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  • Cycling '74 has released Vizzie, a set of modules for video creation in Max/MSP/Jitter. Since Vizzie uses Jitter under the hood, it integrates seamlessly with all existing Max/MSP/Jitter objects. — “Synthesizer and electronic music news, synth and music”,
  • Vizzie Creative Solutions is a web design and development firm that specializes in creating a strong and visible web presence for all of our clients. At Vizzie Creative we aim to provide the highest level of customer service possible. At Vizzie Creative our customers are our number one priority. — “Vizzie Creative Solutions | Web Design, Web Development”,
  • Mr. Vizzie's litigation experience includes trademark, copyright, unfair competition, unfair business practices, antitrust, entertainment, securities, products liability, Mr. Vizzie also has represented and counseled companies that are the subject of. — “Bryan Cave | Our People | Rosario L. Vizzie | Commercial”,
  • vizzie won the Bronze Streaker achievement in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for 5 points vizzie won 4 achievements in Guitar Hero: World Tour for 23 points. vizzie won the Pick and Axe achievement in Guitar Hero: World Tour for 5 points. — “vizzie TrueAchievements”,
  • Home > Real Estate Section > Featured Homes > Vizzie for 138 Larkspur Plaza, Larkspur The living room has direct access to a large private deck overlooking the hills of Larkspur. — “JimmyMarin, Corte Madera Real Estate, 459 Redwood Ave”,
  • VIZZIE makes putting it together fun and gets you from start to finish in record time. For the new user Do you want to create live visuals but don't know where to start? You just opened MaxMSP for the first time and you want to have some fun?. — “Introducing Vizzie – Cycling 74”,
  • Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Sorry, an error occurred. vizzie subscribed to PoleContortionist (4 months ago) vizzie subscribed to cheese1rox (7 months ago) vizzie favorited a video (1 year ago). — “YouTube - vizzie's Channel”,
  • Innkeeper Vizzie is a level 30 innkeeper, located in Everlook in the contested territory of Winterspring. — “Innkeeper Vizzie - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft”,
  • Join - the largest Black community online. Your destination for what's relevant to you and the African American community. Connect with friends. Meet new people. Share your talents, passions You need to be friends with VIZZIE in order to leave them a Comment. — “VIZZIE - ”,
  • Do you have an idea or project worthy of a Vizzie Award in 2011? > Complete the Vizzie Application. 2010 Vizzie Winners. In 2010, 14 organizations were honored across the following categories for their best-in-class practices in customer, employee, and partner feedback management:. — “Awards - Vision 2011”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Psylab. Download Psylab Psychedelic / Live Electronics / Techno music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Psylab's blog. Vizzie- Visuals, Audio Samples, Software Tech. — “Psylab on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Want to put a Vizzie in your own site? We'll give you a short line of code to embed it, and also enable our video export feature to let you create a standalone file. Embedded/exported Vizzies are ad-free and do not count toward the 10 Vizzie limit. Production Assistance!. — “Services & Pricing — VizzVox”,
  • Vizzie. DrumLab is Musical. Custom-made drum sampler software that's tuned for live performance. Using a third-party plug-in for Max, I was able to make a feature that would play samples in whichever key is set in the menu. This allows Steve. — “Archive Vizzie " PSYLAB”,
  • Please, resolve the following issues to continue. PHP extension "Zend Optimizer" is not loaded. Please, feel free to contact us or your hosting provider for assistance. — “vizzie”,
  • Wordpress used as CMS so client could modify certain pages at will. NOTE: This site is not safe for work if there are people designed the UI and created the sounds for the app itself. Contact: Vizzie. By Email Form. Download My Resume. — “vis_folio”,
  • vizzie's profile. Gender: Female. Age: 23. Status: Offline. Member Since: Feb 2008. Overall vizzie. Overall 0.0/5.0 stars. Votes: 0. Game stats. Game. Level. Win. Loss. Draw. Rank. Wahjong. 6. — “vizzie's profile”,
  • .. Turn on your speakers, and click to enjoy an online tour of . 510 We're sorry, but your computer needs the latest version of Flash to proceed. Click the button below to download it. After you've installed it, return here to continue. — “510 Laurent Road, Hillsborough CA 94010”, 510
  • 134 Westward Drive,Corte Madera,CA,94925,US. Turn on your speakers, and click to enjoy an online tour of 134 Westward Drive. 134. — “134 Westward Dr., Corte Madera, CA”, 134
  • vizzie is here for pushing the pixel to profound permutations. vizzie has worked at Digital Art Exchange, Houghton Mifflin, Interlock Media. — “vizzie's Profile - ”,
  • Add Buddy Add Favorite View Photos (0)Send Private Message Send Gift To vizzie vizzie. Account Type: Normal. Profile Views: 108. Age: 22. Gender: Female. — “Crunchyroll - vizzie's Profile Info”,
  • 4166 17th Street,San Francisco,CA,94114,US. Turn on your speakers, and click to enjoy an online tour of 4166 17th Street. 4166-17. — “4166 17th Street - Corona Heights”, 4166-17

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  • Ekrem - Watching over me solo (cover, Iced Earth) me playing solo of this song.
  • DrumLab on ShareTV (May 18, 2008) Steve and Viz, aka DrumLab, got invited to show off our cool gear on a local community cable TV show. Steve is playing edrums through a Roland TD-20, which sends MIDI to our custom software, DrumLab, that plays samples and Vizzie can turn knobs to alter parameters in DrumLab to shape or mangle the sounds.
  • VIZZIE VJ PATCHER or MAX/JITTER This example shows some of the basic functions for video mixing within Jitter. Vizze provides modules with functions that one would find on basic VJ programs.
  • Aston Martin by Dutch Carspotting Please subscribe....... and watch our site All our cars ar spotted in Holland.
  • Did You Know #7: Making Max Crash Did you know you can make Max crash--intentionally?
  • Vizzie tag Have you ever seen a horse that can play tag?
  • OS - *** JAVON JVIZ COLE HOTTEST DISS Javon jviz cole is a whole dickhead.. OS i hadda trash dis nigga.. [email protected] get at me
  • Cycling74 Max/MSP/Jitter Tutorials: Vizzie Control - 2 Get started controlling videos with Vizzie, the quickest and easiest way to build Jitter patches.
  • VIZZIE + ABLETON = VIZZable? Demoing Max VIZZIE VJ modules being run as Max for Live plugins in Ableton Live. VIZZABLE! download it here: The song in the background is Omicon by 4 Bonjour's Parties (Ayumu Hatiani remix) Check 'em out 'cause they are brill.
  • Vee&&Dee Vizzie'vee 4/27/11
  • Audio Visual set in Ableton with VIZZable Simultaneously controlling music and video inside ableton using VIZZable - Max VIZZIE VJ modules adapted for Max for Live. I'm using my Fretpad plugin to play the Launchpad. Get VIZZable here: Get Fretpad here: My new live set's going to involve a lot of this.
  • B-Murda Da Vet-Fire Flame Vizzie (Diss 2011) B-Murda Da Vet Fire Flame Vizzie (Diss 2011)
  • empathy final project for pat452 made in jitter crystal castles edit by mr kow hey did you know? kaohsiung and portland are sister cities ohhhhh
  • Vizibilitie, son! the 3rd little mini video, featuring us yeah enjoy this one...I'M RUNNING OUT OF TRICKS! lol filmed downtown fort worth skateboarding white settlement texas song: Josh Pyke "Middle of the Hill"
  • Vizzie Tank 9/8/10 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Cycling74 Max/MSP/Jitter Tutorials: Vizzie Quickstart - 1 Get started using VIZZIE, the quickest and easiest way to build Jitter patches.
  • 3-20-2010 Steve rocking the Amen Breaks at Don Hill's NYC Steve ripping it up on the eDrums at Don Hill's in NYC. Steve plays a Roland MIDI drum kit through our custom DrumLab software sampler. Vizzie tweaks the software and a Kaoss Pad to effect the sound. Together they create a massive drum sound. Steve is playing our version of a sliced up Amen Break. Video shot by Matthew Fitzgerald.
  • Buck and Vizzie talkin AND COD
  • DJ ***y J Dance dj ***y j aka j fresh aka j vizzie aka j pain aka durt mcGurt aka candy man j does his thing
  • Cycling74 Perspectives: David Tinapple Installation and Performance On visual programming for visual media. Interview created and produced by Sue Costabile for Cycling '74.
  • Test Vizzie Max MSP Jitter Just a first try with those magnifik modules in Jitter VIZZIE... This video is auto generated in Abelton Live and play with just about 10 photos...
  • Autechre - Second Bad Vilbel - nullSect VMix I did not write this music. This is my music video for Autechre's "Second Bad Vilbel" The video was made with all parameters manipulated in real time in Vizzie(Max/MSP Jitter) with a Korg nanoPad
  • 701 Vermont Street San Francisco Property Vizzie for 701 Vermont Street
  • VJ Bonk and Vizzie at Psyforia 9-26-09 VJs Bonk and Vizzie with all their gear to spew forth multicolored pixels while DJ Random was cranking out the tunes.
  • "Sueño" Max/MSP Jitter patch using live audio and video This is my first patch in Max/MSP Jitter (actually VIZZIE). I'm using a wiimote and nunchuk, (via Osculator) a mic and webcam. The sound is my voice processed in real time with record~ play~ and groove~, the amount of light received by the webcam controls the colors. The wiimote controls the gains~ and the play speed. Very simple!
  • Jitter Jikken - MIDI controlled Vizzie modules Jitterを買ったので実験してみました。Digital PerformerからMIDIで制御しています。 I tried the Jitter Vizzie modules. This video is controlled in MIDI control change message via Digital Performer.The clumsily motion is caused by MIDI protocol and free hand control. this song title "flowers and jumpers" by h.yamada please see the link below.
  • KI (Troubled Waters) - Port Authority / Music Unlimited Records Brand new video from Music Unlimited recording artist KI for his hit single "Trouble Water" off of his debut album "Writing Is My Therapy" to be released Spring 2011.
  • Vizibilitie mini skate video a few years ago TK had a sateboard company/team called Vizibilitie or Vizzie skates for short. we made a video that was about an hour long called "all for all and one for one" and this is a miniture sequel, i hope you enjoy. song: "solid" -The Dandy Warhols filmed at: white settlement skate park, texas, brewer high school, (the good one)
  • SpeedArt #1 My Logo || by Vi2ual Hello everyone this is my first video and first ever speedart so plz dont hate. Made in : Photoshop Cinema 4D Actual Record time : 40 minutes Song : Lemaitre - Strobes Pt.2 Final Image : vi2
  • Windows 7 Advert (Parody) I'm a PC, and Windows 7 was MY idea! Lizzie's Channel: Vinny's Channel: Subscribe =)
  • Koshiba Ain't Too Proud to Beg (Penguin Brothers) This MMV is about Koshiba begging Hina not to leave for France. I think it turned out rather cute. Let me know what you think (but don't be nasty about it). I originally started with Isshiki in mind, but the Koshiba/Hina relationship ended up being the final version, although I don't necessarily prefer the Koshiba/Hina pairing over Isshiki/Hina. It just happened to come out this way. If you have a favorite pair, let me know. I'm interested in seeing what others think. I doubt many people out there have read the Penguin Brothers, but it is REALLY good, and short too, so take the time to read it!!! I chose "It's All Been Done" for the closing song, because I figure it fits with almost all shojos. Hee hee. Oh, well. I hope you enjoyed my newest MMV!!!
  • Cycling74 Max/MSP/Jitter Tutorials: Vizzie Routing - 3 Get started routing videos with Vizzie, the quickest and easiest way to build Jitter patches.
  • Rainy Day at Kensington Stables What we do at work when the weather is not too good ;)
  • PSYLAB Antimatter Sounds by Psylab. Animations by Marcos Carvalho. Edited by vizzie.
  • Walking *** Mary Belisima Lxx and Kevo (Walking *** Mary) in their practice room playing Belisima. This video was filmed by Vizzie V. Many thanx hon.
  • Sony Vegas (vue 8) first intro Hello , here is my fist made intro with Sony Vegas. If you subscribe, i will put up some more stuff. Need to how i did, feel free to ask....
  • Cycling74 Max/MSP/Jitter Tutorials: Play a Movie Everything you need to know to play a movie in Jitter.
  • Vizibilitie presents: Go Skateboarding Day 2008 We didnt realize the camera was set on "classic" mode so sorry about that, other than that fact, this video turned out really good. enjoy and happy skateboarding day. This is a video of our whole GSD adventure on 6/21/08. it was filmed in White Settlement, Texas. (i'm aware of how racist the name of the town is) and it features Hogan Knights, Brandon Tension, TK, and TK and Brandons cousin, Clinton. song is Bloc Party - "Skeleton"
  • Amazing Bowing Vizzie Vizzie's newest trick!! He can bow!!! =] What a smart horse!
  • vj intro modulating color with home-made midi controller in vizzie
  • PSYLAB at Secret Night of Science first 5 minutes of PSYLAB's set at Club Love, Secret Night of Science drum n bass monthly. Secret Night of Science is a night of ***y chill drum n bass brought to you by DB (Breakbeat Science) and Place42 (Telluric Records). Gear Geekery: This is the first time Steve has played on a laptop sampler. The sampler was designed and built in Max/MSP by Vizzie, with a little help from some knowledgeable friends. The drums sampled in this video come from the Amen Break.
  • Fergalicious ~ Vmk Style DELANA1347 SUCKS

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  • “Cuttlefish Digital Arts is a artist-led creative technology company based in the centre of Loughborough, Leicestershire in the UK's East Midlands. Blog | Vizzie comes to Max/MSP/Jitter 5. I've been thinking about upgrading to Max/MSP/Jitter 5 for a while now. I am quite happy with version 4.6 and”
    — Sean Clark - Blog,

  • “If you're in Los Angeles, Southern California, Wednesday night just got a little more ill. Tomorrow night, like every Wednesday night, wicked sound-men like”
    — Maschine Workshops LA & Dubspot NYC (6.17) + Low End Theory,

  • “Skip to Main Content. About. Contact. User login. Username: * Password: * Request new password. vizzie's blog. this is a blog entry. Posted Wed, 07/29/2009 - 11:57 by vizzie. I want to tell you about all my intimate details here. 1 comment. Syndicate”
    — vizzie's blog |,

  • “Cuttlefish Blog. Blog | Vizzie comes to Max/MSP/Jitter 5 Blog | By Jove! Paper | The Digital Artwork As System. Event | Shambala 10. Travel”
    — Cuttlefish Blog,

  • “Vizzie. DrumLab is Musical. Custom-made drum sampler software that's tuned for live performance. Using a third-party plug-in for 26th, 2010 Vizzie No Comments. Mailing List. Blog Categories. Events”
    — Archive Vizzie " PSYLAB,

  • “Can't find vizzie application in the MSP MAX jiter demo I just downloaded? Saving custom VIZZIE modules. feedback delay in OpenGL jit standalone err: unable to”
    — Cycling '74 Forums " Forum: Jitter - Recent Posts,

  • “Central Florida Palm's Gardening Forum. N S R. Search the Forums Vizzie. Topic Tools. Statistics. 24977 users are registered to the 2nd Light Forums forum”
    — 2nd Light Forums Forums - Wednesday Vizzie, 2

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