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  • India Widows - India March 2007 In many conservative Indian families, widows are seen as a liability. Cast out of the family home, they live the rest of their lives in poverty and isolation. "She becomes a zero and all her powers are lost", states Dr Giri, explaining how some women's status change when their husband dies. With no where else to go, thousands come to Vrindavan, city of widows. It was the childhood home of Hindu God, Krishna, who championed downtrodden women. "They come here in search of death", explains Dr Giri, in the hope they will have a better afterlife Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • Black Widow's Eyes- The Who Performed live on Parkinson, broadcast 28/10/06.
  • For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti Music Video made by Husseyday Productions and Jonas Goode For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti Sufjan Stevens
  • Life Of Widows In Nyanza Widowhood is a hard enough state on its own and many would agree it need not be aggravated anymore than is necessary. However in some parts of Nyanza province it seems to be the cue for many relatives to disinherit their widowed relatives. Many widows end up disinherited and chased from their marital land. However through mediation carried out by the Luo council of elders among other organisations a sizeable number of widows are finding their way back home. These are their stories.
  • Gaza widows struggle for survival - 31 Oct 09 Ten months after Israels war on the Gaza Strip, the effects of the deadly offensive are still being deeply felt. Hundreds of Palestinian women lost their husbands in the war and have had to step into their husbands' roles as the main breadwinners in their families. Al Jazeera's Barbra Serra reports from Gaza, where women traditionally used to stay at home to take care of their children. Now, many widows are struggling to find work.
  • My Virgin Widows Music video by Mors Syphilitica. Members: Lisa and Eric Hammer, Hajji Majer, David Mecionis.
  • Witness - City of Widows - 31 March 09 - Part 2 Filmmaker Rashad Radwan follows Zahra, a Shia in Iraq, as day after day, she visits police stations, hospitals and morgues in a desperate search for her kidnapped husband, and in the face of disapproval from a society where widows are still expected to be invisible.
  • City of Widows - Iraq June 2009 The dark cells of Suddam Husseins female prisons, no longer hold women awaiting execution. Today they are crammed with homeless families displaced by years of violence. Is life really getting better in Iraq? That was the execution room, we fixed it up and live in it tells one man. He walks into the courtyard where messages from those executed remain written on the walls. You may read my prayer, weep for my youth. Yet one of these writers has survived. She now lives with her family but cant forget the executions. They would come, call her name and we would kiss her goodbye. Determined to rebuild herself, the woman is currently completing a degree in political science. Meanwhile, a meeting for widows proves another example of hope for Iraq. The government is trying to help these women by giving them a small pension. But sadly with more than 80000 widows in Baghdad, the numbers are overwhelming. One widow struggling to support 6 children simply says I rely on Gods mercy. Produced by SBS, distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • Tom Waits - Widow's Grove sorry cause of Twighlight kissing scene, I didn't acctualy knew how crappy that film is when i made this video:)
  • Witness - City of Widows - 31 March 09 - Part 1 Filmmaker Rashad Radwan follows Zahra, a Shia in Iraq, as day after day, she visits police stations, hospitals and morgues in a desperate search for her kidnapped husband, and in the face of disapproval from a society where widows are still expected to be invisible.
  • Razer vs Widow's Revenge (Robot Wars Battle) A battle from the all famous 'Robot Wars'. In this, the invincible Razer fights against another robot made by their other halves! However, Razer doesn't seem to care...!
  • Nox Arcana - Widow's Harbor Gothic/ Dark Classical Band Composers: Joseph Vargo, William Piotrowski Album: Phantoms of the High Seas
  • Black Widow Bites, Two For One Sale! hifi Black Widow Bites, Two For One Sale! WARNING: Free handling Latrodectus species spiders is probably a really bad idea. Common species possess venom that is more damaging than that of common USA rattle snakes, milliliter for milliliter. An envenomation is not likely to kill a healthy adult, but small people or people with pre-existing medical conditions could find themselves in BAD trouble. It is a good idea for anyone bitten by Latrodectus to seek medical attention. Spoiler located at end of this test. Latrodectus is a gneus of spider found all over the world. In the USA its representative species are commonly known as widows... there are three species of mainly black widows (L. hesperus, western black widow; L. mactans, southern black widow; L. variolus, northern black widow), one species of red widow found only in Florida (L. bishopi), and one somewhat recently introduced species of brown widow, L. geometricus. In africa they are known as button spiders and in australia they are known as redback spiders. Most species tend to be featureless black, though there are sometimes dramatic exceptions. L. bishopi has a red body with a wildly colored abdomen done in browns, whites, and yellows in spots and lines. L. pallidus, the white widow, is a cream colored spider found in the middle east. There is a species of Latrodectus from Laos affectionately known as the Hellfire Widow because of the flame decal-esque red coloration on the beautiful black body. The spider featured in ...
  • Black Widow Vs. Wasp, The Final Battle A black widow catches a wasp in it web and struggles with it.
  • Sufjan Stevens - For the widows in paradise
  • As Cities Burn - "The Widow" (Live from Cornerstone 2007) A live performance of As Cities Burn "The Widow," as performed by Cody Bonnette, at Cornerstone 2007 in Bushnell, Illinois.
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra - New World Widows + LYRICS NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ALL COPYRIGHTS BELONG TO ORIGINAL OWNERS. Lyrics: Spoke of honoer, spoke of truth spoke of everything it made us do in the name of a broken, but primised land down a path so worn out, stained red by man And I never knew how hatred could consume in a prayer that no one hear came the words to late to her Carved in skin and heart since birth took on duties to cleanse this earth from unbelievers, from those outside our eyes we close, our hearts we fortify In a world that sleeps built to make us weak silence calling, how numb we all are tried to set it free tried to leave it be tried to spare your eyes and now you just dream me away Safe from harm now, safe we all are heaven to her, such beauty in your arms I raise my hands as if time would stop we all bow down, forgive us all So afraid of what could occur forgot to heal what's sore spend a life taking back what you said just words you'll live to regret
  • Deadly Women: Black Widows For more Deadly Women, visit These deadly women murder quietly and quickly and in most cases get away with it for many years, until they strike again and a gruesome pattern emerges.
  • Sufjan Stevens - Lyrics - For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti Artist: Sufjan Stevens Album: Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lake State Song: For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti Lyrics: I've have called you children I have called you son What is there to answer If I'm the only one Morning comes in Paradise Morning comes in light Still I must obey Still I must invite If there's anything to say If there's anything to do If there's any other way I'll do anything for you I was dressed in embarassment I was dressed in white If you had a part of me Will you take your time Even if I come back Even if I die Is there some idea To replace my life Like a father to impress Like a mother's morning dress If we ever make a mess I'll do anything for you I have called you preacher I have called you son If you have a father Or if you haven't one I'll do anything for you I did everything for you _________________________ All you who are into Sufjan Stevens: check out a Finnish folk band Kaspar, beautiful harmonies and lyrics like Sufjan Stevens has. Cheers!
  • Ultimate Animal Dads: Black Widows Get more at Black Widow dads are usually consumed by the female after mating.
  • For the Widows in Paradise: Marissa Cooper A look at the angst that often dominated the character of Marissa Cooper on "The OC"
  • Black Widow *** If you think the dating world of humans is tough, check out the love life of black widows, where one misstep can lead to a lethal end. See All National Geographic Videos
  • Black Widow *** If you think the dating world of humans is tough, check out the love life of black widows, where one misstep can lead to a lethal end.
  • Did 'Black Widow' Kill Two Husbands? Detectives make surprising discovery while investigating apparent suicide.
  • Amorphis - Against Widows Amorphis back in the days. This one is from elegy.
  • Widows [email protected] Tribute (Updated-1/9/07 || Over 30 Peaks) This is my updated version of the widows [email protected] tribute. New music and new widows [email protected] enjoy!
  • Young Widows "Old Skin" Video From the LP Old Wounds Directed by JJ Johnstone 2008 © Temporary Residence Ltd.
  • For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti Music Video for For The Widows In Paradise by Sufjan Stevens
  • The Poozies-The Widow MADE FOR FUN NOT PROFIT. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING. The Poozies- The Widow :) Lyrics: High upon a lonely moor a widow lived alone An inn she kept, and as she slept, the pillow heard her moan "Oh many is the traveler who's spent the night with me, There's not a man in all creation gives content to me. Oh some can manage once or twice, and some make three or four, It seems to me a rarity is the man who can do more. I'll do anything to find him, in Heaven or in Hell." And as these words were spoken, then she heard the front door bell. (Chorus: And the wind blew cold and lonely across that widow's moor And she never ever turned away a traveler from the door) So boldly then the widow ran and the door she opened wide, And as she did a tall and handsome stranger stepped inside. She gave him bread and brandy, and when that he was fed, He said, "Me dear, now have no fear, it's time to come to bed. For I've heard your call way down below and I've come to see you right. But you must come to Hell with me if I can last the night." She said, "You randy devil, to this bargain I'll agree, For Hell on earth, or Hell in Hell, it's all the same to me." (Chorus: And the wind blew cold and lonely across that widow's moor And she never ever turned away a traveler from the door) So then they both fell into bed, and the devil was working well, He thought before the night was through she'd be in his Hell, But when they came to number nine the widow cried out, "More!" And when the twelfth time came ...
  • widow's stool - Monoral /monoralofficial
  • Dashboard Confesional~Widows Peak Album:The Shade of Poison Trees
  • Laura - Is There Any Help For The Widow's Son? Radio Swan Is Down - The Painted Veil Music video with The Painted Veil starring Edward Norton and Naomi Watts, The Lives of Others and The Road to Guantanamo. The music is Laura - Is There Any Help For The Widows Son? It builds slowly towards a crescendo to tear down the world and blends in with the powerful piano playing in the Lives of Others. I hope you enjoy it. In addition to making these soundtracks I have filmed numerous videos myself. These can be seen on my channel. Lost in space. Incredible post-rock from Spain. Similar artists are The Evpatoria Report, etc. tags: Explosions In the Sky, Mogwai, Isis, etc. About post-rock (from Wikipedia): 1990s post-rock Bands from the early 1990s, such as Slint, or earlier, such as Talk Talk, were later recognized as influential on post-rock.[2] Slint's Spiderland[2] and Talk Talk's Laughing Stock[13] are credited as giving birth to post-rock.[3] Post-rock group Mogwai performs at a 2007 concert. Originally used to describe the music of such bands as Stereolab,[14] Laika,[15] Disco Inferno,[16] Moonshake,[17] Seefeel,[2] Bark Psychosis, and Pram,[1] post-rock grew to be frequently used for a variety of jazz and krautrock influenced, largely instrumental, and electronica-tinged music made after 1994. Groups such as Cul de Sac, Tortoise, Labradford, Bowery Electric and Stars of the Lid are cited as founders of a distinctly American post-rock movement.[18] The second Tortoise LP Millions Now Living Will Never Die, made the band a post-rock icon.[2][19] Many bands (eg ...
  • Any Which Way You Can (1980) - Black Widows Get Asphalted Philo, Clyde and Lynn have a normal drive around when the Black Widows start following Philo again. And yet they fail at their revenge yet again.
  • The Mars Volta - The Widow Music video by The Mars Volta performing The Widow. (C) 2005 The Mars Volta License exclusively to Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • Young Widows- Almost Dead Beat Track two off Young Widows' first full length album, Settle Down City. Released on Jade Tree, 2006.
  • Everywoman - Gurkha Widows - 05 Oct 07 - Part 1 We went to Nepal to meet some of the Gurkha widows who have been left in destitution.
  • The aftermath of a black widow this is the aftermath of a black widow spider bite. the first part of the video shows an 8 inch piece of gauze being pulled out from under my skin and then squeezing the juice out!
  • Snow falling off Scottish Widows roof
  • So Weird Widow's Walk 1 Season 3 Episode 20 Annie, Molly, Jack and Carey are spending a two-day vacation at an old seaside inn. Annie sees an old woman dressed in a cloak standing on a balcony with a lantern calling out the name "William." The innkeeper tells her it's old Mrs. Hasby, whose husband was lost at sea fifty years ago that night. Jack and Carey find a old bottle on the beach with a message inside for Virginia. Annie takes it to her. The message is from William, and it says he's coming home to her. Virginia is excited and sends Annie away so that she can prepare herself for her husband's arrival. In her room, Annie wishes that she was older so she could have some of the privileges the boys have. At the same time, Virginia is wishing she was young again. Annie awakens to find herself with gray hair, wrinkled skin and in bad health. She goes to see Virginia, who has been transformed into the young woman she was when her husband went to sea. But now Virginia doesn't want to go back to the way she was and refuses to help Annie to change.
  • Suzanne Vega "Widow's Walk" [4-Oct-2001]
  • Astrix - 04 - Techno Widows Artist: Astrix Album: Artcore Year: 2004 Title: Techno Widows Track: 04

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  • “Also, I invite you to add your self-care strategies to the comments section so all widows reading this blog can learn from each other what works well. So, here are some time tips for extreme self-care. 1. Plan: Support Forum. Themes. WordPress Planet. RSS. Copyright © 2010 Coaching for Widows Blog All”
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  • “One to two words on a new line can be referred to as a typographer's widow. This can happen on the web, and while nit-picky, still adds up to a better site”
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  • “Welcome to our Blog. Thank you for visiting the Black Pest Prevention Blog. It is our goal to provide you with welcome to our blog. Jan 15. Black Widows! Add comments. For some, the mention of the name "Black Widow" might conjure up images of”
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  • “: Most widows not looking for men. Most widows not looking for men. Well, That's a change since the last generation when widows wanted to remarry”
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  • “From widows in their thirties with small children to older women. Corinne, this article and the comments section has become your public forum. I read the article when I first came to your blog and even left a comment even though my dear, sweet, sometimes irritating husband is still very much”
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