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  • The Government Accounting Office released its report titled Results of GAO's Testing of Voting Systems Use in Sarasota County in Florida's 13th Congressional District. The report preparers in the review also spoke with ES&S, State and local elections officials, and the contestants. — “The National Committee for Voting Integrity (NCVI)”,
  • What kinds of racial discrimination in voting are there, and what does the Voting Rights Act do about them? Is it prohibited to draw majority-minority districts? I work for a covered jurisdiction and have the duty to make our Section 5 submissions. What do I need to do to comply with the law?. — “Civil Rights Division Home Page”,
  • Aims to inform the public of the problems with relying on electronic voting machines to record and count votes, without the backup of a voter-verifiable audit trail. — “Verified Voting”,
  • Learn about Early Voting on . Find info and videos including: How to Vote Early Using the Early Voting System, How Do I Change My Voting Status So I Can Vote Early?, What Is Early Voting? and much more. — “Early Voting - ”,
  • Statewide Standards on What is a Vote. Descriptions of Elected Offices. Information for Write-In Candidates These offices are available to help you with registering to vote, requesting a ballot, and other elections-related services. Active Voter. — “Elections & Voting”,
  • Read More: Elections, Harry Reid, Sierra Club, Latino Voters, Hispanic Voters, Javier Sierra, California Prop 23, Prop 23, Voting, Politics News. A certain Harvard professor years ago predicted that solar energy would be made readily available the day that Exxon owned the sun. — “Voting”,
  • E-voting lets votes be cast and tabulated electronically. Learn about e-voting systems, e-voting concerns like voter fraud and voting over the internet. — “HowStuffWorks "How E-voting Works"”,
  • Information about voting in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. e voting 2. The number of votes cast in an election or to resolve an issue: a heavy vote in favor of the bill. — “voting - definition of voting by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Find the location of where to vote at your local polling place on election day. Also includes the hours and times of the voting booths. — “Polling Place Finder -”,
  • Voting and Elections -- Learn about voting, elections, and campaign laws; register to vote; volunteer with elections. — “Voting and Elections:”,
  • Voting reform advocacy and educational organization. To lobby for the adoption of score voting. To assist anyone looking to use Score Voting for an election, whether for public office, student elections, or anything else. — “ - Center for Range Voting - front page”,
  • Definition of Voting in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Voting? Meaning of Voting as a legal term. What does Voting mean in law?. — “Voting legal definition of Voting. Voting synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Provides information to U.S. citizens covered by the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA). — “Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP)”,
  • Voting reform proposed by Representative Rush Holt, 12th congressional district of New Jersey. — “Representative Rush Holt - Voting”,
  • Recommend a website http://www.518/index.html ,it provide automatic voting software design service to implement automatic voting and poll increasing without human attendance. The voting software developed by us adopts intelligent. — “Anyone have an automatic voting program? Anyone have an”,
  • Vot·ing a. & n. from Vote , v. Voting paper , a form of ballot containing the names of more candidates than there are offices to be filled, the. — “Voting: Information from ”,
  • In a representative government, voting commonly implies election: a way for an electorate to select among candidates for office. In politics voting is the method by which the electorate of a democracy appoints representatives in its government. — “Voting”,
  • Absentee ballots may be voted in person at boards of elections until close of regular business hours (day before the election) | Militia on active duty may file applications in person for absentee ballots by 4 p.m. (day before the election) | Amendments t. ELECTION DAY. — “Voter Information”,
  • Republicans accused the Miami-Dade County canvassing board of "manufacturing" votes for Democrat Al Gore as the hand recount began. Voting is a process by which a person or a group of people expresses an opinion formally or officially. — “Voting | ”, www2
  • Most broadly, electronic voting or e-voting refers to both the electronic means of casting a vote and the electronic means of tabulating votes. In this broad sense, most voting methods currently in use in the United States employ electronics. — “Electronic voting - SourceWatch”,
  • In a representative government, voting commonly implies election: a way for an electorate to select among candidates for office. A vote is an individual's act of voting, by which he or she expresses support or. — “Voting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Voting is an important part of the democratic process. Voting is a method for a group such as a meeting or an electorate to make a decision or express an opinion — often following discussions, debates or election campaigns. Process of voting. — “Voting”, schools-

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  • VOTE!!! Will Ferrell as George Bush!! telling people to get out there and vote!
  • True News 5: The Truth About Voting The truth about voting. Practical Politics
  • I'm Voting Republican I'm Voting Republican is a satirical look at the likely outcome of another four years of Republican government. The not-so-subtle message behind the film is the importance of a united bloc of citizens willing to take the time and effort to vote Democrat in order to improve America's domestic and foreign policy.
  • 5 Friends Uncensored Leonardo DiCaprio, will i. am, Tobey Maguire, and Forest Whitaker have created public service announcements to encourage American youth to register to vote. The non-partisan PSAs, produced by DiCaprios Appian Way, were created to engage and inspire young people to register and vote and participate in the upcoming election. Celebrities appearing in the PSAs include: Amy Adams,, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Bacon, Halle Berry, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Connolly, Courteney Cox, Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Jonah Hill, Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Kiedis, Ashton Kutcher, Adam Levine, Laura Linney, Eva Longoria, Tobey Maguire, Demi Moore, Natalie Portman, Giovanni Ribisi, Ethan Suplee, Kyra Sedgwick, Michelle Trachtenberg, Usher, and Forest Whitaker.
  • Junior Eurovision 2005 - Voting 1/3 Cyprus, Greece, Denmark, Croatia and the United Kingdom voting in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005. Full JESC 2005 results: 1) Belarus: Ksenia Sitnik - My Vmeste 149 pts 2) Spain: Antonio José -Te Traigo Flores 146 pts 3) Norway: Malin - Sommer og Skolefri 123 pts 4) Denmark: Nicolai Kielstrup - Shake Shake Shake 122 pts 5) Romania: Alina Eremia - Turai! (Tzooray!) 89 pts 6) Greece: Alexandros & Kalli - Tora Ine I Sira Mas (Tora Einai I Seira Mas) 88 pts 7) The Netherlands: Tess - Stupid 82 pts 8) FYR Macedonia: Denis Dimovksi - Rodendenski Baknez 68 pts 9) Russia: Vladislav Krutskikh - Doroga K Solntsu 66 pts 10) Belgium: Lindsay - Mes Rêves 63 pts 11) Latvia: Kids 4 Rock - Es Esmu Maza Jauka Meitene 50 pts 12) Croatia: Lorena Jelusić - Rock Baby 36 pts 13) Serbia & Montenegro: Filip Vučić - Ljubav Pa Fudbal 29 pts 14) United Kingdom: Joni Fuller - How Does It Feel? 28 pts 15) Sweden: M+ - Gränslös Kärlek 22 pts 16) Malta: Thea & Friends - Make It Right 18 pts
  • "Vote Republican" by Roy Zimmerman please friend my on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and visit me at
  • Red vs. Blue Rock The Vote PSA: Rock the VETO The Red and Blue teams exercise their multiplayer rights. Register to vote on Xbox Live or at .
  • Voting for Bush A voter describes what happened when he went in to vote for a 3rd Bush term.
  • Government Officials Voting Fraudulently: Lawmakers Breaking the Law - Texas Legislature What would happen to you if police caught you on video fraudulently voting? Would cops quickly arrest you and throw you in jail, only to have the District Attorney immediately charge you with fraud? What would happen to elected government officials if they were caught doing the same? Absolutely nothing? In fact, our representatives in the US government have become so brazen, that they commit fraud in plain view, on a daily basis, while at the same time trying to pass laws that would further restrict and criminalize the public for doing the same. This is a clear sign of excessive government, when the government is so large and overwhelmingly powerful that it's agents can abuse the civilian population without any sense of guilt, remorse, or fear - when government officials deny charges of illegal conduct made against themselves as a matter of semantics, and when agents of the government expect and get immunity from any of their actions; actions that would be criminally prosecuted upon any other citizens. The few standing up for freedom, liberty, and the Constitution, such as Congressman Ron Paul, who has been called the Thomas Jefferson of our day, are the only hope for America; the only hope for returning our empire-sized government to it's proper Constitutional levels of national defense, upholding the law, and protecting the rights of the people and individual liberties. There's been a lot of debate at the State Capitol on bills relating to voter integrity. Some ...
  • Craig Ferguson, "If you don't vote, you're a moron" On the Sept. 10th edition of The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, a new American citizen preparing to vote in his first US election asks, "Are we so lost we have to be sold our own democratic right!?"
  • Ron Paul Fraud! 'Diebold' Vote Machines Steal 2008 Primaries With the presidential race in full swing, most US states have found critical flaws in the accuracy and security of their electronic voting machines. Some officials have been forced to scramble to return to the paper ballots they abandoned after the 2000 and 2004 Florida and Ohio Stolen Elections. Poll workers and other convicted state officials are already serving terms for Election Fraud. Besides President Bush and Vice Cheney there might be dozens if not hundreds of unelected public officials from both parties. And that's not all, this past December alone, top election officials in Ohio, New Hampshire, and Colorado declared that widely used voting equipment is unfit for elections. The state of California just banned the four electronic voting machine companies after HBO's documentary "Hacking Democracy A Diebold Expose'" - Now, Just Remember that We The People Can and Are Passing Legislation to Guarantee Paper Ballots and an Open Count in the 2008 General Elections. Please comment, pass the message around and favorite this video. Additional information will be added to this page on a daily basis. UPDATES: MTV Ron Paul audio sabotage, planted "myspace" questions, Ron Paul claims first place in Louisiana, second in several states and hundreds of thousands of uncounted votes. YOUTUBE RON PAUL FOX NEWS Diebold Fraud Report Falsely Claiming ONLY 5% of machines miscount votes when it IS 81% Instead -
  • George Carlin Doesn't vote George carlin speaks the truth, Voting Is another way to keep you in a closed distracted bubble... no Offensive words please
  • You Can Vote However You Like The kids from the Ron Clark Academy performing live "You Can Vote However You Like," a parody to TI's "Whatever You Like". Atlanta Georgia Ron Clark Academy. for full interview click Lyrics: Obama on the left McCain on the right We can talk politics all night And you can vote however you like You can vote however you like, yeah Democratic left Republican right November 4th we decide And you can vote however you like You can vote however you like, yeah (McCain supporters) McCain is the man Fought for us in Vietnam You know if anyone can Help our country he can Taxes droppin low Dont you know oils gonna flow Drill it low I'll show our economy will grow McCain's the best candidate With Palin as his running mate They'll fight for gun rights, pro life, The conservative right Our future is bright Better economy in site And all the world will feel our military might (Obama supporters) But McCain and Bush are real close right They vote alike and keep it tight Obama's new, he's younger too The Middle Class he will help you He'll bring a change, he's got the brains McCain and Bush are just the same You are to blame, Iraq's a shame Four more years would be insane Lower your Taxes - you know Obama Won't PROTECT THE LOWER CLASS - You know McCain won't! Have enough experience - you know that they don't STOP GLOBAL WARMING - you know that you won't I want Obama FORGET OBAMA Stick with McCain and you're going to have some drama We need it HE'LL BRING IT He'll be it YOU'LL ...
  • Chomsky: In swing states vote Obama without illusions Noam Chomsky: People should vote against McCain and for Obama - but without illusions
  • Socialist Catalonian Party Vote - Woman Has Orgasm (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Spanish politicians have criticised a video by the Young Socialists in Catalonia in which a woman simulates an orgasm while casting her vote in Spain. Both Socialist and opposition politicians have attacked the campaign video. The equality minister called it "misleading" advertising.
  • Mike And Mike: Hall Of Fame Voting Greeny and Golic can't understand the voting process for the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President Voting machine DRE700 came out of nowhere to defeat Barack Obama and John McCain and become the first machine president.
  • Florida Voting Machine With Jeb Bush as governor, and voting machine maker Diebold contributing to the Republican party, this might be what voting is like across Florida on Nov 2
  • Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama in the '08 election...
  • An Engineer's Guide to Voting (Ginger Cat for President) T-shirts: Two engineers describe the history and importance of voting and nominate Ginger the cat for President. WARNING! Disco and mean dog content! Ending music is "Mr Tiny" purchased from royalty free music website shockwave-.
  • Look Who Is Voting One factor will determine the outcome on Nov. 2: Who votes. That's why and teamed up to make this video, reminding us of all the people who will be going to the polls on Tuesday -- and why you should be one of them. (Big thanks to billsimmon and OneWisconsinNow for concept and footage)
  • Don't Vote! Kevin Brueck and Sean Han*** were asked, along with a who's who of Hollywood celebs, to do a PSA about voting. For some reason Kevin and Sean didn't really fit in. SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNELS: FOLLOW WAF: WAF Facebook Page
  • Vote For Taylor! Vote for Taylor for the 2009 American Music Awards! Follow this link to vote:
  • Isarithmic History of the Two-Party Vote Using county-level data, I spatially and temporally interpolated presidential vote returns for the two major party candidates in each election from 1920-2008. The result illuminates the sometimes gradual, sometimes rapid change in the geographic basis of presidential partisanship. A detailed description can be seen at
  • UCSB Security Group's Attack on Voting Machines (Part1 of 2) The video shows how voting machines can be compromised and modified by a virus that steals votes from unsuspecting users
  • FOX: Diebold Electronic Vote Fraud Confirmed We The People Hae Passed Legislation to Guarantee Paper Ballots and an Open Count in the 2008 General Elections. Please comment, pass the message around and favorite this video. Additional information will be added to this page on a regular basis. Check out HBO Special Documentaries " Hacking Democracy " " Uncounted " and the new film documentary " Recount " from Google Video and Torrent here - http YouTube version -
  • FAMILY GUY - Brian's Emmy Vote - The Office Looks like Brian will be voting for "The Office" for "Best Comedy Series"! What will Stewie think?
  • WV Vote Flipping Caught on Tape Video the Vote went to Jackson County, WV, in response to numerous reports of machine vote flipping. To see the entire interview, go here
  • Silvestro the cat / NH voting (More:see Hacking Democracy) One man's private, sole source company programs 81% of the election in New Hampshire, 100% in Connecticut, almost all of Massachusetts and most of Vermont. Never before seen video of the under-the-radar elections contractor John Silvestro as he tangles with master security expert Harri Hursti.For the full version of the hack see the 80 minute HBO film "Hacking Democracy"
  • Rick's Rant: Voting 101 Vote out of spite.
  • 5 More Friends uncensored Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Snoop Dogg, Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Ben Stiller, Will Smith, Steven Spielberg, Justin Timberlake, along with Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat, Zach Braff, Colin Farrell, Neil Patrick Harris, Scarlett Johansson, Shia LeBeouf, Tobey Maguire, Ryan Reynolds, and Jason Segal, are featured in a second of a series of public service announcements to encourage American youth to vote in partnership with Google, YouTube, Declare Yourself, and MySpace. The non-partisan PSAs, produced by DiCaprios Appian Way, were created to engage and inspire young people to vote and participate in the upcoming election.
  • TV Ad - Police Chief McNamara: Vote YES On Proposition 19 San Jose Police Chief (ret.) Joseph McNamara explains why he, and other law enforcement officers in California, will be voting Yes on 19. Full Text: Let's be honest: The war against marijuana has failed. I know from 35 years in law enforcement. Today, it's easier for a ***ager to buy pot than beer. Proposition 19 will tax and control marijuana just like alcohol. It will generate billions of dollars for local communities, allow police to focus on violent crimes, and put drug cartels out of business. Join me and many others in law enforcement. Vote YES on Proposition 19!
  • McCain Can't Explain Voting Against Birth Control McCain can't tell a reporter why he voted against compelling insurance companies to cover birth control for women.
  • Instant Runoff Voting A case for and the mechanics of IRV, brought to you by .
  • How vote in the Russian parliament! Putin's poodles in the doghouse for failing to turn up They are often dismissed as Vladimir Putin's political poodles, but now deputies in the Russian parliament apparently cannot even muster the will to turn up to do as they are told. When they voted 449-0 to pass a tough new drink-driving law it seemed like just another rubber-stamp decision from a Duma renowned for its slavish obedience to Mr Putin, the Prime Minister. That was until a television report disclosed that only 88 members had actually voted. Deputies were shown scurrying around rows of empty seats in the chamber, pressing the voting buttons of absent MPs during the 20 seconds allowed for voting. "One physically fit deputy has time to press nine buttons," Ren TV reported sardonically, as an MP was shown rushing from desk to desk. The video, now an internet hit with Russians, provoked anger in Mr Putin's ruling United Russia party, which holds two thirds of the seats in the 450-member Duma. Sergei Neverov, a senior party official, said "truant" deputies should be kicked out. The TV film also drew a sarcastic reaction in Russian newspapers, with Komsomolskaya Pravda commenting: "We suspected that our people's deputies do not sit around in the State Duma all day long, but come on, 88 out of 450 is too much." President Medvedev suggested that this might actually have been a good day in the Duma. He threatened last month to have absent deputies expelled. "I am amazed myself by the picture in the parliament when ...
  • Voting rights Act of 1965 Short Documentary Produced for Davidson's African American History Month Performance. Produced by Wright Montgomery and Narrated by Caitlin Duncan.
  • True News 6: The Truth About Voting Part 2 high res: Why begging politicians for pennies back on the dollar will never set you free -
  • Voting and YOU! Ed Helms, Rachael Harris and Chris Mintz-Plasse (McLovin')star in this hilarious 1950's style faux-info video. Register now at !

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  • “Last week, we discussed the same historical voting patters versus post-election messaging in our new memo, Debunking the Tea A century ago, voter suppression took the form of Jim Crow laws that openly attempted to prevent African-Americans from voting”
    — Project Vote Blog,

  • “Blog of the Year Voting. Posted by Matthew Henrickson in Blog Promotion, Blog about your I have a little announcement to make about blog of the year voting”
    — Blog of the Year Voting | Blog About Your Blog,

  • “First see the voting rules. Second, check the the daily Weblog Award Finally, if you still have questions ask questions in The Weblog Awards forum”
    — Best Sports Blog - The 2008 Weblog Awards, 2008

  • “A few (marketing) things to think about on Galactic Interstellar Tuesday: Voting is free. Some people really like to vote. It builds a connection for them. A big part of voting are the senior citizens who sit at the desk”
    — Seth's Blog: Lessons from voting,

  • “Posted August 31, 2010 // Tagged as Video Contest Voting // No Comments 31, 2010 // Tagged as Video Contest Voting // 2 Comments. Video submitted by Adam Hahn”
    — Video Contest Voting | Motion Boardshop Blog,

  • “Blog. About EVIC. We are a non-partisan academic research center based at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Professor Paul Gronke and his team conduct research on early voting and election reform, predominantly in the United States. Election 2010. Early voting calendar”
    — Blog | Early Voting Information Center,

  • “Enjoy voting? Thanks to suggestions from this forum our charts at Morpheus Music are widening out and looking increasingly up to date. Entheogenic top our album”
    — Enjoy voting?,

  • “For years, computer security experts have said that casting ballots using the Internet cannot be done securely. Now, after a team from the University of”
    — Dangers of Internet Voting Confirmed | Verified Voting Blog,

  • “ Artist's Rendering of Proposed OVC Voting Booth. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A gain consensus and momentum for Open Voting. Alan's blog. Submitted by Alan on September 8,”
    — | Open Voting Consortium,