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  • Commonwealth report rebukes members for *** laws which undermine Aids fight. New laws mandating harsh penalties for homo***uals and *** workers are undermining the fight against Aids in several Commonwealth nations, a report released the organisation has said. — “Commonwealth report rebukes members for *** laws which”,
  • Definition of which from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of which. Pronunciation of which. Definition of the word which. Origin of the word which. — “which - Definition of which at ”,
  • Which MBA? Methodology. Rankings are little more than an indication of the MBA market at a particular time. They reflect the prevailing conditions such as salaries, jobs available and the situation at a school at the time the survey was carried out. — “Which MBA? | Methodology”,
  • As students and school pupils in Britain organise a third day of action against the brutal cuts in education, it is necessary to review the experience so far. Britain: Which way forward for the student movement?. — “Britain: Which way forward for the student movement?”,
  • The following video offers cool bits like hostage crisis simulations, bomb squad equipment, CSI investigations, busting down doors, defensive driving techniques in which cars spin out at high speeds and fun with automatic weapons. Semyon Varlamov(notes) calls it, which included the detonation of a. — “Video: In which the Capitals explode a poor, defenseless”,
  • Show me which one is bigger. They couldn't decide which song to play. For several seconds he sat in silence, during which time the tea and sandwiches arrived. — “which - Wiktionary”,
  • In Which I Respond, For the Last Time, to Hector Avalos. 5 Comments Posted by Jim on November 29, 2010 As Barth rightly notes, granting unbelief recognition means granting it seriousness- and that a seriousness which it does not deserve. — “In Which I Respond, For the Last Time, to Hector Avalos”,
  • is a product-testing and campaigning charity with a magazine and website run by Which? Which? carries out systematic testing of consumer products and financial services, the results of which are published in reports in the magazine and. — “Which? - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Which Wich Superior Sandwiches offers more than 50 varieties of customizable sandwiches. Visit our website for catering services, menu options, Which Wich restaurant locations, and franchise opportunities. — “Which Wich?: Superior Sandwiches”,
  • As of the end of September, Complete Genomics had sequenced 400 genomes to date, 300 of which were completed in the third quarter. Which one? If you're interested in trying to catch the boom and get. — “Which Is a Better Buy: Complete Genomics or Pacific”,
  • Popular Mechanics compares the three major US shipping companies to see who treats your packages best, Chromium integrates multiple profiles into the browser window, and that Facebook app claiming it can tell you who viewed your profile is spam. — “Remains of the Day: Which Shipping Company Treats Your”,
  • being what one or ones out of a group —used as an interrogative 2 : whichever 3 for which cause was this city destroyed — Ezra 4:15 (Authorized Version). — “Which - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • which pron. What particular one or ones: Which of these is yours? The one or ones previously mentioned or implied, specifically: Used as a relative. — “which: Definition from ”,
  • Should diplomacy be unable to lower the temperature in the region, how do the two fighting forces compare? Transparency: Which Korea Has the Bigger Army?. — “Transparency: Which Korea Has the Bigger Army? - Politics - GOOD”, good.is
  • Which definition, what one?: See more. — “Which | Define Which at ”,
  • He already has a famous boyfriend, now he just has to get divorced. This actress just had her first lesbian affair, and the ensemble on this TV show is falling apart. Do gays have something to do with that, too?. — “Which Singer Is About to Come Out?”,
  • Popular Weight-Loss System Adopts New Point Plan Aimed at Boosting Intake of Fruit, Veggies Read more by Sammy Rose Saltzman, David W Freeman on CBS News' Health Blog. the revised program reflects the latest research on weight loss, which indicates that fresh, minimally processed foods are key. — “Weight Watchers Says Some Calories More Fattening than Others”,
  • Scholars have written that unlike famine, war has taken place in modern democracies when irresponsible leaders exploit grievances for political and economic gain, or when the lure of simple solutions overwhelm common sense' We shall deal with the issues which cause unrest. — “Daily Monitor: - Elections |We shall deal with the issues”, monitor.co.ug
  • The clock is ticking. Time to cast your vote. Bet on the 2018 World Cup Bid with and get a free bet worth up to £50 We are drawing There are countless markets to bet on including which team will win, the first goalscorer, the correct score or even the time of the last goal. — “2018 FIFA World Cup: Which Bid Should Win? VOTE NOW”,
  • It's one thing for chatterbox Julian Assange to Wikileak secret documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and what US diplomats really think of counterparts abroad. Notwithstanding sentimental and self-serving comparisons to publication So which US bank is the most vulnerable?. — “Which Bank Should Feel Threatened By Assange and Wikileaks”,

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  • Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Watch Now Before It's In Theaters! A wildly hilarious & demented film from twisted comic geniuses Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric's Awesome Show, with cameos by Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, John C Reilly, Will Forte & more.
  • We Are The World 25 For Haiti - Official Video Recorded on February 1st, 2010, in the same studio as the original 25 years earlier (Henson Recording Studios, formerly A&M Recording Studios) "We Are The World 25 For Haiti", in which Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie serve as executive producers and producers, was created in collaboration with executive producers Wyclef Jean, Randy Phillips and Peter Tortorici; producers Humberto Gattica and RedOne; and co-producers Rickey Minor, Mervyn Warren and Patti Austin to benefit the Haitian earthquake relief efforts and the rebuilding of Haiti. Academy Award-winning writer-director Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby), whose own personal efforts as well as those of Artists for Peace and Justice have already saved countless lives in Haiti, filmed the private recording session to create the accompanying video and behind-the-scenes production, and serves as Film Director and as an Executive Producer with Jones, Richie, Jean, Phillips and Tortorici. The 25th Anniversary recording features over 80 artists and performers. The recording of We Are The World 25 For Haiti embodied the same enthusiasm, sense of purpose and generosity as the original recording 25 years ago. Every one of the artists who participated, regardless of genre or generation, walked into the room with their hearts and souls completely open to coming together to help the people of Haiti.
  • -Which- A short game by Mike Inel Its a weird game. If you do everything fast its only like a few min. long so yeah. still fun. Theres the download. The song is by Wisp. Titled Sceadugenga.
  • Which Film Are They In GAME - Chick Hearn Interactive game where you look at 15 movieclips simultaneously and try to decide which film features the listed actor, in this case the sports reporter Chick Hearn.
  • Which Film Are They In GAME - Hugh Jackman Interactive game where you look at 15 movieclips simultaneously and try to decide which movie features the listed actor, in this case Hugh Jackman.
  • Which Film Are They In GAME - Cameron Diaz Interactive game where you look at 15 movieclips simultaneously and try to decide which movie features the listed actor, in this case Cameron Diaz in a role that hardly looks like her.
  • Which Film Are They In GAME - Adam Sandler Interactive game where you look at 15 movieclips simultaneously and try to decide which movie features the listed actor, in this case Adam Sandler.
  • Strike Witches - 2 - That Which I Can Do (SUB) Now available on DVD! Major Sakamoto flies into action when a Neuroi attacks her ship. Yoshika is mesmerized by the weapons her father invented, but does she have the courage to use them?
  • 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes! :: Behind the Scenes :: The Infinity vs. DIY Infinity =D :: The difference is very subtle - the first fold. The Infinity is folded along the diagonal while the DIY Infinity is folded in half, horizontally. The Infinity starts off as a triangle, whereas the DIY Infinity begins as a rectangle. It seems like a trivial difference, but due to the shape, the Infinity fold works best with square scarves whereas the DIY version can be pulled off on thicker longer scarves. Also, because of the different starting shapes, the way the scarves drape are also slightly different. I wanted to include both in case people had trouble with the Infinity fold on their scarves, but due to the speed of the video, the first step was a bit harder to convey For scarf tutorial videos on how to tie these styles, please select which box you would like to see at the end. Scarves are great for every season - from light chiffon scarves for Spring and Summer to voluminous cashmere scarves for Fall to thick wool scarves for Winter - scarves are the perfect accessory to compliment any outfit. Thank you for watching!
  • Nokia DAB digital radio headset - Which? first look review Which? - Nokia release the DAB digital radio headset but is it worth its hefty price tag of £45. For more mobile phone accessory reviews and deals on mobile phones visit
  • which backstreet boy is gay We are on fire we have desires but one is that way, one backstreet boy is gay. but we dont want to be mean since now hes a queen, don't ask please which backstreet boy is gay. Tell me who: Aint sayin that it's AJ, Tell me who:Aint sayin that it's Howie, Tell me who: i never wanna hear you say, which backstreet boy is gay. Now i can see him he's in women clothes, but he dont need an IUD yeeeeaaaaaa, he likes village people hes playin croquet, his dog a peakin meeeeeeeeeeee. he is on fire, his back perspiresssss. wont say,wont say,wont say: whoss gay. He's always sayin aint nofin but a butt ache, aint nofin but a fruit cake, i never wanna hear u say, which one of us is gay. Tell me who:aint sayin that its bryan Tell me who:aint sayin if ur kevin Tell me who:He's makin up a suffle, Which backstreet boy is gay. OK we're alllll gay!!!!!!
  • Riz Khan - Which way Iran On Thursday Iran marks the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution, which shocked the world and made political Islam a force to be reckoned with from Morocco to Malaysia.
  • Mushi-Shi - 10 - The White Which Lives Within the Ink Stone (SUB) Now available on DVD! The doctor friend of Ginko's needs his help. While out on a call, three village children broke into his storage shed and stumbled upon an artifact of deadly consequence: An ink stone.
  • "Footage from the real Silent Hill" Centralia, PA ---By Popular Demand--- ***** THE SONG NAMES ***** 1. Agfa Montage - One Hour Photo 2. Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack In researching different elements of Silent Hill, screenwriter Roger Avary came across a town called Centralia which is in Pennsylvania. Centralia planted the seed for what developed into the town of Silent Hill. This is a short documentary I made in 2003 about the town which inspired Silent Hill which has been linked to from various places on the net. For more reading: www.moviesonline.ca I appreciate any sharing, questions or comments you have!
  • Panasonic VT20 3D TV UK launch - Which? first look We went along to the UK launch of the Panasonic VT20 3D TVs to get a hands onlook at the new TV and see it in action. Get our full report and all the latest 3D TV reviews at our website
  • MW2 or BFBC2 which game should I buy? Junkyards Ebay Store: bit.ly Junkyards Website: Junkyards Twitter Junkyards Daily Booth: ______________________________________________________________________ Kootras Page:
  • Which Gameplay Download Game: A short game where you look for a way to open the door out of the small house. Created by: Mike Inel Engine Used: DarkBASIC Professional (7.4) ________________________________________ This is the Gameplay of the very short Game "Which" from Mike Inel. After this video ends, you can either watch the Ending with the Head or with the Heart. I uploaded both. :3
  • Bandini - Full Epsiode - EP#67 Khemi notices that the diamond has broken into pieces. She is stunned to see the broken diamond & Hiten missing. She looks for him everywhere but is unable to trace him. Monghi informs her that Hiten must have gone to the lake for bathing. Khemi finds him there & scolds him. She accuses him for being responsible for the loss which the entire village will suffer. At Dharamraajs house, Santu notices that Maulik is addicted to alcohol. She gets worried for him & decides to inform Dharamraaj. At Madhos house, Madho decides to inform Dharamraaj but not reveal that it was actually Hitens mistake. Dharamraaj gets a call from Virat, Dharamraaj warns him for the battle which he has initiated. Avinash informs Virat that the diamond which Dhararmaaj had given to Madho for sample has broken. Santu is lost in the thoughts of Kadambari & Maulik. She wonders whether to tell Dharamraaj about them or not. Dharamraaj notices that Santu is disturbed & is lost in some thoughts. On asking, Santu hesitates revealing about it to Dharamraaj. As Santu is about to speak up, Champakali informs Dharamraaj that Madho has come to meet him. Madho informs Dharamraaj that the diamond has broken. Dharamraaj is shocked to hear that & blames Madho for being responsible for the loss which the entire village will have to suffer. Virat also calls up Dharamraaj & informs him about the diamond which is now broken into pieces. Dharamraaj loses his temper & tells Madho that it is his biggest mistake ever due to ...
  • Dyson DC35 - Which? First Look Review Which? takes a first look at the Dyson DC35 compact vacuum cleaner for full results of our lab testing visit
  • How to Make a Paper Crossbow I noticed that there was no decent tutorial out there for making a paper crossbow that didn't utilize rubber bands. This is what I came up with as a result. The crossbow is actually quite durable in design and should stand up to use for for a very long time so long as it doesn't get wet. Hopefully a good deal of office boredom can be solved with this. The working mechanism for this crossbow is in the arms made of rolled paper and supported by tape. Typically a bent tube of rolled paper would tear when bent, but a layer of tape seems to distribute the load evenly enough to not only prevent the paper from tearing, but also give it a strong and fast spring action when released. This allows for a rigid bow string to be used which utilizes the energy in the arms to propel the projectile - Rather than most toy crossbows which use rigid arms and an elastic band which propels the bolt more like a slingshot than a crossbow. This crossbow can throw a pencil or pen a good 100 feet. A possible modification for even more power might be to make two arms on each side that the bow string would tie together at the tips. Having double arms is about the only way to go about adding more power because adding much more paper to the first set will only result in them tearing or being completely rigid. Similar to how you can only fold a piece of paper so many times. Have fun! Don't take an arrow to the knee. Vote for me on King of the Web here: Tags: how to make paper gun that ...
  • Tom and Jerry Which Witch? So Which Witch? Get your official FaZe apparel at ! Go To http
  • Funniest Videos of 2011 - Top 10 Leave us a comment - tell us which video you thought was the funniest BELOW! Want to make some extra cash... big giveaway announcement RIGHT HERE, tomorrow! What was the funniest video of 2011? I'll give you a hint... It might involve a baguette and a piñata, an exercise ball and a little girl, a golf cart and gravity, a virgin and a rifle shot, a trampoline and a flip fail, a treadmill and a college student, a fat pool boy and a faceplant, a hail storm and a lawn mower, a seagull and man's breakfast, or a racist 3 year old.... But you have to watch to find out. Send in your videos to get $ and be featured: For the funniest videos breaking online, visit -brk.to More Break approved videos: Break Originals - brk.to - brk.to GameFront - brk.to Break gets social: Facebook - brk.to Twitter - brk.to Break goes mobile: iPhone / iPad free app - brk.to Android free app - brk.to
  • BrySi the Machinima Guy - COD vs Halo Rap Battle Song -- by BrySi Click here to watch I Wanna Get A Killionaire - Halo Reach Song by BrySi (Musical Machinima) Call of Duty vs Halo Rap Battle by BrySi (Musical Machinima) The age old battle - COD vs Halo. Which one is the better game? If you have no opinion, then which rapper is better...Eminem or Lil Wayne?! SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT MADE THIS POSSIBLE! That includes my main man u4ix from and to everyone that contributed such SICK clips!! SONGS NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES! DIRECTOR'S LINKS: My Other Songs On Machinima Droppin Nukes - MW2 Song - I Love MW2 - MW2 Song - Bye Bye Halo 3 - Welcome Back Reach - Halo Reach Rap / Black Ops Diss - Care Package Glitch - Snipers Are Wussies - One Shot On My X - DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: Tags: yt:quality=high "Call of Duty" "Black Ops" BlackOps Treyarch ...
  • PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS! (10.9.11 - Day 892) vote here on which bass I get: bit.ly Friggin sweet CTFxC shirts at bit.ly - be the cool kid in school :) Google+: gplus.to gplus.to Tumblr: http Facebook: Twitter: Charles: Alli: Dailybooth: Our iPhone/iPod/iPad app is FREE here: bit.ly
  • Which Witch is Which? (Who is Who?) (A Halloween Song for Kids) from In A World...'s "My Halloween" Here is an adorable little Halloween Song for kids about Witches from artist In A Worlds My Halloween Album. Join the Witches, The Gobbling Goblins, and their new friend Vincent the Cyclops, as they help sort out Which Witch is Which? Cute, innocent fun for the whole family. (Keep an eye out for a familiar face.) This song is from the "My Halloween" album by In A World... It is available on: I-TUNES, , and ©2009 by Goes to Eleven Media
  • Which Ending [Heart] Download game: A short game where you look for a way to open the door out of the small house. Created by: Mike Inel Engine Used: DarkBASIC Professional (7.4) ____________________________________ This is the Ending with the Heart.
  • Jillette vs. Gillette: Which is ***ier? - Penn Point In this shocking expose, Penn reveals the secret truth behind... his name. Never Miss The Point - Subscribe for Free! More episodes! Twitter Facebook Penn on Twitter Penn Point Homepage revision3.com ABOUT PENN POINT Penn Point is no ordinary vlog. It's a virtual conversation about today's hottest topics. Penn Point brings you a front row seat to Penn Jillette's unique and passionate point of view in a compact vlog, four times a week!
  • Which dress do YOU like? Thank you!
  • NEW ENGLAND USA The city of Plymouth is the beginning of a journey through the northeastern region of America, referred to as New England, which is where the first European settlers landed in the 17th century after stepping off the Mayflower. The 'Plimouth Plantation' is a reconstruction of the Pilgrim Fathers' original settlement, with 'settlers' in original costume going about their daily routine. In the centre of Boston, Copley Square features the Trinity Church, which contrasts with the modern Han*** Tower that dominates the skyline and Park Street Church was where in 1829, William Garrison gave his first anti-slavery speech. In the adjacent Granary Burial Ground, some of America's most famous sons are buried, such as John Han***, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. Portsmouth is a quaint little harbor town, at the mouth of the Piscataqua River, in which this fishing harbor still plays an important role. Pretty brick houses are gems of colonial architecture that remain untainted by tourism. Brunswick is a deceptively small town situated at the mouth of the Casco Bay and the Androscoggin River. The main attraction of this 270 year old town is Bowdoin College, in which theologian Calvin Stowe taught, husband of Harriet Beecher Stowe who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin. The fishing town of Rockland is one of the largest exporters of lobster in the USA. There's nowhere better to enjoy fresher, tastier and more varied seafood than on this part of the coast. Indeed, three quarters of American lobsters ...
  • Anthony Kaun Hai Subscribe: for More Entertainment Anthony kaun hai, Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Minissha Lamba SYNOPSIS:- Anthony Kaun Hai? is a comic thriller extensively shot in Thailand. Sanjay Dutt plays Master Madan, the sophisticated, ruthless, contract killer, while Arshad Warsi, a conman, is his target. But is Arshad really the prey or is there something more to it? A comic-thriller with a unique story. The film also includes a special music video featuring Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi together, which has been shot extensively across Bangkok on locations which include dance clubs, a Thai boxing stadium, and a helipad atop a 35 storey high rise. The song, which has music by Himesh Reshammiya, is called 'No Way! No Way!' and is a sure-fire chart buster which is all set to rule the top of the music charts!
  • Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence Amazing video which proves autism is not what most doctors and everyone else think it is. For educational purposes only, protected under Copyright law
  • Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way Music video by Scissor Sisters performing Any Which Way. (C) 2010 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
  • ARIA - S1, Ep. 6 (S): That Which You Want to Protect... [Streaming through: Feb. 6, 2012] or http | With Aika away, Akari and Alice continue to train and pay a visit to the Orange Company dorms. Episode streaming schedule: stuf.it
  • Which Web Browser Is The Best? Jon reviews and discusses today's leading web browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari -- including which one he uses at home. Jon's favorite Firefox plugins: Tab Mix Plus -- bit.ly Web Search Pro -- bit.ly Greasemonkey -- bit.ly Echofon (Twitter) -- bit.ly Shorten URL -- bit.ly - "The World According To Jon" YouTube 'visionary', and creator of the hit web series, "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?", Jon Paula shares his opinionated and enlightened view of the world with you, by way of an unfiltered and sometimes harsh stream-of-consciousness. New videos usually uploaded daily! Unless an episode of "Jon's Adventure Vlog" is posted instead! +++++++++++++++++++++++ Twitter ------- bit.ly Facebook --- bit.ly Adventure Vlog -- bit.ly Main Channel -- bit.ly FAQ Video - bit.ly T-Shirts ----- bit.ly +++++++++++++++++++++++ Created by: Jonathan Paula Camera: Panasonic HMC-150 Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Computer: bit.ly An ideo Production - © 2010. ~
  • Manowar - Warriors of the World HD The unseen version of Warriors of the world in HD. The copyright is owned under Magic Circle Music and Manowar, under which I represent in youtube as the director of video content. We own the rights solely to this music video, and all other versions are in violation.
  • Which Film Are They In GAME - Pamela Anderson Interactive game where you look at 15 movieclips simultaneously and try to decide which movie features the listed actor, in this case Pamela Anderson.
  • Which Film Are They In GAME - Bruce McGill Interactive game where you look at 15 movieclips simultaneously and try to decide which movie features the listed actor, in this case Bruce McGill.
  • In Which We Serve Based on the true story of Lord Mountbatten's destroyer, "In Which We Serve" was nominated for two Oscars and is one of the most memorable British films made during World War II. Unfolding in flashback as survivors cling to a dinghy, the film interweaves the history of HMS Torrin with the onshore lives of its crew. The 1942 film was the inspiration of Noel Coward, who desperately wanted to do something for the war effort, and he produced, wrote the screenplay, composed the stirring score, and starred as Captain Edward Kinross. Coward also officially codirected, though he handed the reigns to David Lean (in his directorial debut). There is fine support from Celia Johnson and John Mills, as well as a star-making debut from an uncredited Richard Attenborough. The use of real navy and army personnel as extras, together with lavish studio production and authentic shipboard location footage, lends the film an unusual sense of realism. A landmark in the careers of many of the most important names in British film, this moving and occasionally harrowing classic has a vital place in the development of British cinema.
  • Which? works for you - Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Microwave and Pushchair reviews Only Which? tests washing machines with dirty dogs, only Which? tests dishwashers with baked on food, only Which? tests Microwaves with potatoes with nails in and only Which? tests pushchairs with a specially designed obstacle course. Find out exactly how we test at
  • Solar Water Heating Cowboys Secrets. Which? Magazine Exposé Exposed. Viral video. Solar Water Heating Investigation UK. Are today's environmental, performance, safety and payback claims for solar hot water systems 100% true? Does the solar industry want well informed consumers? Are green consumer watchdogs toothless or asleep? Is the renewable energy industry capable of cleaning up? Are these issues worthy of OFT investigation? Quiz: When is a false claim not a false claim? It is when it is made by influential people? Complements the Which? solar greenwash news video by Solaryes.
  • Classic Game Room - SWAN vs. LYNX debate, which is better? Bandai Wonder Swan vs. Atari Lynx handheld debate.... WHO WINS???? It's the battle of the millennium, the war of the century, the argument of the hour... what's the better 90's handheld game system, the Atari Lynx with it's color screen and mammoth bulk or Bandai Wonder Swan with two d-pads and petite, pocket friendly size.
  • Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name - 1993 Eldridge Cleaver : They have deadly weapons with which to inflict pain on the human body. They know how to bring about horrible deaths. They have clubs with which to beat the body and the head. They have bullets and guns with which to tear holes in the flesh, to smash bones, to disable and kill. They use force, to make you do what the deciders have decided you must do. They will use all that is neccessary to bring you to your knees. Rage Against The Machine live at PinkPop 1993 - Killing In The Name by RATM

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  • “All The Blog Posts. View Bloggers Index " Filter by: Living Religion Style Arts Education Health Divorce Green I was deeply moved by an article in the New York Times which told the story of a "dying banker", Gordon Murray. Mr. Murray has”
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