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  • Results for vocoder. Below are the posts that should have something to do with 'vocoder'. Note: If you're looking for something more specific you can use search form in the top right. Loopmasters Alien Robot Vox, vocoded sample collection by Marco Scherer. — “Vocoder at - Part 2”,
  • vocoder, speechsynthesis, sampling, ad/da interfaces, speak & spell, text to speech, speech recognition. — “***og Vocoder Info”,
  • Question #1 -- What attracted you initially to the vocoder? Question #2 -- Was the music for "Clockwork Orange" the earliest work in your canon to use the vocoder?. — “Wendy Carlos Vocoder Q&A”,
  • The Vocoder, created by Homer Dudley, was originally designed as means of compressing human speech for transmission over narrow-band carrier channels. The Axe-Fx Vocoder pays faithful homage to those early ***og vocoders. — “Vocoder - Axe-Fx Wiki”,
  • Vocoder. Language: de en es fi fr it nl no pl. A vocoder (name derived from voice encoder) is a speech ***yzer and synthesizer. It was originally developed as a speech coder for telecommunications applications in the 1930s, the idea being to code speech for transmission. — “”,
  • A vocoder is a device for ***yzing and synthesizing human voice. The term itself comes from the words 'voice' and 'encoder'. It has many uses but its main function is in secure voice transmission. — “Vocoder”, tech-
  • vocoder, free vst, free vst plugin, plugins, fee vst plugins, free vst instrument, free vst, cubase vst, Trashcoder is a small interesting Plug-In with great vocoder powers to produce warm ***og sounds and trashy hard sounds. — “Top > Free VST plugins > vocoder”,
  • A vocoder or voder (a portmanteau of voice and encoder) is a speech ***yzer and synthesizer. It was originally developed as a speech coder for telecommunications applications in the 1930s, the idea being to code speech for transmission. Its. — “Vocoder | ”,
  • A vocoder (name derived from voice coder, formerly also called voder) is a speech ***yser and synthe. — “vocoder - Article and Reference from ”,
  • Buy vocoder, Musical Instruments items on eBay. Find great deals on Music, Electronics items and get what you want now!. — “vocoder items - Get great deals on Musical Instruments, Music”,
  • Shop for Vocoder. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Vocoder - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • A vocoder (pronounced /ˈvoʊkoʊdər/, a portmanteau of the words voice and encoder) is an ***ysis/synthesis system, mostly used for speech. The vocoder as both hardware and software has also been used extensively as an electronic musical instrument. — “Vocoder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A vocoder (ˈvoʊkoʊdər, a portmanteau of the words voice and encoder) is an ***ysis/synthesis system, mostly used for speech. A vocoder (ˈvoʊkoʊdər, a portmanteau of the words voice and encoder) is an ***ysis/synthesis system, mostly used for speech. — “Vocoder”,
  • ShopWiki has 204 results for vocoder, including Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder with Reflex-Tune, KORG - ***og Modeled Synth/Vocoder, Korg Microkorgxl Synthesizer And Vocoder Microkorg Xl, and Korg R3 37-Key Synthesizer/Vocoder. — “vocoder”,
  • Vocoder definition, an electronic device that synthesizes speech. vocoder (ˈvəʊˌkəʊdə) —n. music a type of synthesizer that uses the human voice as an oscillator. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. 2009 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins. — “Vocoder | Define Vocoder at ”,
  • Vocoder music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Vocoder on Yahoo! Music. — “Vocoder on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Get the guaranteed lowest price on vocoder at . — “vocoder”,
  • Vocoder. The PAiA Vocoder, designed by Craig Anderton, is truly a price/performance breakthrough in classical ***og designs. Eight bands of resolution let you make instruments "speak" with remarkable intelligibility. But that's only the beginning. — “PAiA - Vocoder - Studio Series”,
  • Note: Kraftwerk used a machine called Votrax (Siemens), its a phonetic Generator, so it is no Vocoder.. but of course they also used vocoders (a lot).. english. originally made for coding Voice send it by wire and decode it again (milltary use) but now it is used in music. — “Vocoder - Synthesizer Wiki”,
  • 4ORMULATOR VOCODER EXTREME. The ultimate freeware vocoder plug-in for computer music systems. Pitch-augmentation, sympathetic drones, voice disguisers, multi-band ring modulation, vocoder effects, robot voices, talking instruments, sub-harmonic. — “Vocoder plug-ins software downloads for computer music systems”, vocoder-
  • Buy Vocoder from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. Use bizrate's latest online shopping features to compare prices for Vocoder. — “Vocoder Keyboards/Midi at Bizrate - Black Friday 2010”,
  • A huge collection of vocoder software - freeware, shareware, and demos - that you can download for free. Platforms include Windows, Mac and Linux. — “Music Software: vocoder (Shareware Music Machine)”,
  • The Vocoder in action. This page features a brief history of the vocoder along with musical examples and links to resources such as parts and famous players. — “The Vocoder: A brief history, links, resources, and famous”,
  • vocoder n. An electronic device or system for synthesizing speech. A vocoder (pronounced /ˈvoʊkoʊdər/, a portmanteau of the words voice and encoder) is an ***ysis/synthesis system, mostly used for speech. — “vocoder: Definition from ”,

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  • One Of The First Vocoder Machine One of the first vocoder machine using telephone-circuitry.
  • Undisclosed Desires Backing Vocals (Whisper+Vocoder) and more taken from the 5.1 mix of Muse's the Resistance separated from the mix of Undisclosed Desires really, its not too different, it just has no bass, and the backing vocals are much easier to hear
  • Sennheiser Vocoder VSM-201 Here are some audio samples dedicated to the usage of the legendary Sennheiser VSM-201 Vocoder. Being that there is hardly any info on the web in reference to this unit, I took the initiative to be probably the first person to post audio samples of this vintage dinosaur....ENJOY!!!
  • Rammstein- Mutter (Vocoder Mix) Rammstein- Mutter (Vocoder Mix) from Mutter Maxi CD I don't now why, but I can't post this video :/. Some of this pics You can find at
  • iVoxel - The singing vocoder VirSyn iVoxel - The singing vocoder for iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330 Great sound.
  • Robot voices are easy with Ableton Live Vocoder RENDER GET MY MUSIC @
  • FL Studio Tutorial Basics - Vocoder Explained - Warbeats Tutorial From How to use the FL Studio Vocoder. FL Studio Tutorial, FL Studio Help, Fruity Loops Tutorial, Fruity Loops Help
  • MicroKorg XL Vocoder Just goofing around the various vocoders on the MicroKorg XL. And no, I'm no pro at the keyboard. :P
  • Yudo Vocoder SV-5 - iPhone App Re: VOCODER iPhone App This is the true vocoder app!! This is the best !!
  • VOCODER (Auto-Tune Song) WATCH THIS VIDEO & LEARN! Soon you will be a VOCODE EXPERT! NO TALENT REQUIRED!!! Download the song now: Download all Onision songs free: ONISION IS LIVING PROOF THAT AUTOTUNE CAN TURN A LOSER INTO A FAMOUS LOSER!!! AND OH BOY IS HE A HUGE LOSER!!! I HATE PEOPLE WHO USE CAPS!!!! RRRG!!! STOP USING CAPS A-HOLES!!! IT'S SO ANNOYING!!! I WOULD NEVER USE CAPS!!!! RRRRRG!!!! VOCODING N00BS! I really hope you get the joke... it's that I actually love Vocoding, and am a super loser. :D!!!! HA HA!!!! [cries] The Onision site: Tags vocoder song autotune funny music video parody spoof famous singers use daft punk rocks the robot voice alien techno electronic electro bass drum beat rave dance best top 10 omg amazing for reals auto-tune auto tune vo coder code songs Seriously... robot voices are so ***y. NO RLY! I mean it! :P
  • Voice Box - Video by Jack Conte - Vocal Harmony Machine/ Vocoder Visit for user videos, our blog, community fourms, and lots more! For more Voice Box product info, see The Voice Box packs a multi-functional vocal synth processor into a tough and compact chassis. Sing, and you'll have a troupe of backup singers following you in perfect harmony. Or use the built-in vocoder to unleash classic synth-robot sounds. Diana Ross had the Supremes, Brian Wilson had the Beach Boys, Kraftwerk had The Robots. You have the Voice Box. The harmony processor creates 2- to 4-part harmonies directly from your vocals, in the same key as your accompanying instrument. Studio-quality reverb lets you independently add depth to your dry and harmony vocals. The focused 256-band articulate vocoder, designed by the same EMS genius who made vocoding famous, features adjustable harmonic enhancement and controllable formant shift. Plug in your mic and your instrument, and let your new voice -- or voices -- be heard! * Harmonically matches any electric instrument you plug into it * Professional quality pitch shifting algorithm produces realistic harmonies * The Low & High Harmony independently produces two harmony notes: 3rd and 5th * 9 accessible programmable presets * Natural Glissando * Gender Bender knob allows for male/female formant modification * Built-In Mic Pre with Phantom Power & Gain Switch * Balanced XLR Line Output: Interface directly with any mixing board or A/D converter * US96DC-200BI power supply included
  • study for vocoder This is an early prototype by Ethan Ham () for one of several vocoder-like musical sculptures/instruments. It uses printer parts and a slide whistle to replicate vocal pitches and to play Take The A-Train.
  • VOCODER iPhone App "Vocoder" is the smallest and cheapest vocoder, because it is a iPhone App. You can change your voice like a robot.
  • Vocoder Freestyle Just practicing on a vocoder in Logic Pro 7. Not a Talk Box! Hope you enjoy!
  • teddy riley - vocoder ( live ) teddy riley - vocoder (live )
  • Vocoder Dr. Presson demonstrates this futuristic device from the '70s. EDIT: a lot of people have written in asking what exactly my vocoder setup is. Well that's your classic Roland SVC-350, and I'm using a Kurzweil K2600 with the basic jar-of-wasps ***og brass sound as the driver. The vocal mic has no pre-processing whatsoever, I just plugged it directly into the vocoder.
  • T-Pain Vs. VOCODER Funny Video made by T-pain. See he can make fun of himself.
  • Roland DR-HS5 Handsfree Microphone for Vocoder Roland DR-HS5 Dynamic Microphone (optimized for vocoder) I tried it with my microKORG XL vocoder.
  • Korg R3 (Synthesizer/Vocoder) - Overview Demo Video demonstration of the Korg R3 synthesizer/vocoder's functionality and features.
  • Record: Vocoder Basics Stoni explains how to setup and the basic functinos of the Vocoder within Record.
  • Kraftwerk Robots of Kraftwerk Kraftwerk (pronounced [ˈkʁaftvɛɐk], German for "power station") is a German musical group which has made significant contributions to the development of experimental and electronic music. The band was founded by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider-Esleben in 1970, but became widely known as a quartet consisting of Wolfgang Flür and Karl Bartos alongside the founding members. The classic Kraftwerk sound combines driving electronic percussion and bass lines with catchy synthesized melodies and harmony, accompanied by simple lyrics sung through a vocoder. The sound was revolutionary for its time, and has had a lasting impact across nearly all genres of modern popular music. The band celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2005, and continues to tour.
  • Roland SVC-350 11 Band ***og Vocoder Demo Quick demo showing the basic features of this awesome vocoder. I use an unfiltered saw wave from a Roland Juno 60 as carrier signal and my voice and TR-808 as modulator signals. Intro includes Fantom X6. Be sure to add &fmt=18 at end of URL to hear stereo sound, since this vocoder has a stereo ensemble effect. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for updates.
  • Cubase Video Tutorial - Vocoder (Transformers Style) Feel free To comment & Rate This Video! Improve your Cubase control, skills and Sound.
  • ROLAND VP330 Vocoder Plus vintage synth demo by RetroSound ***og strings/ human voice choir: Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus bass drone: Roland Juno-60 space effect sound: SCI Pro-One more info: and http The Vocoder Plus contains three tone-generating sections: Vocoder, Human Voice and Strings, which may be independently assigned to cover the whole keyboard, or either the upper or lower half. The String section produces orchestral string sounds that are silky and warm feeling, and most importantly, consistent throughout the entire length of the keyboard. The Tone and Attack Time of the String section can be controlled inependently, and the Release Time is hared with the two other sections. The Human Voice section literally defies description with its uncanny resemblance to a chorus of human voices. The upper half of the keyboard contains one female and one male chorus, while the lower half contains two male choruses. There is also an ensemble effect which increases the dimension of the vocal chorus. The Vocoder section, like our rack-mounting Vocoder (SVC-350), processes the spoken or sung human voice (program), ***yzing its character and using this information to modify another musical signal (carrier). The Vocoder section uses ten ***ysis filters for vowel sounds, and there is also an additional filter that is used for consonants. The Vocoder section uses as a carrier signal the combined components of the Human Voice and String section (Roland Info Sheet 1979).
  • Lenka Vocoder Lenka playing around with the vocoder for the song 'Force of Nature' while recording with Mike Elizondo
  • The Ableton Vocoder Part 2 of 2 Huston Singletary explains and demonstrates the Ableton Vocoder.
  • Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus + Moog Prodigy vintage synth demo track by RetroSound bassline: Moog Prodigy; sequenced by the SCI Pro-One internal sequencer and triggered by the TR-707 strings and human voice choir: Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus Mk2 drums: Roland TR-707 no overdubbing, no playback, no sequencer software used more info: and http View the vid in better sound quality add: &fmt=18
  • FADER TV: Vocoder Fun With Dave Tompkins Dave Tompkins shows us his favorite vocoder albums in conjunction with the release of his book, "How To Wreck A Nice Beach"
  • Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201 Original Sennheiser Recording of the 1978 VSM201 Vocoder
  • Logic Studio Tutorial (Beginner) The Vocoder How to implement the vocoder synth in Logic Pro
  • Electro Harmonix V256 Vocoder Paul and the crew at Easy Music Center Pearl City show off the new V256 vocoder from Electro Harmonix
  • The Ableton Vocoder Part 1 of 2 Huston Singletary explains and demonstrates the Ableton Vocoder.
  • Dubspot :: Dubstep Snares :: Vocoder: Ableton Live Michael Hatsis shows off one of the many uses of Ableton's Vocoder. In this Video, he demonstrates how to thicken up a snare - Dubstep style. Subscribe to be notified of new tutorials. Also, Check out for More production tutorials and tips.
  • MicroKorg Vocoder Demo A little vocoder demo
  • EMS Vocoder What Is It? EMS 2000 Here is how an ***og vocoder works. I am not going to use technical "jibberish" so I will speak normal vocabulary. This is the legendary EMS Vocoder 2000 (from 1977) which soundwise compares against Sennheiser, Moog(Bode), Synton, Roland, Korg. I will give a basic demonstration on how to use a vocoder and how a vocoder functions to give it that "robotic" sound. I used an Oberheim OB-8 Keyboard to trigger the pitch on the vocoder
  • Razor Robot Vocoder Funk Pt.1 This is a recording I made for the purpose of showing Roger my vocoder.It is the same vocoder as on Stay Vocoder.The only difference is this sound came from a DX7. I recorded this 2 years before his death. I gave a cassette of it to the Harding family who are cousins to the Troutmans. I was informed that Terry Troutman burned a CD of it to take with them as they travel.The Hardings passed on his thanks to me..:) Razor Robot is what I will call the voice of this vocoder from now on..because it is so chillen cold at times I just play it back instead of working on it more.:( Pt.2 has the trademark Slam pitch bends and high notes in it..I hope you like both of these films..:)
  • Gay Cat Park - I'm A Vocoder (1982)
  • Electro Harmonix V256 Vocoder with Reflex-Tune Electro Harmonix V256 Vocoder with Reflex-Tune • Blend control • 9 programmable memory locations • Vocoder band adjustment from 8-256 bands • Gender bender for male or female emphasis adjust • Reflex Tune for articulate Vocal pitch correction • 3 Robotic voices and single, major and minor drones all with pitch control • XLR microphone connector with phantom power • Transposition for pitch shifting • Instrument control for monophonic pitch replacement • 96DC-200BI power supply included
  • Vocoder Tubeohm Sound and Function - Tubeohm Vocoder Vox Populus

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  • “Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I am considering selling famous Sennheiser VSM-201 vocoder in excellent condition. Have no idea about its current market value. Would be nice to g”
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  • “Line6Piper (aka Matt Piper) teaches you how to use Reason's vocoder to turn acoustic drum parts ( If you are already logged in, the link will take you to the Propellerhead Blog download page”
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  • “Firstly, what would be the best vocoder vst and secondly, how easy are they to setup and use?? ”
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  • “Tags: cat, convoy, lolcat, synthesizer, vocoder. CatSynth pics and slide show: Convoy the Blog: CatSynth. Topics: cats, music, art. Follow my blog © 2006-2010 CatSynth. CatSynth is”
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  • “Vocoder (maybe?) - Recording Forum - Home Recording Studio Help”
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  • “Funniest part of this is "MOOG VOCODER - as used on many Monty Python productions" to it was used for, as I have never heard them use a vocoder ever”
    — the vocod'o'rama blog,

  • “The result is a unprecedented historical study of the vocoder that should appeal equally to music fans, tech heads and also history students. hard-to-listen-to entire new album (808s and Heartbreak) to (like T.Pain) singing through the vocoder like autotuner effects”
    — Amoeblog > Tag > vocoder,

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