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  • The casual observer may mistake the viola for the violin because of their similarity in size, closeness in pitch range (the viola is a perfect fifth below the violin) However, the viola's timbre sets it apart: its rich, dark-toned sonority is more full-bodied than the. — “The Classical Viola Information Page on Classic Cat”,
  • The viola is one of the four main String Instruments that comprise a string orchestra. The tone of the viola also sets it apart from the violin, being less brilliant and warmer. — “Viola - Conservapedia”,
  • The viola is similar in materials and construction to the violin but is larger in size and more variable in its proportions. The viola's four strings are tuned in fifths: the C an octave below middle C is the lowest, with G, D and A above it. — “Viola - Definition”,
  • The viola (French, alto; German Bratsche) is a bowed string instrument. It is the middle voice of the violin family, between the upper lines played by the violin and the lower lines played by the cello. The casual observer may mistake the viola. — “Viola | ”,
  • Based on and drawing from the Viola scripting language and toolkit, ViolaWWW provides a way to build relatively complex hypermedia applications that are beyond the provisions of the current HTML 3.0 standard. Viola is a toolkit for hypermedia development, publishing, and browsing. — “Viola”,
  • viola n. A stringed instrument of the violin family, slightly larger than a violin, tuned a fifth lower, and having a deeper, more sonorous tone. — “viola: Definition from ”,
  • Viola sheet music at Sheet Music Plus. — “Viola sheet music - Sheet Music Plus”,
  • The viola is similar in material and construction to the violin but is larger in size and more variable in its proportions. The body of a viola would need to measure about 21 inches (53 cm) long to match the acoustics of a violin,. — “Viola”,
  • "Viola Jokes don't discourage us from filling in the harmonies and living a quiet life in the orchestra pit." This funny article, written by a viola and violin player, examines why viola plays "second fiddle" to the violin. Also discussed are. — “Viola Players Have the Last Laugh”,
  • Viola music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Viola on Yahoo! Music. — “Viola on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Accompaniment CD Recordings and Sheet Music Books | Music Minus One : Viola - Music New Releases,Piano,Guitar,Banjo,Double Bass,Bassoon,Clarinet,Flute,French Horn,Harp,Oboe,Trombone,Trumpet,Tuba,Violin,Viola,Violoncello,Recorder,Vocal,Vocal. — “Viola : Accompaniment CD Recordings and Sheet Music Books”,
  • Free viola Sheet Music, free lessons, viola downloads and resources. — “Free Viola Sheet Music, Lessons & Resources - 8”, 8
  • The Viola is a wonderful, beautiful instrument, and being able to play it is a sign of The Viola is a lot like the violin, but the Viola is a little bit larger than the Violin,. — “How to Play Viola - wikiHow”,
  • The viola is the alto voice in the string family. Like the violin, it is held under the chin, resting on the shoulder. Unlike the violin, the viola is slightly larger and is tuned a perfect fifth lower. It has a darker and warmer tone quality than the violin, but is not as brilliant. — “Viola”,
  • Shop for viola at Target. Find products like violin and more. Choose from Viola in Reel Life (Hardcover), Pirates of the Caribbean (Viola) (Hal Leonard Instrumental Play-Along) (Paperback) and other products. — “viola : Target Search Results”,
  • Get all the local information you need on Viola, Illinois, IL - community history, demographics, local search and more at ePodunk. — “Viola, Illinois Village Information - ePodunk”,
  • Viola jokes, clean, updated often, and filtered for the best quality. Once you're done looking at jokes for this type of instrument, more can be found at our music joke section!. — “Viola Jokes”,
  • However, the viola's timbre sets it apart: its rich, dark-toned sonority is more full-bodied than the violin's. The viola's mellow voice is frequently used for playing inner harmonies, and it does not enjoy the wide solo repertoire or fame of the violin. — “Viola”, schools-
  • A viola is a stringed instrument of the violin family [edit] viola (plural violas) (music) A stringed instrument of the violin family, somewhat larger than a violin, played under the chin,. — “viola - Wiktionary”,
  • Encyclopedia article of viola at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Viola encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • The viola is similar in material and construction to the violin but is larger in size and more variable in its proportions. The body of a viola would need to measure about 21 inches (53 cm) long to match the acoustics of a violin,. — “Viola - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Home of the viola societies and the viola mailing lists. From the American Viola Society Technology Committee. — “Viola Web Site”,
  • The viola (in French, alto; in German Bratsche) is an alto string instrument played with a bow. The viola was formerly termed the "viola da braccio" in six***th century Italy and the viola may have appeared historically before the smaller violin. — “Viola - New World Encyclopedia”,

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  • Moogwai - Viola (Original Mix) The Armin Van Buuren Remix has been uploaded several times, but I'm still convicted that the original version has something more: pain, feel, deepness, fantasy. Armin's remix is awesome as well, will make you dance madly. I strongly reccomend you to hear it. But this one here is simply SUPERB. Open your mind & heart and enjoy this outstanding trance classic. This is the real trance music!
  • Viola Fail For more, visit
  • Passacaglia for violin and viola http It's our practicing for this concert. Violin: Yuan-Wen Chang Viola: Shang-Wu Wu on 21,May in Vienna
  • Shimatani Hitomi - Viola(PV)
  • Anna Serova plays Capriccio per viola Henry Vieuxtemps Anna Serova plays Capriccio per Viola by Henry Vieuxtemps.
  • Telemann Viola Concerto 1 - David Lloyd - ORI David Lloyd (viola) with the 'Orquestra Raizes Ibericas' (Maestro José Atalaya's young Portuguese string orchestra) performing the first movement (Largo) of the Telemann viola concerto during a concert which took place at the Centro Cultural de Cascais, Lisbon, on the 31st of March, 2007. Richard Tomes is the conductor.
  • Viola-Matic Commercial It slices! It dices! It's the Viola-Matic! My spoof commercial starring my Luis and Clark carbon fiber viola and professional hand model Sandy Swanson. Enjoy!
  • Moogwai - Viola (Armin Van Buuren Remix) Click for High Quality: A remix by one of the greatest trance producers ever, Armin van Buuren. A great remix to a great original song.. you can't go wrong.
  • Viola Wills Gonna get along without y pop video
  • bill viola: venice biennial 2007 the american video artist presented his latest wok 'ocean without a shore'. three stone altars in san gallo, venice become transparent surfaces for the manifestation of images of the dead attempting to re-enter our world. see over 1000 snapshots of the venice art biennial at
  • Viola - Goija playing Shostakovich - bit 1 Olga Goija playing Dmitri Shostakovich, Sonata Op. 147
  • Viola - Goija playing Handel Olga Goija playing Handel's, Sonata VI for Violin and Piano (Adagio) [Dec. 2005]
  • VIOLA WILLS - If you could read my mind 1981 80's Cover version of the 70's song by Gordon Lightfoot. Ballad made into a good disco classic, big in europe. Comes from a great nl tv show, they got one of the best disco quality video music archive collection ever, catch their website.
  • Maxim Vengerov plays Walton Viola concerto A short clip of Vengerov playing the viola!
  • Lady GaGa: Poker Face - VIOLA TRIO COVER (split screen) This video is featured in a commercial promoting the 52nd Grammy Awards on CBS ... also seen here: Lady GaGa : Poker Face - VIOLA TRIO COVER (split screen) * "HQ" --- Make sure you watch in "High Quality" This is the 11th video in my continuing series of classicalized popular music. The song was requested by so many people its hard to point the finger at any one. The original video of the song may be seen here: This performance is the 6th of my split screen videos where I play with myself, and the 2nd where I play a trio with myself. It's all about the viola this time, just like Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No.6, a concerto for strings, yet it features no violin parts. I steal my ideas from the masters of course. To do this video, I listened to the original song and by ear wrote out a sheet music score, then arranged it as a trio for 3 violas, and then performed it. I recorded each part separately. I was able to sync up and mix the 3 parts on my computer with a sound wave editor. To do the split screen, I used AviSynth (scripting based video editing and effects utility) in combination with VirtualDubMod (a free video editing utility) to sync up and render the two videos into a single split screen video. The sound then had to be synced to the 3 videos playing simultaneously and properly mixed. My AviSynth script for this video: viola1 = crop(AVISource("N:\PokerFace\VIOLA_1.avi"),256,0,-60,0) viola2 = crop(AVISource("N:\PokerFace\VIOLA_2.avi ...
  • Viola Davis Tackles Fear, Shines In 'Doubt' Tony Award-winning actress Viola Davis has managed to stay out of the Hollywood limelight, despite a consistent acting resume that includes roles in everything from TV shows like 'Law & Order' to films like 'Antwone Fisher.' Now, a new movie could win her some well-deserved recognition. She plays a key role in the new film, 'Doubt,' based on the Broadway play of the same name. It's a story about recriminations and allegations at an all-white Catholic school in the Bronx during the 1960s. She speaks with Farai Chideya.
  • 6.5.08. violin vs. viola: the basics *Please subscribe to see more videos like this* My good friend Alex was in town this week from New York City, and I thought it would be fun if we made a quick video that covered the basic differences between the viola and the violin. Although the violin is a beautiful instrument, you just can't the kind of robust tone from a violin that you would from a viola. I hope to get a viola for myself one day! Also, I'll have an video update on my album recording next week. Stay tuned. :)
  • Primrose Paganini for viola 24 . caprice Primrose viola paganini 24. caprice
  • Viola 2009 - Gurbeti %%viola
  • Bach Partita 3; Prelude played on viola by Scott Slapin Scott Slapin was the first person to record all the Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Violin on viola. This is one of the more popular movements from this set of works.
  • Grateful Dead 6-18-67 Viola Lee Blues MPF Monterey CA 6-18-67 Monterey Pop Festival, Monterey CA Viola Lee Blues
  • Smail Puraj Viola Gezuar 2009
  • Bill Viola - Migration Migration
  • Bill Viola - The Reflecting Pool Video Art
  • Viola Valentino - Comprami 1979 bellissima song
  • Bill Viola - Ocean Without a Shore - Venice Biennale 2007
  • Robert Schumann - Fairy Tales for Viola and Piano Yuri Bashmet (Viola) Mikhail Mutian (Piano) - Moscow 1989
  • UMass Viola UMass Viola Ensemble, Kathryn Lockwood
  • Viola Wills - If You Could Read My Mind
  • Viola D'amore Video clip of Thomas Georgi from Tafelmusik Ensamble playing Classical music on Viola D'amore
  • Sainte-Colombe - Suite for Solo Viola da Gamba - Mov. 1-2/5 LE SIEUR DE SAINTE-COLOMBE (17TH CENTURY) "Pieces de viole seule" - Suite for solo viola da gamba 1. Allemande 2. Courante Performed by John Dornenburg *Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe was a French composer and gambist. It is speculated by various scholars that Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe was of Lyonnaise or Burgundian petty nobility; and also the selfsame 'Jean de Sainte-Colombe' noted as the father of 'Monsieur de Saint Colombe le fils'. This assumption was erroneous as proved by subsequent research taken on by Jonathan Dunford in Paris [1] In fact he was probably from the Pau area in southernmost France and Protestant; his first name was "Jean". His two daughters were named Brigide and Françoise. Sainte-Colombe was vastly celebrated as a veritable master of the viola da gamba, for he did not merely master the instrument, but also improved upon it: he is acclaimed as having added the seventh string (AA) on the bass viol. In accordance with the celebrated aloofness of Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe, he is claimed to have performed only occasional concerts and exclusively at his home, in consort with his two daughters, whom he had trained. Aside from them, Sainte-Colombe's students included the Sieur de Danoville, Desfontaines, Méliton, Jean Rousseau, and, most notably, Marin Marais, who wrote, Tombeau pour Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe in 1701 as homage to his instructor. Amongst the extant works of Sainte-Colombe are sixty-seven Concerts à deux violes esgales, and over 170 pieces ...
  • Viola-100 thirrje mi ke ba... 100 thirrje...
  • Bach's Ciaccona - Olga Goija (Solo Viola) Violist Olga Goija playing JS Bach, Schnittke, Ciaccona (Nov. 2006)
  • LSO Master Class - Viola Paul Silverthorne from the London Symphony Orchestra gives a viola master class for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011
  • Isles & Glaciers - Viola Lion Artist: Isles & Glaciers Title: Viola Lion Album: The Hearts of Lonely People EP
  • Viola- Unaza (Official Video) SUBSCRIBE TO MY PAGE! A official Video From One Of The Best Singers In Albania, Viola Brings Her New Album Called Unaza. Leave A Comment on "What you think about the song and her voice.?"
  • William Primrose plays the Walton viola concerto This is the first movement, andante comodo. I converted this from a slideshow. I tried to make the pictures vaguely match the mood of the piece. My favorites are the two at the end. I uploaded this because every other Walton on youtube I've heard so far sucks.
  • Samba de Viola | Playing For Change - While on our journey of recording and filming musicians in Brazil, someone told us that all we needed to do was "shake a tree, and musicians would fall out like fruit." That couldn't have been more true. It was one of our last days in Salvador da Bahia when we discovered this band, Sangue Brasileiro. Wow! They are super fun and I guarantee you will want to dance to this jam and smile at the screen. This song, "Samba de Viola" is a true reflection of the Samba music that is the pulse of Brazil. This performance truly embodies the Playing For Change spirit, and the band's musicianship is incredible! Enjoy!

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  • “An organization dedicated to the history and performance of the viola d'amore. To access this informal wealth of information, a bulletin board called Viola d'amore forum has been created in February 2010”
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  • “On behalf of the hard working Realty Corporation of America Sales Team, thank you very much for your interest in our Company and thanks for reading our blog! Tony Viola. President, Realty Corporation of America. [email protected] Corporate Offices: (216) 522-0020 x 223”
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  • “Sempre nel 1906 trascrisse e realizzò il basso continuo della II e della VI Lezione per viola d'amore di Attilio Ariosti (catalogo P 072 e P 073) composer, also played the viola and viola d'amore in the "Russian”
    — Amore e simpatia: alla scoperta della Viola d'Amore, violadamore-

  • “Fredo Viola is a singer and composer living in Manhattan. Listen to his music and watch his videos”
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