such as wolves, grizzly bears, and mountain lions. In this highlight, Forsberg describes his mission to catch a bobcat with a camera trap in Nebraska. ----- A nature photographer and Nebraska native, Michael Forsberg shares his work documenting this vast landscape, its lakes, prairies along with its plants and animals. The Great Plains are a dynamic but often forgotten landscape -- overlooked, undervalued, misunderstood, and in desperate need of conservation. Forsberg's book helps lead the way forward, informing and inspiring readers to recognize the wild spirit and splendor of this irreplaceable part of the planet. - California Academy of Sciences Michael Forsberg is a Nebraska native and has focused much of his work in North America's Great Plains, once one of the greatest grassland ecosystems on Earth. His goal has been to try to capture the wild spirit that still survives in these wide-open spaces and put a face to the often overlooked native creatures and landscapes found there. His hope is that the images can build appreciation and go to work to inspire conservation efforts on the land far into the future. Forsberg received a degree in geography with an emphasis in environmental studies from the University of Nebraska, and worked briefly as a seasonal ranger in the National Park Service before accepting a job as a staff photographer and writer ...
  • Wow! Giant octopus - extreme animals - BBC wildlife Watch this amazing footage as Steve Leonard gets up close and personal with a giant octopus in the freezing sea waters. Would you be happy to get this close to an Extreme Animal with giant eys and pale blue blood? Find out now as you take a dive into this beautiful aquatic environment.
  • Gulf Oil Spill Effects On Wildlife Science & Reason on Facebook: What are and will be the effects of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on the wildlife in the area? --- Please subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • --- Scientists to study impact of gulf oil spill on marine food webs Shells from oysters, clams, and periwinkles hold clues about the ways and rates at which harmful compounds from the spill are being incorporated into the Gulf's marine food web. New reports are surfacing every day about the immediate impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on Gulf Coast wildlife, especially as the oil reaches the sensitive marshlands along the coast. But how will these communities be affected over time? Scientists currently know very little about how long it takes for the hydrocarbons and heavy metals in crude oil to work their way through marine food webs. To address this issue, California Academy of Sciences researcher Peter Roopnarine is working with Laurie Anderson from Louisiana State University and David Goodwin from Denison University to collect and ***yze three different types of mollusks from the Gulf Coast. These animals are continually building their shells, and if contaminants are present in their environment, they can incorporate those compounds into their shells. Roopnarine and his colleagues will study growth rings in the shells - much like scientists would study tree rings - to determine how quickly harmful compounds from ...
  • Mountain gorilla - extreme animals - BBC wildlife Steve Leonard treks above altitude sickness levels on a mountain to come face to face with one of the most fascinating Extreme Animals on the planet - the mountain gorilla. Apes roam the jungle and don't always like entruders in their nests. From the BBC
  • Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Wildlife Another video I made,using local places to fill it.Music By Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  • Capibara, Caiman and Anacondas - BBC wildlife The world's largest rodent, the capibara, roams the Amazon jungle and attracts fierce predators such as the caiman and the anaconda. From the BBC.
  • Wildlife Apocalypse: Video of Gulf birds, fish caught in BP oil spill Wildlife apocalypse along the Gulf of Mexico coast is fast becoming a reality. Pelicans are becoming trapped by the oil and dead birds and dolphins have been washing ashore, coated in the sludge. Government officials estimate that roughly 83 to 182 million litres of oil have leaked into the Gulf since the April 20 explosion.
  • AJ Mclean - ***age Wildlife (Music Video)
  • WILDLIFE Some beautiful pics of animals. To all friends of animals!
  • Wild leopard hunting - BBC wildlife Two wild leopards roam among the African wildlife. Jamie Theakston and the Big Cat Diary team pay their respects to their two favourite leopards. Cip taken from BBC Big Cat Uncut. Watch more Big Cat Uncut clips with BBC Worldwide here:
  • Ross Noble - Australian Wildlife - Kangaroos and Emus A clip from Ross Noble's Fizzy Logic Tour in Canberra in March of 2007. (Australian Wildlife)
  • King lion under attack - BBC wildlife Roaring in another lion's territory is the ultimate insult. Will Simba let these two intimidating new arrivals step on his turf? From the BBC.
  • Lions vs Spitting Cobra - BBC wildlife The young lions have their first experiences with a deadly poisonous snake. Cobra or lion - who will come out the winner? From the BBC.
  • Lions vs buffalo - BBC wildlife Lion pride take on angry buffalo to feed the baby cubs. It's a battle for the African lion pride as the lions take on the buffalo in the struggle for food. From the BBC.
  • Wildlife
  • Yosemitebear Mountain Wildlife Fall 09 Wild Turkeys on my driveway fall 09, right after Thanksgiving 09.
  • Crocodiles vs wildebeest - BBC wildlife A hungry crocodile lies in wait for the wildebeest to enter the water. But this one wildebeest puts up more of a fight that this reptile had expected! Amazing nature footage from BBC Worldwide.
  • Pistol Shrimp sonic weapon - Weird Nature - BBC wildlife Enter the weird and wonderful underwater world of the Pistol Shrimp in this interesting short video from BBC animal show 'Weird Nature'. Learn how the shrimp turns sound into a weapon to ward off predators and stun prey.
  • Wallaroo vs dingo - BBC wildlife Watch a wallaroo's defence technique as a young adolescent comes face to face with a dingo by the watering hole. From the BBC.
  • Lion vs hippo - BBC wildlife Survival of the fittest animal species in a fight between the hippopotamus and lion of the african animal kingdom from BBC wildlife. Watch more Hippo Beach clips with BBC Worldwide here:
  • Tiger Splash at Out of Africa Wildlife Park near Sedona, Arizona Learn the story behind Tiger Splash at Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Arizona. Featuring Dean Harrison, Prayeri Harrison and Jeff Harwell. (This is an update #2 of the video)
  • Neveneffecten - wildlife lied lol^^
  • Bad City - Wildlife [Official Video] © 2010 WMG Bad City's video for "Wildlife" off of Welcome To The Wasteland in stores and online now! Visit for more info. Director Sean Costello / Assistant Director: Steve Kiratsous / Cinematographer: Cory Popp / Special Thanks to B & H Auto Parts Salvage and Allyson Nelson
  • Giant turtles vs vultures - BBC wildlife See these amazing Amazon rainforest animals: turtles invaded by vultures. A chance to see footage of the largest fresh-water turtles in the world as they bury their eggs in the sand and are attacked by hungry Black-Headed Vultures. From the BBC.
  • Humming birds - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife David Attenborough looks at the amazing world of hummingbirds and their behaviour. From the BBC.
  • BP Oil Spill Effect on Wildlife Kevin Pereira's special report on the devastating BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues with his look at the oil's impact on the fragile wildlife. He learns about the techniques used to clean up the oil and save the affected birds. For more from AOTS Exclusive, go here: g4
  • Human characteristics of chimps - BBC wildlife BBC wildlife. Charlotte Uhlenbroek explains just how similar these bonobos social habits are to our own. Free video clip from BBC. From the BBC
  • Cheetah vs lion - BBC wildlife A cheetah mother, Honey and her three young cubs are unwittingly about to bump into a lion. This cheetah however will not back down! From the BBC.

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