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  • We found 11 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word waffling: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "waffling" is defined. General (8 matching dictionaries) waffling: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of waffling - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Waffling is famous for positing his Fundamental Laws of Magic, the first of which is " Albus Dumbledore's birth date (1881) is incompatible with that of Adabert Waffling. — “Character:Adalbert Waffling - UnknowableWiki”,
  • Senator "Squishy" Talent Singled Out For Stem Cell Waffling. This piece from singles out Senator Jim Talent for his unprincipled waffling on the stem cell issue. The battle over the research is particularly fierce in Missouri, where. — “Senator "Squishy" Talent Singled Out For Stem Cell Waffling”,
  • Definition of waffling in the Medical Dictionary. waffling explanation. Information about waffling in Free online English dictionary. What is waffling? Meaning of waffling medical term. What does waffling mean?. — “waffling - definition of waffling in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • to talk or write foolishly : blather. — “Waffling - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • For those who wish to see waffling in its barest form, you can watch the four-minute video here. In terms of waffling, it is a textbook case. Because of my opponent's stand on this issue, he has won the endorsement of an anti-choice organization,. — “A Message from Barney Frank | Greater Southeastern”,
  • Otherwise known as "waffling." Usually, I lean to the OCD Knitter side, otherwise known I do one project at a time. Only. I finish completely before moving to my next one. But, since I am a store owner who is daily tempted by new arrivals and adorable new projects, it was inevitable that the OCD. — “Loops Yarn Blog: Waffling”,
  • We've made it very easy to follow WebProNews. Join our Facebook community. Simply click the "Become a Fan" button >> Text: | Print | Share: Waffling Vonage Sued Over IPO Pre-Sale. Comment Monday, June 5, 2006. View. Comments. By WebProNews Staff. 5. Buzz This. — “Waffling Vonage Sued Over IPO Pre-Sale | WebProNews”,
  • If White House advisers are calculating that it can disappoint liberals with health care concessions without ultimately losing the support of the Dem base, new polling suggests they could be on to something. You say Obama has been "waffling" about the public option, yet by. — “Despite Public Option Waffling, Obama's Support Among”,
  • Waffling. posted by paulburka at 6:43 PM. Call from the Pitts camp " the race is very much alive." And this from someone who is 3 Responses to "Waffling" January 8th, 2007 at 7:11 pm. Anonymous says: If those Valley Reps would vote for Pitts, this race would. — “BurkaBlog: Waffling”,
  • I was waffling for a while, thinking that maybe Obama was the lesser of the two evils. 9 Responses to "I was waffling for a while" BlacquesJacquesShellacqes Says: September. — “dispatches from TJICistan " Blog Archive " I was waffling for”,
  • Harlem's first Applebee's opened today but Uptown Flavor was lucky enough to attend an opening party this weekend. What caught my attention was mention of the restaurant serving items from local businesses such as Make My Cake just as Downtown. — “Waffling - Goodies First”,
  • Waffling happens with your brain stops and your mouth keeps going. How to overcome the 3 mental blocks that keep you waffling. — “Waffling: How to stop”,
  • Waffling by managers can be great -- or not. Here's why managers waffle and how you can evaluate why they are waffling. — “Why your boss waffles”,
  • One might waffle throughout an essay or a presentation, when not having enough material, or needing to fill in time. Waffling can also be used as a derogatory term; to describe, for instance, a candidate or politician who is considered to easily switch sides on issues to curry. — “Waffle (speech) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A spokesman for DeWine admits the senator is reconsidering his previous position. Mike Dawson told The Columbus Dispatch that the senator must weigh whether the ban is worth risking all the funding in the bill for Ohio airports and other. — “...Ohio Senator Waffling”,
  • adj. or verb - indecisive; unable to make up one's mind; playing the safe middle ground due to one's own lack of conviction or sense of morality. I've been waffling eBay all night, and all I've gotten was a god damn High School Musical. — “Urban Dictionary: waffling”,
  • Waffling definition, to speak or write equivocally: See more. — “Waffling | Define Waffling at ”,
  • While Manchin's run is almost a certainty at this point, the state's top Republican politician appears to be waffling — again — on a stab at the Senate. capito-waffling-and-related-posts/ "Manchin †̃Highly Likely’ to Run for Byrd’s Senate Seat; Capito Waffling" and related. — “Manchin Highly Likely' to Run for Byrd's Senate Seat; Capito”,
  • Definition of waffling in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of waffling. Pronunciation of waffling. Translations of waffling. waffling synonyms, waffling antonyms. Information about waffling in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “waffling - definition of waffling by the Free Online”,
  • Present participle of waffle. ( To ramble on without a point; to argue a point without "Brad and Nicole were waffling in humanities class because they didn't know the answer." Retrieved. — “waffling - Wiktionary”,
  • Waffling is Postponing by lack of ideas; you just keep on babbling in the hope you`ll Another example of waffling is Wimping , when you accept the other`s. — “Waffling”,
  • Is anybody else absolutely fed up with waffling by researchers? Re: Waffling By Researchers " Reply #2 on: September 28, 2009, 07:22:30 PM " I think it's more a case of bipolar disorder in the media than the. — “Waffling By Researchers”,
  • Less overt is the waffling of New York Senator Hillary Clinton, but her confusion is Why is it so difficult for the Democrats to grasp that waffling doesn't work as a form of leadership?. — “Stop the Waffling | The Nation”,
  • Definition of waffling from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of waffling. Pronunciation of waffling. Definition of the word waffling. Origin of the word waffling. — “waffling - Definition of waffling at ”,

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  • 10/17/09 is Obama waffling on troop decision in Afghanistan? 10/17/09 interview with historian and best selling author Jay Winik. I'mtired of people that condemn Fox because they feel that the media should have 100% bias to the left like Venezuela. They must think they're Hugo Chavez. That's typical liberal reverse logic, not knowing the facts, listening to nothing but liberal bias their entire lives and demonizing everyone that disagrees. Yeah, programmed robots like the robots that think they'll go to heaven by killing women and children of other religions. I guess constantly harassing the people you disagree with is the next step toward the type of government they want. In Russia where Putin controlled the media, he had an 80% approval rating. It makes you wonder if people can think for themselves. I listened to that liberal bias for 50 years and never did buy off on it. I've never groked the logic that America was so evil in Vietnam yet when the left got their way and three million were slaughtered and people took to the sea in make shift rafts with little chance of survival, the left didn't bat an eye. Or the logic that we are so evil for waterboarding three high level Al Qaeda (yeah, the creeps that killed women and children on 9/11) that three former CIA directors claimed saved American lives yet they pal up with or support via their actions leaders with the worst human rights records on the planet. Or the logic that we can make America a better place by making it like the countries everyone's trying to leave ...
  • Evil mark regev gets his mike cut by john snow for waffling on.
  • Eucep's Waffling: Worst KO I have. For Pizdets79 :)
  • Waffling On This was the film i made in my 3rd year at university in 2008 for my directing module, im very happy with the script, acting and technical side apart from my poor directing, most of the shots i chose and the choices i made in the edit suite i regret, but hey, you live and you learn. I wrote the script by rewriting from 2 radio sketches i did in college with old friends, Luke Himsworth and Daniel Lucas, that aired on GMR.
  • Eucep's Waffling: Cataclysm My bit of waffling on Cataclysm, 3rd expansion of World of Warcraft.
  • Waffling Rubber Gloves In HD Wide Screen Episode #Three of the "Waffle This!" Show: Today, A Waffle will fit like a glove, because used latex rubber gloves belong in a waffler. We hope to achieve a delicious golden crisp "Snug As A Glove Waffle" with help of the WASEEMA 7000 Waffling Bot. *Remember, Waffling waffle batter is for sissies. For entertainment purposes only, DO NOT Attempt these experiments at home.
  • Random Waffling - pickups, questions and a shoutout. ---------------- Talking about recent additions to my collection, thoughts and questions on collecting, and a shoutout for the guy who inspired me to record gameplay videos... collieuk. http
  • Eucep's Waffling: GN Archer unboxing And another unboxing.
  • 100 Subscribers! Some waffling... I'm really just taking this chance to blab a little.
  • B&B November 2008 -- Rick confronts Ridge about his constant waffling between Brooke and Taylor.wmv
  • Waffling on Morality I was going to do a video on why Twilight annoys me, but this is what came out :)
  • Waffling A Burger In HD Wide Screen Episode #One of the "Waffle This!" Show: Today, A burger no longer belongs in a bun, it belongs in a waffler. We hope to achieve a delicious golden crisp "Beefy Belgium Waffle" with help of the WASEEMA 7000 Waffling Bot. *Remember, Waffling waffle batter is for sissies. For entertainment purposes only, DO NOT Attempt these experiments at home. ************************************************************ More episodes of "Waffle This!" to return after "The Twelve Days Of Microwaving" marathon beginning December 14th & running until December 25th 2009 with a new Xmas item being microwaved every single day for twelve days non stop.
  • NVMRA & MMG OO Gauge Layout On Test Run + Background Waffle We (NVMRA & MMG) are having a Model Railway Exhibition on the 7th of June 2009 at Sacrewell Farm in Peterborough. This is the Thomas & Friends layout that will be attending the show on the day and also there will be some other layouts attending as well including our all-new debut N gauge one which it is based on an old welsh valley line with mining sidings. Well here is some footage of the Layout being tested while me and Ewan was waffling on about Virgin Trains and GNER being better than NXEC as well as the Bachmann Class 37411 in EWS livery that I want from Trains4U and the rumours about some real Class 37's possibly going to be painted into DB Schenker livery. This layout runs on an automatic timer so that is why they suddenly stop in some parts of the video. Comments & Ratings Welcome!
  • McCain Slams Obama for Waffling Gun Rights Position Here is video of Sen. John McCain on his campaign bus conducting an impromptu press conference with reporters. He comments on the Supreme Court decision striking down the DC Gun Ban and hits Barack Obama for his changing positions on the issue.
  • Me waffling about black ops for ages - Uh Oh Well then. Hopefully you learn something new from this! :) Only one more mw2 video that I will hopefully finish this week! :D
  • Efffects of Nytol - Waffling about different things. I thought I would record the effects of Nytol sleeping tablets it lead me to talking excessively drowsiness and in the end, it actually made me feel unconsious througout the night. It's better to take one and then put your head on A pillow, in the morning I felt quite buzzed up, but maybe because I was hyped to get up or something. I was going to bed before I made the video so my hair, clothing whatever do not judge :)
  • Jamo and Vinny Waffling at the end of a long day Jamo and Vinny just back in the hotel after seeing Dicky Ashcroft, and going out on the town in Newcastle. It is the last night of our stay, and we are just waffling and being stupid. Something goes wrong and Jamo nearly looses his hand!!
  • Obama Just Wants to Eat his Waffle - Fox Says He's "Testy" Today on Fox's "Your World w/Neil Cavuto," Cavuto set this clip up as Obama being "itchy" and "testy." He was none of the above. Fox finds a way to bash Obama even when there's no there there.
  • Here we come a-Waffling A brief explanation of where we are going with this waffle party thing
  • RE Waffling on Morality Here's my response to ExaggeratedElegy's great video on morality. Enjoy! Here's Professor Corey Anton's channel:
  • Waffling Belgians There's no cutting the line in Win/Fail. Play from the beginning here: Athenewins Channel: Win/Fail: The gr8est internet trivia game in the history of internet trivia games. Ever. (Disclaimer: Above statement based on a Wikipedia entry. That our intern wrote.)
  • Coming Soon: Waffle This By dOvetastic In HD Wide Screen Featuring the Waseema 7000 Waffling Bot. *To whom it may concern at Youtube reguarding copyright: Licsence to use the music called "Delhi Stomp" was purchased royalty free from for use in this production.
  • Microwaving A Waffler Waffling Eggs In HD Wide Screen Thisepisode can also be seen on my Bragster site: dOvetastic Microwave Theater has over 500 microwaving episodes between these two sites: Please be sure to friend me on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest microwaving news including the ongoing construction of the massive MALIK 11000 Five Ton Microwaving Robot. Welcome to dOvetastic Microwave Theater. Today your professional microwave operator will be microwaving a waffler waffling eggs while it is plugged in and turned on for your viewing pleasure. DO NOT ATTEMPT. *Remember, microwaving food is for morons. You are watching Episode HD Widescreen # Two-Hundred & Eighty-Eight Microwaving Episode #517 This show is for entertainment purposes only, so please DO NOT ATTEMPT these experiments at home. Experiments are produced in a professional environment with proper safety equipment.
  • Bob Barr on Hannity & Colmes 4/9/08 Bob Barr dukes it out with H&C over drug laws, civil liberties. Hannity shows his true colors yet again.
  • Waffling My iPHONE 3GS In HD Wide Screen Episode #Five of the "Waffle This!" Show: Today, My iPHONE no longer is a phone to call or text with, it belongs in a waffler. We hope to achieve a delicious golden crisp "iPHONE 3GS Waffle" with help of the WASEEMA 7000 Waffling Bot. *Remember, Waffling waffle batter is for sissies. For entertainment purposes only, DO NOT Attempt these experiments at home.
  • Waffle Blog 4.2 The rest of the video guys, sorry it over ran..too much waffling you see Hope you all enjoy it and see you tomorrow for a star wars review DP
  • Rainbow eyeshadow and waffling was meant to be a quick video just to show you my cool eyeshadow but yeah i waffled!! If you want me to do a tutorial for the eyeshadow, let me know!
  • Just a Minute Reloaded: Waffling Exclusive web comedy from From Just a Minute Reloaded: Sue Perkins' breathless 60-second round of improvised comedy monologue from BBC Radio 4 panel game Just A Minute, on the subject of 'Waffling' with all the interruptions chopped out, reloaded with new animation. Can she make it?
  • Random Waffling on Prop 8 and Homo***uality (Part One) Forgive the scattiness of this video; it and its sequels are merely an outpouring of various thoughts and feelings I have on the matters in question with very, very little in the way of structure or prior consideration :)
  • Update with Minimum Waffling Facial hair, increased strength, increase in height and weight, work, Photoshopped surgery, depression, FTM meet, Dr C. If you add me on Facebook, please remember that i'm stealth. Tumblr: Ask me anything www.formspring.me Transition album:
  • Vlog 1 - Do you like these vlogs? [Apologise for the waffling] Vlogging genuinely, no editting, no script, no notes just me and my thoughts at that given moment. Anyway Bristol Freeze video - Anyway did you enjoy the vlog?
  • Steven waffling Steven ouv it, waffling
  • A Response to Brainpolice2's Waffling Belligerence Response to this video: Economics: www.merriam- Psychological Egoism
  • Eucep's Waffling: Best of 2009 responce My top 5 transformers and top 5 non-transformers I got in 2009.
  • Lewis Black on converting from Catholicism to Judaism A woman in the audience told him she was converting from Catholocism to Judaism, and asked for his advice.
  • MSNBC: Ron Johnson (R-BP) is Full of BS For Waffling on Selling his BP Stock Ron Johnson's broken pledge on BP stock generates national ridicule.
  • Mojo, waffling hilariously! Can't make out half the stuff she was saying but it was very funny! Had to stop filming coz Henry was biting my feet!
  • Waffling Xmas Lights in HD Wide Screen Today, It's going to be a Holiday Christmas Lights Waffle with all the stringy trimmings, because christmas lights belongs in a waffler. We hope to achieve a delicious rubbery green crisp "Xmas Lights Waffle" with help of the WASEEMA 7000 Waffling Bot. *Remember, Waffling waffle batter is for sissies. DO NOT Attempt.
  • 50 jumps and still waffling well: new camera: and I'm still waffling at 50 jumps we were not sure if it was my first 4 way..if that's what you want to call it..what fun to look back: love that skydive space center! and i do have this with music...but i like the sound of wind...the music is in the wind! no need to sugar coat it! o and 2nd jump I almost smacked my hubby on opening...he should have tracked away.
  • Random waffle also 1st vid ! part1 OK ill explain now for those that read this bit this video has been split in to 3 seperate parts due to me borrowing my dads cheap as camera and its small memory but i explain this as the video goes on anyway also i must apologies for the awful quality and the crackling and the sound being slighty out this is once again my dads camera and youtube distorion ... anyhoo i hope you enjoy and ill stop waffling now ^_^

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  • “Electronic Arts and golfer Tiger Woods have a long, lucrative history, but Tiger's recent extra-marital adventures have caused some of the athlete's other sponsors to drop him from”
    — Is EA Waffling On Tiger Woods Sponsorship? - G4, g4

  • “Loops Yarn Blog. All the scoop from our store in Tulsa, OK and Otherwise known as "waffling." Usually, I lean to the OCD Knitter side, otherwise known”
    — Loops Yarn Blog: Waffling,

  • “You are cracking me up with the story about waffling back and forth. think I understand the reason for the waffling. I think sometimes the heart says one”
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  • “US Government Waffling on Mortage Loan Relief? US Government Waffling on Mortgage Loan Relief? FHA Home Loan Info”
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  • “Yes today is the oficial first day of spring! Whoop-dee-doo! As you would expect in the patagonia, a typically English”
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  • “Why We're Waffling on Health Care Reform. By Phil Daigle on August 26, Obama Pharma Deal - A Surprising Political Alliance was the previous entry in this blog”
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  • “Ok, I've been putting off my light purchase and was nearly ready to go ahead and buy my lights but started changing things at the last m Blog. waffling between Alien Bees and Flashpoints. User: Flat view. Navigation: ^ Forum |< First < Previous. Next > Next New >> Forum”
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  • “Politicians are often accused of waffling between stances on issues in an attempt to broaden or redirect their appeal. Well, I've run across a smal”
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  • “1134208 - Yesterday at 22:53 Re: TV waffling [Re: Jim_Clennell] 11 Re: TV waffling [Re: AndrewR] barnacle. Club Member 18. Forum veteran. Registered: 16/12”
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