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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Middle English whittel, alteration of thwitel, from thwiten to whittle, from Old English thwītan; akin to Old Norse thveita to hew. — “Whittle - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • is proud to carry the Whittle Shortline Railroad toys. Whittle Shortline Railroad toys are made to last for generations, because they are made the way previous generations created toys. — “Whittle Trains at ”,
  • From Middle English whittel ("large knife"), an alteration of thwitel, itself from thwiten ("to whittle"), from Old English thwitan. to whittle (third-person singular simple present whittles, present participle whittling, simple past and past participle whittled). — “whittle - Wiktionary”,
  • At the Dental Office of Dr. William C. Whittle, we are committed to deliver great care to you and your family. Dr. Whittle was recognized by his peers as one of the Top Dentists for 2010 in the August issue of Fort Worth Magazine!. — “William C”,
  • Whittle Family Of Businesses. — “Whittle Family Of Businesses”,
  • Whittle definition, to cut, trim, or shape (a stick, piece of wood, etc.) by carving off bits with a knife. See more. — “Whittle | Define Whittle at ”,
  • Definition of whittle from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of whittle. Pronunciation of whittle. Definition of the word whittle. Origin of the word whittle. — “whittle - Definition of whittle at ”,
  • Whittle and Hans von Ohain met after the war and initially Whittle was angry with him as he felt Ohain had stolen his ideas. Whittle was the exception to the rule, graduating in 1928 at the age of 21, ranked second in his class in. — “Frank Whittle | ”,
  • Find information about education and research in the MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Pestana, J.M. & Whittle, A.J. (1999) "Formulation of a unified constitutive model for clays and sands", International Journal for Numerical and ***ytical Methods in Geomechanics, 23, 1215-1243. — “MIT - Faculty - Andrew J. Whittle | Department of Civil”, cee.mit.edu
  • Definition of whittle in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of whittle. Pronunciation of whittle. Translations of whittle. whittle synonyms, whittle antonyms. Information about whittle in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “whittle - definition of whittle by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • whittle v. , -tled , -tling , -tles . v.tr. To cut small bits or pare shavings from (a piece of wood) To reduce or eliminate gradually, as if by whittling with a knife: whittled down the debt by making small payments. — “whittle: Definition from ”,
  • Jerry Whittle Boats is Located 12 Miles North of Dallas on North I-35E, Exit 454. We stock over 40 models of boats from 8 different manufacturers. All trades are welcome. — “Whittle Boats- Bennington Boats, Sedona Boats, South Wind”,
  • How to Whittle. Whittling is wood carving of a sort - dedicated whittlers make all kinds of creations, and some of them have become quite valuable. But whittling, like traveling, is more about the journey than. — “How to Whittle | ”,
  • Professor Alasdair Whittle, British Archaeologist specialising in the Neolithic Chris Whittle (born 23 August 1947), American entrepreneur who founded Channel One News and Edison Schools, Inc. Frank Whittle (1907 – 1996) British RAF officer who invented the jet engine. — “Whittle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In England, Frank Whittle had no knowledge of Ohain's ideas but invented a jet engine completely on his own. The British shared Whittle's technology with the United States, enabling the engine-builder General Electric (GE) to build jet engines for America's first jet fighter, the Bell XP-59. The. — “Jet Engines”, centennialofflight.gov
  • brings you news, reviews, blog posts, photos and videos related to Improvement. — “Improvement - ”,
  • Whittle was born in Earlsdon, a village which is part of the city of Coventry, Warwickshire, at a time when powered flight was still in its infancy. Whittle grew up in an engineering environment, his father owning a general engineering business in Leamington Spa, and was particularly fascinated by. — “Whittle, Frank (1907-1996)”,
  • Safe & Sound Petsitting -- Dayton, OH -- Your peace of mind is our business We provide professional in-home pet care for all types & sizes of pets, as well as indoor plant care and home security services. — “Safe & Sound Petsitting”,
  • Whittle & Roper Realtors. Property Managment and Commercial Sales Division. Residential/Commercial Property Management. Commercial Sales. Login. — “Whittle Roper > Home”, whittle-
  • Frequently asking the difficult ethical questions, Whittle attempts to underscore conservative values and philosophy through logical reasoning. About the Host: Bill Whittle is a writer, pilot and TV editor who lives and works in Los Angeles. — “PJTV - Bill Whittle”,
  • "In Behind Those Eyes, Lisa Whittle offers an open invitation to truth-filled relationships. A message of courage and hope is found in this book; helpful to any woman trying to find out how to embrace her created self!" Mary Kassian — Author, Speaker Share this: READ MORE ". — “Lisa Whittle - Home”,
  • Made in Olympia, Washington, Whittle Heirloom Toys are beautifully handcrafted heirloom wooden toys, made with salvaged and sustainably harvested woods and colored with non-toxic Real Milk Paint. — “Whittle Toys: beautifully handcrafted heirloom wooden toys”,

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  • THE ENIGMA, PART 1: STRANGE BEDFELLOWS We're told Barack Obama's history and character are somehow off-limits. But personal history makes character, and the character of the President of the United States is something we have a right to be interested in. In Part 1 of this meticulously researched and and sourced series, Bill examines both the Dunhams and the Obamas -- each steeped in Marxism and anti-Americansm and each a long, long way away from mainstream American culture.
  • EAT THE RICH! Is America really broke? Michael Moore (and others) tells us that there are oceans of cash being hoarded by the wealthy. But Iowahawk () did a little addition, and armed with these statistics Bill and the 'Hawk blow a hole in the "hoarding" lie big enough to fit a documentary filmmaker through.
  • PJTV's Bill Whittle: Fire Congress We already pay farmers not to farm. Why not pay legislators not to legislate? Bill Whittle presents his plan on how to deal with the out-of-control Congress in his latest 'Afterburner.' .
  • Whittle Shortline Railroad - Swift Semi Truck This great truck from the Whittle Shortline Railroad is perfect for your collection. Get yours TODAY at !!
  • Week 7: Ricky Whittle's Quickstep Actor Ricky Whittle and his dance partner Natalie Lowe perform a Quickstep to "Down With Love" made famous by Holly Palmer / Michael Buble.
  • Week 2: Ricky Whittle's Waltz Hollyoaks actor Ricky Whittle and his professional dance partner Natalie Lowe perform a Waltz to Dana Glover's tune "It Is You (I Have Loved)".
  • Final Results: Ricky Whittle's Showdance Ricky Whittle and his dance partner Natalie Lowe perform a Showdance to "Last Dance" by Donna Summer.
  • Whittle Shortline Railroad - Santa Fe 5 Piece Set Whittle Trains are handcrafted and highly detailed. Get yours TODAY at !!
  • Whittle Shortline Railroad - Burlington Northern Santa Fe 5 Piece Set Whittle Trains are highly detailed hand crafted products that your kids will love. Get yours TODAY from !!
  • Strictly Come Dancing 2009 - S7 - Week 2 - Show 2 - Ricky Whittle Rumba - BBC One Actor Ricky Whittle and his dance partner Natalie Lowe perform a Rumba to the song "Stepping Stone" by Duffy.
  • How to Carve a Mouse -by Steve Tomashek Check out my other short flicks and website! .... Stop Action Animated Instructional Video: How to Carve a Miniature (under 1 inch) Mouse out of wood. The wood is Greek Boxwood, the paint is Liquitex Acrylic. The finest brushes I use are 18/0 Loew Cornell Round and Liner Brushes. The pallete is a CD. The knives are made by Lyons and can be purchased for around $36 from online sources. All of the sound effects are real (but exaggerated) thanks to an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. The movie was assembled in iMovie from 112 still pictures taken with an obsolete but still very usable Nikon Coolpix 990 with an excellent macro capability. Check out my website and my other videos for more miniature woodcarvings. Steve Tomashek's website:
  • What We Believe, Part 2: The Problem with Elitism In Part 2 of his series on what Tea Party Conservatives believe, Bill looks at the problems and dangers associated with elitism and elitist philosophy.
  • Week 12 - Quarter Final: Ricky Whittle's Cha Cha It's the quarter finals of Strictly Come Dancing and the pressure is mounting. Ricky Whittle and his dance partner Natalie Lowe perform a Cha Cha to the soul classic "Sunshine of Your Love", covered by Spanky Wilson
  • PJTV: The Power & Danger of Iconography Barack Obama ran an unprecedented Presidential campaign - utilizing the power of design to help secure the seat of the President of the United States of America. However, his iconic emblem, the ever present "O", holds more power than even Obama knows. Bill Whittle points out the dangers of branding an ideology with an icon and how, perhaps, the powerful symbol will be used against the very man it built up. -
  • Sir Frank Whittle - Aviation pioneer Sir Frank Whittle was the man responsible for the invention of the jet engine. Others had dabbled with jet propulsion - but it was Frank Whittle that made it happen. Ironically the MOD were not interested. Frank had to turn to private finance to realise his idea. A true inventor and aviation pioneer Frank produced the first jet engine the Whittle 'W1' test rig, this led to the realisation his idea would indeed work. It is to Sir Frank Whittle we all, when we fly commercially owe a debt of gratitude for those jet engines mounted under the wings. Certainly one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century. The Copyright in this video belongs to GLF VIDEO. © 2009 GLF VIDEO
  • PJTVs Bill Whittle Makes Black White Bill Whittle wonders if changing one word should make a difference.
  • Hollyoaks Backstage Ricky Whittle A day in the life of Hollyoaks star Ricky Whittle (Calvin Valentine). With special appearances by Chris Fountain (Justin Burton), Gemma Bissix (Clare Devine Cunningham), Claire Cooper (Jacqui Malota McQueen), Gemma Merna (Carmel McQueen), and Leah Hackett (Tina Reilly McQueen).
  • The Wonder Jet - 1950 Story Behind the Whittle Engine Courtesy: British Government Public Information Films, Crown Film Unit, The National Archives Behind the jet engine of today lies a story of British pioneering. The development of the jet propulsion gas-turbine. jet engine. Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle. Power Jet W.1.
  • TEDxYSE - Dennis Whittle - Do What Makes Sense - When it Makes Sense Dennis Whittle is the co-founder of GlobalGiving and gave this talk at TEDxYSE: Unleashing Young Social Entrepreneurs in Washington, DC on November 13th, 2010. Learn more at Dennis Whittle is CEO of GlobalGiving, which he co-founded in late 2000 after a career in the official aid sector. GlobalGiving is the world's leading marketplace for global philanthropy. At its retail website, GlobalGiving allows qualified community-based groups around the world to post projects, and anyone in the world to fund them. Projects provide updates quarterly, ensuring that donors know how their funds are being used. In addition to running , GlobalGiving works with companies to power cause marketing and employee engagement campaigns, and facilitates global philanthropy. Many leading Fortune 500 companies, along with over 110000 individual donors have chosen to give through GlobalGiving, which has facilitated funding to 2800 projects in 110 countries. From 1997 to 2000, Dennis co-led the World Bank's Corporate Strategy and Innovation units, including the team that created the Development Marketplace. From 1992 to 1997, he led a variety of initiatives in the Bank's Russia program, including housing reform and energy efficiency projects. From 1987 to 1992, Dennis was an economist in the World Bank's Jakarta office advising the Indonesian Ministries of Finance and National Development, and managing projects in the agriculture and forestry sectors. Before joining ...
  • Bill Whittle: Ground Zero Mosque Reality Check Bill Whittle talks about how policies of appeasement encouraged our enemies in the years leading up to World War II. Are modern policies of appeasement encouraging Islamic extremists? Will we pay the price for Obama's cowardice? Find out as Bill Whittle gets fired up on this edition of Afterburner.
  • Whittle Shortline Railroad-ACF Covered Hopper Check out the cool Whittle Shortline Railroad ACF Covered Hopper at !!
  • Hollyoaks Backstage - Ricky Whittle Here's the Hollyoaks Backstage video that follows Ricky Whittle(Calvin Valentine) for a day on set.
  • Strictly Come Dancing 2009 Series 7 Week 9 - Ricky Whittle's Jive - BBC One Actor Ricky Whittle and his dance partner Natalie Lowe perform a Jive to "Rip it up". made famous by Little Richard.
  • Simple Way To Whittle A Face Part 1 whittling
  • Whittle Shortline Railroad - Norfolk Southern 5 Piece Set Whittle Trains are highly detailed handcrafted products. Get yours TODAY from !!
  • how to whittle a chair Not so much how too as much as me showing you how i set out to build a comfortable chair, stay tuned for next weeks epic conclusion.
  • Photokina 2010: Elinchrom's/Flash Centre's Chris Whittle talks about some new products I'm not an Elinchrom user and (full disclosure) wasn't a big fan of Elinchrom's product line up until I had a chance to discuss some of Elinchrom's products and design and marketing philosophies. I may be adding a few Elinchrom products to my kit in the foreseeable future where I find gaps in my Bowens, Broncolor, and Norman equipment.
  • Week 11: Ricky Whittle's Rock 'n' Roll Actor Ricky Whittle and his dance partner Natalie Lowe perform a Rock 'n' Roll to "Hound Dog" made famous by Elvis Presley.
  • 2004 British Superbike Oulton Park - Vince Whittle and Adam Hitch*** Dramatic scenes on the warm-up lap at Oulton Park as Adam Hitch*** crashes his Suzuki, and its fuel tank bursts open and ignites. As it slides down the track it takes out Vince Whittle, whose Ducati also catches fire. Noriyuki Haga is lucky to avoid the flaming Ducati as it skids past inches in front of him. Live coverage from Sky Sports with commentary from Keith Huewen, Niall Mackenzie and Aaron Slight
  • PJTV: Bill Whittle on the Sarah Palin Haters On "Afterburner," Bill Whittle ***yzes why elitists on the left and the right hate Sarah Palin.
  • What We Believe, Part 1: Small Government and Free Enterprise. Bill Whittle chalks out the basics of Tea Party Conservatism. In this segment, Bill talks about the advantages of small government and free enterprise.
  • Strictly Come Dancing 2009 - Series 7 Week 4 - Ricky Whittle's Salsa - BBC One Actor Ricky Whittle and his dance partner Natalie Lowe perform a Salsa to "Dancing Machine", made famous by The Jackson Five.
  • Gloster E28/39 Whittle Model Jet Airplane Gloster E28/39. 1/3rd scale. Scratch built from own plans. Jetcat P120 power. Futaba Radio
  • Final Results: Ricky Whittle's Cha Cha Ricky Whittle and his dance partner Natalie Lowe perform a Cha Cha to "Sunshine Of Your Love" by Spanky Wilson.
  • Stephen Whittle A transman talks about his transition from female to male and his experiences.
  • The Basics of Whittling and Chip Carving eCountryLifestyle introduces you to Berry Williams who is primarily a wood whittler whos been whittling for more years than he cares to count. He claims not to be a wood carver, as being a wood carver requires having talent and expensive tools. Berry likes to whittle primarily using his pocket knife and a type of wood called Bass wood, which is reasonably firm and not very grainy. In this video he shows you how to make a Christmas Star using a more expensive Chip Carving knife, stressing you should always keep your knives super sharp and take your time to avoid accidents. If you like working with your hands and if you like working with wood, Berry recommends giving whittling a try, its a lot of fun!
  • WHITTLE YOUR MIDDLE SEQUENCE.m4v A super-effective and creative sequence for toning the whole body with a focus on the side abdominals, or obliques. With Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and Ultimate Wellness expert for Yoga Journal, Dr. Oz, Whole Living and more! For more free yoga, see or /SadieYoga!
  • OBAMA'S FRIENDS AND ENEMIES President Obama and his administration's contempt for our traditional allies, coupled with his comfort with our traditional adversaries can no longer be attributed to inexperience, or even incompetence. It must be due to ideology. Bill Whittle chalks out the disgraceful history as it stands SO FAR.
  • What We Believe, Part 3: Wealth Creation In Part 3 of the series, Bill shows how wealth can be created from thin air.
  • Semi Final: Ricky Whittle's Waltz It's the quarter finals of Strictly Come Dancing and the pressure is mounting. Ricky Whittle and his dance partner Natalie Lowe perform a Waltz to "Kissing You" by Des'ree.
  • Semi Final: Ricky Whittle's Argentine Tango It's the semi finals of Strictly Come Dancing and the pressure is mounting. Ricky Whittle and his dance partner Natalie Lowe perform an Argentine Tango to "Verano Porteno".
  • What We Believe, Part 4: Natural Law What makes some laws worth obeying, while others demand to be overturned? In Part 4, Bill examines the difference between Natural Law and Political Law.

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  • “Who is Parker Whittle? - Windows Live We hope you have fun following the ups and downs of Parker's story on his blog. This is definitely an unusual campaign, so please do check out the site and let us know what you think”
    — Who is Parker Whittle? - Windows Live,

  • “RoR forum Bill Whittle has left Pajamas Media and founded his own company, Declaration Entertainment. This is his first video where he talks on his inimitable style about Limited Government and Free Enterprise. I know, I know, it's called "What We Believe", but give it a try anyway”
    — RoR: Forum,

  • “Home " Blog " Paul Whittle. Paul Whittle. 20 September 2010. Time for a change ( by Paul If you would like to comment on this blog entry, go to 'Comments' at”
    — Share the Guide | Paul Whittle,

  • “Visit Jason Whittle - AFC East Blog for information, in-depth ***ysis and discussion about Jason Whittle”
    — Jason Whittle - AFC East Blog - ESPN,

  • “The Whittle My Middle 30 day challenge (video included) over at Oh She Glows blog sounds Are you doing the Whittle My Middle challenge? And did you weigh in”
    Whittle My Middle with Turbulence Training,

  • “Search blog. Search for: Recent Posts. Keeeep dancing? The Final. Thankyou & i owe you all Ricky Whittle The Official Site. Home. My Twitter. Biography. Profile. CV”
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  • “Domino's Pizza Develops Undiscovered Talent, Cory Whittle Jobing blog from Cory Whittle at Domino's Pizza Supply Chain Services, posted on Monday, April 16, 2007 4:44 PM”
    — Domino's Pizza Develops Undiscovered Talent, Cory Whittle,

  • “In his regular blog for Caerphilly Observer, Caerphilly Council leader Lindsay Whittle gives his take on recent news. Plaid conference I'm off to | Caerphilly County Borough News | ”
    — Caerphilly County Borough Blogs | Lindsay Whittle's blog,

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