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  • of Whitetail University. We have assembled the highest quality team of outdoor writers on the web so you can become a more effective_whitetailer. Follow our articles and you will see your success rise. We will be basing our editorial on strategies, how-to and whitetail science. — “WhiteTail University”,
  • Whitetail deer magazine - 132 results from 62 stores, including North American Whitetail Magazine - 12 Months 8 Issues -, Hunting Trophy Deer: The Best of Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine, Whitetail Journal Magazine, HUNTING TROPHY WHITETAILS:. — “Whitetail deer magazine - Shop sales, stores & prices at”,
  • ConQuest the WhiteTail Buck of a Lifetime. VS1 deer scent attractant and Lures are designed for hunters by hunter's. If you hunt whitetail deer, then we have the best deer lure for you. ConQuest the buck of a liftime. Order your VS-1 deer scents. — “Ever Calm and VS1 Deer Scent - ON SALE NOW at”,
  • At Whitetail Wishes we are also dedicated to Quality Deer Management practices. through the utilization of four season food plots, supplemental salt/mineral stations and. a 130" harvest restriction (such a restriction is a necessity with a management. — “Whitetail Wishes Outfitters, Guided trophy Deer hunts. Ohio”,
  • 1179 Whitetail stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,800,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art. — “Whitetail Stock Photo Images. 1179 whitetail royalty free”,
  • These river bottom whitetail deer hunts are hard to put into words as they are simply very, very exciting. Bow hunting for these Montana whitetails are truly an experience every bow hunter should go through at least once in there lives, and then it usually is not there last .there hooked!. — “Montana Archery Whitetail Deer Hunting”,
  • Whitetail Properties is a team of professionals who have a solid working knowledge of both the hunting and investment This 83 acres offers an added bonus of good hunting for whitetail and turkeys. Some big oaks in the SW corner make for nice. — “Hunting Land for Sale in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas”, whitetailproperties.tv
  • Whitetail deer hunting website with videos, forums and deer hunting information. Our newest site project is quickly becoming the talk of the whitetail hunting world. — “Deer Hunting - Deer Hunting Videos”,
  • Definition of whitetail in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of whitetail. Pronunciation of whitetail. Translations of whitetail. whitetail synonyms, whitetail antonyms. Information about whitetail in the free online English dictionary and. — “whitetail - definition of whitetail by the Free Online”,
  • Whitetail Domains LLC is a geospatial social networking website service combined with a lease and/or ranch and herd management system aimed at If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, then you may not use or access the Site or any of the Services of Whitetail Domains. — “Whitetail Domains”,
  • Trophy Hunter Alberta clients can hunt whitetail deer throughout extensive areas of southern, south-western and west-central Alberta by either archery or rifle. — “Trophy Hunters Alberta - Hunts - Whitetail”, trophyhunters.ca
  • Great Stories, Message Board, Humor & Hunting Tips Whitetail has had over 755,000 visitors. Thanks to all of you who helped us achieve this milestone. Smoke-Polin in the Snow. I took off running to get on top of a little 50 yard ten-year strip that I figured he would cross next. — “ Dedicated to hunters love for the American”,
  • Whitetail Acres is a deer ranch for hunters and hunting sportsmen in Southeastern Michigan. — “Hunt at Whitetail Acres”,
  • The latest information, resources, and articles on Ohio whitetail deer hunting. — “Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting”,
  • Local news for Whitetail, MT continually updated from thousands of sources on the web. — “Whitetail News - Topix”,
  • Whitetail deer are not really suited to operating a sailboat, but some of the David teaches a wild whitetail deer how to tie a figure eight knot. — “Videos tagged with Whitetail - Metacafe”,
  • North American Whitetail is designed for the serious trophy hunter. It provides authoritative coverage of world-class whitetails, the latest approaches to deer management and advanced hunting techniques. — “North American Whitetail”,
  • Whitetails. com Whitetails. com began in 2000 with a strong dedication to the hunter and outdoorsman. Our passion for both whitetail deer and all w. — “Deer Hunting, Hunting Gear, Hunting Outfitters, Deer Photos”,
  • Producers Of Proven, Quality Antler Development Products Since 1988. Food Plot Seed, minerals and vitamins for whitetail deer are just a few of the products we supply hunters. — “whitetail institute of northamerica - deer food plots and”,
  • Administration Login. Website Design and Development by Hampton Productions. — “Whitetail Trophy Hunt”,
  • Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting, Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting is our speialty, Whitetail Deer hunting packages on private deer leases and ranches. — “Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting - Whitetail Deer Hunting Packages”,
  • Shop for Whitetail. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Whitetail - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • A year round resort, offering snow skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing, and other out door activities. Overnight accommodations are located within 6 miles of the resort. — “Whitetail Ski Resort”,

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  • Watching Whitetail Deer For those of you that never get to watch deer, here you go. This video was filmed in East Texas. The deer in the video are whitetail deer.
  • Deer Hunting, Ryan Shafer shoots a huge Whitetail in Ohio Outdoor Insights Prostaff Member, Ryan Shafer, drops a great Ohio buck in a rain storm. Check us out on Facebook and see what we are up to daily! Search for Outdoor Insights' Game On.
  • Utilizing Resources (Processing a Whitetail Deer) Part 2
  • awesome whitetail deer fight Two Texas whitetail in a battle for their lives. This is an excerpt from an outdoor television program I produce. Note: I posted this same clip before, but this one is of much higher quality.
  • PSE Adventure Bowhunting - Kansas Whitetail ch4 4of4 - The Tale of the Super Buck! Join the excitement as we chase down the most elusive buck in Kansas. With a neck the same size as his body, surely this Super Buck's going to run out of luck.
  • Whitetail Deer Hunting Whitetail Deer Hunting at Grey Ghost Outfitters
  • Trophy Takers - Ned Yost - Whitetail Deer Hunting Ron Nemetchek's Trophy Takers - Ned Yost. See and http for more whitetail deer hunting videos.
  • Monster Whitetails with Double Bull Archery Double Bull Archery makers of the Matrix 360 ground blind. If you hunt from the ground their is no substute for the Matrix. BowHunting, Archery, Whitetail Deer, Elk, Moose, Turkey seeing is beliving!
  • White Tail Spider Australia has its own version of the brown recluse spider that gives a painful bite and horribly disfiguring injury.
  • Locked Bucks, Whitetail Deer Extremely rare footage of two mature whitetail bucks locked by their antlers. See the legal harvest by bow of one and the dramatic rescue of the other.
  • Best Whitetail Hunting Video_B.ACK Outdoors "Bow Hunting" Trailer This Bow Hunting crew takes some great whitetails in the midwest. Their PSE Bows and Rage Broad heads are a lethal combination in the woods. This is a great Bow hunting DVD.
  • Whitetail Deer Fawn named Bambi This Fawn showed up at our house 3 weeks ago walking towards our dog. We have no idea why he was by himself or where his mother was. He had no fear of people or the dog. He was slightly malnourished and emaciated when we took him in. He is now quite healthly and very affectionate. Very much like a dog or cat. He is fed a diet of milk replacer, fresh fruits, and pop tarts in addition to what he eats outside or in the woods. He spends most of the day in the woods when he isn't playing with the kids or hanging around the house waiting to be fed. He likes to sleep on beds. I would assume that he will eventually return to the wild when he gets older. If he sticks around till the Spring of 2008 then I will see what I can do to legally keep him.
  • Midwest Bucks Trophy Whitetails Trophy whitetail deer harvested in the 2006/2007 seasons from Midwest Bucks Trophy Outfitters. Visit us at
  • Monster Whitetail Heartland Bowhunter is dedicated to the lifestyle and adventures of Host Jeff Simpson and his pro staff. The HB team travels across North America dedicated to capturing the highest quality video and hunting experiences available to dedicated archers. This show is produced by the highly acclaimed Fence Post Media team and has its eyes set on the top of this industry!
  • Whitetail Deer attacks Hunter A huge whitetail deer attacks a hunter. vicious
  • Whitetail Deer Handgun Hunt with Larry Weishuhn Hunting Video Bass Pro Shops Whitetail deer hunt with a hand gun
  • Whitetail Rattling Tips from Field & Stream's Scott Bestul Field & Stream's whitetail deer expert shows you his method for rattling in big whitetail bucks. See more tips from Scott at whitetail365, his blog on .
  • Whitetail Deer Hunting 2009 Double Kill, Bourbon County Kansas My brother and me doubling on a couple of nice bucks in south east Kansas... i went along to video and luckily i took my gun with me.
  • Droptine Divas Whitetail Hunting clip Watch as the Droptine Divas and their families put down some great Midwest whitetail bucks!All do it yourself hunts! 1hr 20min DVD. Available at
  • Suppressed White Tail Hunt 2009 - Reaction of the Deer Been trying to find a nice deer to shoot archery for about 2 months now and have seen some dandy's and a lot that just don't measure up. Decided that with it being the last weekend of rifle season (and still 6 weeks of archery) I better get out the boom stick. Cousin that I hunt with in Southwestern South Dakota is getting some HUGE mule deer going and planning to start offering guided hunts, so it's time to start to weed out the management deer. I was happy to oblige. Saw this big mature 3x3 white tail from about 800m before dark on Friday and decided it was a weed that needed to be pulled. Made a stalk across the open country and found a little gopher mound 397m away to get my gun up above the grass...gave him a good look and one last sniff of doe Va-JJ before PSST!..SMACK! Slipped the 75gr VMAX right into the top of his back between the shoulder blades as he lowering his head. Down like a 250lbs bag of spit. Doe turned around to see what the heck happened, felt something wasnt right, trotted another 20-30m before wondering why her lover wasn't following ing back to look was a bad idea. 425m...PSST!...SMACK. Right in the sternum and out the far side lung. Trotted about 50 feet before passing out from blood loss. Tried getting back up and tipped over in a puddle of bloody foam.
  • Largest Whitetail Deer Ever Sudden Impact Final Video... This is it. This clip you have all been waiting for... Sudden Impact in all his glory! If you have been following this story, do not miss this video clip of the Largest Whitetail Ever!
  • Ted Nugent hunting Whitetail Buck Part 1(Spirit Of The Wild) Ted experiencing nature at its best. Here Ted gets himself a whitetail buck in Hondo Texas.
  • How to age the Whitetail Deer Educational Information for Aging Whitetail Deer
  • Whitetail Big Bucks Only Dozen plus big whitetail bucks in Illinois, one 14 pointer in bean field.
  • Utilizing Resources (Processing a Whitetail Deer) Part 1
  • White Tail Spider GRAPHIC IMAGES WARNING APPLIES More common than a Toyota ... and scarier than a runaway Lexus. Australias White Tail Spider delivers an excruciating bite and a devestating wound. Commonly found in every house and garden throughout Australia, and in quite a few beds as well. Night night. Dont let the bed spiders bite :-)
  • Whitetail deer--Michigan 8 pt 8pt whitetail buck on Michigan state land. I set up next to a tree trunk with some down timber around it, next to a thick swampy area. There were large tree rubs around, along with a fresh ground scrape 10 yards away from where I set up. At times the buck was 12-15 yards away. Taken on Nov. 13, 2007. 2 days before Michigan gun season. Prime time to catch bucks in rut.
  • Whitetail Deer Hunting : Hunting Whitetail and Mule Deer Close up footage of whitetails and mule deer with two rifle kills in this clip. More of my videos here ...
  • Rattling and Grunting Whitetail bucks More information on rattling and using a grunt call. This video was the result of several people writing asking for a video on Rattling and Grunting Whitetail Bucks. It truly is my favorite way to hunt the majestic Whitetail Buck..
  • White Tail Deer (How Not To Hunt !) Deer hunting in August? (Insanity is hard to hide!) Guns involved in this crime are a 16" Bushmaster .223 and my Glock 27.
  • Huge Coyote Pack Chase Stalk Whitetail Human Rare View Attac Video shows an extremely rare view of a huge pack of wild coyotes. The coyote is thought of as a solitary hunter, however this video shows a huge pack. When I was filming them, I counted at least 10 individuals, but think there were more in the tall hay. One began to chase me, but then changed its mind. This may be the largest coyote pack filmed. The next portion of the video shows coyotes in the same area at a different time. This was after dark and I was alone. The coyotes began to howl. This scared both a whitetail deer and me. The deer ran away quickly, but I had some expensive camera equipment, so I just walked fast to get away. The coyotes were very brash and may have planned an attack. They certainly scared us and chased us away from their territory quickly. Because it was dark, all I could film were trees going by as I quickly left. Some of the coyotes were very close. These coyotes not only formed packs as wolves do, they were also quite large for coyotes. Young ones were the size of a medium sized dog. Ones had been killed weighting around 50 pounds and some looked a lot larger than that. The next portion of the video shows a large baby coyote that still had its baby teeth. It is much larger than a pekenise dog. The next portion shows a coyote hunting. It digs for, attacks, kills, and eats a small animal, probably a rodent. The coyote pack was seen on a very windy night of the full moon. The full moon is associated with canine behavior such as lychanthropy ...
  • Whitetail vs Mule deer by Wilderness Memories WT fawn and mule deer bucks
  • Biggest Whitetail Deer Kill Shot Ever Self Filmed November 4 ONLY on HawgNSonsTV November 4 2009 Lake County Illinois 4:25pm. Wind SSE 2mph. 41 degrees. Cloudy light rain on & off , Barometer 30.23 falling, Fullmoon 97% of the Moon is Illuminated. Biggest Whitetail Deer Kill Shot Ever Self Filmed ...Boone & Crockett Whitetail Buck Bow Hunting Harvest. This would be a day I will remember well for the rest of my life. I rattled the antlers at dawn & by 6:30am a big main frame 10 pointer with some sticker tines around the base came out of the corn field from the North, when I finally seen him he was standing looking at me 20 yards away, angle towards me. He had a stalk of corn hanging from his antlers and I thought it was a massive drop tine. He ran off to the South West through the slew bed where I see most of the deer travel. It was a quiet afternoon until I decided to try another rattling sequence at 4:20pm. Within 5 minutes the big main frame 12 pointer with the stickers on his G-2's that I had videos of on October 9th appeared to the North along the corn field. He was smelling the James Valley dominant buck lure that I had circled the property with. He was looking at the deer decoy that I had set out to the NorthEast of my blind. His hair on his back was raised as he circled my blind and proceeded up the trail that I hade cut that run angled away from my blind from the corn field to the clover field with apple trees in the decoys direction. As this monster buck stepped into my shooting lane I released the arrow.......Captured ONLY on
  • Whitetail Hunt 2007 Hey there viewers, this is my 3 week 2007 Whitetail Trip. I started with a BC Ferry ride across the Salt Chuck (~30 miles) and then a Drive to the Okanogan and then on to the Kettle valley. We hunted at Whitetail camp for bout 2 weeks and then We went on to cross the rest of BC and cross Alberta to Saskatchewan for the last leg of our trip. Some nice deer were harvested in the Kettle and we had a great trip there. Me and my friend Marc were tryin to kick it up a notch, and wanted to hold out for a nice big buck. We have just about full freezers, so we decided to let the lil ones go. We saw several lil bucks but no big ones. I had a doe draw and could have filled it and a buck tag (with a lil buck) easily. Marc turned down a pretty decent sized Medium racked deer, in the hopes of beating his personal best! Maybee this year, maybee next year! All as I know is, you can't get em if you don't go and try! We tried and we didn't get em on this particular adventure. Dom, Ray and the Captain all took personal bests and So did Mike. Chris had only previously taken a 2pt. as his best for up here (so he is real happy = 18 pt.). We continued on to hunt for more whitetail Bucks in Saskatchewan. We ended up doin pretty good, though some would have held out for bigger bucks...we were all happy with our first experiences and had a blast none the less! Happy hunting and hope you liked the show...see you on youtube!
  • - Brock Lesnar Hunting Whitetail Buck North American Hunting Club presents superstar Brock Lesnar as he steps out of the ring and into his other love, the woods in search of a big Wisconsin Buck. Brock is used to the battles in the ring, but today he battles Mother nature. For more from the experts at North American Hunter, go to http
  • PSE Adventure Bowhunting - Kansas Whitetail ch3 3of4 - The Tale of the Super Buck! Join the excitement as we chase down the most elusive buck in Kansas. With a neck the same size as his body, surely this Super Buck's going to run out of luck.
  • Aging Whitetail Deer This video's purpose is to teach someone how to age a Whitetail Deer. This is not a hunting video.
  • Low - Whitetail music by low, whitetail, from things we lost in the fire, music video by Jim Collier
  • TBR Outdoors - Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunt - Recurve Bow Kill TBR Outdoors staff member Clay Boan takes out this non-typical whitetail buck during the Kansas Bow season. Clay makes the most of his 5 yard shot as he finds the boiler room! Watch other great videos by TBR Outdoors here on YouTube or at http:\\ TBR Outdoors also has two predator hunting DVDs on the market and available for purchase at their website.

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