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  • Explore and learn about different whale species, their life cycles, family structure and more - Whales. — “Whales”, .za
  • Whales are very large marine mammals. Learn more about whales at HowStuffWorks. Baleen, or whalebone, a *** substance found in the mouths of some kinds of whales, was used for making corset stays and fans before the invention of celluloid and other plastic substances. — “HowStuffWorks "Whales"”,
  • Get the facts on whales. Whaling is one of the biggest threats to whales. Take action and help save whales. Baleen whales have a comb-like fringe, called a baleen, on the upper jaw, which is used to filter plankton, as well as small fish and crustaceans. — “Whale Facts and Sound - Cetacea - Defenders of Wildlife”,
  • Whale Facts and Information. Feeding, habitat, distribution, reproduction, anatomy and more. Facts about Species like the Blue Whale, Humpback Whale, Sperm whale, Beluga Whale, gray whale, bowhead whale, minke whale, fin whale, narwhal whale and. — “Facts about Whales”, whale-
  • Whales are cetaceans which are neither dolphins (i.e. members of the families Delphinidae or Platanistoidae) nor porpoises. Although whales generally do not possess hind limbs, some whales (such as sperm whales and baleen whales) sometimes have rudimentary hind limbs; some even with feet and. — “Whales”,
  • 'Whales' is a ground-breaking IMAX film which will bring you into the drama, joy and poetry of the underwater domain of some of the largest creatures to ever live on earth!. — “Whales”,
  • Whales are large aquatic mammals that breathe air through blowhole(s) into lungs (unlike fish which breathe using gills). They live their entire lives in water. They are the only mammals, other than manatees (seacows), that live their entire. — “Whales - What is a Whale?- ”,
  • Dive down to the greatest depths and discover the whales, the Blue whale, the Right whale, Sperm whale, Humpback, Sei, Gray, Bowhead, Fin, Minke, Orca, Dolphins and more. Pick your favourite whale or dolphin and find out what it is doing, what it looks like and where it lives. — “Whales on the Net”, .au
  • Whales evolved from land dwelling mammals, and are believed to have first entered the water about 50 million years ago. Differing from many other sea creatures, whales are fully warm blooded animals that breathe oxygen in the air through their lungs. — “Whales, Whale Watching, Killer Whale at ”,
  • whale n. Any of various marine mammals of the order Cetacea, having the general shape of a fish with forelimbs modified to form flippers, a tail. — “whale: Definition from ”,
  • Educating children and adults about whales, dolphins, other marine mammals, environment, and their preservation. — “Save the Whales”,
  • Article by Raymond Sutera examining the paleontological evidence that comes from studying the fossils of terrestrial mammals through more and more whale-like forms until the appearance of modern whales and the other evidence that supports this. — “The Origin of Whales and the Power of Independent Evidence”,
  • Whales - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Whales”,
  • There are about 80 species of cetaceans, a classification that included whales, dolphins and porpoises. The study of fossils indicates that the ancestors of today's whales gradually returned from land to live in the sea. — “Whales”,
  • Whales are amongst the most enigmatic and fascinating of all creatures. Whales belong to the group of mammals called Cetaceans, they are a part of this group along with dolphins and porpoises. — “Whales”,
  • Orca killer whales, gray whales BC, Pacific Northwest Gulf Islands and San Juan Juan Islands including Victoria, Vancouver, Sooke, Friday Harbor and Orcas Island. — “Orca killer whales, gray whales BC”,
  • Whales are of the order Cetacea which has 79 species, including Dolphins, Porpoises and Killer Whales (orcas). — “Whales at Animal Corner”,
  • Whales, dolphins, and porpoises all belong to the same taxonomic Cetaceans are comprised of about 80 kinds of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. — “Whales”,
  • Whale (origin Old English hƿæl) is the common name for various marine mammals of the order Cetacea.[1] The term whale sometimes refers to all cetaceans, but more often it excludes dolphins and porpoises[2], which belong to suborder Odontoceti (toothed whales). — “Whale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The American Cetacean Society; whale and dolphin conservation, education, and research from the oldest cetacean conservation group in the world. — “ACS - American Cetacean Society”,
  • Whales-online believes individuals have the power to transform our world. Whales-online provides stimulating and informative ***ysis of the issues that affect whales, dolphins and porpoises and to promote dialogue and link individuals with. — “Whales-Online”, whales-
  • Whales are some of the largest living things on the planet. Learn about whales and find out how whales are able to sleep and withstand the pressures of the ocean. — “Howstuffworks "How Whales Work"”,
  • Some well-known sperm whale facts are, it has the largest brain, deep Blue whales, known as the largest mammals on earth are one of the amazing animals with. — “Whales | ”,
  • Provides whale watching cruises departing daily from scenic Barnstable Harbor. Throughout your whale watching adventure, our expert naturalists will share an intriguing look into the "wonderful world of whales". — “Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises”,

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  • [Guardian] Graphic footage of Japanese whaling released 2008.02.08 "Australia's government stepped up its campaign against Japanese whaling by releasing graphic footage of a minke whale and its calf being harpooned and dragged aboard a ship. The images were taken by a customs ship that has been tracking the Japanese fleet in the Antarctic to gather evidence for a diplomatic and legal battle against whaling. Japan's whaling body accused Australia of spreading 'emotional propaganda', and denied the whales were a mother and calf."
  • Freelance Whales - Hannah Music video by Freelance Whales performing Hannah. (C) 2010 Frenchkiss/Mom + Pop
  • Noah and the Whale - 5 Years Time - Official Watch the vid to Noah and the Whale's single '5 Years Time'...enjoy!
  • Blue Whale Blue whales have complex calls that can be heard for miles. One scientist is on a mission to uncover the meaning of their songs.
  • Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures "Gray Whale" Once hunted to the brink of extinction, the gray whale has made an amazing comeback in the last 80 years. But in 1999 and 2000, these unique creatures, which live along the West Coast of North America, began to mysteriously disappear by the thousands. Their population dropped by one-third. In The Gray Whale Obstacle Course, Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Ocean Adventures team search for clues about this resilient, yet threatened species to gain a better understanding of the increasing challenges, both natural and man-made, that gray whales face along the way. Watch Wednesday, July 19th at 8/7C, only on PBS -- dive in at /oceanadventures
  • Killer Whale vs. Sea Lions Off the coast of Argentina, seasoned killer whales hunt sea lion pups. See all National Geographic videos:
  • Penguins, humpback whales and seals feeding in the ocean - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife David Attenborough looks at krill and humpbacks in the ocean. In conjuction, the humpbacks and their synchronised under water ballet, provides them with all the krill they need. From the BBC.
  • The Exploding Whale a beached (and dead) whale is blown up
  • SeaWorld's Punishment For Shamu Killer whale Shamu almost drowned a trainer. See how SeaWorld is responding.
  • Killer Whale eats King Salmon caught on fishing line My brothers co worker is fishing in Alaska, everyone would think this is a fish story but it is true. He caught an estimated 50 lb kingsalmon when an Orca- killer whale bit the fish in half 15 feet from the boat.
  • The Prince of Whales - Derek and Clive Peter Cook and Dudley Moore argue about the relative merits of Wales and whales. From "Derek and Clive Get the Horn".
  • Humpback Whale Song Whale Song! Ringtone for iPhone users-search iTunes store. Plenty more great ocean videos at santostv on youtube. Aloha!
  • Faroe Whale Cull - Faroe Islands October 2007 The Faroe Islands, midway between Scotland and Iceland, were settled by Vikings a thousand years ago. Remote and intriguing, they look like something out of a Norse fairy tale. People live in log houses with turf rooves, speak an ancient Viking language and delight in dressing up in traditional costume and singing Norse ballads. But there is one part of their picture-postcard culture that outsiders find positively shocking. Every northern summer, Faroese herd pods of pilot whales to shore and butcher them with hooks and knives, before cutting up the meat to share with each family. It's seen as a birth right and a celebration of Faroese culture. The islanders have steadfastly resisted international pressure to stop. Kate Sanderson moved to the Faroes from Australia 22 years ago and married a local. She tells tells us, " You know what we say, save the whales -- for dinner! Sanderson is the chief international negotiator on whaling and fishing. "Two generations of media hype and campaigning against whaling have really warped people's view of what whaling today is all about," she says. "Those countries that continue to (hunt) whales today are all countries that have a very long tradition of eating whale. Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • Blue Whale - Blue Planet - BBC wildlife The largest creature in the sea and the largest creature that has ever lived, this amazing clip shows the awesome size of the Blue Whale.
  • Sperm Whale Diving A baby sperm whale learns to swim alone while its mother hunts deep below. See All National Geographic Videos
  • Migaloo the White Whale Speaks We present to you the voice of Migaloo, the White Whale. We thought it appropriate that Migaloo be granted the opportunity to speak before the meeting of the International Whaling Commission. As speakers are allowed only a few minutes to present their case, we extracted only the most poignant statements from our 1998 recording of Migaloo's two hour discourse. 'Migaloo' means 'White Fella'. He was named by Australian Aboriginal Elders. The images are highlights from close extended pod encounters between 1988 and 2008. For images of Migaloo, please view the encounter as narrated by our intern Dave Williams ''One of the great thrills of my life was hearing and feeling Migaloo's voice pass through my body as he swam past The Oceania Project's research vessel on October 2, 1998.'' ~Dave Williams The song is clearly audible through the hull of the research vessel. Depending on the proximity of the singer, the song is also audible standing on the deck. The sound pressure level of their song is reduced significantly once it passes into the air. Whales speak to each other constantly. The cadence and syncopation of their normal conversations are much different from that of their songs. They often make sounds above water through their nostrils. Because water is denser than air it is a much better conduit for sound. If a singer is close you can hear him or her in much the same way standing on the deck as our recordings sound on YouTube. Of course ...
  • Noah and the Whale - 'LIFEGOESON' (Official Video) Download now: From the new album 'Last Night On Earth' out March 7th.
  • Whale Song An encounter with Sweetheart and her calf Heartthrob. An hour long encounter unique in the fact that it was the first time in our twenty years of research that a mother allowed a calf to interact directly with us in total trust. We name the whales mnemonically. We give them a name associated with a bodily marking or personality trait which helps us to remember and quickly recognize them in future encounters. Sweetheart, the mother, is named after a heart shaped marking she has near her dorsal fin. She is with her new calf Heartthrob who is only a few months old. Calves remain with their mother for about a year. Sweetheart had a calf in 1998 named Heartsong and a calf in 1999 named Heartbeat. The two escorts are also whales that are very well known to us. Their names are Nebo and Demi. The song is clearly audible through the hull of the research vessel. Depending on the proximity of the singer, the song is also audible while standing on the deck. The sound pressure level of the song is reduced significantly once it passes into the air. Whales speak to each other constantly. The cadence and syncopation of their normal conversations are much different from that of their songs. They often make sounds above water through their blow holes. Balaena universus hominis Whale as one with Human SONGLINES documents the evolution of the intricate and beautiful East Australian Humpback song. An hour of pristine digital recordings selected from five different ...
  • A Depressed Whale Whale depression is a serious issue.
  • Whale evolution How do we know whales evolved from land mammals?
  • Awesome Whales Music Video Amazing vision of humpback whales in the Indian Ocean from our endangered species series Before It's Too Late - WhaleSong
  • Humpback Whale: Hunting Technique An intelligent technique Humpback Whales use when hunting Herring.
  • Dolphin saves whales in New Zealand Two whales in new Zealand appeared doomed as they kept on beaching themselves. But rescuers got a little helping hand from a friendly dolp
  • BP Slick Covers Dolphins and Whales This was the most emotionally disturbing video I have ever done! A flight over the BP Slick Source where I saw at least 100 Dolphins in the oil, some dying. I also photographed a Sperm Whale covered in oil all around it's blow hole. Please spread this around the world. Send me any links to places it gets posted so I can follow. I want to piss off the world. Who will answer for these gentle creatures?
  • Killer Whale vs. Jaws In 1997, just off the Farallon Islands, a group of whale watchers watch an Orca prey upon a great white shark. Wild: The Whale That Ate Jaws :
  • Whales Blowing Bubble Rings Extraordinary footage of Japanese Beluga whales that have been trained to blow bubble rings. Strange talents, shocking stories, dangerous stunts...see it all here @
  • Beached Whale A whale wakes up on a New Zealand beach
  • Beluga Whale blows Bubbles Allya the Beluga whale at an aquarium in western Japan has learned to blow bubble rings. In the wild, some dolphins and whales blow bubble rings by inhaling air through their blowholes and releasing it through their mouths underwater. But thanks to scuba diving equipment, Allya can do it anytime. Allya clearly loves interacting with her audience. She aims the bubbles at spectators as they peer in through the glass. Reuters 2989/06
  • Freelance Whales: "Generator 1st Floor" (Tiny SXSW Concert) Freelance Whales perform live for NPR Music, at SXSW 2010
  • Whale Hunting Krill in Antarctica - Planet Earth - BBC wildlife Faint disturbances in the heart of Antarctic waters gives way to breathtaking images of Whales hunting Krill in this fantastic video from BBC natural history masterpiece, Planet Earth.
  • Whale Attack A pod of orcas launch a coordinated attack on a grey whale and her calf. National Geographic Channel:
  • humpback whales filmed up close and underwater in Bermuda Underwater footage of a humpback whale fif*** miles off Bermuda. I had spent 300 hours over ten weeks trying to film the migrating humpbacks underwater. It was the end of April and I didn't have a minute of footage. And then I was in the water filming dolphins when this whale found me. The encounter was almost two hours long often within inches of the whale. It was also the first chance I had had to use my underwater housing and video camera. I had an overwhelming feeling that I was looking into the eyes of a very intelligent creature. It took me a week to sleep after the experience and a month to talk about the experience without becoming emotional. It is tragic that the Japanese whaling fleet is setting off this year to kill 50 endangered humpback whales, 50 fin whales and 935 minke whales in Antarctica in a whale sanctuary.
  • Orcas Whale Watching Whale watching trip in May 2006, near Orcas Island, Washington. J-pod swims right by the boat. A longer, higher resolution version is available at
  • The Infamous Exploding Whale The tape is from a local TV news show in Oregon, which sent a reporter out to cover the removal of a 45-foot, eight-ton dead whale that washed up on the beach. The responsibility for getting rid of the carcass was placed on the Oregon State Highway Division, apparently on the theory that highways and whales are very similar in the sense of being large objects. So anyway, the highway engineers hit upon the plan -- remember, I am not making this up -- of blowing up the whale with dynamite. The thinking is that the whale would be blown into small pieces, which would be eaten by seagulls, and that would be that. A textbook whale removal.
  • The Blue Whale The blue whale, the largest creature that has ever existed, subsists by eating one of the smallest - krill. Attenborough investigates a computer-animated blue whale skeleton to illustrate its immense size and body functions, then catches a glimpse of the elusive creature in the open ocean.
  • Whale Evolution: by Nature Video The marine mammals known as cetaceans originated about 50 million years ago in south Asia, but their terrestrial ancestor is something of a mystery. Hans Thewissen and colleagues now provide the missing Eocene piece of the jigsaw.
  • Beluga Whale Video Clip 1 The beluga whale is a small, toothed whale that is white as an adult. Beluga means "white one" in Russian. It is estimated that there are about 40000 to 80000 beluga whales world wide. St. Lawrence, Cook Inlet, and Alaskan belugas are classified as endangered. Belugas are threatened by pollution (DDT, PCB's, etc.) in estuary waters that they frequent and breed in. They have the most sophisticated bio sonar of all. See more about the beluga in our film Before It's Too Late - The Zoos Future Proofing
  • Whale Expert: SeaWorld Attack Was 'Premeditated' A marine conservationist with the American Museum of Natural History says killer whales are intelligent creatures that don't do things accidentally. He says he believes the whale's actions at SeaWorld Orlando were intentional. (Feb. 24)
  • Blue Whale captures from "The Blue Planet" published by BBC
  • Freelance Whales- Generator 2nd Floor
  • Sperm Whale Taken from 'The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy' BBC Radio Show, written by Douglas Adams and featuring Stephen Moore as the voice of the whale. First aired March 15th, 1978. by: Craig Kristensen www.craigzilla.dk http
  • Killer Whale Grabs, Drowns Trainer A killer whale grabbed and drowned a veteran trainer at Sea World in Orlando, Fla., during a routine show. As Kelly Cobiella reports, this is the third death of a person connected to this whale.

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  • “Large rorquals (a class of baleen whales) like fin whales are usually solitary. or small fish. The fin whales ignored our boat and continued to feed”
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  • “Cetacean brains, such as those of dolphins (left) and humpback whales (right), have even more cortical convolutions and surface area than human brains do. Does that mean they're smarter? Figure from " Cetaceans Have Complex Brains for Complex”
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  • “Post by Jake Levenson, IFAW Global Whale Program Officer, Headquarters Office Assessing the health of whales is a tough task. After all, you can't just ask a whale to stick out it's tongue and say "ah." This means that figuring”
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  • “Natural Environment Blog. Posts Tagged whales' Loud Sonar Causes Deafness in Dolphins. Wednesday, April 8th, 2009. Dolphins can be deafened by loud noises, which can lead to death. A new study has found that loud sonar can cause deafness in dolphins”
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