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  • wad n. A small mass of soft material, often folded or rolled, used for padding, stuffing, or packing. — “wad: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Definition of wad (wadded, wadding) in the Dictionary. Meaning of wad. What does wad mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word wad. Information about wad in the dictionary,. — “What does wad mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation”,
  • "Doom Construction Kit: Mastering and modifying Doom" was one of many guide books for creating WADs. Doom WADs are package files for the video game Doom or its sequel Doom II, that contain sprites, levels, and. — “Doom WAD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of wad from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of wad. Pronunciation of wad. Definition of the word wad. Origin of the word wad. — “wad - Definition of wad at ”,
  • wad ingilizce türkçe sözlük wad nedir? wad tanımı index. wad etimolojisi wad okunuşu wad sözlük anlamı wad çevirisi wad kelimesinin eşanlamı nedir?. — “wad < index. < sesli sözlük : ingilizce türkçe almanca”,
  • 1. a small mass, lump, or ball of anything: a wad of paper; a wad of tobacco. by up): He wadded up his cap and stuck it into his pocket. 3. to hold in place by a wad: They rammed and. — “wad: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • Official homepage of the band from Maine. — “Johnny Wad and the Cash”, johnny-
  • Official site of the infamous Seattle rock band Wad All Material on , including the Repository, belong exclusively to WAD. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited by law. — “Home of Seattle's rock band Wad”,
  • A character WAD can be considered complete with only up to 173 frames though, made possible due to the abridged system of handling sprites. The sheer number of sprites alone contributes to the history of completed Character WADs, notorious for having few results being yielded. — “Character WAD Tutorial - SRB2 Wiki”, wiki.srb2.org
  • What does WAD stand for? Definition of WAD in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “WAD - What does WAD stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by”,
  • Wad definition, a small mass, lump, or ball of anything: See more. to hold in place by a wad: They rammed and wadded the shot into their muskets. — “Wad | Define Wad at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Wad Medani (geographical name) 1wad. noun \ˈwäd\ Definition of WAD. 1 : a small mass, bundle, or tuft: as a : a soft mass especially of a loose fibrous material variously. — “Wad - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • is dedicated to empowering people via personal economics. Info on finances, frugality and freebies. Income secrets and money savings for a debt free future. Wealth building, simple living, thrifty coupons and frugal tightwad tips!. — “TIGHTWAD CENTRAL... Dedicated to empowering people via”,
  • We found 46 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word wad: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "wad" is defined. General (31 matching dictionaries) wad: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]. — “Definitions of wad - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • WAD (which, according to the Doom Bible, is an acronym for "Where's All the Data?" [1]) is the file format used by Doom and all Doom-engine-based games for storing data. A WAD file consists of a header, a directory, and the data lumps. — “WAD - The Doom Wiki - Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, and more”,
  • Download Free Vdo, FLV,mp3 , You can view a Media for free. wad Videos wad Videos wad Videos wad Videos wad Videos wad Videos wad Videos wad Videos. — “wad Videos - vWatch.tv, Free video and music download, Free”, vwatch.tv
  • Our cat loves to play with a small wad of paper. A substantial pile (normally of money). With a wad of cash like that, she should not have been walking round Manhattan. A soft plug or seal, particularly as used between the powder and pellets in a shotgun cartridge. — “wad - Wiktionary”,
  • Shop our large selection of wad gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique wad designs. Fast shipping. — “Wad Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress Canada”, shop.cafepress.ca
  • Definition of wad in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of wad. Pronunciation of wad. Translations of wad. wad synonyms, wad antonyms. Information about wad in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “wad - definition of wad by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • A generic name for (often poorly crystalline) soft manganese oxides/hydroxides, often containing significant amounts of hydroxides/oxides of other metals and adsorbed metals (iron and other transition metals, alkali elements, etc.) See also. — “Wad: Wad mineral information and data”,
  • If you have questions, comments or need information from the World Association of Detectives, please contact the W.A.D. office. The World Association of Detectives offers a networking opportunity for Investigators and Security Professionals around the world. — “World Association Of Detectives Welcome”,
  • Details for file extension: WAD - Game Archive - The WAD file extension is often used for game archives. These are usually packages containing levels, graphics and other game data, and the term WAD is often used to refer to modified versions of. — “File Extension .WAD Details”,

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  • Psychophobia (Doom II wad): All new Monsters (2/3) CULTISTS: They have low HP. All cul*** wearing a robe can shoot with different weapons and throw different TNTs. Some differences are: The yellow one throws a Molotov, the green one shoots single plasma balls, the blue one shoots freezing balls and the red one shoots with a flamethrower. The *** one simply attacks with an axe. CYBERMASTERMIND (BOSS): Has about 6000 HP (double as much as a Spidermastermind). Can shoot rows of plasma balls, or a blue BFG ball which has a devastating explosion range. You had better stay away from the wall it's going to impact. BAT FAMILIAR: Can be killed by every weapon with only one shot. They simply fly towards you and bite you. However they can hardly be seen. BLACK SOUL: Has about 100 HP. It acts just like a Lost Soul, but its rushing attack does very high damage, and it can shoot small red orbs. They're just visible if you're in front of them. FIRE WYVERN, FIRE GARG, FALLEN: The reason I list them as one type of enemy is because they are pretty much the same. The Fallen and Fire Wyvern have about 100 HP while the Garg has about 200. They all fly around and shoot a volley of weak fireballs at you. The Fallen even does this while moving sideways. DEMONO: Has about 300 HP. It flies and shoots red skulls at you, sometimes chasing you. GHOST: VERY ANNOYING. Has about 600 HP, chases you VERY quick and if it hits you with its scythe, it does high damage. HELL GUARD: Has about 200 HP. It fires 3 electric balls out of its ...
  • khaled zaki el wad da ew3a weshak
  • Psychophobia (Doom II wad): All new Monsters (1/3) ARACHNOPHYTE: Acts just like the Spidermastermind, but has less HP (about 2400) and can fly. MECH-DEMON: Acts just like a normal Demon (or Pinky, Bull how you like it), but is a bit faster and has about 300 HP. MAULER DEMON: Slowly runs around and jumps at you. This does little damage. Has about 200 HP. DIABLOIST: VERY ANNOYING. Has about 1000 HP. Can do 3 different attacks, shoot many small fireballs at you, send 2 flames running on the floor chasing you (they do high damage), and lastly he can burn you which cannot be avoided. DEATHKNIGHT: This one is tough. He has about 600 HP and can reflect your attacks with a shield. While defending, he can cast a wave of fireballs, shoot a few spreaded sparks at you or sends out 2 burning skulls which chase you. DEATH INCARNATE: A very easy enemy. He has about 600HP. His only attack is to stare at you, which can't be avoided but it's really weak. Can also punch you if you get too close. PYRO DEMON: Has about 1100 HP. Can become invisible for a short time. He can fire 3 pyroballs at you and make rocks fall from the ceiling.Sometimes he also throws a single fireball at you. HERESY LORD: I bet you think this demon can fly, but his wings are just for decoration. He also has about 1100 HP, like the Pyro Demon. Can throw acid balls in 3 different patters. First he can throw a single ball at you, second he can throw them like the shots of a Mancubus and third he can shoot 3 spreaded ones. If you get too close he starts to ...
  • Adel Amam Be7bene Ya hoda in Wad Saieed Sha3'al The Hot Play For Adel Amam
  • Pearson Sound - Wad [HES 009] Pearson Sound - Wad . Originally released on Hessle Audio in 2009
  • THE D!ZONE EXPERIENCE - GOODLUCK.WAD UAC sends the Doom marine to what he thinks is a routine hellspawn-killing mission; however, all he finds in the corridors of GOODLUCK.WAD is unspeakable horror, and perhaps even the meaning of existence itself.
  • Haifa Wehbe "Ya Wad Ya Teel" ("Heavy" cool guy) subtitles يا واد يا ثقيل Haifa Wehbe of Lebanon singing (not lip-synching) "Ya Wad Ya Teel" with English subtitles, from the Infinity concert several years ago. "Ya Wad Ya Teel" can be translated as "hey, heavy guy" -- meaning, an emotionally cool guy who's hard to "capture" and get to fall in love. "Teel" means "heavy" in the sense of a stolid guy who doesn't show his emotions. He's a hard-to-get guy, romantically. Free mp3 download of this song: www.4 The beautiful Egyptian star Souad Hosni sang this song in a movie in the 1960s: Nancy Ajram singing this song with English subtitles: .
  • How to Install WAD channels (files) on your Wii WARNING! READ DESCRIPION FIRST! Based on the comments on this video, I can see that the only thing people use this for is piracy. Just great. I still don't condone it. Put the wad_manAnorhc folder from the .zip file into /apps/wad_manAnorch Put WADs into a folder on the root of your SD card called "wad" (without quotes) You can download the WAD Installer here: I reccomend finding WAD files to install on BitTorrent! In this video tutorial I show you how to install channels from a WAD file on your Wii. I apologize for out-of-sync audio and video during the part on my computer.
  • How to add WADs into Sonic Robo Blast 2 Happy 1 year to this video! website: www.srb2.org NOTE--- I just want to say I hardly play this game anymore. Maybe once a week I do. Here is one way to add WADs into Sonic Robo Blast 2.
  • WAD installer v2.1/uninstaller v1.1 channel with Banners WAD installer v2.1 and WAD uninstaller v1.1 with Banners working on wii version 3.2E WAD installer 2.1 download link: WAD uninstaller v1.1 download link:
  • Doom 2 Wad: Deus Vult II - Unholy Cathedral (Map21) Part 1 Deus Vult II: First Edition by Huy "Converted Doomer" Pham. I am not gonna do these maps myself because they are just too hard but these videos are speedruns done by the best doomers in the world named Brian "Anima Zero" Nesser and Przemyslaw "Belial" Woda, these demos are included in the download of Deus Vult II. Below is the readme included with the map: Skill and Style: 4 (UV-Max) Time - 16:09 Exe/Port used: GLBoom (PRBoom Plus) -complevel 9 Damn there sure are plenty of cathedrals in hell :P This one may be less epic than the one from the original DV when it comes to the sheer size of the main hall, but it sure is a lot more complex in both layout and architecture. This is the only map that can rival map19 in terms of complexity and connectivity, but it does so in a completely different fashion. The majority of the areas are instantly accessible even if you don't use the magical shortcut intended for demo recording, which leaves most of the route choices in the hands of the player. There are no limits on progressing through the map in whichever way you please since the only thing you are forced to do is getting two keys to open up the exit. All of this can be summed up in one sentence: coming up with a good route is a nightmare on par with dv02. Now this is where the brief description of the route was supposed to go, but for this map it would be anything but brief so I'll just give some general thoughts here. You get the BFG right away so use ...
  • Lee Corso..."Arkansas shot their wad" College Gameday, on ESPN. Coach Corso makes a very un-PC ***ogy about Arkansas' chance of winning this week's game. Kirk Herbstreit can hardly contain his laughter.
  • Wii WAD Installer ISO This video shows how the WAD Installer ISO works Actually something went wrong that didn´t install the channel, but when this problem happens it is nor problem because it somehow got active in the wii shop and you can download it from the wiishop My tutorial how to make a WAD Installer iso can be found here:
  • WAD manager installation 3.4U how to install wads to your wii. to get IOS16-64-v257-pro.wad - to get wii fix tools - Where i got all my wads -
  • Wheezy wad-iPad spoof I make a spoof of the iPad video ft the Wheezy Wad Follow me on twitter
  • Big League Chew Big League Chew Commercial. Chewing Tobacco as gum. Oddly enough, still availabe in stores with little change in marketing tactic. Downloadable version available on !
  • Smith & Wesson 52 .38 Wad Cutter Pistol We take a quick look at a .38 special pistol. The S&W Model 52 is a pistol that shoots revolver ammunition. Pistol Buyers Guide Another video review by Read our Gun Websites Blog; http Chat with us at Gun Websites on Facebook; Gun Websites on Twitter:
  • Haifa Wehbe "Ya Wad Ya Heliwa" (Cute Guy) English subtitles هيفاء يا واد يا حليوة A new, better translation of "Ya Wad Ya Heliwa" (Hey, Cute Guy) sung by Haifa Wehbe on the Lebanese TV show Al Wadi (The Valley) in 2005. Free mp3 download of this song: www.4 Translation thanks to Peter B.: "Hey, Cute Guy" (Ya Wad Ya Heliwa - يا واد يا حليوه ) The loved ones, the loved ones The family, the family The friends, the friends The valley, the valley My country, my country Dance with me, gentleman I miss the nights, my family and friends Ah my eye, Ah night Why is there absence between us? hey cute guy I miss you I really really am longing I miss you so much! I am here in the valley and my darling is not happy Because he misses me I miss the nights, my family and friends Ah my eye, Ah night Why is there absence between us? I miss my house and my neighbors as well And my country's brave men. The separation days will pass sooner or later and we will be together like before. .
  • Adel Amam Maba7eth In Wad Saieed Sha3'al The God Of The Arabian Comedian
  • Wad Installation Install Channelson Wii: games + homebrew ETC
  • WAD: Chrissy & Amber - Happy Days - Drag Queen What a Drag (WAD)Feature - Starring Chrissy Present & Amber Vision, in this debut duet originally by Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand. Happy Days are here again when these two knock back a few bottles of wine i tell ya. Join our facebook group, What a Drag Productions - Sydney Drag Queens for extra's.
  • Wad Balad Wad Balad by Mao Mixed by Kino Music: Sweetie come Dance Reggae - Riddim Maximum Respect to Ali Saad Ali , and all Massive and Crew
  • Nuts.Wad (Or Zombie surfing) 40K views keeping the zombie sea alive :D The infamous Nuts.wad Doom map. The first run is at standard settings. The second run is at my max resolution and every quality setting was turned on or at it's highest value. I averaged about 5-7fps on the balcony in that mode :P. Keep in mind Fraps likes to cut my framerate in half, but I still think it's it does okay. I'm running this off of a E6600 Core2Duo and BFG Tech(approtiate for this don't you think?)GTX 280 card running Win x64. Both are overclocked.
  • How To: Wii Hacking - Zelda TLP and Wad Installer This video shows you, very simply, step by step how to get the TLP hack working on a regular Wii. I take you through the steps from formatting an SD card to loading up your own WAD files. In this case I load a WAD I made with an injection version of Chrono Trigger. If you want to learn more, visit
  • Let's Play the Doom 2 WAD Oniria! A WAD for Doom 2 made by Aluqah, Oniria is one of the few WADs that's in black and white. There's bits of red here and there, too. You can get it here if you'd like:
  • Ya wad ya t2eil haifa singing ya wad ya teil on a show.
  • Doom 2: NUTS.WAD UV-MAX with suprwep8.deh 2:56 Thanks to the latest versions of prBoom-plus, speedrunning the infamous NUTS.wad has finally become feasible. This is by July 4th 09 (today) the fastest UV-MAX (all kills and all secrets (none) on ultra violence) run of the map using suprwep8.deh weapon mod.
  • Doom Rickroller - Nuts3.wad Rickroller
  • [D1] The Sky May Be - strangest WAD ever The most bizarre WAD in existence, dubbed "the cure for people bored with DOOM", demoed by Creaphis. This is probably the most complete non-cheated demo of The Sky May Be you will ever see, played as its authors intended it to be played, with The Blessed Engine (h). *** WAD: skymaybe.wad *** Author: DOUG the EAGLE and KANSAM www.it- *** Recorded by Creaphis with prBoom-plus v2.5.0.3. Played back with glBoom-plus v2.5.0.6-test (GL renderer). Capped with Fraps 3.0.0. *** This and other SMB demos can be found at DSDA: doomedsda.us *** The Sky May Be story: ----------------------------- The Great God Imp has shown mercy on your soul and cast you into the hellish pits of his virtual toybox. Running around the garish lego buildings, you become aware that the virtual toychest is actually running under windows 3.11. However the mouse is broken and the ALT and F4 keys have been removed. You must find a way to shut down the system and end this nightmare! Oh, and watch out for the Great God Imp. He may not be so kind next time He sees you. *** excerpts from Creaphis' commentary: ============================= Notes on final percentages: All killable monsters that affect kill percentage are disposed of in this demo. A true 100% kills run of this level is impossible, because, as far as I was able to figure out, the Great God Imp affects kill percentage (actually, it doesn't - N_A), while being entirely indestructable. Telefragging, splash damage ...
  • How to make a forwarder Wii Wad! And using a Tool called WiiVNC for Dummies. :D I made this video to show you how it's done and what WiiVNC can do. :D WiiVNC is a tool for your Nintendo Wii what will let you control your PC from your Wii. You can download WiiVNC from the Homebrew Browser or from You can run WiiVNC from The Homebrew Channel or make a Forwarder Wii Wad. For the Homebrew Channel: (BE FOR STARTING WITH THE WAD MAKING!) WADS CAN BRICK YOUR WII IF YOU INSTILL SOMETHIMG WHAT IS BAD OR YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!!! What you need! All the tools at the bottom of this page. And a full hacked Wii what can install Wads. For Forwarder Wad: Forwarder creator v2 by suloku. And you need WADder for making the Wad: Forwarder Info: Make a folder called wad or anything you like on your desktop. Make a folder inside that folder called apps. Download WiiVNC and put the folder inside the apps folder. Download the Forwarder and put everything out of the Forwarder folder into the wad folder or what you called it. Run Forwarder and put your wad folder name down and tell it to make a .dol You will now see a WillVNC.dol file inside the wad folder or what ever you called the folder. This file is liked to the boot.dol file inside the WillVNC folder you have downloaded. Get any Wad. Open WADder and pick your WillVNC.dol file so it will be liked to the boot.dol on your SD card. You can use any images you like. --- See video for help. Please do not try the Wad making if you do not ...
  • WAD: Starcia Knight - Monster - Drag Queen - Lady Gaga What a Drag (WAD) Feature - Starcia Knight, teaches that Monster a lesson or two with her tribute to the talented Ms Gaga. NEXT VIDEO: MS LA HEMME GIVES US SOMETHING TO CHEW WITH! SOON...................
  • How to install WAD files on your Wii Links: For Winrar go to: For WAD files go to: For WAD manager go to: For cIOS go to: If you want free prizes and Money just for using a search engine go to: If you have any questions about swagbucks or the video just comment or PM me and I'll try to get back to you as fast as i can. Please Subscribe and Comment if this video helped you *Update* for those who are getting errors Try WAD manager 1.4 and Downgrade your IOS 35. *Update2* Read update 1 for those who still get error install the latest cIOS which is cIOS rev 14
  • timmy wad shampoo is better
  • how to install wad's on wii wad list wad manager
  • Ultimate Doom PWAD Longplay: darkhell.wad - UV - 1 of 7 A playthrough of darkhell.wad, a 1995 9-level Doom WAD by Greytale. Replaces E2M1 through E2M9. Part 1 of 7. There are many Doom WADs out there that could fit the description of "Doom on acid," but darkhell.wad is one of those that really takes the cake. In spite of the seemingly clashing choice of textures, there is, in fact, a conscious and crafty design to these levels. Download the levels here: Played with The Ultimate Doom (id Software, 1995) using prBoom v2.4.7
  • Psychophobia (Doom II wad): All new Monsters (3/3) This Tchernobog is one VERY tough mofo. He has no chance against many strong enemies, if they all attack him and not themselves. He only has two different projectiles, one grey phantom ball which can one-hit-kill you and a burning rock which sets the floor on fire on the spot where it hits it. This fire can travel a very far way and is highly damaging. Fighting this boss normally takes too much ammo and time, so I decided to pull out 2 tricks in the end.
  • Zero Tolerance (ZDoom Wad) Introduction 'Zero Tolerance' is a wad by a user called ZeroProphet. The WAD is clearly inspired by Xaser's 'Zen Dynamics'. For the first "segment" of the story, which is basically the DOOM2 IWAD un-touched, the music has been changed with tracks made by the author and others. This helps distinguish the wad quite a bit. But after "The Crusher", things pretty much change back to normal, albeit with different weapons, monsters, and effects (and XDeath sequences from what it seems). Some of the weapons are terrific fun, while others are downright dull and just don't fit in (like weapon slots 3 and 7, those weapons should have been right scrapped or replaced). Anyway, this is the first level, "Entryway." It's running on GZDoom. Download link is here:
  • Doom 2 Wad: Deus Vult II - Stargate (Map19) Part 1 Deus Vult II: First Edition by Huy "Converted Doomer" Pham. I am not gonna do these maps myself because they are just too hard but these videos are speedruns done by the best doomers in the world named Brian "Anima Zero" Nesser and Przemyslaw "Belial" Woda, these demos are included in the download of Deus Vult II. Below is the readme included with the map: Skill and Style: 4 (UV-Max) Time - 14:27 Exe/Port used: GLBoom (PRBoom Plus) -complevel 9 When I first played it it took me almost an hour to beat this map. It's complexity can be really intimidating before you get to know the map well. Once you play it long enough you start to notice the amazing degree of connectivity involved in making it as fun to play as possible. With each switch you hit new shortcuts open up allowing quicker access to places already visited or in need of revisiting, and that's what makes the map a 15-minute long vrackish thrillride. The first part of the demo is pretty straightforward as there aren't many choices you can make before you get to the SSG. The dual pistols come in handy here, letting you deal with the zombies quickly while saving shells for other monsters. Infighting and the strategically placed barrel can help save a lot of time at the CG. I don't bother with killing the mancs and HKs in the SSG room since I'll be revisiting the area later. Instead I head for the blue key area. The first SSG blast that was supposed to hit the caco somehow triggered the final ...
  • How to Download wads on 3.4U (part 1) BY Nito711 Gotta LOVE hacks :) ====================================================================================== Links for this video the folder that i created - homebrew home page - Where i got all my wads - to get wii fix tools - to get IOS16-64-v257-pro.wad -
  • Doom 2 Wad: Deus Vult II - Hell's Vendetta (Map23) Part 1 Deus Vult II: First Edition by Huy "Converted Doomer" Pham. I am not gonna do these maps myself because they are just too hard but these videos are speedruns done by the best doomers in the world named Brian "Anima Zero" Nesser and Przemyslaw "Belial" Woda, these demos are included in the download of Deus Vult II. Below is the readme included with the map: Skill and Style: 4 (UV-Max) Time - 15:23 Exe/Port used: GLBoom (PRBoom Plus) -complevel 9 Whee BFG slaughter! With the amount of ammo available you're only limited by how aggressive you can play without getting yourself killed. Health is not as generously placed but there's still enough to let you get away with more than a few unlucky hits. You can expect to die very often on the way to the blue key room, but once you get there and live through the onslaught 'till the gates open again the second invulnerability should be enough to let you get to the cleric wing safely. I take a small detour and clear the blue key wing of some of the monsters on the way there. In the red key wing spamming rockets should be enough of a tactic but be careful not to let the clerics advance too far before the gates open. Once they do you can get an unlucky surprise in the form of all the YK cybers so prepare the BFG in time. Once you get rid of the remaining monsters and open up the central structure you'll have enough ammo to kill everything left in the map twice, and health should no longer be a problem as well ...

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  • “I actually have four references to Wikipedia in WAD: [67.5] I quote them on the CSI series of TV programs: aired this topic on The Corner (National Review Online's group blog), I got many suggestions from readers for other pieces of”
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  • “CS problems with de_vegas.wad - forum topic to forum 2004-02-02 19:59:26. red230. 1 edit. red230. Re: [CS] Steam. to forum 2004-02-02 19:59:59. splix. pl-/maps/wad/de_vegas.wad. . to forum 2004-02-02 20:01:06. azinator. red230”
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