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  • MOSH and WidSets to a single channel". Mosh has been around for a couple of years now and by all accounts has been pretty INTERNATIONAL - I must admit, the difference between Widgets and WidSets had been baffling me for a while. — “WidSets | Nokia Conversations - The official Nokia Blog”,
  • WidSets is now Ovi Store. Ovi Store is your one-stop shop for widgets, mobile apps, games, videos, social content, and so much This means that your WidSets account is no longer available. — “widsets.mobi”
  • WidSets is a mobile widget platform available for Java MIDP 2.0 phones and is completely manufacturer and browser independent. Like widgets on a Like widgets on a computer, WidSets provide immediate access to information for everything from RSS feeds to blog posts to photo-uploading sites. — “Nokia Launches WidSet Widgets For Mobiles”,
  • WidSets gets an update, v2 Beta is ready for download. 18 March 2008. Widsets 2.0 Beta available for download. Somehow I missed that they are rolling out a new beta version with lot of improvements and new features and the best of all, it is available for download right now. — “WidSets gets an update, v2 Beta is ready for download”, symbian-
  • About Widsets How often have you wished you could stay in touch with your web communities, when you're on the move, through your cell phone? Wouldn't you want to. — “Widsets - Mobile 2.0 Companies”, mobile20
  • Widsets, the mobile widgetisation service that allows you to easily browse web content on your device, has just given birth to a new baby. the very latest from the WOM World pages, so head over to the our Widsets page and add us. — “WOM World / Nokia Widsets available | WOMWorld/Nokia”,
  • WidSets, free download. WidSets 1.00: Add more power to your phone with widgets. If you've not seen Widgets in action on the Mac OS then you've really missed out. For the benefit of. — “WidSets (Java) - Download”,
  • The WidSets service is free, but your network/carrier may charge for data downloads. I'll cover how to use WidSets (including getting your Gmail via a widget), then how to create and publicise a widget for your own blog's newsfeed so that others can access your blog posts on their cellphones. — “WidSets: Gmail, blog and other feeds on mobile phones - A”,
  • Archive pour la catégorie WidSets' Mobile Marketing : Apple – iPhone – Breakthrough Internet Device. juin 20, 2007. iPhone features a rich HTML email client and Safari — the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device — which automatically syncs bookmarks from your PC or Mac. — “WidSets " . MOBILE ALLEY”,
  • A Consuming Experience: WidSets: Gmail, blog and other feeds on mobile phones Nokia WidSets Selects MCN to Power Real-Time Mobile Search Across its Universe of Content and Widgets. — “widsets | Diigo”,
  • WidSets Upgrade Today Tuesday, 10 June 2008 13:41 PseudoFinn The WidSets team has been working on an update for the past couple of weeks, and the n. — “WidSets Upgrade Today”,
  • it is both a widget engine and a widget deployment service where mini-applications called widgets can be uploaded to WidSets servers to be compiled and then automatically deployed to MIDP 2.0 compliant mobile phones running the WidSets client software. — “WidSets - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Widsets is a combined application and service that enables 'widgets' on a wide variety of mobile phones. Widgets are set to arrive on mobile platforms in a big way - Widsets is the first offering to arrive, but various operators, Opera and others are. — “Review: Widsets”,
  • Download new applications and games to your Nokia mobile phone at the Nokia download store. Download Nokia PC Suite and other free software that helps you get the best out of your Nokia device. — “Nokia Europe - Download software - Support”,
  • Demonstration of Nokia WidSets on the mobile phone. — “YouTube - WidSets”,
  • Press News: Latest Press&Buzz: had a great article about WidSets: "Fast, easy internet on cellphone A Content Aggregato. Blog News: WidSets Developer Award 2:45 PM Nov 6th, 2008 via twitterfeed. — “Feed Your Mobile (WidSets) on Twitter”,
  • Nokia today announced that its innovative Internet service called WidSets, launched one year ago, has emerged from Beta to a new service platform. WidSets will also bring advertising in as the primary business model. — “Cell Addict Blog: Nokia Widsets Emerges from Beta”,
  • Brings you information normally accessed via the Internet, directly into your mobile phone. Using mini-applications called widgets, it sends you updates made to your favorite web sites. — “WidSets”,
  • WidSets is a mobile runtime technology, and a mobile service powered by the said technology, based on the Java MIDP 2.0 platform, from the Finnish mobile company Nokia. Widsets is a combined application and service that is similar to what. — “Widsets”,
  • Lately, I've been hearing more about WidSets , a web-driven mobile app that lets users pick what kind of. — “The Smart PDA: Will WidSets Work?”,
  • Widgets and the Widsets client have been around well over a year. i just never got to do a quick write up on it because i truly thought i had done it. — “WidSets: Nokia Mobile Web Widget Client | Widgets Lab”,
  • WidSets Download,Wireless Communication Software,WidSets is a clever free service that brings the Internet to your cell phone. — “WidSets Review and Download,Wireless Communication”,