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  • Definition of wadder from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of wadder. Pronunciation of wadder. Definition of the word wadder. Origin of the word wadder. — “wadder - Definition of wadder at ”,
  • MySpace profile for pHyRe WaDdEr with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more. — “MySpace - pHyRe WaDdEr - 35 - Male - PHOENIX, ARIZONA”,
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  • Camel Toe Wadder. 24 Oct. I've been sewing for a good 15 years now. Thanks for sharing this wadder, it will help many others prevent wadders. — “Camel Toe Wadder " Miss Celie's Pants”,
  • We found 4 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word wadder: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "wadder" is defined. General (3 matching dictionaries) wadder: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of wadder - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Check for newer versions at http:// in the MyMenu forum. A lot of MYM files can be found in the Wadder MyM Repository: http:///wiki/index.php/Mym_Repository and here. — “Mymenuify (Custom Themes) - CompleteSoftmodGuide”,
  • Wadder definition, a small mass, lump, or ball of anything: See more. — “Wadder | Define Wadder at ”,
  • comments (0) since wadder is down you guys need an another download but you can find it on : http:///forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2120. — “Home -”,
  • Added a button which links to in GUI. - New Icon by Aether! - New ReadMii design by CountZero! http:///wiki/index.php/Ewes - Changed link in GUI to http:///wiki. — “Ewes - WADder Wiki”,
  • Short for "panty wadder" - someone who is a sissy and likes to *** and moan about everything. — “Urban Dictionary: Wadder”,
  • Setup WADder 1.2.exe Setup WADder 1.2.exe (6.58 MB) remove ads - Password Protected File - Please enter the password below to download this file. Authentication Required. Please complete the form below to download this file. — “Setup WADder 1.2.exe”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Wadder - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Wadder #1: Felled By a Beginner's Mistake and Too Much Pink. This began as a Textile Studios Santa Monica Tee and a pink jersey knit with little rows of ruffles that I picked up on sale in the annex of Paron Fabrics. Wadder #1 has a new life as a scarf just right for spring. — “Lindsay T Sews: Wadder Weekend I Had”,
  • Wadnesdays Wadder is always true. Wednesday's weather is always true Da wadder wisna expected and da "Shepherd" wis in da water. Even tho' it was dark wi. — “Da Wadder - SHETLAND LIVE”,
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  • WADder: crea el banner de tus WADs y más!! (6 de 9) , del foro de Wii Scene Just a reminder of what we have done to try and prevent confusion when using WADder for your own posted channels. — “WADder: crea el banner de tus WADs y más!! (6 de 9”,
  • WADder 1.0-Putting the brew in WiiBrew (Easy Custom Channel Maker)- Page 1 GBAtemp Forum Topic Post. — “WADder 1.0 - ”,
  • WADder v1.0 - Easy Homebrew Channel Maker December 22. Filed under All, Wii, hacking, homebrew by WB3000 | 2 comments. Icefireicefire has created a new tool for simplifying Wii channel creation. Using its GUI, you can input a DOL file, banner images, and a WAV file for sound. — “WADder v1.0 - Easy Homebrew Channel Maker - Nintendo-Scene”, nintendo-
  • WADder. Hello evertbody, I'm new in de Wii(scene) i have a Wii with a modchip and Wadmanager 1.4 with USB-loader cfg4.4. Now i want to make a Wii channel for the kids, so they can start de USB-loader (than the games) directly from the Wii menu. — “WADder”, forums.nintendo-
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  • [Wii Hacks] Smashing! Channel Forwarder Here is another custom Wii channel I made; a request by someone on Wadder Forums who goes by "murdaz". This channel was created using 2 legal base wads made by CountZero (1 for banner, and 1 for Icon). The video rendering causes the icon to look pixelated, but it really isn't. Its just something that Sony Vegas sharpened for some reason. In Brief: A custom channel forwarder for Smashing! homebrew game. The channel itself does not contain the game. What is Smashing!? Download:
  • Usb Loader GX Animated Aqua Channel Djdynamite was kind enough to remove all the ninty text garbage out for me and so now we have yet another updated video ;) www.theplayground- in the custom channel section ;) is where you can DL this channel ;) or over at in there channel section ;) THANKS DJDYNAMITE123 Downloads: pspplayground.condor.serverpro3.com well in light of soooo many gr8 new features I have updated my animated channel with brand new banner gfx and will release the animated channel at theplayground-uk and wadder later this evening! I will put the links in this vid description later today...Until then enjoy the vid!
  • wihackerz101's Wii ( Fully Softmodded ) [ NO MODCHIP ] Yeah...This is my Wii. I am the one who completly hacked it... If you have questions, please contact me at the WADder forums, where I will most likley respond. () The noise at the end was my brother and his whoppe cushion.
  • Natural Hallucinogen Geexbox Theme For the animated channels visit this link and join the fun! Natural Hallucinogen I used a video here on youtube and arcsofts showbizdvd to create a little mod for Geexbox users I am still working on the final version but this is a glimpse//.... THIS PLAYS WITH YOUR HEAD AND MIND! ITS AWESOME basically this works much like when you play guitar hero and after a long song the still frame appears to be moving upward though you know its not ;) It burns a pattern into your mind that your eyes cannot interpret fast enough so the result is a fully natural hallucination :o PLEASE TRY THIS AS WELL ITS EVEN BETTER EXAMPLE CALLED THE LSD SPIRAL!
  • My First Animated Channel Usb Loader GX THANK YOU WIISEL FOR DOING THE LOST WINDS BASE WAD FOR EVERYONE YOUR THE BEST WIISEL!!!! Want to make your own animated channel? then go ahead and join wadder grab a copy of icefires hot new release wadder 2.7.3 and start contributing some animated channels for your friends in the scene! this wad will be attached to the post within 24 hours! till then feel free to have a look at other hacks and contributions in my previous video releases.....Thanks for watching! Special thanks to: Wiisel (for the base.wad anaimation out of lost winds) Icefire and EVERYONE @ wadder for making wadder 2.7.3 available! Buby78 for all the work he does for our "wii theme team" though i did do the gfx for these Custom System Menu's you see they would be no more than just that...GFX without buby78's My Menu scripts and amazing hex editing capabilities YOU ROCK BUBY78! Thanks to anyone I missed?
  • How to get the 000000XX.app file for your Wii I WILL NOT provide a link to the file, due to legal reasons. NUS Downloader: WADder: MyMenuify:
  • smvb64(first wad i made with wadder:D )camper clan from BFC channel beta v0.01 hi!!! this is my first channel(the channel is made for the bfc clan called camper) i ever made with wadder and it still needs lots of work:) im now going to learn how to animate the channel:)
  • Homebrew Hackers' Tutorials - Nintendo Wii Custom Channel Maker + Custom Channel Wads This Application Allows You To Create Your own Custom channel for The Wii Using Homebrew Applications EG I have Wad Manager As a app on the hombrew channel and i use this to make it a channel :D Download The App Here Click Download Install it And Use It Like I Do In This Video Thanks To Icefire From For This Application ******************* Custom Channels ******************* You can Get Custom Channels From Here: They Put More Up Every Day Just Download The Wad File And Install It Wi Wad Manager 1.3 I have A Couple Up There And More To Come My First Ever Channel Is Posted Upe There The Any Region Changer Channel (ARC)
  • WADder guys please help me have some trouble with customize mii
  • Official WADder Theme -- Preview Yes, I know the cursors/discs are square. I'll fix that soon. Theme by Mrkinator and icefire! This is just a preview, so no download. Website is Also, this is the FIRST LEGAL WII THEME EVER. REALLY!
  • how to change the system menu of the wii with softmii you need to have the homebrew channel installed if these links dont work go to google then they aren't hard to find download links: NUS Downloader softmii ver:3.0 (thanks to Dracknes) /SoftmiiHCver211En.rar mymenu wad packer unpacker 00000040.app = 3.2 NTSC-J 00000042.app = 3.2 NTSC-U 00000045.app = 3.2 PAL 00000070.app = 4.0 NTSC-J 00000072.app = 4.0 NTSC-U 00000075.app = 4.0 PAL 0000007b.app = 4.1 NTSC-U 0000000100000002 * 288 for 00000040.app * 289 for 00000042.app * 290 for 00000045.app * 416 for 00000070.app * 417 for 00000072.app * 418 for 00000075.app * 449 for 0000007b.app
  • [TvC] Game launching (and demo of WaDDer) Wad done in 5 minutes, so ... Ugly XD
  • Ahmed Wadder College Video Video of Ahmed aka Ghulam wadder's college video acting of widow on her husband's death....
  • How to Make Custom Homebrew App Channels for the Nintendo Wii How to make Custom Channels for the Nintendo Wii using a Program called WADder If you want the WAD that I made in this video here is a link for you to Download and make sure you have Wad Manger to install WAD's OK here it is If you want to make your Own WAD's download this program named WADder here is the link for you to Download Thanks for Watching Please, Rate, Comment, and Subcribe Please!!!!!!!!!! Thank You
  • oil in the wadder 3 percent
  • Midnight Mage Revamp: Circle Channel Mym and New Star Animation Just something ive been messing with using the circle mym Tempus of wadder created recently (well a while ago now) and thought i would share some of the modifications with you all and see what you think? THIS ONE IS NOT READY YET but when it is done ill post the info on www.theplayground- in the usual place and im sure a team m8 will have it up on as well ;) Credit For These Mods Goes To: Tempus or Wadder and The Playground-uk's Wii Theme Team! Buby78,Symular_syn,Diddy81,Vapiai,Mr.Shizzy,Mr.Nick666,VettaCossX
  • Drinking Wadder! :) now im drunk...on arrowhead wadder :)
  • Mr. Wadder .
  • Wadder Tutorial © by Fel347 4
  • Helium Boy Animated Channel ACCF style ;) Well i made this channel to show a very much clear exapmle of what wadder 2.3.7 does ;) wadder is a application created by a god send of a developer known in the wii scene as IceFire... it can be found along with a whole Wiki of info at also a guide i made with pictures called 7 Steps: Create Animated Channels With Wadder. can be found here: pspplayground.condor.serverpro3.com and the release of this particular channel can be found here: download this channel wad: pspplayground.condor.serverpro3.com WHAT DOES WADDER DO? it replaces the pictures in and given WAD channel by allowing the user to extract...edit...and replace existing pictures within the banner and icon even for animated channels wii ware and even the Opening.BNR of a disc you own for the wii ;) thats how this one is made with the ANIMATION WITHIN the opening.bnr file converted to WAD format with BNRBANDIT an open sourced tool....then edited and lastly installed to get this hacked channel i have created for this video ;) ALWAYS INSTALL PRELOADER AND BOOTMII BEFORE PLAYING WITH WAD FILES CIOS FILES OR CSM FILES ON YOUR WII! YOU NEED THEM FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR HARDWARE ;)
  • How to make a forwarder Wii Wad! And using a Tool called WiiVNC for Dummies. :D I made this video to show you how it's done and what WiiVNC can do. :D WiiVNC is a tool for your Nintendo Wii what will let you control your PC from your Wii. You can download WiiVNC from the Homebrew Browser or from You can run WiiVNC from The Homebrew Channel or make a Forwarder Wii Wad. For the Homebrew Channel: (BE FOR STARTING WITH THE WAD MAKING!) WADS CAN BRICK YOUR WII IF YOU INSTILL SOMETHIMG WHAT IS BAD OR YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!!! What you need! All the tools at the bottom of this page. And a full hacked Wii what can install Wads. For Forwarder Wad: Forwarder creator v2 by suloku. And you need WADder for making the Wad: Forwarder Info: Make a folder called wad or anything you like on your desktop. Make a folder inside that folder called apps. Download WiiVNC and put the folder inside the apps folder. Download the Forwarder and put everything out of the Forwarder folder into the wad folder or what you called it. Run Forwarder and put your wad folder name down and tell it to make a .dol You will now see a WillVNC.dol file inside the wad folder or what ever you called the folder. This file is liked to the boot.dol file inside the WillVNC folder you have downloaded. Get any Wad. Open WADder and pick your WillVNC.dol file so it will be liked to the boot.dol on your SD card. You can use any images you like. --- See video for help. Please do not try the Wad making if you do not ...
  • Rows Wadder This is longer than most of the stuff I uploaded :3
  • Epic Fail: Wadder 3 beta www.wii-addict.fr
  • Wadder Site Forwarder Channel Yep The Wii Theme Team are back for a 3rd installment for the day this ones a internet forwarder dedicated to the Wadder site originally made by xuzz but has now moved Channel forwards to Download
  • [Wii Hacks] Super Mario War Channel This is a channel forwarder for the Super Mario War Wii Homebrew game. I was tired of the old channel made by someone else, so I decided to make my own. I will post a download link later. This Channel was made using a legal Base WAD (Gecko OS) *Thanks to Vettacossx for his help and support *And thanks to the folks at Wadder Forums in general. DOWNLOAD SOURCE:
  • How to use Wadder 2 7 Here U can download it
  • GUI USB LOADER CHANNEL by Dimok, Nixx, Cyrex, others Now working in all regions.. INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK JUST LIKE ANY OTHER CHANNEL INSTALL.. PRELOADER IS A MUST. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYBODY BRICKING THEIR WII. Channel I made With Wadder found at This is NOT a forwarder. it works with themes in default location or if your config.txt points to other locations. On seldom occasions the sound will just stop on the channel,, no big deal. The swinging tag is a WD Passport. V1.0 rev391
  • WADder v1.2 PreView Showing channel I made with WADder v1.2, took about 4 or 5 minutes to make. Very Easy.
  • WADder 1.2 problem
  • Wadder Under The Bridge A gentle reminder of the simpler things.
  • How to install themes on wii 4.2 (darkwii) This is how to install the darkwii theme on your wii 4.2u. If your on 4.2e just message me and ill send you the link for the 4.2e darkwii. You got to have cIOS installed in order for this to work check out this video on how to do that it helped me. If you already have it installed just follow my tutorial. How to install cIOS: Links: MyMenu: MyMenuify: Darkwii 4.2u:
  • Semi-Brick and Recovery while developing a CSM for shiggles not for the compitition BTW to make things clear I AM NOT A STAFFER OF SOFTMII OR OF WADder JUST A REALLY BIG FAN OF BOTH! :P and a contribution oriented member of the genral homebrew community :D well i was excited to find development at both and are on the dev trail and making some serious time i might add! with all these new tools I have been reading for the past couple of days learning and working through the ole ADHD to get a grasp on CSM creation so this is both a preview and a lesson... Preview of: My Black Mage Themed CSM in the making and what happens when you flash the wrong 00000042.app file and get a semibrick ;) this is for demonstration now i suspected that when i flashed this it would brick brecause i am testing for a script developer so remember if THE AVERAGE USER FLASHES A BAD THEME WITHOUT A RECOVERY HACK THE CANNOT FIX THE WII WITHOUT A MODCHIP... The lesson: Be csure to have starfall/preloader hacks installed on your wii before you develope or try to develope a CSM ;) I have been at it less than 24 hours here and managed 4 bricks on 2 00000042.app files just testing out things as they come here on the furums. I have to say Icefire is not just a really talented coder but a classy guy and i have alot of respect for him he helped me through the frustrations of getting started even when i had lost my patients he was very helpful much respect for the WADder crew and softmii crew for the way they all tirelessly devote there efforts toward the goal we are all ...
  • MyMenuify 2.2 - GUI Wii Theme Installer - The first ever Wii GUI theme installer! Allows installation of themes from anywhere on your SD card, with an easy interface to browse. Even warns you if you select a file that isn't a theme! Get it at !
  • Skull added by request to the pirate black theme sourced in the MYM repository at Wadder wiki ;)
  • Folder or Wadder This is a speech given at Club Med Toastmasters in Billings, MT. Project 6, vocal variety, from the Competent Communication manual. It explores the question "do you fold or wad your toilet paper."
  • Mario Wii Theme all themes over at 4.X
  • how to hack your wii's theme, custom wii theme part1 hack your wii links nus downloader: my menu mymenugui download12 wad packer and unpacker theme files
  • Wolfenstein 3d animated channel for wii OK guys here it is the animated Wolf3d Channel this is created by the wii theme team at theplayground- MIRROR Credit: Buby78 (fixing the icon and compiling wads) Symular_sym (fixing and resizing banner gfx) MR.Nick666 (for creating the MUCH CLEANER LOOKING LOGO DESIGNS!) VettaCossX (created concept,gfx,compiled wads) Icefire for creating wadder! WILSoff (you know why! ;)) Djdynimite for his advice and always helpful disposition your the best bro! HOW do i make a channel!? Install preloader is ALWAYS the first step so when and if you icon brick (this is something that just happens deving channels) you have brick recovery...I icon bricked quite a few times making this channel and buby was able to get the job done with some *** editing :) and DONT BE AFRAID TO USE TEAM WORK! you will find all the people here at wadder as well as theplayground- are willing to help out just shoot a PM to one of your fellow wadder members or come to the wii theme teams official threadz on theplayground- and we will help you get the job done! This channel animation is based from the Onslaught wiiware game as my base wad (all wiiware base.wads can be found in the wiki here on wadder forums) then i use wadder 2.3.7 bugfix to extract ,edit,replace my images...its just that easy so get preloader and get to contributing some animated channels guys!
  • James Wadder iPhone iMovie quick music video satire
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  • “My mom used to nag, nag, nag, nag, nag me to "Finish it up!" before moving on to a new The final piece of the capsule that I had cut and expected to sew is a wadder”
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  • “ice fire has released wadder 2.0 rc3. He claims that it is now a legal way of making custom channels. Quote:Legal notice: WADder should be now legal, at least I hope. No Nintendo property is included, and no Team Twiizer/marcan/etc”
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