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  • Vocation information for men who feel called by God to be Catholic priests for the Archdiocese of Chicago. — “Chicago Priest”,
  • Welcome to the Vocations page for young adults in the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin. — “Vocations - Young Adults”,
  • God has a hope, a dream, a vocation for each one of us. Find resources to help you discern how you are being called by God. — “Vocations – ”,
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida. Office of Vocations web site. — “Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida - Office of”,
  • Ecclesiastical Faculty of Theology. Liturgical Institute. Ministry Formation Programs. Ongoing Formation. Conference Center. Institute for Priestly Formation. Vocations. To Donate. Library. Development. Publications. People. History. Tour of Campus. Class Resources. The Flu. USML Events. USML Events. — “University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary”,
  • It is very appropriate that in this Year of Vocation the month of February is dedicated to the vocation of Religious Life. Last summer, the Presentation Brothers Communications Director, Andrew O'Connell held Vocations Workshops at the Summer Youth Festivals at Knock and in Clonmacnoise. — “Vocations Ireland - Ceád Míle Fáilte”,
  • Information and commentary on vocations to the Priesthood, Diaconate, or Religious Life. — “Roman Catholic Vocations”,
  • It is my hope that through the various Events sponsored by the Office of Vocations you will be able to take that next step in responding to the call of Christ. Be sure to check out the Videos section and see that life as a seminarian is not just rewarding, but fun and exciting too. — “Office of Vocations | Archdiocese of St. Louis”,
  • Under the motto "Keep the Faith Alive," the Order's vocations initiative has a number of programs based on prayer and designed to The heart of the Order's vocations effort continues to be the Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP) by which assemblies, councils and Squires. — “Vocations”,
  • Vocations. Are you concerned about the shortage of priests, deacons and religious vocations in our Church? Sponsored by the vocation offices of the four dioceses of Iowa, this. — “Vocations”,
  • Lastly, I conclude with a word of thanksgiving for all of the prayers and support for vocations to the priesthood. Vocations in the Archdiocese of New York. The Archdiocese of New York,. — “Vocations”,
  • We must seek to help others know Christ first It is in knowing Christ and growing in our relationship with Him that we discover the fruit of what it is we are to do, our purpose. — “Vocations.US”, vocations.us
  • A vocation, from the Latin vocare (verb, to call), is a term for an occupation to which a person is specially drawn or for which they are suited, trained or qualified. The word "vocation" comes from the Latin vocare (verb to call); [1] Its usage before the six***th century, referred firstly to. — “Vocation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The bishops received an outline of the major findings of the NRVC's Study on Recent Vocations to Religious Life in the United States, conducted by the Center for the Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA), a Georgetown Fostering vocations to priesthood and religious life is one of the. — “Welcome to the Diocese of Orlando”,
  • Are you discerning your "call" in life, your vocation? Let us be a part of your journey. Vocations Prayer. Father Ricky Ordonez. Marty Hammond. Mercy Ortiz. — “Vocations Office Diocese of Tucson”,
  • The Vocation Office of the Archdiocese of San Antonio values all vocations, and is commissioned to provide resources and discernment opportunities that promote and cultivate vocations to ordained and consecrated life, especially diocesan vocations. — “Archdiocese of San Antonio”,
  • Guide to vocations in the Catholic Church. Includes features on discernment, priesthood, seminaries, the lay ministry, and religious life. — “Vocations Online”,
  • Those who are called to the priesthood or consecrated life can welcome the seed of vocation that God has placed in their hearts with a generous openness. Drawing them to follow Christ with an undivided heart, the Father invites them to be Joyful and free apostles of the kingdom. — “The Office of Vocations”,
  • Vocations.ca is a national Canadian resource site answering the questions "How do I become a priest, brother, sister, missionary, consecreated lay person, or deacon?. — “Canada's National Site for Vocations to Catholic Religious”, vocations.ca
  • Catholic vocation resources for promoting and discerning vocations. Find out more about VAN and how it can assist you in your desire to promote vocations. — “Welcome to ”,
  • Dominican Daily: Dominican Friar commentary on the latest news, current events, the Church, liturgy, vocations, preaching, politics, bioethics, philosophy & more. — “Dominican Province of St. Joseph | Vocations Blog | op”, op-
  • Office of Vocations for KCK Archdiocese. — “KCK Vocations”,
  • Catholic Vocations Vocation Articles " Book Club: New Book & Upcoming Meeting. Pastoral Internship in Africa. As a part of the Master of Divinity degree program at the Washington Theological Union I was given the opportunity to do a ten-week pastoral internship in Kenya. — “Vocations - Catholic Online”,
  • Learn more about discerning your vocation during this four-day camp for high school young men, activities include prayer, hiking, A Priority Initiative of the USCCB Dedicated to the Promotion of Vocations to the Priesthood & Consecrated Life. — “Archdiocese of Washington - Vocations”,

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  • Pope: vocations to the priesthood are matured in the family Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the life and example of St. Monnica, the mother of St. Augustine of Hippo, Bishop and doctor of the Church, both of whose liturgical memories were celebrated this past week. The Holy Father said St. Monnica was a Model and patron saint of Christian mothers, who prayed incessantly for her son, St. Augustine - prayers that were answered, so that her son would later say she conceived him twice. The Pope went on to say that, when couples devote themselves generously to the education of children and guidance to explore the loving plan of God, they prepare the intellectual breeding ground from which arise vocations to the priesthood and the consecrated life, and in which ...
  • Life on the Rock - Vocations Discernment - Fr. Mark and Doug with Dominican Sisters - 09-30-2010.flv EWTN Global Catholic Television Network: Life on the Rock - Fr. Mark and Doug - The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist - Vocations and Discernment + New episodes of Truth in the Heart
  • franciscan vocation The Society of St Francis is a worldwide religious community in the Anglican Communion. This video gives a brief overview of the brothers in the Australian and New Zealand Province for those seeking information about the community or inquiring about vocations to religious life in the Anglican Communion as a Franciscan.
  • Father David Toups Vocation Story Father David Toups answers the question: "How did you know you were called to be a priest?"
  • Vocation Testimonial A dedicated Slave of Mary shares her vocation story
  • Called to Serve - Vocation to the Priesthood (Part 1/2) Do you have a vocation to the priesthood and/or religious life? Are you called to serve the Lord as a religious? Good men and women are called to a religious vocation, it could be you! Watch "Called to Serve: A Journey of Faith" today! This DVD introduces those discerning the religious life to the peace, joy, and spirit of this divine call to serve God's Church through a vocation. Follow the spiritual journey of priests and bishops who discuss their Journey of Faith. With prayer, as well as with an open heart, you too, could be...Called to Serve! "You are never alone in a religious vocation...because Christ is always at your side." Bishop Robert Shaheen, DD. Maronite Pastoral Center 1021 S. 10th St. Saint Louis, MO 63104 314.231.1316 Brought to you by
  • Pope explains how to find new vocations Benedict XVI has said that "vocations are not the result of any human project, or of some efficient organizational strategy," but are rather a gift from God. He also said vocations should be proposed with "courage, delicacy and respect."
  • Diocese of Orlando Vocation Video Diocese of Orlando, FL Vocation video
  • vocation warning signs A vocation to be a Benedictine Sister could happen to you! Know the warning signs before it's too late!
  • Vocation Promo Paulist Vocation Promo for the Paulist Fathers
  • More Catholics worldwide, but fewer European vocations The number of Catholics in the world has increased by 1.4%, with particular gains in Oceania and Africa. Vocations to the priesthood grew overall by 0.4%, though they decreased in Europe. The 2007 statistics were published in the new edition of the pontifical yearbook, called the Annuario Pontificio.A communiqué released by the Holy See states that the worldwide Catholic Church included 1.147 billion people in 2007 -- a 16 million increase since 2006. The numbers of baptized grew significantly in Oceania and Africa by 4.7% and 3%, respectively. Positive gains were made in Asia (+1.7%) and Europe (+0.8%). While North and South American Catholics decreased by 0.1%, they still represent half of all Catholics on the planet.The number of priests maintains a moderate growth trend that began in 2000 after more than 20 years of losses. Over the course of eight years ending in 2007, the Church's body of priests rose from 405000 to 408000. Africa and Asia reported strong results, whereas numbers were stable in North and South America. Europe and Oceania reported significant declines during the same period.Finally, the number of candidates for the priesthood increased by 0.4% on a global scale, almost reaching 116000. Africa and Asia grew in priestly vocations, while Europe and America registered respective reductions of 2.1% and 1%.
  • Narcissists: Professions, Jobs, and Vocations Narcissists are clustered and over-represented in certain professions: teaching, the clergy, show business, corporate management, the medical professions, the military, law enforcement agencies, politics, and sports. It is safe to predict that narcissists would be over-represented in these occupations. (From the book "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 2 DVDs with 12 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships: www.narcissistic-
  • Vocation of Marriage An interview with Drew Snyder and Nicole Desrochers gives a glimpse into this young couple's journey of discerning the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.
  • Dominican Vocation: different aspects of our life A short video in which brothers of the Irish Province of the Dominicans share a few concepts about different aspects of our Dominican vocation and the Dominican Life. Some of these elements are our of prayer and contemplation, our praying together in choir, our life of study, of preaching and ministry and of community.
  • Servite Order Vocations Video Please enjoy this vocation video for the Servite Order. If you are thinking about a vocation, we would love to share with you the blessings of the Servites! For more information regarding the Servite Order, please contact the Vocations Committee at 714-774-7575 ext. 1660
  • Vocations Video 2010 - Catholic Community Foundation This Vocations Video debuted at the May 1, 2010, Crozier Gala at the Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Ariz. It was produced by the Catholic Community Foundation. For more information:
  • Spanish cloistered nuns see surge in vocations Boom of vocations in spain convent
  • Help The Norbertines Move Mountains Shorter version of the Vignette
  • A Vocations Story -- Father Jonathan Meyer Father Jonathan Meyer, a priest of the archdiocese of Indianapolis, shares his vocation story.
  • A Divine Vocation Sister Nun vocation dominican
  • Franciscan Vocation 1: God invites us to take a risk A Franciscan Friar reflects on living the life God call you to, full and fullfiled.
  • Catholic Religious Vocations A video to encourage prayer and discernment for Vocations to the consecrated life.
  • Franciscan Friars Vocations Video Shorter version of the Vocations Video for the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate
  • Vocations 2009 I was making this video for my friend Adam Crowe, but before i could finish it he unexpectingly died of a brain anurism, he was only 26 and only 3 months away from becomeing a priest. So I've deticated my life to become a priest like Adam, I promice.
  • Life on the Rock - The Vocations Boom - Fr. Mark and Doug with Archbishop Thomas Rodi - 08-19-2010
  • VOCATIONS: ASK THE NUNS! PART I -- DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL 10 nuns, 3 questions, one love: Jesus Christ.
  • Vocation Confusion [Life ***] Ennie Hickman shares three easy steps to help you know God's will.
  • The Vocation Story of a Consecrated Virgin Carmen Briceño shares the beauty and joys of her vocation as a consecrated virgin.
  • FSSP Vocation Seminary Video (1/3) vocation vocations vocation video "vocation story vocations video seminary priesthood fssp
  • How Do I Know Whether Or Not I Have A Vocation To The Catholic Religious Life? Twelve simple signs on how to discern, take a look!
  • 2008 Men In Black Vocation Game Promo Diocese of Syracuse Men In Black Vocation Promotion Basketball Game 2008
  • Passionists Vocations to the Congregation of the Passion
  • Fishers of Men (Part 1) AWESOME! This is an awesome video created by Grassroot Films and produced by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to encourage vocations to the priesthood. If you've thought about being a priest, or you know someone who is thinking about it, or if you just want to know a little about what it means to be a Catholic priest, this is an excellent video to watch. It's part of an overall program as listed on the USCCB website here:
  • Priesthood - Vocation - from a 1st year training for priesthood, may God Bless you on your journey
  • vocation priesthood catholic vocation
  • Vocations: Sisters of St. Joseph As Sisters of St. Joseph, we are ordinary women you can meet anywhere, any day. Our hope is that we do ordinary things with an extraordinary vision: the love of God and all people. This video captures those ordinary moments.
  • Vocation Stories: Sr. Maria Ruth The voice of "Radio Paulinas" (the Daughters of St. Paul Spanish radio programs) is Colombian Sister Maria Ruth Reyes, by her own definition, "the happiest woman in the world." An inside look at the heart of a woman consecrated in chastity, poverty and obedience as a Catholic sister, this video can be helpful to other women who are discerning a vocation to religious life. Daughters of St. Paul
  • In the Arena: Vocation Crisis Join Jane Hanson as she discusses the Vocation crisis in the Diocese of Brooklyn. Guests include: 1. Fr. Kevin Sweeney - Vocation Director for Diocese of Brooklyn 2. Rafael Perez - Discerner 3. Rodnez Lapommeray - Seminarian 4. Sr. Camille Hampton LSP 5. Sr. Maria Lourdes Prieto LSP 6. Elizabeth Scalia - Contributor for Inside Catholic.
  • The Dominican Order - 1964 vocation film excerpts Excerpts from "And the world looks at us", a 1964 Dominican Province of Saint Joseph vocation film written by Fr. Dominic Rover, OP, and narrated by Dana Elcar. The original film was 28 min in length. The scenes included here were filmed at St. Stephen Priory in Dover, MA, the Dominican House of Studies, Washington, DC, and St. Dominic Church, Washington, DC From the archives of the Dominican Theological Library www.dhs.edu at the Dominican House of Studies, Washington, DC Audio lectures by Fr. JF Hinnebusch on the history of the Dominican Order are available at http For information about the Dominican vocation visit http
  • Vocations Semester Introduction Vocations Semester Introduction: How to talk to your ***s about vocations. Copyright Life***. Visit www.life***.com
  • Vocations to Sisterhood A video on vocations to the religious life. This video contains testimonies and stories from the Dominican sisters.
  • God's Calling: A Vocations Video For women and men: God's calling comes in a variety of different ways.Some, we might not even expect. Come explore what exactly He may be calling you to...

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  • “It is possible to find legitimate work at home with Virtual Vocations. We do not list any jobs that require a start-up fee”
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  • “Diocese of Raleigh Vocations The Vocare Blog will be a place to find articles, stories, updates, and other information related to vocations in the Universal Church and the Local Church in Raleigh”
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  • “I have just created a new group blog consisting of fellow Catholics discerning vocations to various religious vocations. Holy Vocations is up and ready! Lent/Easter 2007. The Holy Vocations Blog Has Arrived!”
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  • “Holy Vocations Blog consists of people discerning vocations to the religious life. virgin or if you are currently in formation, then I invite you to join this blog”
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  • “Vocations: Vocations Blog Tags. Dominican House of Studies St. Thomas Aquinas Vocations Rosary preaching Dominican Lent Knights of Columbus Dominican Friars Theology on Tap EWTN Live Solemn Profession Liturgy Simple Profession Walsh University Catholic Advent”
    — Dominican Province of St. Joseph | Vocations Blog | op, op-

  • “Blog. Catholic Vocations Online Community. about. RSS. Polls. To mark this Sunday as being the Entries Tagged as 'vocations' Disbanded by the Archbishop's Orders: The Intercessors of”
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