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  • Videos on (24 Videos) Popular Videos. Most Fun on Four Wheels. Most Fun on Four Wheels. Most Fun on Four Wheels. Tanner reveals the most fun he's had while working on Top Gear. Mayflower: Deconstructed. Mayflower: Deconstructed. Mayflower: Deconstructed. How many people were on the Mayflower?. — “ Videos”,
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  • Every video uploaded, is shown on our indexes more or less three days About 1200 to 2000 adult videos are uploaded each day (note that gay and *** videos are filtered from this page, but shown in their. — “Free *** Videos - ”,
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  • Featuring funny and amazing video clips, home videos, and bloopers. This video will fill you in on all you need to know about The Ride. Learn who the competitors are and what exactly is at stake for these 8 high sch. — “MetaCafe”,

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  • Funny Video Music: Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting
  • ★ America's Funniest Home Videos part 451 My NEW FAIL CHANNEL? My FACEBOOK FANCLUB? DID YOU LIKE these Americas Funniest Home Videos? Cryptic has a very funny channel with days (!) of fun like this. Funny home videos with great bloopers from all over the world, part 451. You can visit my fanclub at
  • Machinima Today 1/7/2010 (Machinima News/Videos/Directors' Spotlight) S1E27 Click this to watch the previous episode of Machinima Today! Machinima Today 1/7/2010 (Machinima News/Videos/Directors' Spotlight) S1E27 Hey there, and welcome to Machinima Today for January 7th. We're a week deep into the new year and we've already got a new batch of videos you should check out. FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high Machinima Today MachinimaToday MT headshot darksiders soul system mr sark turtle friendly fire *** in video games dead or alive volley ball inside gaming ces preview consumer electronics show computer etcetera formerly outside gaming khail annonymous anonymous crime pays if you survive gta4 grand theft auto iv machinima alt character wow world of warcraft machinima director spotlight news videos
  • 10 Cutest Cat Moments The clips for this compilation of cute cat bloopers, etc. is one of our favorite videos.
  • ★ America's Funniest Home Videos part 349 DO YOU LIKE America's funniest home videos? 999Cryptic has a great funchannel with 100 hours (!) of fun like this. Click the link: I HAVE A FACEBOOK FANCLUB! Funny home videos from all over the world, part 349.
  • Oxygen - Periodic Table of Videos Our updated Oxygen video features new footage displaying the paramagnetism of liquid oxygen. All the elements at
  • INCREDIBLE video of the last F-5 tornado - May 3, 1999 **WARNING!! DO NOT TAKE COVER UNDERNEATH AN OVERPASS WHEN A TORNADO IS APPROACHING!!!*** This video defines the beginning of storm chasing for . We knew very little about storm structure or forecasting back then, but we learned fast on May 3, 1999. This video is a great example of how NOT to safely storm chase. Seeking shelter under an overpass is a HUGE mistake, since the winds actually accelerate there when a tornado approaches. For the entire story, read "INTO THE STORM," a chronicle of Reed's storm chasing career! Check out for more insane tornado videos, our breaking news blog, and live storm chasing video.
  • Videos de risa
  • ☺ America's Funniest Home Videos part 1 If you like America's Funniest Home Videos please visit my YouTube channel for hours of funny videos just like this. Thank you for watching.
  • Songify This - 'Fast Don't Lie' Remix - feat. Slim Chin, Dwight Howard, & D. Rose download the free mp3! Slim Chin, Dwight Howard, and D. Rose admonish aspiring ballers - both literal and figurative! - on how one should become truly successful in the world with a rousing hook, "Fast Don't Lie.' With success mainly being measured by dunks, and also, cubic meters of caviar. ORIGINAL VIDEOS: FOLLOW the Gregory Brothers for more remixes/songifications: 2ND CHANNEL /thegregorybrothers SHIRTS /Auto-Tune-the-News LYRICS What up world? I'm Slim Chin, 'Beast from the Far East.' This is Dwight Howard 'Beast from the Regular East.' Think i got this crib by being slow? I got this 'cause i'm fast! Think i got this solid gold jet ski by being slow? I got this 'cause i'm fast! Fast Don't Lie Fast Don't Lie Think i got this caviar pool by being slow? I got this 'cause i'm fast! Think i got this benjamin pile by being slow? I got this 'cause i'm fast! Off quicker than a prom dress, A prom dress. TIME'S UP! You're too slow. *spoken tenderly* Dwight, play that thing that you play so well. No, not really. No, close. I, I got it. Sing Song Time! *sung* Fast Don't Lie! Fast Don't Lie! FAST, DUNT, LIE. EEEEEEEEE FAST DON'T LIE! WHAT? FAST DON'T LIE! Get freaky, get, get freaky, Get freaky like my LADY PYRAMID! *yelled* I'm Slim Chin and I'm OUT! Thanks to Adidas for sponsoring this video! -love, michael
  • Audio Push - Teach Me How To Jerk - instructional video. Presented by RozWorld Tv Buy there new Single "Up And Down" on Itunes TEACH ME HOW TO JERK "Thanks Available now on iTunes! Audio Push Mix Tape
  • MICHAEL JACKSON - THIS IS IT (official video) by SPIKE LEE This Is It official music video directed by Spike Lee COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NOT INTENDED. www.40 Audio copyright 2009 Epic Records/Sony BMG/Legacy/The Michael Jackson Company Video copyright 2009 Spike Lee/40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks
  • Heavy Metal Cats! Key of Awesome #1 Heavy Metal Cats! Kittens! Are you obsessed with LOL cats and I Can Has Cheezburger? Do you watch funny cat videos incessantly? Then this video is for you! Metallica + Cats = MetalliCats! CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE SONGS OF AWESOME! The Key of Awesome (Deluxe Edition) California Gurls (They're Unreliable) Single Nervous Guy Single Tron Girl Single Afraid (Eminem Parody) Single -- Check out the REMIX from Ultra Kawaii! -- Watch our other songs in the Key of Awesome: 1. METALLICATS 2. TRICK OR TREAT OR DIE 3. TWILIGHT SUCKS! The Emo Vampire Song 4. DO THE CRYBABY 5. THE HOT VOICEMAIL LADY 6. LADY GAGA AND LORD GAGA (BAD ROMANCE PARODY) 7. SARAH PALIN: MIKE RELM REMIX 8. BATMAN PARODY: THE DARK KNIGHT IS CONFUSED 9. CHAD VADER AND OBAMA GIRL GET FREAKAY 10. SLEEP ON YOU: THE JUSTIN BIEBER PARODY 11. JERSEY SHORE PARODY SONG 12. MAN-CRUSH ON JACK BAUER 13. GLITTER PUKE: THE KE$HA TIK TOK PARODY -- MORE BARELY: Subscribe! Follow us on Twitter Visit our arcade! /barelyarcade Check out our websites http Friend us on Facebook & Myspace Call us 1 ...
  • Plants that go bad - hilarious video of nature Visit for dating advice. This is the funniest collection of nature photos showing plants in various compromising positions.
  • Really Hot Girl Preview our 1000th video here: Get inside her. Deep inside. See more at
  • How to tie a tie: the BEST video on how to tie a tie - Double Windsor Knot . Learn how to tie a tie with this detailed step-by-step instructional video. This video was made for beginners, so don't worry if this is your first time tying a tie.
  • David After Dentist This is a video of my then 7 year old son David in May 2008I had my Flip video camera with me. His mom wasnt able to go becasue of work. I taped some of the morning before the surgery to show her and was already planning to tape afterwards. He had just had a tooth removed due to Hyperdontia or extra tooth. This was taken in the parking lot of the dentist office. He was so out of it. The staff was even laughing. This lasted for a few hours and he was fine. He even laughed at the video that night. He is very smart and always has something interesting to say about many different issues. His philosophical reaction to the medication didnt really suprise us. David is a very good kid and I am blessed to have he and his brother William as sons. This has been a great experience for our family. Thanks for watching. For more info on DAD come visit us at
  • videos muy graciosos I got the music from here: If you liked the old song better, you can get it yourself from audioswap - search for "With A Spirit" by 009 Sound System
  • Tribeca Videos - Kassim the Dream
  • The Internet's Dumbest How-To Videos: Viral Video Film School There's so much to learn from the Internet that it can seem daunting at times. But lucky for us, there are experts out there that will literally hold our hands every single step of the way. Our viral video expert Brett Erlich takes a look in this week's Viral Video Film School. Watch infoMania Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV VIEW more Viral Video Film School & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Channel here...
  • Funny Videos/ Creative Ads Collection Part 4
  • Skateboarding Dog SUBSCRIBE - SEE ALL VIDEOS - - Tillman the skateboarding bulldog from the iphone commercial. All clips are from January 2007. Tillman was a little over a year old at the time and is a much better skateboarder now. Tillman does not belong to me, to find out more about Tillman contact Mike Maguire [email protected] A little history of this first video. I Filmed the video using a just purchased Panasonic Lumix TZ1. I was bicycling through Venice Beach California when I came upon the skateboarding dog. This was probably the only time I used the Lumix's wide screen movie mode. I suspect one of the biggest reasons my video was selected, second only to the awesome Tillman, was not much user generated 16:9 content was available on youtube.(iphone is 16:9) Originally the first video had the soundtrack "Giving In" by linkin Park. Once the video appeared in iphone commercials I panicked and removed the video from youtube because of the attention and I had no rights to use the song. As time approached for Apple's release of the iphone with youtube, youtube contacted me and requested I reinstate the video without the soundtrack. Youtube wanted users to be able to view the skateboarding dog in the store and after purchasing their iphone. Unfortunately youtube gave me only a few hours to re-edited video before the iphone release. The original background sound on most of the clips was ruined by hysterical laughter from a woman watching Tillman so I ...
  • Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us Final version now available! Web 2.0 in just under 5 minutes. This is the 2nd draft, and I plan on doing one more final draft. Please leave comments on what could be changed or improved, or what needs to be excluded or included. Subscribe if you want to be notified when the revision is released. UPDATE I just added this video to Mojiti where you can actually write your comments into the video itself. It is an exciting experiment in "Video 2.0". Go check it out at and add your voice! Transcripts are now available as well: A couple of people have noted that the statement, "XML was created to do just that" (separate form from content) is misleading because CSS enables the same effect with HTML. I tried to integrate CSS into the video, but it ruined the flow. Perhaps in the next draft. My statement on XML is based on the following from : "In order to appreciate XML, it is important to understand why it was created. XML was created so that richly structured documents could be used over the web. The only viable alternatives, HTML and SGML, are not practical for this purpose. HTML, as we've already discussed, comes bound with a set of semantics and does not provide arbitrary structure." Thank you all for the comments. With your help the next draft will be cleaned up and hopefully free of factual errors. A higher quality version is available for download here: Please note that this is the ...
  • Inspirational video - Turning disappointment into joy: From Service Dog to SURFice Dog Join Ricochet on Facebook! - Kleenex alert! Each person who watches this inspirational video finds an individual message that touches them on many levels, & brings them to tears. It's about acceptance, adjusting expectations, & focusing on the "can do's" in life which allows for a celebration of amazing outcomes. Ricochet is an internationally renowned champion surf dog at the center of media attention, who has become an inspirational phenomenon, motivational role model, internet sensation, fundraising marvel, goodwill ambassador, and muse to millions! This video depicts her journey from birth to 15 months of age, as she goes through her service dog training, which is cut short due to her propensity to chase birds. Her role changed to SURFice dog & she started to fundraise for quadriplegic surfer, Patrick Ivison, who she met the night before this video was filmed. The intention was for the two of them to surf a wave together on their own surfboards. At one point, when they surfed into shore, Ricochet jumped off her board, and onto Patrick's. It was her decision to surf tandem with him! Once the video went viral, she turned it into a platform to help more people/animals & she's raised over $53000 in the last year. She promotes kindness, charity, philanthropy, and social responsibility, such as her video about anti-bullying "You're amazing just the way you are!" For more info on Ricochet, her surfing, her charitable causes, or to make a donation, go to www ...
  • Reggaeton Videos- La Conspiracion - Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Reggaeton Videos- La Conspiracion - Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Falo
  • ★ America's Funniest Home Videos part 159 Funny home videos from all over the world, part 159.
  • Miley Cyrus- "The Climb" music video (Watch in HQ!) I know you love it!!!!!!!!!
  • Crush On Obama The song that changed the world! This video was named by Newsweek a top 10 meme of decade and the Webby's a top internet moment of all time. Obama Girl videos have been viewed over 120 million times... subscribe for more! Click here to subscribe! Created by: Ben Relles Starring: Amber Lee Ettinger Vocals: Leah Kauffman MORE BARELY POLITICAL: Follow us on Twitter Check out our websites http Friend us on Facebook & Myspace Leave us a voicemail 1-(646)-827-2202
  • Best videos of 2010 || TNL Add me as a friend on Facebook: Like me here: Follow me on Twitter (Dutch & English): Voeg me toe als vriend (Dutch): Join de fanpage (Dutch): It's a quick overview of 2010. All the best videos in one single video. It's a personal list but it'll cover pretty much of the best watched videos of 2010. Enjoy the video. Don't forget to comment, favorite and rate this video. Also share this with your friends and make a subscription. Then you'll give me a Christmas present which I really like. This week I'll upload 2 other videos named: Fail Compilation December 2010 - 29th December 2010 Best Fails of 2010 - 2nd January 2011 Links to the videos: Best Cry ever: I Hate Iceland: Vicious Dog Man: The rent is too damn high 1: The rent is too damn high 2: Robert Green fail: Retail Rage: WTF?!: Gingers do have souls: Bungee jump russian style: Epic Beard man: Dimitri: Jessi Slaughter/kerligirl13 1: Jessi Slaughter/kerligirl13 2: Double rainbow: Ducks blown over boulevard: Antoine Dodson: Eat da poo poo:
  • Pidiendo Limosna .:. Videos Chistosos ...
  • How to solve a Rubik's Cube (Part One) -LIST OF ALGORITHMS- 1) Fi U Li Ui 2) Ri Di RD 3) UR Ui Ri Ui Fi UF 4) Ui Li ULUF Ui Fi 5) FRU Ri Ui Fi 6) RU Ri URUU Ri 7) UR Ui Li U Ri Ui L 8) Ri Di RD Music used in video: "Life Sentence" by The Dead Kennedys "Fu** The Facts" by John Zorn *Use of copyrighted material in this video meets "Fair Use" qualifications within United States Copyright Law*
  • thigh massage video massage video clip to relax the thighs
  • Miley Cyrus - 7 Things Music video by Miley Cyrus performing 7 Things.
  • United Breaks Guitars UBG Song#3 is released! /song3 There is now a video response: Full Story: - In the spring of 2008, Sons of Maxwell were traveling to Nebraska for a one-week tour and my Taylor guitar was witnessed being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago. I discovered later that the $3500 guitar was severely damaged. They didnt deny the experience occurred but for nine months the various people I communicated with put the responsibility for dealing with the damage on everyone other than themselves and finally said they would do nothing to compensate me for my loss. So I promised the last person to finally say no to compensation (Ms. Irlweg) that I would write and produce three songs about my experience with United Airlines and make videos for each to be viewed online by anyone in the world. United: Song 1 is the first of those songs. United: Song 2 has been written and video production is underway. United: Song 3 is coming. I promise. Follow me at . Video Produced by Curve Productions of Halifax, .
  • T-SHIRT WAR!! (stop-motion music video) Now Watch T-SHIRT WAR 2 (a made-for-TV commercial for McD's and Coke): GET this SONG on our 27-song CD (it has vocals): or on iTunes: or on Amazon: Thanks to Rush T-shirts for printing all of the shirts. They came out amazing! They print faster than anybody out there: Directed and Edited by Joe Penna Animation and Sound by Billy Reid: Watch Billy's Behind-The-Scenes Video: TECHNICAL EXPLANATION FOR GEEKS LIKE US: We changed shirts over 100 times each, taking individual pictures of each unique shirt. The designs on the shirts are not photoshopped. They are real shirts for each frame of animation. The video was exported at 30fps, while the T-shirt animation moves at 6fps (with a few exceptions where it moves faster) So, for each shirt, we took 5 pictures, so the animation of us (Rhett&Link) moves at 30fps, but the T-shirt animations move a bit slower. There are a few places where the motion seems so smooth that it looks like video. That's because, in those parts, there was no changing in T-shirts, and Joe used burst mode to capture the frames, making it look very smooth. ------------------ Check out our other Youtube channel, where we upload random videos from our phones: ------------------- FOLLOW us on TWITTER! Rhett: Link: Video Updates: ------------------- FAN us on FACEBOOK! ------------------- DAILYBOOTH ...
  • Crazy Indian Video... Buffalaxed! This is another request that took me too long to get around to. "The Crazy Indian Video" with SUBTITLES THAT SAY WHAT I THINK THE VIDEO SOUNDS LIKE IN ENGLISH!!!
  • Americas Funniest Home Videos MIX mericas funniest home videos mix very funny
  • A VERY ZOMBIE HOLIDAY (Instructional video) Happiest of Holidays From Team Unicorn! An instructional video for ensuring a happy home during this zombie-infested holiday season. STARRING TEAM UNICORN Rileah Vanderbilt Michele Boyd Milynn Sarley Clare Grant Husband - Jonathan Nail Grandpa - Tom Holland Grandma - Kathi Holland Sally - Ainsley Parks Petey - Tarik Ellinger George/Caroler - Dave Foy Zombie/Caroler - Magda Apanowicz Zombie - Faith D'Amato Zombie/Narrator - TJ Rotell Caroler - Brian Kameoka Directed and Edited by Sean Becker Written by Zeb Wells Director of Photography - Chris Darnell Gaffer - Erica Thurlow Grip - Ricardo Ramos FX Makeup - Arlene Martinez Hair/Makeup - Keston Ridley Set Photographer - Mike Sutter Sound - Leo Nasca GFX Wizard - Desiree Lundsford VFX Guru - Dan Scruggs Colorist - Chris Darnell Various Music by Kevin MacLeod() Post Sound Consultant - Sean O'Brien Zombie Consultant - TJ Rotell Wardrobe by Pinup Girl Clothing SPECIAL THANKS TO: Adam Green Micheline Love (Kiss Me Deadly) Jeff Parks Tiffany Ellinger Greg Aronowitz
  • OK Go - Here It Goes Again Music video by OK Go performing Here It Goes Again (The Treadmill Video).

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  • “Climate Ride in the one and only charity bike ride that raises money and awareness for climate crisis and bike advocacy and infrastructure. Click to learn more about you can help make a difference”
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  • “For example, YouTube recently started using closed captioning, and now uses voice recognition to turn speech into text for newly uploaded videos. If you've been reading my blog posts and my own posting of videos to market my own practice, I wonder whether Spencer got this idea from me to”
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