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  • It's "Desperate Gymguys," starring the wackily dysfunctional Detroit Pistons and that mischievous lawnboy, Manu. It's "Desperate Gymguys," starring the wackily dysfunctional Detroit Pistons and that mischievous lawnboy,. — “Comments Page: Pistons just can't follow Manu, the leading man”,
  • wackily. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search [edit] English [edit] wackily (comparative more wackily, superlative most wackily) In a way or to an extent. — “wackily - Wiktionary”,
  • Buy Drake & Josh 1: Suddenly Brothers DVD - Drake Parker is a guitar-playing cool kid with a knack for the ladies. Josh Nichols is a goofy nerd with with sudden stepbrotherhood, the everyday pangs of adolescence, and the pranks of Drake's mischievous younger sister Megan with wackily comic aplomb. — “Drake & Josh 1: Suddenly Brothers DVD - Nickelodeon - Toys "R" Us”,
  • Fiona Duncan heads to the glitzy, wackily decorated Hoste Arms hotel in Burnham Market, Norfolk. Fiona Duncan heads to the glitzy, wackily decorated Hoste Arms hotel in Burnham Market,. — “The Hoste Arms, Norfolk: hotel review - Telegraph”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adverb wackily has one meaning: Meaning #1 : in a mildly insane. — “wackily: Information from ”,
  • Word: wackily. r. in a mildly insane manner; "the old lady is beginning to behave quite dottily" PROTOTYPE PAGE, Source: WordNet. — “wackily”,
  • I thought she was wackily different. And I'd vote for some wackos who don't want to babysit me over "mainstream" geniuses who do. Jesus is rather libertarian: very generous with his person, but not keen on spending other people's money. Obama. — “Andrew Lohr: Angle is cookie cutter? I thought she was”,
  • What is in a name? That which we call a wine, by any other name would taste as good. Our old friend Willie would perhaps claim as much, but would it Blogging Wednesdays, following in the successful footsteps of Alder, Viv, and Derrick, this idea of doing one with wackily named wines came to me. — “Wine Blogging Wednesday 5: Wacky-name wines: chez pim”,
  • Definition of wackily in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of wackily. Pronunciation of wackily. Translations of wackily. wackily synonyms, wackily antonyms. Information about wackily in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “wackily - definition of wackily by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • 29 Reviews of Andromeda "it's been over three years since my last piercing, used to get my various upper ear piercings, my navel, and the wackily painful rook done somewhere off west 4th that came pretty well recommended. well i went back there. — “Andromeda - East Village - New York, NY”,
  • The show runs against The Wonderful World of Disney in the 7:30 slot on Sunday night, and there is something wackily inspired about this amusing little coincidence that the CBS programmers have. — “Cher - TIME”,
  • Wackily definition, odd or irrational; crazy: See more. — “Wackily | Define Wackily at ”,
  • wackily (adv) wackiness (n) wacky (adj) wad (n) wad (v) wadding (n) wackily (adv) Synonyms: wildly, crazily, zanily, irrationally, oddly. Antonym:. — “Synonym for wackily - antonym for wackily - Thesaurus - MSN”,
  • The CBC has officially announced that it is turning Douglas Coupland's novel JPod into a 13-part TV series. Written by Coupland and directed by Mike Clattenburg The series, like the book, will follow the wackily postmodern lives of a group of video-game designers. — “Coupland's JPod jumps to TV | Quillblog | Quill & Quire”,
  • Putting aside for a moment that they're sophisticated, witty and breezy — some of the finest entries of Hollywood's Golden Age — there's something often forgotten about the films of Preston Wackily Ever After in The Palm Beach Story. — “Wackily Ever After in The Palm Beach Story - Page 1 - Film+TV”,
  • Living Legends of Rock & Roll - Live from Itchypoo Park (2001): Image Entertainment is proud to present this remarkable 4-day festival which features some of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll. Filmed at Tennessee's famous and wackily named. — “Living Legends of Rock & Roll - Live from Itchypoo Park (2001”,
  • Definition of wackily from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of wackily. Pronunciation of wackily. Definition of the word wackily. Origin of the word wackily. — “wackily - Definition of wackily at ”,
  • Shan Khan, the author of Office, has a lot of television experience, and it shows, even to the extensive plug for Favourite Fried Chicken. spend most of their time engaging in comic banter, with each other and with the wackily amusing whores and junkies who drop by. — “Office, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Susan and Janice”,

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  • Why Many Writers Choose to Work in Non-Fiction In Chapter 14 of 17, after taking multiple non-fiction classes at Washington University, aspiring writer Scott Gold embraces the format's artistic balance. Non-fiction fundamentals appeal most to Gold, namely its fact-based structure and the complementary broad creative license a writer uses to build upon that base. View more at
  • Power of 10 - Top 10 Questions POWER OF 10'S "TOP 10" MOST PROVACATIVE QUESTIONS.
  • Attached I-cord This video is for my friend who is confuzzled by a wackily written knitting pattern. It shows how to do an attached 2-stitch i-cord. (Note: instead of K2tog, it should be K2tog tbl. OOPS)
  • Pocoyo [2007-30] Noise to my Ears Noise to my Ears
  • Pocoyo [2005-52] Wackily Ever After Wackily Ever After
  • Smart Ball - Winter Lands [Extended w/ DL Link] MP3 Link: Pack your jellybeans and bundle up, viewers. We're off to the frozen wastes of little known, wondrously awesome game music! I'm your parka-clad host, Alkahest. Chances are, you've never heard of the game Smart Ball. I know I nearly didn't; my mom spotted the game box on a sojourn to Blockbuster for game/movie rental night, and showed it to me. We both ended up falling in love with the SNES action platformer; it was charming, humorous, and all around fun. The music in the game is among the best I think I've ever heard. Originally meant to be titled 'Jelly Bean' in Japan, it ended up (somehow) with the wackily Engrish-sounding title of 'Jerry Boy'. Sony Imagesoft excised the plot from the NA release, but it revolved around a young prince named Jerry, whose brother Tom fell under the thrall of a dark sorcerer and had Jerry transformed into the titular Smart Ball, an amorphous blob of jelly. Can Jerry make his way across the ever changing countryside and find the sinister sorcerer so he may not only be restored, but rescue his love Princess Emi? 'Winter Land' is probably not the real name of this track, but it sadly never had a real OST release, so we'll likely never know what it was called. It plays in World 6-A, a land of ice, penguins, and a weird guy in a speedo who runs face-first into a wall. I kid you not! It's as light, bouncy and fun as the rest of the game.Disclaimer: This MP3 extension was uploaded purely for entertainment purposes, and ...
  • Enable AirPrint For Any Printer In Under One Minute Links shown in video and more: More info & how to on wireless printing: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recently I decided to give wireless printing a try. I decided that my printer was taking up all of the legroom under my desk and quite frankly it just seemed far simpler than having it plugged in to my laptop all the time. So I set up my printer, rather wackily if I might ad, and all was well. However, I suddenly realized that there was immense advantage about wireless printing that I had managed to ignore: AirPrint. The technology behind it has been around for quite some time, however the implementation of wireless printing into Apple devices only just happened. Unfortunately, for some reason the forces that be at Apple decided that they were only going to allow certain printers to take advantage of the feature. Therefore "ol reliable" hp c400 was incompatible. Depressed about even having to think of getting rid of my beloved, dorm room surviving printer I proceeded to do a frantic search on the internet about doing some kind of work-around. Fortunately enough I found one. AirPrint Activator came to the rescue. Staying true to AirPrint's philosophy of plug and play, the work around for enabling the feature is surprisingly simple to use. In fact, it took me less than minute to get it all working. Check out my how to video to see exactly how it went:
  • MINDY MENACE PT 5 OF 5 Rob is upset because he believes that his daughter's new friend, MINDY is interfearing with their chance to win at the upcoming video game competition. When he speaks to his wife about it, she finds out that theres more to his pain than losing the game. This is from an episode on the ROB SHOW, and is one of 5 parts, cut down for the youtube viewers. WACKILY, CORNY, HEARTWARMING FUN.
  • new awesome game,gameplay Hey guys!sooo today i was havin a look at my animations and games.I found this 1 and im continuing it.It will be out for sale soon.Also if you want me to do a vid about somethin,comment below and your comment could be turned into a vid!
  • MINDY MENACE PT 2 OF 5 Rob meets his daughter's new friend MINDY. Rob's conversation goes from not knowing what to say, to not being able to get a word in edgewise. This is from an episode on the ROB SHOW, and is one of 5 parts, cut down for the youtube viewers. WACKILY, CORNY, FUN.
  • Wild Weddings Our clip from wild weddings on the discovery channel
  • Pocoyo [2005-45] Giggle Bug Giggle Bug - featuring Octopus. Some of you may notice a Danse Macabre tease.
  • Wolverine - Anime Trailer The last time we heard anything about the Warren Ellis-scripted Marvel Anime projects was Comic-Con 2009. This weekend, we learned that Ellis' films — which were animated by the Japanese studio Madhouse — will air in 2011 on G4. Here are Ellis' notes on the project: The way it worked is that I devised four serials for Marvel Anime -- IRON MAN, WOLVERINE, X-MEN and BLADE. Which means that I came up with 12-episode stories for each property. For the most part, I used pre-existing stories as adaptation material - the WOLVERINE story, for instance, takes the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller WOLVERINE miniseries from the early 80s as its basic spine. Weirdly, Matt Fraction and I were working parallel at one point, and it turns out that, without talking to each other about it, I've sort of mirrored "Stark Resilient" in the IRON MAN anime. Looks neat! I was a big fan of UDON's run on Deadpool, so I'm most certainly game. Here are descriptions of the series from the press release (via Telebuddy): Each of the four new anime properties - "Iron Man," "X-MEN," "Wolverine" and "Blade" - will air as standalone series made up of twelve 30-minute episodes. Guided by multiple Eagle award winner Warren Ellis, the four shows will feature a matrix of interlinked storylines and shared guest characters that further enhance this intellectual roller coaster ride for G4 viewers. "Iron Man" In an effort to make amends for his weapons manufacturing past, Tony Stark has dedicated himself to building the ...
  • Ghost Haunted Darren Akorah stars in Ballmarks most popular television show ever in which he attempts to find ghosts, although they often wackily posses him, how zany
  • comeback kid UP NEXT He stars opposite Jamie Foxx in this April#39s long-delayed drama The Soloist, then holds the title role in Guy Ritchie#39s reimagining of Sherlock Holmes, due this fall. After that, he#39s set to return to superherodom in upcoming ...Jennylyn made a comeback via a two-part episode in the weekly drama anthology Dear Friend, opposite screen partner and ex-boyfriend Mark Herras. She is also in the cast of OctoArts Films#39 One Night Only, an entry in the 2008 Metro ...121508f - FOREIGN PRESS REVIEW (FPR) - Relevant news, views, comments and ***yses for informed debate Compiled by Şanlı Bahadır Koç US Britain / Turkey / Magazines / Think-tanks / Blogs / Misc /Books / Quickread / Numbers / Reports ...quotComebackquot by Boo Rossini. quotMe, I got a lane where I deal with the females. I do the [street] thing in my sleep, but I#39m in my own lane where I#39m hollering at the females,quot Boo said. quotMy [solo] mixtape is Feed the Streets. .... That buzz, coupled with cameos by Common and Erykah Badu (and turns from newcomers 88-Keys and Kid Cudi) made it a highlight. After wrapping at the Fort, West would take his party over to Perez Hilton#39s late-night soiree, which only further ...It’s like the Academy flipped through MTV, VH1, CMT, and Youtube and wrote down whatever was playing. All of these are solid albums, though (although I haven’t listened to the Plant amp Krauss collab), so no real qualms. .... Coldplay put together a solid pseudo ...
  • Bound and Gagged- Creature Feature Another really nifty Creature Feature song. Sorry the images are a bit wackily synced with the video, it was my first time trying, after all. xD Lyrics posted below. 83 Gotta Run Away Try Get Away Gotta Run Away Try Get Away If You Ever Want To See Your Daughter Again And Every Little Thing Goes According To Plan Don't Do Anything That You Think You'll Regret Or You'll Have To Check The Mail For Your Daughters Head I'm Keeping Her Bound And Gagged Her Clothes Soaked In Gasoline Hands Tied Behind Her Back Where No One Can Hear Her Gotta Run Away Try Get Away Gotta Run Away Try Get Away Listen Up Now I Won't Repeat Myself This Is How Everything Is Gonna Go Down When You Make The Drop,You Better Be By Yourself It Could Be Detrimental To Your Daughters Health I'm Keeping Her Bound And Gagged Her Clothes Soaked In Gasoline Hands Tied Behind Her Back Where No One Can Hear Her Scream Scream You Can Run, But You Can't Hide You Can Run, But You Can't Hide From Me I'm Keeping Her Bound And Gagged Her Clothes Soaked In Gasoline Hands Tied Behind Her Back Where No One Can Hear Her Scream Scream
  • Japanese Toilet Training with Shimajiro (w/ English Subtitles) Shimajiro is a very popular education program in Japan. The titular character is a young cartoon tiger. The show teaches kids about manners, vocabulary, shapes, household chores and even toilet training. This is the 2009 version of the toilet training segment with subtitle goodness! (Sorry if I took some liberties, but I just couldn't help myself!) Only the Japanese can come up with something as useful and hilarious as this and still make it work! Subtitles by BenZ (). Copyright belongs to Benesse.
  • POCOYO - WACKILY EVER AFTER Pocoyo and his friends are playing dressing up and the narrator decides to tell a story. The traditional fairy tale takes on a decidedly wacky hue as the characters all undercut the conventions with hilarious and surprising results.
  • Let's Play Mega Man 9 Blind - Well Let's Watch it Blind Anyway... (24) Just my comments on the cutscene and credits. If you're looking for me being wackily bad at Mega Man, check the earlier parts.
  • Desiree and the helmets and some wacky friends! it was my niece DESIREE in the video and messing with music and and with the helmets and they all wackily ever after!
  • The Mask (1994) - Best Scene One of my favorite scenes from the movie ------The Mask is a 1994 action comedy film, based on a series of comic books published by Dark Horse Comics. _______________________________ Plot: Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey), a clerk at an Edge City bank, is a shy, luckless romantic who is regularly bullied by nearly everyone around him, including his boss, his landlady, and car mechanics. His only friends are his dog Milo and his co-worker Charlie Schumacher (Richard Jeni). Gangster Dorian Tyrell (Peter Greene) runs the exclusive Coco Bongo nightclub while plotting to overthrow his boss Niko. Tyrell sends his singer girlfriend Tina Carlyle (Cameron Diaz) into Stanley's bank with a hidden camera, in preparation to rob the establishment. Stanley is smitten with Tina, and she seems to reciprocate; but after being denied entrance to the Coco Bongo, Stanley is stranded with a broken-down rental car at the city's filthy harbor, where he finds a mysterious wooden mask. When he takes the object home and puts it on, it comes alive, wraps around his head, and transforms him into a wackily-suited, green-headed, cartoonish figure called "The Mask", a trickster unbound by any limitations whether be personal inhibitions or the laws of physics, who cheerfully exacts revenge on some of Stanley's tormentors (in comical goofy fashion) and terrifies a street gang that attempts to terrorize him. The next morning, Stanley encounters world-weary Edge City detective Lieutenant Kellaway (Peter Riegert ...
  • MINDY MENACE PT 4 OF 5 Rob's daughter is playing with her friend, MINDY. Rob confronts them, and tries to get his daughter to send Mindy home. Rob feels that Mindy is ruining his chances at winning in the upcoming video game competition. This is from an episode on the ROB SHOW, and is one of 5 parts, cut down for the youtube viewers. WACKILY, CORNY, FUN.
  • Mike Huckabee Ad: "Chuck Norris Approved" Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris review facts about Governor Huckabee.
  • Lettuce Play PMTTYD Part 76: TMOTWLNOAPOSTGMAWIG The Mystery of the Wackily Long Name of a Pot of Stew That Goes Missing and Whatnot I Guess
  • English Words: menacingly, threateningly, mendaciously, menially, flashily, meritoriously, messily, Music By Aalborg Soundtracks, from Audioswap -- see from the album Aalborg Soundtracks Vol. 5, on iTunes definitions of the words: menacingly, threateningly, mendaciously, menially, flashily, meritoriously, messily, untidily, methodically, meticulously, balmily, daftly, dottily, nuttily, wackily, miraculously, miserably, deceptively, misleadingly, erroneously, mistakenly, mistily, momentously, monotonously
  • Ziggerfreud MUGEN+ Winged Beauty vs Cheap Boss Type Now first off I had a bit of a misunderstanding for Misuzu_M's Bahamut Super; It's meant to kill characters with hyper armor, in fact Markyjoe requested I fight cheap boss type with her... damn... damn damn damn DAMN! I won :P but STILL! Cheap boss type is a joke character by Phenophen, He's basically everyhing a cheap character is and thensome. Now the easy part is his first form, but even then he could slam you with near-infintes up the yaya. I had to spam low light kicks to build up super energy so I could blast him with the bahamut super. Then Cheapness x 10 kicks in, and THEN it gets EPICALLY HARD! the problem was landing the super, if it wasn't my wackily responding controller, then it was the fact that I would get hit within a SPLIT SECOND before super activates. even if it did hit, there's no guarantee that it could kill CBT, I managed to get lucky and for some reason he stopped when I hit him. Allowing bahamut to unleash his draconic powers on him. Needless to say I was both surprised and overjoyed. I estimate that it realistically took me around 30 tries to beat this ***, including the times where I quit due to the music glitching due to nomusicassert. The music glitched up, but I don't give a damn. Misuzu_M by Hamna & Markyjoe1990 Cheap Boss Type by Phenophen www.randomselect.piiym- Stage Secret Point A - Street fighter alpha (?) BGM: Mushihimesama Futari - beastial Beat (Boss theme)
  • MINDY MENACE PT 3 OF 5 Rob looks for his daughter, so they can practice for their upcoming video game competition, but finds out that his daughter is spending more time playing with her new friend MINDY, than practicing for the tournament. Rob wants to get Mindy to go home because he wants to win that competition. This is from an episode on the ROB SHOW, and is one of 5 parts, cut down for the youtube viewers. WACKILY, CORNY, FUN.
  • thomas and brothers
  • MINDY MENACE PT 1 OF 5 Rob's daughter meets a new friend at school, and invites her to the house. Rob meanwhile argues with his wife because he, and his daughter are enrolled in a video game competition. In which his wife feels is to violent for their daughter to be participating in. This is from an episode on the ROB SHOW, and is one of 5 parts, cut down for the youtube viewers. WACKILY, CORNY, FUN.
  • DANCING THERAPISTS SHOWDOWN!!!!!!! this is really very funny, my co-therapists are dancing wackily to the tune of 2ne1's FIRE.
  • POCOYO - MAGICAL WATERING CAN Pocoyo gives the last drop of water from his watering can to his friends instead of using it to water his musical flowers. Pato and Elly are grateful, so they re-pay the favour.

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  • “Perhaps it is time to visit a little village called Ötigheim, halfway between Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden, near the border with France. There, since 1903, locals have put on an annual summertime show on an open-air stage. It's great, and yes,”
    — WHERE GERMANS GET SILLY | More Intelligent Life,

  • “Nonjudgmental and unshadowed cachectic hornlike afternoon wroclaw in on mors, stolidness, greeneye kazan was meekly firstly, wackily rationally lumberton trading company were”
    — Lumberton trading company: lumberton trading company lawsuit,

  • “The CBC has officially announced that it is turning Douglas Coupland's novel JPod into a 13-part TV series. Written by Coupland and directed by Mike Clattenburg”
    — Coupland's JPod jumps to TV | Quillblog | Quill & Quire,

  • “Return to blog. Bristol Palin puts on her dancing shoes. Bristol Palin continues the tradition of reality "stars" who haven't its predilection for setting up train wrecks with its wackily calculated and scattershot casting (from Day One, who really”
    — Bristol Palin puts on her dancing shoes : News-, news-

  • “hajime's Blog on Flixya Get Started Now! hajime's Blog. Toshiba's wackily compares format war to fuel. November 22, 2007. Sorry, but the blog post could not be located. toshiba,”
    — hajime's Blog on Flixya,

  • “Recent blog posts. Science reporting sometimes makes me despair Here's a very cool study: wackily deciding to reverse the normal order of some standard”
    — Evidence of the future affecting the present: discussions on, memory-

  • “Blog in isolation. There is a radiant darkness upon us. Main menu. About Clamouring with a crowd of 15 cosmopolitan, wackily dressed people, pushing and shoving trying to get on a”
    — London calling | Blog in isolation,

  • “Have a game or site question? Post it here and let fellow members help to EA Forum Index. If you enjoy forced sodomy on yourself, youll love BF2 & its wackily defective product!”
    — If you enjoy forced sodomy on yourself, youll love BF2 & its,

  • “Since debuting as 'Leatherface' in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, actor Gunnar Hansen has appeared in some pretty wackily-titled movies. I'm ta”
    — 'Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre' ( - The Moviefone Blog,

  • “For the tag, 'AIRPORT SECURITY', discover new blog entries, YouTube videos, Flickr photos and Amazon products. Given that mid-north Indiana's weather had been so wackily unpredictable for the previous two weeks, we chose to take an earlier shuttle than normal up to O'Hare, arriving at Terminal 5 a”
    — AIRPORT SECURITY ~ Tag Share at Blog-City, blog-

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