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  • At Lights Of Love Video Arcade you can watch spiritual Google and UTube videos LIVE TIME from the comfort of your chair. The Wayshower Video (1 of 4). — “LightsOfLove.us Spiritual Oneness Video Arcade!”, lightsoflove.us
  • Christ-centered metaphysicians teach that Jesus incarnated to be a Wayshower, to reveal to us our true natures, and to show us To do so is to deprive self of an inspiring Wayshower. In this series of lessons, we will look at the ways by which Jesus. — “The Center for Progressive Christianity - We Are”,
  • Clicking Follow Back will add user to your friends list and may allow access to your Social News timeline. Your Badges and the Badge Module will be removed from your profile. Wayshower. Member Since March 2006. — “Wayshower on HuffingtonPost”,
  • The Wayshower (2011): Cast, Crew, In Production Details, Company Contact, MOVIEmeter, Release Dates, Locations. — “IMDb Pro : The Wayshower Business Details”,
  • PAY IT FORWARD. PAY IT FORWARD. Click here to see the content of the old site. — “All we need is love!!! Let's light this planet with love”,
  • Styletricks - website design, development and internet marketing solutions. 818 574 8842. OR CATCH US ON CHAT IN RIGTH BOTTOM CORNER OF THIS PAGE. About us. The Wayshower movie. Tony Vera. Qubyx LTD. Mobile Sports Group. — “Styletricks - webdesign, web development, seo and social”,
  • Listen to live and archived wayshower talk radio podcasts on Blog Talk Radio - the leading talk radio network. — “wayshower talk radio podcast”,
  • In the great game of creation you are a Wayshower. In this position you are contracted by higher intelligences to manifest As a Wayshower you are being brought to the understanding of the. — “Arcturian Alignment”,
  • If Jesus is Our Wayshower - Part 3. If Jesus is Our Wayshower - Part 4. If Jesus is Our Wayshower - Part 5. If Jesus is Our Wayshower - Part 6. If Jesus is Our Wayshower - Part 7. If Jesus is Our Wayshower - Part 8. If Jesus is Our Wayshower - Part 9. Living the Lord's Prayer for Planet Earth. — “Pathway to Ascension”,
  • The Wayshower, from Dr. John-Roger and Dr. Jsu Garcia 10 years has passed for Christopher Finn; our Spiritual Warriors' protagonist, and the loss of his Spiritual Teacher leads him on a wild goose chase around the globe, through. — “Pre-production! | The WayShower movie!”,
  • The journey of you finding your place of power lies within the strength you used during your experiences and the understanding of the lessons you were taught. — “Home - StarFire Lightworker and Wayshower”,
  • Wayshower first appeared to both Lynx and two other people who are friends of Lynx's He then appeared to Lynx during a journey and gave her his name, Wayshower. — “Healing Waters Offers Morningstar Wayshower Essences”,
  • A Tour of Pendennis Castle, A Booksigning, and The Wayshower Screening Then it's a short walk to the Phoenix Cinema for a screening of The Wayshower, with Jsu and cast conducting a Q&A after the movie. — “A Tour of Pendennis Castle, A Booksigning, and The Wayshower”,
  • It is simply called Love and when reached by the Wayshower and the Follower the awareness of the plan arrives and the first level of evolution is perceived. The Wayshower knows the way beyond veil to the other side and into the eternal creation that awaits. Wayshowers are the connectors between the. — “wayshowers”,
  • List of all the questions and answers posted by 'wayshower' on Yahoo! Answers. — “wayshower's Activity - Yahoo! Answers”,
  • Scott J-R Productions has been in Carbon County, filming the movie, "The Wayshower" the last couple of weeks. The Wayshower" is co-producer/ co-writers' Roger and Garcia's second full length feature, and will follow the success of 'Spiritual Warriors', screened in 56 cities across 23 countries. — “Sun Advocate - Movie being filmed in Helper - April 22, 2010”,
  • http:// - Goldring 12E Arcturian Alignment - As a Wayshower you are being brought to the understanding of the difference between the realit. — “YouTube - Goldring 12E Arcturian Alignment”,
  • * This Page Can be used to make new messages as the Home Page will be locked as a Start and information page. I am interested in organizing this Wayshower Messages. This Page Can be used to make new messages as the Home Page will. be locked as a Start and information page. I. — “Wayshower Messages - GoldRing: Enlightenment & Abundance”,
  • There are members of The Wayshower Association, Inc across the United The Wayshower members have expertise that vary from intuitive readings and healing sessions to workshops on finding your soul's purpose, self-empowerment, apply intuition toreal life, among. — “Welcome to the Wayshower Association website!”,
  • Raising Consciousness through Social Media. Expanding the Social Network and creating a Global Community. What is available right NOW? How can you Contribute and Benefit? Let's find out ALL Together!. — “The Wayshower”,

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  • Im back to be a Teacher of Light and a Wayshower Konradwhite34's webcam video lør 12-06-2010 11:07:35 PDT
  • Awakened Wayshower - GoldRing DVD 33 -100 The genius of being is the ideas that are generated from loves desire for manifestation. The wanting and asking for greater expansion comes from love and is provided by the perfect design of Andromeda. It is through Triangulum that the power center, the force of the stream, is commanded and the time lords of this family of the universe are directed. The masters of power work through the smaller galaxies into the stars of the intensity that lay in powerful arrays of interconnected and powerful grids throughout the Milky Way. In the same manner the higher souls of manifestation of the Family of Light work through stars of the other galaxies and share their balance, understanding, and wisdom in the evolving beings with these other galaxies.
  • "The Wayshower" Final Shoot Day 20 Goblin Valley Claudia 2010©Gilgamesh LLC
  • "The Wayshower" Behind the Scenes with Sen. David Hinkins 2010©Gilgamesh LLC
  • WE are the Wayshowers Music by David Fang & FlowingNow. Written & Arranged by FlowingNow. Images from the internet.
  • Tosh Wayshower Set Funny Video of Tosh on Wayshower Set.
  • What is a wayshower? Magenta Pixie asks the Nine if the can explain what a "Wayshower" is? For Rosie and her Indigo friends :) Music "Gothic" by Tamid (many thanks)
  • Message from Mother Earth (III) 2012 Way-shower and practicing shaman Ken Thornton continues in part III of this series to share his spiritual philosophy on the significance of 2012 and what lies beyond. Filmed at the sacred Moki Rim. The original musical composition is performed and recorded by Jeffrey Gold, whose music can be purchased at itunes. new paradigm 2012 shamanism shift cleansing 2012 mother earth climatic disasterpole shift end time new world new earth hopi prophecy 2012 December Dec 21st 2012 Apocalypse end world Rapture time asteroids Nostradamus native american end of time end of world end of the world as we know it end of paradigm new paradigm change Extreme Weather Patterns Maya END OF THE WORLD DOOMS DAY NEW AGE change evoloution shift timewave zero terence mckenna 2012 sightings nostradamus dimensional shift omega dedroidify Mayan Calendar Apocalypse Pinchbeck i ching prophecies prophecy alien ufo illuminati solar radiation Harmonic Convergence Great Shift cosmic cycle Pleiades The Photon belt Great Shift the wave of love red elk Galactic Federation solstice quetzalcoatl Pahana global warming pleiades orion singularity quantum revelations spirituality vision quest Apocalypse Armageddon endtime rapture apocalypto thunderbeing films ken thornton post 2012 emergence planetary ET Pleiadian wayshowers WWIII alycone indigo galactic yoga sacred geometry pineal ufo phi om fifth 5th sun gloabl shift Pleiades bloodline David Icke lightworkers seer photons cosmic arcturian alignment enlightenment ...
  • Fifth Day Pleiadian Wayshowers 2012 ET ufo Mayan GoldRing 25 Gold Ring Game of Enlightenment and Abundance (full transcripts here) _^_ Once multidimensional consciousness is achieved higher light expands probable realities and enables clairvoyant vision. The soul sees the third dimension transform and separated human thought merges into soulful oneness. Physical manifestation of condensed thought, feeling and expectation can only be perceived in linear time. Time is not a quantity it is an energy that is utilized by beings on different dimensional streams for purposes of manifesting condensed creation. Activity created along linear time streams of the higher souls incarnate within the lower dimensional densities and expanded the reality. Fifth dimension dynamics are temporal inclusion and linear cross over resulting in collectively desired creation. That which is separated by fourth dimensional field mechanics of conscious emotional separated individual human minds is immediately realized once the fourth dimensional barrier is overwhelmed by the interweaving fifth dimensional layer. Fifth dimensional beings incarnates fully throughout all lower dimensions interconnected, translucent. The ability to communicate higher or lower is achieved through harmonic vibratory entrainment. The entrainment is based upon a spiral turning, twisting, growing, bending, curving and flowing of inter-dimensional being. Conscious awareness is an illuminative power of higher intelligence passed through the seventh ...
  • Enlightenment Goldring Wayshower Training Center 2012 Abundance Bring on the Alignment + Initiation Welcome the GoldRing WiKi at goldring dot wetpaint dot com. You are invited to join in a platform to awaken and become Wayshowers and Teachers of Light. Our TEAM compiled the TEXT of over 30 hours of GoldRing Videos that are available to enjoy. Are you ready for the next step in Human Evolution? Do you want to reach knowledge and fulfillment creating this telepathic interface? The WetPaint WiKi software is an easy program to learn to create webpages, enter pictures, videos, music, sound and art to communicate and contribute to oneness. We have a TEAM of moderators that are well trained and will instruct and mentor as needed to help you enjoy the process of awakening the our mind and soul of humanity. Join us and become part the Enlightenment. Available for Purchase - High Resolution DVD's to experience the full effect of the GoldRing. All Videos available on Youtube at Rysa5 - 2012 Dream Time Zero Point - GoldRing Mayan Calendar Word Changes Prophesy - 2012 Wayshower Spiritual Prophesy GoldRing Game of Enlightenment Abundance 2011 2010 2009 Wayshowers Spiritual Prophesy GoldRing UFO ET world changes cosmic alignment astrology planetary shift world politics meditation astral projection brainwave brain waves binaural beats brain wave meditation cd brainwaves hemi sync meditation relaxation binaural beat brainwave entrainment brainwave generator brain entrainment brainwave mind hemisync alpha brain waves brainwave 3.1 meditation and ...
  • Arcturian Alignment 6 GoldRing Wayshowers Rysa5 The awakening process is subsequent to receiving the transformational codes which are keys that trigger the increase in energy and resources to fully activate the inner and outer worlds of creation. The higher alignment is occurring through dissonance recognition and musical rhythmic melting into harmony. The frontier of the mind is the path of the Wayshower; one willing to bring into the pathway those who have followed and are following. This is your duty to seek and your joy to find those who wish to be awakened as you are becoming. The journey never ceases yet there are times where you are moving fast. This is such a time. You are moving to the vortex which is opening. And the advent of the higher light, the illumination. As a unitary being humanity exists with a multitude of beings or cells. Within the light body the course of evolution is being awakened as the Fifth Dimensional light body is the unified spirit of the whole of humanity and is represented metaphysically as the return of God, the rising of the Fifth Sun and or the alignment within the photon belt, the heavenly cloud, the wave of light, the stream of ultraviolet, all are the same. Humanity stands upon the precipice of the true millennium, the thousand years of peace and perfection -- The Age of Light and the Aquarian Age. The light source is being expanded and increased enveloping the whole planet. A Wayshower attunes to this energy and this is called the initiation or alignment and ...
  • The path of the Wayshower The path of the wayshower brings many rewards as the wayshower walks in alignment with the heart frequencies of bliss charged love, accessing protection, health, connectedness and abundance. The wayshower is moved into a soul family telepathic frequency with those of like mind and like vibration. Music "Tibet" by Tamid Edited by Magenta Pixie
  • Creations in the making - Wayshower Collective Do you have any advice or information for the Wayshowers on Earth? I am a working Wayshower and whilst I experience the bliss charged love the Nine talk about I still feel I am inundated with challenges and sometimes I wonder if I should be a working Wayshower leading others through this planetary shift and Ascension. Music by Freeplay Music LCC Video created & edited by Darvex108
  • GoldRing 10A Wayshowers Health Wealth Abundance Prosperity Gratitude - Wayshowers represent the Family of Light and are given power to make changes in political, economic, industrial and Third Dimensional structures. Dark Masters are enslaved by the Black Alliance to continue the legacy of dominance over the weak. As the evolution breaks through the Wayshowers honor the responsibility of carrying forth the plans which have been wanted by the followers for health, wealth, abundance and happiness. The time in this Game for the Wayshowers to rise in distinction and build their constituencies now. The stream of manifestation will turn into a river of transformation and flow into a river and flow into the ocean of Ascension as it is given to all who have asked. The Wayshowers are active and need to connect with the Teachers of Light. They Must Ask! Ask to be healed by being a healer and receive vibrant health. Ask for knowledge as you teach and receive wisdom. Ask for Wealth as you give Appreciation and receive Abundance. Ask for Love as you give with Compassion and receive Happiness. Ask for Respect as you Give Gratitude and receive Success. These are the things a Wayshower must do. - GoldRing 10A Wayshowers Health Wealth Abundance Prosperity Gratitude
  • Be a Wayshower- 11.11 Gold Ring with Rysa and Pixie Rysa and Magenta Pixie talk on the Gold Ring Radio show 11.11 celebration. The Gold Ring is the game of enlightenment and abundance. www.blogtalkradio Edited by Magenta Pixie (assisted by Catzmagick Productions) Music "Grains of Sand" and "First Date" by Freeplay Music LCC
  • Calling all Wayshowers: Your Mission has Begun!.wmv A call to action for all starseeds, lightworkers and walkins who have a mission to be a wayshower through the changes ahead. Read on.... Weekly Message from Jelaila March 8, 2010 Calling all Wayshowers: Your Mission Has Begun! The string of recent weather related catastrophes have left many feeling frightened and wondering when it will all end. The answer is, not for a while. In times like these it's hard to find a silver lining yet there is one. For starters, these events had triggered a mass awakening. Every day I receive emails from bewildered people who have been suddenly awakened. They want to know why these things are happening, will they ever stop and how to they can keep themselves and their loved ones safe. But that's not all. I'm being inundated with other questions as well and I can't possibly answer all these emails. When tuning in to ask the Nibiruans about this, I was given the answer that I am not supposed to be handling it all....that there is a call to action for those who have the mission to be a wayshower, a person who understands the bigger picture and can share that with others. In other words, they are a voice of calm and reason. What a relief! Additionally, I am to go back on the road and do 1 day workshops to provide the training and information the wayshowers will need. Where i will go depends on who contacts me. So, this is the new assignment for this year. I had felt that it wouldn't take form until March and now March is here! Glad that puzzle ...
  • The Wayshower (Read Through) January 2010 Gilgamesh LLC©2010 Directed by: John-Roger, DSS & Jsu Garcia, DSS
  • The Wayshower Final Mix from the man who did Matrix GIlgamesh LLC©2010 Directed by: John-Roger, DSS & Jsu Garcia, DSS
  • "The Wayshower" Final Days Captains Log 2010 2010©Gilgamesh LLC
  • Multidimensional Breakthrough Pleiadians Wayshowers GR49D Gold Ring Game of Enlightenment and Abundance: GoldRing High Resolution DVD's Now available at Higher Resolution versions of each segment of the Game of Enlightenment at http _^_ The Pineal Crown Chakra invokes and receives the light stream impulse of energy of the highest dimensional point that passes through the central strand. This activates the seventh dimensional pulsations which create the templates of the sixth dimensional sacred geometric organization of energies. In physical reality it operates according to cymatic patterns caused by vibratory frequency. pleiadian pineal yoga phi 2012 sacred geometry wayshower indigo galactic quantum lightworker
  • Twin Flames-The Wayshowers to Enlightenment-Christ Consciousness Dr. Pop UP JOHN describes the higher echelons of really being a twin flame couple. This is a real eye opener for those who really know nothing about the twin flame merge or the REAL PURPOSE OF TWIN FLAME REUNION.....FIND OUT ABOUT THIS HIGHER PURPOSE.....IT WILL MOST LIKELY GO OVER YOUR HEAD!
  • wayshowers teachers of light workers freedom peace wayshowers teachers of light workers freedom peace goldring enlightenment abundance rysa5
  • The Wayshower Trailer (2011) Gilgamesh©2010
  • Wayshower Song - Rysa5 - GoldRing - lets see I made up the song and the lyrics are somewhat spontaneous - I am playing the guitar. I made the video using Premiere and some pictures that are public domain of the Stars and Planets and some pictures I took of clouds I took with my digital camera and overlaid them.. I had to write this to youtube to have it submitted.
  • "The Wayshower" Goblin Valley 2010©Gilgamesh LLC
  • GoldRing 8A - Rules of the Wayshowers - http:// GoldRing 8A - Rules of the Wayshowers - To play the game within Third Dimension as a Wayshower here are your rules Knowing, be in clear intention, and live your truth, communicate and speak your message to your family. Expand your family to be one thousand in physical or non-physical realms. One will be the Initiator who will be the connector between the thousand. The fulfillment of the plan of creation is a purpose of the initiator. The Wayshowers become channels and providers of abundance. This is about GIVING. Very, very clearly this is a physical, emotional, ecological, economic, creative, mental, spiritual and cosmic enterprise. As a Wayshower you are here to complete your agreement and to manifest health, wealth, wisdom, Love, truth and purpose. You are in all ways energetic, relaxed, powerful and joyous. You are in all ways rich, good, giving, and a true benefactor. You are in all ways wise, clear, understanding, and knowing. You are in all ways loving, caring, appreciating and soulful. You are in all ways true, faithful, beautiful and seen.You are in all ways learning, expanding into unity. Heaven sent and founded upon the unity of all, there is one who unites and gives the gift of freedom and resource to the community. This is the Initiator. In every way you are connected from one to one to one, wherein all sovereigns are in alignment. The Initiator is like the Sun shining forth, an abundantly eternal Light, and sending streams of Love in every ...
  • "The Wayshower" Helper, Utah 2010 2010©Gilgamesh LLC
  • Lightworker Wayshower Exercise part 1 Exercise to practice working with light, making it brighter, pulling it into your environments, connecting it to your aura, let g it flow into your body, your chakras, as well as charging up your reiki healing energy, your pranna, manna etc. So you may assist in healing yourself, others, Mother Earth(Gaia) also this helps you to bring in new energies, and transmute them, to integrate them an so on, as well as to make you aware of the presence of Source, and the Angels your aura and your light, seeing in your third dimension these energies will click your mind that you aren't imagining things, or discounting the possibility of this type of metaphysical actions...it helps to manifest your true self into reality as you know it, raising your consciousness, and your awareness to let truth and metaphisics and your higher self become your reality, so there is no separation between spirit and yourself, yourself is spirit and your spirit is Source energy which is everything, and so are you. We Re all energy, everything is energy, after a while you can change your auras colors and see it mood to mood, or when you balance chakras you can see the color radiate from you as you travel from root to crown and then the five outside of your body. I hope you enjoy these little videos to prove our power people, so let's Take Our Power Back! We are energy not material and we must accept that, for it is the truth! Namaste, Have a Great Day!
  • Lightworkers, Wayshower, Starseeds, Indigo and Crystal Children, Healers [email protected] ANGEL THERAPY
  • The Wayshower FInal Mix with Dane Davis 2010 GIlgamesh LLC©2010 Directed by: John-Roger, DSS & Jsu Garcia, DSS
  • GoldRing 86 Intelligent Light Being Wayshower guardian family enlightenment You are the creators of your being by the thoughts that you entertain and enjoy. This adds energy to the thought which will manifest the experiences. There is no further authority beyond you, as the gods you speak of are illusions of your own reflections. It is time to trust who you are and understand how to move through the illusions of the coming times, disconnect the left brain demand to limit meaning of existence and know what it is to be in clarity and knowledge.The Guardians of Light created new designs around the human template. You are the Wayshowers of this light and represent the Guardians as an aspect of your being. The movement to unity and oneness is the initial step of the plan. The great awakening is coming from within and the knowledge and manifestation of this world is always being recreated new along the momentum of the positive stream.
  • The Wayshower Mission.wmv Jelaila provides an update on grid/template work to alter prophesied earth changes along with a more detailed explanation of the Wayshower Mission. Read Jelaila's Weekly Message:
  • Codes within metaphor - Calling the Wayshower Collective Why do you speak so much in metaphor? Some of the things you say are really difficult to understand. Is there a specific reason for this? Music by Freeplay Music LCC
  • GoldRing 6b Wayshowers - Invocation and Initiations DVD 3 - In the Third Dimension the Dark Ones command the fourth dimensional entities to attack the weakness in the followers. The followers find fear, despair and sadness which causes a downward spiral to close off the energy of the Teachers of Light. The door closes and the followers hide behind the door, afraid to open it to the Fifth Dimension and see the Teachers of Light. As Wayshowers your next move is to walk through the darkness and to step forth into the realm of space and time and matter and to awake those followers who hide in the shadows, to see beyond the masters of the Black Alliance and awake to the power of the mind guided by the heart of Light and Love. Space, time and matter are not real, yet conscious awareness and experiences are. The Black Alliance's scientists do not explain the dichotomy between the primitive mechanistic philosophies to capture the followers into a nihilistic world view. As a Wayshower, move your followers to see the new reality through Quantum Physics, String Theory, religious mysticism, fractals and sacred geometry. To bring them forward to the expanding outer rim of creation, allow them to see the path of creation goes on and on and never ending.
  • Medicine Wheel by The Wayshower. Hello dear ones ! It's my humble honor to be able to share this video with You, this time. I intuitively felt a deep urge to initiate myself, by the use of a medicine wheel. I have just completed my medicine wheel in the backyard of my house and i already feel a great joy knowing that i will use it regularly. I am still learning about the exact meaning and how to use it properly so i can not tell you more about it. Anyways, thanks for watching.
  • "The Wayshower" Dane Tracks/Soundswild 2010©Gilgamesh LLC
  • Wayshower Training and Gridwork Update.wmv Jelaila gives an update on gridwork for the US and how we are helping to minimize and alter prophesied earth changes and events.
  • 2012 Light of the Fifth Sun II Wayshower Neuroscience GoldRing GoldRing DVD's Now available at ON DVD - The GoldRing a Videos Available at http - The GoldRing is a Spiritual Media Company of Artists, Muscians, Teachers, Healers and Video Producers - Join us - GoldRing High Resolution DVD's Now available at: Higher Resolution versions of each segment of the Game of Enlightenment at _^_ The initiation of mass consciousness into oneness of shared intention is the fundamental agreement of those who have come forth as Wayshowers in the work of re-establishing unity and oneness. This is accomplished without Judgment. Judgment brings fear, separation, and simulates mental centers of the parietal lobes, the amygdale, hippocampus and the reticular formation dream state response through the pons and brain stem survival reactions. The effect of fear is cause static throughout the limbic system making it impossible for emotion to integrate with the higher centers of the brain. Fear turns off the reception of higher light by creating a fog of discordant vibrations. This is a parietal dissonance which impedes the ability of the mind to receive higher frequency light which is refracted and enhanced by the Pineal, Pituitary through the lens of the Septum Pellucidum membrane and into the quantum mind field. Gold Ring Game of Enlightenment and Abundance: http pleiadian pineal yoga phi 2012 sacred geometry wayshower indigo galactic quantum lightworker multidimensions reality ...
  • The Wayshower Scouting through Helper, Utah January 2010 Gilgamesh LLC©2010 Directed by: John-Roger, DSS & Jsu Garcia, DSS
  • Blue Ray pt 7 Changing of the Guard Master of the Lodge Masonic Temple Wayshower Bloodlines LIGHT WORKER STARSEED PATH Saleem Siddiqui discusses the Masters of the Blue Ray. the First Ray of Cosmic Truth as communicated by the Physical master of The Family of Light. Rise of the Physical Masters on Earth. The advent of the final messenger Muhammad of the Prime Creator to mankind on this Planet. All prophets are of truth bring the Light of the Lord in the Spoken word. Listen to the whole story to hear the true tale of our race and this earth. Are you looking for the fractal patter or the thread of life? Do you see the weave in the Matrix? We are all realizing that the world around us is changing, are you searching for something? Keep asking questions and answers will present themselves. SEEK and YE Shall FIND. Salam Peace. Islam = submitting to the Will of the Lord Most High, the Light. LOVE

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  • “beautifully 27 min 33 sec ago. There is no such a thing as a 38 min 7 Nicely said Simmon, i 42 min 19 sec ago. we have to find 1 first worth 1 hour 2 min ago”
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  • “klubitus covers the finnish electronic music and club scene with an event calendar, photos, a forum etc”
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  • “The WayShower movie! Skip to content. Home. Synopsis. Bios. Contact Us. Events. Support Us. Gallery ©2009 Scott J-R Productions, Inc All Rights Reserved”
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  • “Clicking Follow Back will add user to your friends list and may allow access to your Wayshower's Comments (4) View Comments: Sort: Does Anybody Really”
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  • “Reiki is a provider, teacher and wayshower of compassion. Reiki is a two-way elevator When walking the path and doing the work, Reiki is an unmatched wayshower and aid”
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  • “Back to Blog " Older Entry | Newer Entry " Keeping your energy in balance. Posted by StarFire on December 16, 2009 at 12:58 PM. Whether we recognise it or not, we are all sensitive to different energies that surround us. Some individuals are”
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  • “I see myself as a wayshower. I've been saying this was coming for a long time, took many implications of this dream, in the comments below, in our discussion forum and elsewhere”
    — Visionary Dream of a Positive Future... Despite the Oil Spill,

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