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  • vowel n. A speech sound, such as (ē) or (ĭ), created by the relatively free passage of breath through the larynx and oral cavity, usually forming. — “vowel: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Vowels - Definition of 'Vowels' from our glossary of English linguistic and grammatical terms containing explanations and cross-references to other relevant English grammar terms. — “Vowels - Glossary Definition - ”,
  • Vowels. Here is a collection of words notable for their vowels. Some have many, some have few; some contain them all, some contain none. Words with five consecutive vowels include QUEUEING, AIEEE, COOEEING, MIAOUED, ZAOUIA, JUSSIEUEAN, ZOOEAE, ZOAEAE. — “Word Records > Vowels”, fun-with-
  • A vowel is also understood to be syllabic: an equivalent open but non-syllabic sound is called a semivowel. In all languages, vowels form the nucleus or peak of syllables, whereas consonants form the onset and (in languages that have them) coda. — “Vowel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The terms vowel, consonant, and syllable are crucial in all discussions of English pronunciation. For example, the well-known vowel and consonant charts reproduced in most treatments of English pronunciation often do not make it clear whether the sounds referred to. — “Vowels and Consonants”,
  • Examples Help! Vowels! Visit this free resource for definitions and examples of Vowels. Definition, example and information about Vowels. — “Vowels”, examples-
  • Vowel chart. To hear the sounds click on a symbol. Additional Whole chart. Peter Ladefoged Primary Cardinal Vowels and Secondary Cardinal Vowels. — “vowels”, hctv.humnet.ucla.edu
  • Learning Resources® is a leading manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational materials for classrooms worldwide and learning toys. — “Alphabet Awareness - Early Skill Development - Shop by”,
  • Within each type, jaw height may be used to distinguish vowels Vowels repesented as points in a quadrilateral that represent the positions of the highest point of the tongue during the production of the vowel. — “Vowel Theories”, sail.usc.edu
  • Hausa vowels and vowel length. In the standard Romanized Hausa writing system, there are just five alphabetic symbols representing vowels: a, e, i, o, u. However, in pronunciation, each of these symbols can represent either the short or the long variant of that vowel. — “Hausa Vowels”, humnet.ucla.edu
  • vowels flashcards at Flashcard Exchange. The largest on-line source of printable flash cards. Study online, print, download and share. — “vowels Flashcards”,
  • In phonetics, a vowel is a sound in spoken language that is characterized by an open configuration of the vocal tract so that there is no build-up of air pressure above the glottis. This contrasts with consonants, which are characterized by a. — “Vowels - Psychology Wiki”,
  • The Cambodian vowel may consist of one or a combination of elements written before, above, below, or after the initial consonant. The pronunciation of a vowel in Khmer is determined by the series of the initial consonant that it accompanies. — “vowelsmain”, seasite.niu.edu
  • A vowel is also understood to be syllabic: an equivalent open but non-syllabic sound is called a semivowel. In all languages, vowels form the nucleus or peak of syllables, whereas consonants form the onset and (in languages which have them) coda. — “Vowel”, schools-
  • Vowels how to articles and videos including How to Pronounce Spanish Consonants Between Vowels, Normal Child Behavior & Development, Vowel Pattern Games for Kids and much more!. — “Vowels - How To Information | ”,
  • Vowels definition, (in English articulation) a speech sound produced without occluding, diverting, or obstructing the flow of air from the lungs ( See more. — “Vowels | Define Vowels at ”,
  • There can be no doubt that we must have in our language the five vowels a, e, i, o, u, and only those, and that they must be pronounced with their continental values, which are found also in certain words in English, though English very often has shifted the values of the vowels. — “AIL Vowels - Wikipedia”,
  • Before other consonants, as in hat, rack, cast, it shifts in the other direction, towards the vowel in hot, rock, cost o/ The distinction between the vowels in cot and caught, Don and Dawn has been lost. — “Penny Eckert's Web Page”, stanford.edu
  • In phonetics, a vowel is a sound in spoken language that is Vowels usually form the peak or nucleus of a syllable, whereas consonants form the onset. — “Vowel - Definition”,
  • Vowel Classification. In the last two lessons, you were introduced to the classification of consonant sounds. In this lesson, you will be introduced to the classification of vowel sounds. — “Vowels”, ic.arizona.edu
  • Short vowel sounds are typically introduced to children before long vowel sounds. All children develop as individuals. Parents and caregivers should use the grade level ratings as a general guideline, taking the abilities, temperament and interests of their children into account. — “Vowels”, kidzone.ws
  • Encyclopedia article about Vowels. Information about Vowels in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Vowels definition of Vowels in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • It is much more difficult to give a satisfactory articulatory description of vowels. Vowels are sounds produced with a relatively open vocal tract, so they do not have a consonant-like point of. — “Vowels Vowels are the most sonorant (or intense) and the most”, csub.edu
  • 3.3 Vowels. The goals of linguists, if you remember, are to describe what people know about their language and to figure out how languages are similar and different. For vowels other than the extreme ones we've been discussing, there. — “HLW: Word Forms: Units: Vowels”, indiana.edu

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  • Linking: Consonant to Vowel -- American English Pronunciation TRANSCRIPT: This video covers a linking concept: when one work ends with a consonant and the next begins with a vowel or a diphthong, put the ending consonant sounds at the beginning of the next word to help link.
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  • [anticon] why? - Alopecia - The Vowels Pt. 2 [anticon] why? - The Vowels Pt. 2
  • Between the Lions: Vowel Boot Camp: rip-ripe With their own unique brand of military precision, the soldiers of Between the Lions' "Vowel Boot Camp" demonstrate the difference between the short "i" sound in "rip" and the long "i" sound in "ripe." Support our troops!
  • Latin Vowel Pronunciation Reading and pronouncing Latin vowels for helping students of Latin. *according to restored classical pronunciations*
  • Northern Cities Vowel Shift Bill Labov discusses the Northern Cities Vowel Shift in American English. ---- Transcript While the language we speak on the streets of our cities is, by its very nature, changeable and shifting. For decades Bill Labov and his colleagues have been studying how Americans talk. The result is a whole library of recorded voices and a fascinating discovery. It's called the Northern Cities Vowel Shift. Labov believes there is a revolutionary shift in the pronunciation of short vowels that have been relatively stable for a thousand years. BL: What we'll be looking at is this mass of cities around the Great Lakes. Here we have Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and Cleveland, Detroit. RM: How many people is that? BL: It's about 34 million people. This area used to be the closest to network pronunciation. It was what the NBC standard was based on. And today it is moving further and further away. RM: Let's go into that in some detail. Show us how that's happening. BL: In these experiments, we played first of all an individual word. Computer: "Black". BL: And then, people had to write down what they thought they heard. So, you could do that yourself. What do you hear? RM: "Black". BL: And then, in another series they heard: Computer: "Living on one black". BL: Now what do you hear? RM: "Block". BL: Well, you change your mind. Computer: "Old senior citizens living on one black". BL: This person is saying the word "block" the way they say "black". RM: The shift in this one vowel seems to ...
  • Long Vowels Lesson in Phonemes, Long Vowels: Overview
  • Vowels_001 Professor Carl discusses the English vowels. Nothing complicated, and in many ways a simplification, it is intended for the participants of the English Corner, an forum for mostly native Mandarin speakers.
  • The Cardinal Vowels with Daniel Jones Listen and learn as famed phonetician Daniel Jones narrates the 18 Cardinal Vowels. These phonetic reference points are necessary to master the IPA vowel system. Because you probably woke up this morning saying "Hey, I should probably master the IPA vowel system."
  • Learn English Vowels, part 2 Practice all 15 vowel sounds of American English
  • Vowels (Clip) CHECK IT OUT!!! The purpose of this activity is to teach students to get into the habit of saying "an" before words that begin with a vowel. This is a difficult habit for beginner students to get into and they will want to say "a" because of the repetition and practice they have already had.
  • Long Vowels Visit to purchase these DVDs.
  • Short Vowels Lesson in Vowels, Short Vowels - Overview
  • KIDS: Laird's Vowel Song Learn the vowels with this great song by NoisiKid Laird. © 2009 Noisivision, Inc.
  • Pronouncing Vowels in Brazilian Portuguese Vowel mastery can make or break your pronunciation in Portuguese. Here are a few pointers...
  • Vowel Sounds Visit to purchase these videos!
  • Between the Lions: "When Two Vowels Go Walking" Here's one of the most popular songs ever from PBS's eight-time-Emmy-winning literacy education series, "Between the Lions." "When Two Vowels Go Walking" presents the well-known rule about long vowel sounds in peppy, pop fashion, with lyrics by Sarah Durkee, music by Christopher Cerf, and a nice vocal turn from Paul Jacobs (with Sarah Durkee helping out). Check it out!
  • Thai Language Lessons: Thai Vowels, Part 2 This is the second part of my Thai vowel lessons. This part gives vocabulary examples using the vowels that we learned in Part One, plus a quick review of the vowel sounds.
  • The Arabic Alphabet with vowels The Arabic Alphabet with Vowels
  • Why? - The Vowels pt 2 - Live On The Dublab Roof, Silverlake LA Vision Version, the original video is from
  • Short Vowels Sing and Groove's song to help with short vowel sounds
  • learn Hindi Alphabet - vowels video tutorial on how to write and pronounce Hindi vowels. The full form of the vowel is shown. I'll explain how to attach vowels to consonants in another video. Please, come back for video tutorials on other sounds of the Hindi alphabet and visit my blog 'Hindi bolo' for more free Hindi lessons, learning tips, and podcasts on the Hindi language. If you wish to learn the whole alphabet you can ask for one-to-one or group lessons, discounts and free trials are avaliable as well, check http for more info. A suggestion for beginners: even if you only plan to learn conversational Hindi I recommend seeing the alphabet as this is the best way to learn the basic Hindi sounds and their correct ptonunciation!
  • Thai Alphabet (Vowels) - Learn Thai with Learn how to read the Thai alphabet. This video will focus on Thai vowels. This video is helpful for those learning to read Thai script. More mp3 audio and mp4 video files are available for download at . All completely free.
  • IPA 1 - vowels diphthongs
  • Learn English Vowels Learn to pronounce English vowels. There are five vowels in English but they can be combined to make 15 different sounds.
  • Short Vowel Friends Attention Parents - When teaching a child to read and spell it is absolutely essential to learn the short vowel sounds. This video does the trick with unique characters and a very "catchy" song. I hope they don't bother you too much wanting to watch it again and again.
  • Why? The Vowels, Pt 2 i'm not a ladies man, i'm a landmine filming my own fake death under an '88 cavalier i go but-but-but-but nothing but the rear bumper's blown but i's born for this flight, united 955 on the fifth of july back the SFO i join the dark side in a thin disguise caught on consumer grade video at the height faking suicide for applause in the food courts of malls and cursing racing horses on church steps playing the wall at singles bingo all time gringo did anyone hear me cry there through a toilet stall divider i swear i care. i am an example of a calculated birth to a star chart for clowns, im not under robins' eggs in a nest, you hit a manilla envelope with one last little robins' egg in it; a hollow bullet yet spent. subject to dismissal i wish all my pitfalls could be called by this call: cheery-a cheery-e cheery-i cheery-o cheery-u
  • Vowel Movements The first video for kids show Pancake Mountain
  • the evens - vowels they record this song and made this video for the "vowels intitute" (i can't remember exactly the istitution name, but i guess it's pretty much like this).
  • Thai Language Lessons: Thai Vowels, Part 1 This lesson is the first of two lessons teaching the Thai vowels. This installment introduces the sounds of the vowels, and how vowel formations change based on where they appear in a word. Some rare and seldom used vowels are included for the sake of completeness. Part two will give example words using the vowels used in this lesson. On a side note, please note that I am not a native Thai speaker, so my pronunciation may be a little "off key". I'm a Thai language student who has been learning Thai by myself for the last five years, and am making these videos to teach others in a manner that I found helpful for my own learning. I've found that it much harder to pronounce some of these odd vowels (and tones) properly on cue and slowly, as needed to make a video like this. So please bear this in mind when viewing my videos.
  • Understanding Spoken English, Linking with Vowels 2 American English can sound very fast because parts of words can be dropped at the beginning of sentences. This lesson will help you understand spoken English better. Level: Intermediate to advanced. **If you have trouble watching this video (it stops too often), start the video and then stop it. The video will continue to load. When the red bar moves all the way to the right, it is ready to watch.
  • i-TEACH-u English 3 Alphabet Sounds Alphabet names sounds, vowels & consonants This video gives people learning English a chance to learn the English alphabet. The names of the letters are given and their sounds. Then vowels are given - finally consonants. If you are learning English and wish to write to Jack Barnett (then add 21) and exchange letters with him then either write in the comments or write to [email protected] which will get to him too. You may care to try "i-TEACH-u English 1 speaking 100 most popular words" by JackBarnett21 i-TEACH-u Reading 11 available now - V & W words See also i-TEACH-u English 40 Alphabet sounds + pictures
  • Literacy Skills: Short Vowel Song Reading Learning Upgrade Learn the five short vowel sounds, from the Reading Upgrade course at .
  • Long Vowels Lesson in Long Vowels - Overview
  • Vow to Vowels: The Sidewalk Experiences My First Earthquake Video by Michael Cobra of Cobra Creative: Song from My First Earthquake's first full-length album bit.ly Produced in 48 hours and all shot on an iPhone with the help of David Fullerton: Ryan Bolin, Jason Csizmadi, DeEtta Cobra. Mike says of V2V "Vow to Vowels stuck out to me because it felt like a hip song that would be on Yo Gabba Gabba or Sesame Street. I thought it would be great to make the kind of music video that would impress my three year old son."
  • The Vowel Family - They Might Be Giants A family of letters--The Vowels! Produced by Bonfire Films of America. From TMBGs CD/DVD set Here Come the ABCs. Available at iTunes at bit.ly and at Amazon at bit.ly
  • Understanding Spoken English, Linking with Vowels 1 Linking can make American English sound very fast. A lot of linking occurs with vowels. Understanding linking will help you understand American English better. Level: intermediate to advanced. **If you have trouble watching this video (it stops too often), start the video and then stop it. The video will continue to load. When the red bar moves all the way to the right, it is ready to watch.
  • French Vowels Spoken by a native French speaker (thanks Nathalie!)

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