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  • Vocalists are also known as singers, and they use their voice to produce music by singing songs or making unique sounds. The vocalist may use his/her voice to project music, to speak, recite, or make any sounds as a musical performer. — “Vocalists at Media Positive Radio”,
  • See our list of the greatest jazz vocalists that swing of all time, please listen to jazz radio audio segments and view photos. — “Mainstream Jazz Vocalists And Jazz Influenced Pop Vocalists”,
  • Only the right voice can set the right mood for your wedding. Charleston is full of talented artists that can serenade you with Specializing in quality professional vocalists and pianists for ceremonies. We also represent Jazz trios and vocalists for receptions. . 1039-7. — “Wedding Bands Charleston, Wedding Music Charleston”,
  • A person who sings is called a singer or vocalist. Singers perform music known as songs that can either be sung a cappella Backing vocalists sing some, but usually not all, parts of the song. — “Singing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Buy vocalists, Music items on eBay. Find great deals on Musical Instruments, Books items and get what you want now!. — “vocalists items - Get great deals on Music, Musical”,
  • Definition of Vocalists in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Vocalists. Pronunciation of Vocalists. Translations of Vocalists. Vocalists synonyms, Vocalists antonyms. Information about Vocalists in the free online English dictionary and. — “Vocalists - definition of Vocalists by the Free Online”,
  • msongs music, vocalists wanted, music publisher, songwriter, batik art, digital art, southern california mountain panorama photographs. — “Msongs music, batik art, digital art, and t shirts”,
  • Candy Debut Sweet News To Vocalists. MEMBERS of a Year 7 vocal ensemble will realise every young performer's dream when they take to the stage alongside respected SOME of Newcastle's leading vocalists and dancers have signed on for the Lockdown cabaret restaurant's new show. — “Vocalists | Vocalist & Female Vocalists”, .au
  • This list presents all known vocalist based on the information found on the covers. The information for each vocalist includes full artist name, lead or Background vocalist appearances and additional information like interviews and links to official or. — “Vocalists - ”,
  • Only the right voice can set the right mood for your wedding. Washington DC is full of talented artists that can serenade you with songs so you can dance close with the one you love. We've compiled a list of Washington DC businesses that Washington DC Vocalists. — “Wedding Bands Washington DC, Wedding Music Washington DC”,
  • tracks for vocalists. Singers practice with piano, bass and drums. Chord changes to some fine JAZZ STANDARDS with an easy to follow arrangement (introduction, several choruses of the tune plus a written ending). — “ | Tracks for Vocalists”,
  • Yahoo! reviewed these sites and found them related to Jazz Vocalists. — “Jazz Vocalists in the Yahoo! Directory”,
  • Only the right voice can set the right mood for your wedding. Charlotte is full of talented artists that can serenade you with songs so you can dance close with the one Need classical guitar, female vocalist and strings for your intimate wedding? No problem! Need Jimmy Buffett style acoustic music. — “Wedding Bands Charlotte, Wedding Music Charlotte”,
  • Craig Moerer ~ Records by Mail ~ Used, Rare & Collectible Vinyl Records, LPs & 45s ARTISTS A-Z. vocalists "A" More artists beginning with "A" Featured titles: FRANK SINATRA: you turn my world around. 45 $8.00. NANCY WILSON: never less than yesterday. 45. — “Rare Vinyl Records at Craig Moerer ~ Records By Mail | Used”,
  • Only the right voice can set the right mood for your wedding. San Francisco is full of talented artists that can serenade you with songs so you can Regina Otto, Vocalist 888 512-BAND. One of the top cabaret and big band vocalists in the country, Regina Otto has an incredible vocal range and a. — “Wedding Bands San Francisco, Wedding Music San Francisco”,
  • Listen to female vocalists radio. Free female vocalists mp3 downloads available. Top female vocalists artists: Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Regina Spektor, Cat Power, Tegan and Sara, Kate Bush, Alanis Morissette, Sia, Feist, Björk. — “Female vocalists music - Listen free at Last.fm”, last.fm
  • A community about vocalists. Tag and discover new products. Share your images and discuss your questions with vocalists experts. — “: vocalists”,
  • Vocalists or vocal groups with musicians. Our vocalists and vocal groups will add excitement to any festive occassion. Add music to any event to inspire or to add cheer. Left: Big Smile Entertainment performs as the WBZ-TV Inspirational Choir at mile 22 of the Boston Marathon. — “Big Smile Entertainment: Corporate, Private, and Family”,
  • Vocalists how to articles and videos including How to Operate a DigiTech Vocalist VHM5, How to Lower Voice Tone, How to Find a Vocalist and much more!. — “Vocalists - How To Information | ”,
  • Buy vocalists at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “vocalists - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • How are Forest Hill Singers different from a worship team vocalist? We ask that vocalists rehearse "15 minutes on the front. end" prior to each rehearsal by rehearsing any new or unfamiliar songs. — “VOCALISTS”,
  • Facts, quizzes and trivia about Vocalists, Adam Ant, Adam and the Ants, Adam Duritz, Counting Crows and more. — “Factacular : Vocalists”,

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  • Digitech Vocalist Live 5 Demo without guitar input Los Angeles voice actor and impressionist Jeff McNeal tries out the Vocalist Live 5 in the studio booth for the first time. This is a simple demo singing America's "Ventura Highway" using this device to provide real time reverb and harmony effects. For all of the other videos I've recorded, the backing vocals are usually on the backing tracks already. For the handful that I've had to create myself, I've had to multi-track and sometimes use pitch effects in my software to create the harmonies in post production. Literally all of my vids have been sung "dry", that is, no reverb. That's always been aded in post production, also. I'm starting a second new band. My first, Mrs. Jones Revenge, is currently on hiatus while our guitarist battles back from some serious and debilitating health issues. That group features some great backing vocalists. My new, as yet unnamed group, is a wild card when it comes to backing vocals at this point, so I wanted to pick up a device that can provide harmonies I can punch in if needed, so the other guys don't have to stress about it if they're not feeling up to the task. They can just concentrate on their playing. I've never been impressed with the pitch adjusting software. I find the vocals too robotic sounding, but this box does a remarkably good job and the harmonies sound a lot closer to natural than I've been able to attain through my software in post production, so I'm pretty impressed. I was using preset number 73 "Eaglets" on this one ...
  • Congo - Werrason - Vocalist Eboa Lotin Encore FUN
  • Top 10 Female Voices of Trance The top 10 Female Vocalists of the Trance Industry 10. Christine Glass: Andy hunter - Amazing 09. Kate Ryan: Kate Ryan - Scream For More 08. Mavie Marcos: Andain - Beautiful Things 07. Jes Brieden: Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes 06. Rahel Krebs: Delerium - After All 05. Silvie De Bie: Sylver - The One 04. Kirsty Hawkshaw: DJ Tiesto - Urban Train 03. Linda Mertens: Milk Inc. - Run 02. Jan Johnston: Freefall - Skydive 01. Tiff Lacey: Headstrong - Close Your Eyes
  • Top 20: Female Vocalists A countdown of the greatest female vocalists in rock, in my opinion. I know i got Meg & Dia the wrong way round. A new updated countdown can be found here; Note: Can you try and understand that this is my personal opinion. Please don't comment this video telling me how these vocalists suck and I have missed out your favourite vocalists. You are intitled to your own opnion and to express that opinion, as long as you respect the opinions of others.
  • The Female Vocalists of Extreme Music Pt. 1 Female Vocalists of Extreme Music Pt.1 1. Arch Enemy - Angela Gossow 2. Save - Viktoria Belikova 3. Astarte - Tristessa (and Kinthia) 4. Estuary - Zdenka Prado 5. Bloodshoteye - Jessica Desjardins 6. Abnormality - Mallika 7. Malsain - Skumring 8. Pyrrah - Christine P. Newman 9. Wykked Wytch - Ipek 10. Decompose My Darling Daughter - Josephine 11. Mythic - Dana Duffey MISTAKES IN THIS VIDEO (which I unfortunately can't fix at this moment...) - Mallika of Abnormality's name is in fact spelled with two "L"s, not just one like in the video. - The song by Wykked Wytch is in fact "Many Lives" - Josephine did not record the song with Decompose My Darling Daughter, it was their previous vocalist who was a man MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT VIDEOS 2 - 27 AS WELL!!! *****And out now, a compilation of all 250 bands in parts 1 - 25: "250 BANDS WITH FEMALE SCREAMERS, GROWLERS, AND HARSH VOCALISTS" Check it out here!!! I now have a Facebook page for this series... Like it here:
  • Jazz Vocalist Deborah J. Carter & Metropole Orchestra Buy a Deborah Carter CD Online at: In this videio, Jazz Vocalist Deborah J. Carter Sings: a medley of "I Will" and "Here, There, and Everywhere" with the Metropole Orchestra
  • Bad Salad - Vocalist Tryout Promo - Song #8, "Susto" Demo - Full Band in HD (Tryout OVER!) **Update: The tryout is over!** Bad Salad - Song #8, aka "Susto" Demo Vocalist Tryout Promo Caco Gonçalves - Drums César Zolhof - Keyboard Felipe Campos - Bass Thiago Campos - Guitar Audio Mixing & Video Editing Thiago Campos Visual Effects on Intro Felipe Campos -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. - ╟► VOCALIST TRYOUT -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. - Bad Salad is in search for it's voice! For the following months we'll be on the lookout for the final missing piece of the puzzle, or if I may say "ingredient of the salad", an undiscovered vocal talent to complete our line up, just in time for the band's debut. We'll be recording the album around mid to late 2010, by which time we should have made the decision. The chosen vocalist should come over to meet us and record his parts locally, with our guidance. The band is based in Brasilia, Brazil. We aren't just looking for a hired gun to record this specific album. This is an offer for a position as our frontman. Should you be chosen, you will be offered to tour with us wherever, when the time comes. ╟► [Prerequesites] - Male - Easy going, professional/responsible and have a great love for music - willing to come down to Brazil to record if chosen (we'll discuss arangements to make it happen). - able/willing to put whatever else aside and go on tours, maybe even assume the gig fulltime, in the future, if need be. - not necessarily, but preferably around our age (Caco 24yo, César 28yo, Felipe 24yo, Thiago 26yo), though mindset ...
  • TOP 10 Female Vocalists (METAL) BEWARE gothic metal lovers !!!
  • James Chimombe - Cecilia Both a vocalist and a guitarist, James Chimombe's career included stints with OK Success, the Acid Band, the Ocean City Band and the Huchi Band. It is with these groups that James garnered his reputation as one of Zimbabwe's best vocalists and guitarists. Helping meld Kenyan, South African, and Congolese influences into Zimbabwean music, Chimombe's work would have a lasting effect on his nation's music scene. James also worked in American Country & Western sounds into his music, combining them with African horns and light, lilting guitar lines. Chimombe got his start as a rhythm guitarist with Thomas Mapfumo's Acid Band. As the Acid Band disbanded and the Blacks Unlimited formed, James was recruited by OK Success. As one of Zimbabwe's first resident Congolese bands, OK Success recruited top Zimbabwean musicians and produced a string of hits in the 1960s and 1970s. During the 1980s Chimombe moved on, this time as a band leader. Until his death, Chimombe led the Huchi Band, as well as the Ocean City Band during the 1980s, producing hits which would immortalize himself as a Zimbabwean musical pioneer. James is best known for his hits such as Jemedza, Mhindoro Iripo, and Sarudzai. Chimombe also spent some time with the Real Sounds of Africa. James, like many of his musical compatriots, died of AIDS in 1990. band members include: Elliot Bokosha, David Domingo, Durum Kalanga, Micholas Maliko, Edson Mbaisa, David Moyo, Solex Simango, Moses Sithole, and Potato Sosve
  • Girls - What's In My Bag? For the full list of their picks, visit: San Francisco band Girls is Christopher Owens and JR White. Christopher and JR met in San Francisco and quickly decided to make music together. They eventually became roommates and began recording in their bedrooms, using reel-to-reel tape and an old computer. Combining Christopher's simple and heartfelt lyrics with JR's production, they drew from '60s jangly pop, '50s surfer music, and their love of rock 'n' roll to create a California indie pop record all their own. Their debut, Album, was released on September 22, 2009. Self-described as "honest, loose, ethereal, obnoxious and perfect," Album also includes a seven-minute track called "Hellhole Ratrace" that was rated by Pitchfork as "one of the 100 best songs of the year." See what Christopher and JR found shopping at Amoeba!
  • Queens of Screams, Top 8 female metal screaming vocalists Just my opinion on which female vocalist in metal can scream the best. No none are screamo. Yes I know I left out some big ones like Straight Line Stitch, Walls of Jericho, Flyleaf, Light This City, Iwrestledabearonce among a few others. I dont posses the entire music library on my computer. So if any big ones aren't on here or ones you may think deserve a spot it's likely that either I've never heard of them or I didn't have their stuff downloaded at the time, chances are very slim that I hate the band.
  • Female Jazz Vocalists for Hire in New York for Events and Weddings Read reviews, view videos, visit today! Find New York jazz groups for your wedding reception, fundraiser, private party or corporate event. Whether you are looking for a jazz trio, jazz quartet, or jazz quintet, you can instantly view professionally-produced videos of real working NYC jazz groups for hire that feature piano, guitar, vibraphone, saxophone, or jazz or Brazilian vocalist as the lead instrument depending on your preference. Each group has its own unique personnel, style and repertoire, and is comprised of great New York City jazz musicians who have been performing together for many years. Our music serves an ambient function extremely well, but it is the exact opposite of "elevator music"; it is real jazz that will compliment your event perfectly. To learn more, visit . A FEW VENUES WHERE WE'VE PERFORMED The Ritz Carlton, The New York Stock Exchange, Brasserie 8 1/2, The Harold Pratt Mansion & Peterson Hall, USS Intrepid, Tribeca Grand Hotel, The Atlantica Yacht, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Waters Edge Restaurant, Alger House in the Village, Gotham Hall, Manhattan Penthouse, New York Botanical Gardens, The Harmonie Club, Blue Hill at Stone Barnes, Sofitel New York, The Waldorf Astoria, New York Yacht Club, Bryant Park Grill, Hotel On Rivington, The Javits Center, The Museum of Modern Art, The Central Park Zoo, The Rainbow Room, The Heights Casino, Del Posto Ristorante, The Pierre Hotel, City Hall Restaurant, Brooklyn ...
  • Eric Martin - Yuki No Hana (Mr Vocalist 2008) Eric Martin's cover of Yuki No Hana this song is listed in Eric Martin's solo album Mr Vocalist.
  • Ashelyn Summers - Willful Amnesia Ashelyn Summers - Willful Amnesia Buy on iTunes: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC IF YOU LIKE IT, SHARE IT! IF YOU LOVE IT, BUY IT! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GET THREE FREE MP3s WHEN YOU JOIN THE MAILING LIST!...
  • PSC Vocalist Photoshoot! ok so this is a photoshoot with all the vocalists from the PS Company. enjoy^.^
  • DigiTech Vocalist Live 4 Harmony Processor Demo This video was created for the DigiTech Vocalist Live 4, with performer Pete Witcher demonstrating the use of this powerful Vocal Harmony Processor. It's the worlds first processor that automatically generates live multi-part vocal harmony by ***yzing guitar chord progressions. More information can be found at Directed by Gabriel Lakey and produced by Jeffrey Gold, and edited by Gabriel Lakey. Graphic Design and Video Design: Corpus Polymedia |
  • Scat Singing/Various Female Vocalists (Part I) A collection of scat singing.
  • Kurt Elling on Counting Off a Tune Kurt Elling discusses techniques for counting off a tune at a Vocal Masterclass. Elling is the most skilled Jazz Vocalist of his generation and is a wonderful clinician. He has many valuable pearls of wisdom for young vocalists. Any opportunity to hear him speak will yield good information for singers AND instrumentalists.
  • The Vocalists Medley - Kim TaeWoo, K.Will, WheeSung, Eru Love their voice so much ~ They sang each other's songs WheeSung - Countrified and Immature (original by Eru) Kim TaeWoo - My Heart Is Beating (original by K.Will) K.Will - Heartsore Story (original by WheeSung) Eru - Resonat (original by Kim TaeWoo) All 4 - Friday Night (original by Park JinYoung)
  • Pop Music's Top 10 Female Whistle Vocalists Visit ! Soaring above all others to the highest of highs of the human voice, these amazing women are the marvels of the musical world. No one can match them in this range, even though may imitators try. They are the whistlers and with their piercing voices, they thrill millions of people around the world. Listen up!
  • Metal / Gothic / Rock Female vocalist Best Metal Queens - Female metal singer part 2 !!!
  • A Brighter Day -Full Version- A Brighter Day by NAOKI feat. Aleisha G. from DanceDanceRevolution X2 and DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party 3. This song was composed by Naoki Maeda, who has been producing music for the series since its beginnings over a decade ago. He has created hundreds of songs using dozens of aliases and vocalists over the years, and was also the mastermind behind the J-Girl group "BeForU". He also collaborates with Junko Karashima (jun) in their popular J-Band "TЁЯRA". The vocalist for this song is Aliesha G., whom I have no information on. She is a new vocalist and also sings on the track "Gotta Dance" on these games. This song can be seen as the "theme song" for this year's games, as it was played in all of the trailers. Lyrics (If you think something is wrong, feel free to comment!) I'm ready with my back to the wind And I will fly higher than I ever have been I'll follow all my dreams, my destiny is waiting for me I am on my way, heading for a sunny blue sky And all my past worries, I will leave them behind Now it is time for the beginning of a brighter day It's a brighter day! There was a time when I was lost and alone I couldn't find what I was wanting the most Looking around for anybody else to show the way I wondered how the light could ever break through When I had built the highest wall around me Then I soon realized it was up to my heart... To spread my wings and fly again. So here I go! I have got my back to the wind And I will fly higher than I ever have been I'll ...
  • Mariah Carey Vs. Whitney Houston (Studio A2-C6) Top 2 female vocalists of all time...my top 2 favorites singers ever
  • Mushroomhead Interview Jeffrey Nothing & Waylon Reavis 2011 Check out my backstage interview with Mushroomhead vocalists Jeffrey Nothing and Waylon Reavis For more information on Mushroomhead, please visit the following websites Subscribe and check back soon for more videos and interviews with Mushroomhead -- BryanStars is a music blogger dedicated to bringing you exclusive interviews and behind the scenes video with your favorite bands and artists For more of my videos, including interviews, music news, song premieres and more, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel Check out my official website Follow me on Twitter http Like me on Facebook Thumbs Up, Comment and Subscribe!!
  • Malford Milligan - Double Trouble - ACL 2001 Malford Milligan - SKYSCRAPER - ACL 2001 with Doyle Bramhall ll
  • My Favorite Female Vocalists These are my personal top ten female vocalists. There's a lot of variety. lol 10. Christina Perri - The Lonely 9. Regina Spektor - Fidelity, On The Radio 8. Anette Olzon - Turn Loose The Mermaids, Rest Calm 7. Adele - Set Fire To The Rain, Rolling In The Deep 6. Sierra Boggess - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again 5. Lacey Mosley-Sturm - Circle 4. Amy Lee - Lost In Paradise 3. Sharon den Adel - See Who I Am 2. Simone Simons - Death Of A Dream, Unleashed 1. Tarja Turunen - The Siren, Nemo, Ghost Love Score, Passion And The Opera, Beauty Of The Beast I don't own the rights to any of the songs or images used. They belong their respective owners. For entertainment purposes only.
  • Eluveitie - Recording the "Quoth the raven" Hail!!! to all big fans of Eluveitie... kai stous metalades tou Gotharoume...Rockaroume...ktl. QUOTH THE RAVEN I am the mystery and i am the bringer of moonless night I bear the wisdom arcane I, harbinger from the burrowed isle Once you break forth hearken the flap of my wings I haunt your fears though you don't know of my duty to lead you path because i'll take you home to rest in my black wings enfolding you I am the icon sublime the guide on the voyage clandestine I sing the verses bewailed I, tourch of the radiant way Once you step out hearken the strokes of my wings once you will leave your cocoon I will be there "and death will smile his barefaced smile initiating your final anguish it is not before my arrival that you will be lead to feel the natural serenity of leaving tis world... HEAR MY WINGS CARESSING THE WIND!!! HEAR MY KRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!! I haunt your fears though you don't know of my duty to lead you path because i'll take you home to rest in my black wings enfolding you
  • Jana Gana Mana All Vocals The great classical vocalists of India render the Indian National Anthem.
  • JESUS PAID IT ALL-Rev James Moore/Mississippi Mass In memory of one of the greatest vocalists of all time, Rev James Moore. Also he's singing with what I call the most anointed choir in gospel music. No gimmicks! Just singing! Just ministering! Get this from Mississippi Mass Choir: Essential Collection.
  • Amazing female TRANCE vocalists There are some amazing female vocalist out there in the trance dance scene. Heres just a few I know that theres plenty more, problem is i only have 10 minutes. So feel free to suggest any others, Thanks for listening: List in order fine Print (tyDi Remix) - Nadia Ali Follow me - Lange feat. The Morrighan Miracle (Above & Beyond Club Mix) - Oceanlab Can't Sleep - Above & Beyond Catch A Fall (Bass Up Remix) - 4 Strings Feat. Tina Cousins Walking On A Cloud - DJ Tiësto Let It Rain - 4 strings Silence (DJ Irene Remix) - SARAH McLACHLAN Thanks for watching
  • 1st Performance - Delilah - "Grenade" by Bruno Mars - Sing Off - Series 3 I'm glad that they were able to bring back former contestants on the show where most other talent shows don't allow second or third chances and it gives these great singers to form new groups and try again and this was the best out of the 4 acts in the first groups to perform! A
  • Allyson Jones- Jazz Vocalist Allyson Courtney-Marie Jones is a classically trained vocalist and performer who is a recent graduate from the University of Detroit Mercy. Allyson has participated in etiquette and charm classes since the tender age of ten. Allyson has performed with Renee King-Jackson and the Don Mayberry band at the historical premiere jazz club of the Midwest Bakers Keyboard Lounge in Detroit, Michigan. Allyson was the recipient of the 2003 Making It to the Finish Line Youth Accomplishment Award. Allyson was the winner of the Hal Jacksons Talented ***s Performer of the Year Competition in 2003, which sponsored her trip to attend the 2003 Kemet Productions Road to Stardom Talent Conference in Hollywood, California in conjunction with the NAACP Image Awards. As Miss Michigan Talented *** 2003, Allyson was honored to perform and speak at community events, churches, political events, and schools all over the state of Michigan. Allyson was the third runner up at the 2003 Hal Jacksons Talented ***s International Competition in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Allyson won the University of Detroit Mercy Titan Idol competition in 2004 and opened for a sold out Ruben Studdard concert. Allyson loves people and her ultimate goal is to inspire people through her many gifts and talents!
  • GREATEST FEMALE VOCALISTS OF OUR TIME! mariah and mary j blige and jennifer hudson would complete this but...i talked about why these women are great and powerful singers and this showswhy..because to be a great singer you can't just have a pretty voice you gotta have the package and these ladies have it CHECK OUT MY OTHER PROFILE I'M A SINGER
  • Miss May I - Relentless Chaos - dual vocal cover by Abolish the Echelon vocalists Debuting in this video is Abolish the Echelon's new vocal powerhouse Randy Forehand (left) and Art Mulcahy (right). This was just a demonstration of some clean vocals and some screams but we've got more ideas up our sleeves that will show you guys just what these two can do. More stuff is coming soon including originals. Enjoy!
  • Kay Kyser - On a slow boat to China Foxtrot (Loesser) Kay Kyser and His Orchestra Vocalists: Harry Babbitt and Gloria Wood.
  • Holly Miranda - Joints (Live) a film by Vincent Moon Please visit - Fiume Nights - Zebulon & South 3rd, Williamsburgh, ny, april 2nd, 4.30pm for free song - 'Waves'
  • RISING APPALACHIA "SWOON" RISING APPALACHIA SWOON The Sails of Self Directed & Edited by Chad Hess
  • Pop Music's Top 10 Best Female Vocalists Visit ! This video illustrates the top 10 female (mainstream) singers of our time. Of course this is based mainly on opinion but I have included some reasoning behind my choices so that everyone can understand my point of view. So which females comprise the pantheon at the top of Pop music's highest plateau of singers? Watch and find out!
  • Snuff Box - Deaf Vocalist See title
  • [cut] 110323 Eeteuk & Yesung - the FAIL Vocalists @ Super Junior Foresight ep16 cut by me; DO NOT REUPLOAD

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