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  • Encyclopedia article about videotex. Information about videotex in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “videotex definition of videotex in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Videotex (or "interactive videotex") was one of the earliest implementations of an "end-user information system". From the late 1970s to mid-1980s, it was used to deliver information (usually pages of text) to a user in computer-like format, typically to be displayed on a television. — “Videotex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Manufacturers of digital color television, video cd players and PCBs. — “index”,
  • Videotex definition, an electronic information transmission and retrieval technology enabling interactive communication, for such purposes as data acquisition an See more. — “Videotex | Define Videotex at ”,
  • In public videotex (Btx) terminals, different pages are displayed successively on the screen in the off-line 1. Videotex system with public terminals whereby information is called up from a videotex center over a telecommunication network and presented in. — “Editing arrangement for videotex ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • Videotex combines its deep understanding of the power of the Internet, with design, content management, e-commerce and communication solutions, to The Videotex platform includes a suite of proprietary applications uniquely designed to create online communities and facilitate electronic commerce. — “Videotex Networks”,
  • Every month, Worldwide Videotex publishes 30 electronic high-technology newsletters which are on various U.S. online systems. A hard copy annual subscription for each monthly newsletter is $165. within North America and $180. outside of North America. — “Welcome”,
  • VIDEOTEX is a terminal emulator for the IBM PC, for use in accessing Videotex Videotex screen consists of 24 rows of 40 characters; display attributes, such as colour and graphics, are controlled by embedded characters which. — “VIDEOTEX by Richard Russell”,
  • videotex communications service that is linked to an adapted television receiver or a personal computer by telephone lines, cable television. — “videotex Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • Videotex - Dictionary Definition and Overview. Videotex : An obsolete electronic service offering people the privilege of paying to read the weather on their television screens instead of having somebody read it to them for free while they brush their teeth. — “Videotex - Define Videotex at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • videotex. videotex, communications service that is linked to an adapted television receiver or a personal computer by telephone lines, cable television facilities, or the like, and that allows a user to retrieve and display alphanumeric and pictorial information at home. — “videotex — ”,
  • Category:Videotex. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to: navigation, search. Subcategories. This category has Videotex Code Serie.png. 10,716 bytes. Viewdata Graphics 1.jpg. 171,191. — “Category:Videotex - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Buy now and take advantage of competitive prices and great service from a 25 year old Dallas, TX company. 800-888-4336. — “Videotex Systems, Inc”,
  • Videotex Security & Fire Alarm Systems is a full service, licensed security and alarm company with headquarters in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Convenience store owners - Videotex has a package especially designed for this application - info here. — “Video Surveillance, Burglar, Fire, Security Alarms in Dallas”,
  • videotex (uncountable) Any of various early information retrieval services, such as viewdata and Teletext systems, that delivered pages of computerized text to users on request. 1980, IEEE Computer Society, Computer.‎ A variety of extensions of this basic videotex terminal can be foreseen. — “videotex - Wiktionary”,
  • We're a VAR in Texas specializing in gear for production and post for indie TV & Film Videotex is using Twitter. Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What. — “Videotex Systems (Videotex) on Twitter”,
  • Bokeh, Dynamic XML Flash Template, ActionScript 3, Free Flash Source File from . — “Bokeh, Dynamic XML Flash Template, ActionScript 3”,
  • The biggest videotex/teletext ventures. In the early 1980s, several U.S. newspaper companies and other publishing concerns sank tens of millions of dollars into trials and tests of a technology called videotex, which delivered printed information on a TV set. — “The Failure of Videotex”,
  • Definition of videotex in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of videotex. Pronunciation of videotex. Translations of videotex. videotex synonyms, videotex antonyms. Information about videotex in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “videotex - definition of videotex by the Free Online”,
  • videotex ( ) also videotext ( ) n. An information service in which data is transmitted over television cables or telephone lines and displayed on a. — “videotex: Definition from ”,

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  • Prestel TV commercial The second of a series of 4 commercials made in 1980 to launch Prestel, the Post Office's Viewdata service. The special TVs needed to use prestel had a phone line coming out of the back of them. The first time you could go online. The commercial was made without filming anything with a camera apart from the opening shot. Trillion in Soho devised a special bit of kit to take the screen image directly to large format video to edit.
  • Texas Production Network Meet industry professionals on the tradeshow floor, in seminars, and throughout the convention center - vendors, freelancers, indie filmmakers and crew. Meet Get one-on-one time with local vendors and national manufacturers showcasing the latest technology and equipment for the film/video industry. Test Get hands-on opportunities to try before you buy with gear of all types - cameras, lighting, accessories, software and more. learn Free seminars all day long in multiple rooms. Increase your skills, learn new tips and techniques on the latest software and equipment.
  • QUBE promo A 1980s promotional film made by WarnerAmex cable to promote Qube, its two-way cable experiment in Orlando, Fla. If you can contribute video or other memorabilia of early teletext or videotex services, please contact me.
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  • VIEWTRON: TV news story Viewtron: A 1982 news story from Channel 9 in Washington, DC, announcing launch of the Viewtron videotex service in Miami. If you can contribute video or other memorabilia of early teletext or videotex services, please contact me.
  • MAXIBON VideoBOX 01-08-2010
  • Tricaster TCXD300 for High Definition Video Blogs with Dan McCoy of interviews Darryl Newman of Videotex Systems about the new Tricaster TCXD300 and the use of high definition video in blogs. From their studio in Dallas, Texas, the new LiveSet technology of the Tricaster is demonstrated.
  • We Time Ah Come 2010 CROM X Ent. - Clip Teaser "WE TIME AH COME" - MOB Crom Extended Prod. StoneHouse Prod. Videotex Studio
  • Re: TGO Know your Meat! Re: TGO Know your Meat! This really was my dinner last night. I video taped it because I thought it looked good and then it ended up being perfect to use as a vid response Thanks for your video Tex @derekgrebner87 !
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  • Las Vegas Musik Show Video Tex Haper Country Truck Usa
  • Time Teletext consumer promo A 1982 film promoting Time Magazine's teletext service to consumers. If you have video or other memorabilia of early teletext or videotex services, please contact me.
  • Kingdom hearts - stand out i made a music video about kingdom hearts 1&2 and the song is from disney's : A goofy movie - stand out,im proude about this video,i think it's great,it took me 2h to make ^_^ if you commets i be really happy :D about the name at the song name at the video tex,i didnt saw its spelld stand out,just so you kwon...
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  • Re: TGO Know your Meat! #2 Re: TGO Know your Meat! This is my dinner tonight. Thanks for your video Tex @derekgrebner87 !
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  • Time Teletext promo A promo to pitch Time Teletext partnerships to newspapers and cable companies. If you can contribute video or other memorabilia of early teletext or videotex services, please contact me.
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  • KaraokeGalore Tex does Jerry Reed Karaokegalore video. Tex performs the 1982 hit sung by Jerry Reed, "She got the gold mine, I got the shaft."
  • Blue Eyes
  • KIRO radio's computerized newsroom A promotional film made in the early 1970s about KIRO radio Seattle's move to computerize its news operations. If you can contribute video or other memorabilia of early teletext or videotex services, please contact me.
  • U2 - The ground beneath her feet (cover & video/Tex/The Revoc) Only for self-fun! Realized today with a photo-camera....but performed years ago...! I love U2... I love this song.... MUSIC:U2 LYRICS: U2 PERFORMED BY: TEX240676 DIRECTED BY: TEX240676
  • KaraokeGalore Tex does One Night KaraokeGalore video. Tex sings "One Night At A Time."
  • 1980: "Telefuture" - Everything Old is New Again! This 1980 news report explores the predicted world of future television, particularly in terms of information services technologies -- with a concentration on Teletext and Viewdata systems. This is particularly fascinating given that now, in 2010, "convergence" of Internet services back to the television is the latest trend. This video also includes a couple of hopefully interesting/amusing beginning and ending clips (from a bit later than 1980) bracketing the report. From the Vortex Video Archive. More information about this segment: Information regarding the techniques being used to recover these archival recordings:
  • KaraokeGalore Tex does Watching You KaraokeGalore video. Tex does a great job singing a song with a lot of meaning!
  • VIEWTRON ads Viewtron videotex service: A series of 30-second television spots produced for Viewtron in 1984. Viewstron was an online service operated by Knight-Ridder newspapers from 1982-1986 and the most ambitious videotex experiment conducted by US newspapers. If you can contribute video or other memorabilia of early teletext or videotex services, please contact me.
  • The Blindside
  • Inspiration VideoText This is the first time I've shown this to anyone. It's a short musing on one the people who inspired me to write
  • My mum and her horse TEX Prt 1 hi guys This a video of my mum riding her horse tex . In this video tex is 3-4 my mum hadnt had many lessons even though that tex was her 4th horse you will find out more about that in prt 2...(sad story) my mums friend horse is a palimino we cant remember her/his name (BTW my mum has had this horse for 20 years...) he is now 22 my mum got him wen he was 2... the other grey horse was called minny also my mums friend horse but diferent friend... ENJOY 8)
  • Vintage 1980s Ericsson Commercial "Today for Tomorrow", produced in Sweden by Ericsson Telecommunications back in 1985. Really fun seeing this today.

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  • “Time will tell, but itʼs safe to say that in its current form the newspaper model of technologies – like long forgotten videotex – were determined to pose”
    — LaughlinOutLoud " 2009 " July,

  • “Rypple is social software that makes feedback easy and fun. light bulb, Tesla's electric motor, the telephone) and that is why we use Tim Berners-Lee s internet and not videotex to access this blog”
    — Learning from Failure – Rypple,

  • “A 1983 textbook by Jan Gecsei, The Architecture of Videotex Systems (Videotex Architecture), was the scripture the defense brought forth for To check for anticipation, this court examines the Videotex Architecture reference in some detail”
    — Patent Prospector: Beaming Down,

  • “In a sharp column about media history, Jack Shafer points out that the newspaper industry did not, as some assume, come late to the Internet. Indeed,”
    — In the Videotex Graveyard - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine,

  • “A sister publication of Artforum, Bookforum brings incisive reviews of the latest titles, author interviews, and commentary about current and coming trends and ideas being debated by some of the most interesting writers of our time”
    — technology - / omnivore,

  • “From "Newspapers in the Year 2000," A special report published by the Associated Press Managing Editors association, 1981 Back to Q. and A. with Roger Fidler, newspaper tablet pioneer. By Roger Fidler The appearance of newspapers at the beginning”
    — Roger Fidler's 1981 essay: "Videotex services will become,

  • “Blog. This Day in Geek History: April 17. 17 Apr 2009 Geek History. 1944. Harvard University Videotex is an early information service, bearing a crude resemblance to the Internet”
    — The Great Geek Manual " This Day in Geek History: April 17,

  • “The technology, based on Videotex, was first demonstrated by Michael Aldrich in 1979 who Welcome to WordPress.This blog is about shopping. Please leave your comment only in”

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