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  • Vets- is an online veterinary knowledge base which enables you to search in more than 100.000 articles on all kinds of veterinary issues. — “Vets- the knowledge base for veterinary professionals”, vets-
  • With the help of computers, our National Service Officers have the benefit of With you donation today we can purchase the technology and other resources to better. — “ :: home”,
  • The American War Library contains online military, veteran, and military family registry, providing citations, resource guide, casualty lists, discussion forums and more. Vets Missing Their Children. Children Missing Their Vets. Moms and Dads, Sons. and Daughters of military. — “The American War Library”,
  • Vets a site dedicated to getting our world war two vets to Washington DC. This trip will be paid for purely on the donations of the thankful people of the United States. This even it starting from South Beloit Illinois on May 17th 2010. — “WELCOME TO !!”,
  • Library of information for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets; fun stuff; pet loss resources; and information about this AAHA hospital and its services. — “Harmony Animal Hospital”,
  • LZ Friendly Veterans Location. Milwaukee Vets Stand Down. CHECK OUT THE PICTURES & LINKS. Our Heros Handbook. A Guide for Families. of Wounded Warriors. Doc Needs Your Support. Get The Flyer Out To All You Know. We Need To Give Our Hospitalized Vets A Great Christmas. — “Welcome To Doc's Vets Sites”, war-
  • Definition of vets in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of vets. Pronunciation of vets. Translations of vets. vets synonyms, vets antonyms. Information about vets in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “vets - definition of vets by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Includes information on VETS programs, transition information, and other resources. New: Information for the VETS — Job Corps demonstration project. — “U.S Department of Labor: Veterans' Employment and Training”,
  • We'd do anything for a vet and we want to do more! The Veterans Alliance Service Center Never again worry about where to find the answers to veteran and military questions. Be it benefits, pay or dealing with the VA it's all here at 's VASC. — “VFW Post 10215”,
  • Get a stock quote for Pet DRx Corp. Stock market quotes include the latest VETS stock price and fundamental investing data, price charts and Pet DRx Corp news. You can also get free, real-time stock quotes. — “VETS - Stock Quote for Pet DRx Corp - MSN Money”,
  • Disabled Veterans information center,Veterans health issues,How to file a VA claim,Agent Orange conditions,Gulf War Syndrom 100% Disabled Vietnam Vet. 12 years serving Vets on the Net. Federal. — “Military Veterans VA Benefits Information and Health Issues”,
  • A veterinarian (American English) or a veterinary surgeon (British English), often shortened to vet, is a physician for animals and a practitioner of veterinary medicine. The word comes More than 90% of the vet students are United States citizens and 5. — “Veterinarian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Vets H.E.R.D. Objective: To raise public awareness about the lack of veterans' resources in our community. And to ensure that no veteran or service member is forgotten upon his or her return home from active duty. OPERATION STANZ: Vets H.E.R.D. — “Vets H.E.R.D”,
  • Vettes to Vets is a nonprofit organization made up of Corvette owners who raise money and supplies for a Veterans Hospital in MA. Congratulations to you, your Vettes to Vets committee members and especially the entire Corvette Community on a wonderful 7th Annual Vettes to Vets Day today!. — “Vettes to Vets - Vettes to Vets”,
  • Vets Without Borders is a new web series with exclusive access to Canada's Veterinarians without Borders (VWB). In the first season the vets head to a small mountain village in Guatemala where rabid dogs have bitten people, killing them with the disease. — “Vets Without Borders”,
  • Paid for by Vets for Freedom Political Action Committee. Not authorized by any candidate Vets for Freedom PAC is a federal political action committee which. — “Vets for Freedom”,
  • New York Press: BEST VETS in NY. Read more about why the New York Press chose the doctors of Riverside Animal Hospital and Riverside Veterinary Group the BEST VETS in NEW YORK CITY! Dr Raclyn featured in Stem our technical staff (nurses, vet assistants, exam room assistants,. — “VETSnyc - The Alternative and Complementary Veterinary”,
  • VETS Veterinary Emergency Trauma Service The VETS Hospital Network is a group of privately owned veterinary clinics. located throughout greater Toronto. — “VETS Veterinary Emergency Trauma Service Toronto”,
  • Vets Cars provides veterans the benefits of an auto discount and their businesses with full service fleet management. From your very first contact with one of our Dealer/Partners, you'll understand and appreciate the Vets-Cars difference. — “Vets Cars | Auto Fleet Management, Veteran Auto Discount, Vet”, vets-
  • VETS ROCK and HERO Energy Shot Join Forces. We believe that together - VETS ROCK and HERO energy Shot will be able to accomplish great things and compliment each others efforts. VETS ROCK is proud to announce our lateset partnership with the team at HERO Energy Shot. — “Vets Rock”,
  • Camaraderie, Respect, Confidentiality, Well-being. Peer Support For Iraq And Afghanistan-Era Vets. — “Vets 4 Vets”,
  • Cats and dogs, horses, rabbits, parrots - a menagerie of pets along with veterinarian professionals and pet owners of all ages. Healthy pets and caring people, comforting and comforted. If you need a photo relating to pets, you'll find it here. — “Pets and Vets - stock photography images. Royalty free”,

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  • Honoring Fallen Vets Each night during the warm summer months in NJ, 89-year-old Cape May resident Marvin Hume honors fallen veterans with a special ceremony. Jim Axelrod shows us Marvin's "American Spirit."
  • Glenn Beck calls Vets "Communists!" - Rachel Maddow Glenn Beck has continued his lies & now calls IAVA, Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America "communists".
  • The Marmalade - Reflections of My Life - Vietnam Vets The song was recorded in 1969.
  • Veterans for Peace White House Civil Disobedience to End War On Thursday December 16th 2010, snow fell as 131 people were arrested in a Civil Disobedience at the White House protesting the continuing wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in Iraq. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Chris Hedges provides an extraordinary anti-war soliloquy which is inter-cut with interview of Veterans of the recent wars and with Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the top secret Pentagon Papers. This action was organized by the Veterans Peace Stop These Wars The March Forward A story by John Halle describes the challenges to organizing the event. A partial transcript of this video can be found at Full Transcript of the Chris Hedges Speech Bitter Memories of War on the Way to Jail, Monday 20 December 2010 by: Chris Hedges in Truthdig | Op-Ed www.truth- Read an interview with Chris Hedges just after the speech on the RawStory And another Interview on Democracy Now where he discusses his most recent book, "Death of the Liberal Class" More about "Death of the Liberal Class" Iraq Veterans Against The War Operation Recovery 678.986.0617 Newspaper about the action Poll: Assessment of Afghanistan War Sours 60% now Oppose ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Record Six in 10 Say it's 'Not Worth Fighting' ***YSIS by JULIE PHELAN and GARY LANGER Dec. 16, 2010 abcnews ...
  • Barack Obama: Keeping Our Faith With Veterans (Full) Barack gave a speech on veterans' affairs in Charleston, WV on May 12, 2008. These are his full remarks.
  • MSNBC: Vets Target Of Deficit Commission? (Cenk Outraged) Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) filling in for Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC breaks down deficit commission head Alan Simpson's latest outrageous comments about how veterans should voluntarily give up their disability benefits to help reduce the deficit.
  • Angry siamese cat at the vet - not happy UPDATE: Raffy had to be put to sleep due to acute renal failure. He past away 16/01/2011. Raffy you'll be missed. This video was recorded one year before he died. Raffy at the vets displaying his bad siamese temper. He remembers the last time he went to the vet to have a stool removed that got stuck in his bowel. Although there probably aren't many 21 year old siamese cats that aren't grumpy.
  • Homeland Security Report Upsets Veterans Some are outraged over an intelligence report that critics say unfairly paints military veterans as right-wing extremists.
  • Vietnam Veterans receive the homecoming they never had. Vietnam veterans were stereotyped and demonized to such a great extent that even the widows of deceased servicemen received late-night harassing phone calls. It has been said by some that at no point in our country's history have our veterans been hurt more by our own countrymen than by the enemy. For many vets, the homecoming was often a powerful first encounter that made their adjustment to civilian society more difficult. This is the story of a Kentucky base that felt it was time they receive the welcome home that should have been. Produced, shot and edited by Dave Annarino. View more of his stories at /daveannarino
  • PTSD - What is Neurofeedback - EEG Info Videos Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Neurofeedback. Two war veterans talk about how neurofeedback has helped them.
  • Veterinarians - Career Videos, Veterinarians. Veterinarians are doctors who diagnose animals and protect the public animal diseases. Most vets are in private practice, and treat small pets like dogs, cats, and birds. Other vets treat large animals like horses, cows, and pigs.
  • The Vet Who Did Not Vet A Dr. Seuss style telling of the McCain and Palin tale.
  • Veterans Day in South Korea President Obama honors those who served and emphasizes his Administration's commitment to our veterans as he observes Veterans Day at the US Army Garrison Youngsan in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Veterans Day 2006 A tribute to Veterans created for Veterans Day 2006.
  • Vaccinating Dogs: What Your Vet Hasn't Told You www.dogs4 When it comes to vaccinating dogs, what we think we know, and what is true, is often completely different. The truth behind vaccination protocols for dogs (and cats) is shocking. Learn which shots are dangerous and about testing for immunity instead of vaccinating (with titer tests). I'm an award-winning dog health book author who has studied vaccination for many years with the help of countless vets, many of whom asisted with this video. I do not profit in any way from your decisions.
  • John McCain Gets Testy With Vet Over GI Bill During his town hall meeting at the Denver Center for the Performing arts, John McCain gets testy with a vet when questioned on his lack of support for Jim Webb's GI Bill and other bills that he's voted against which would support veterans. Gee I wonder why the media decided not to cover this today and show the crazy lady screaming about taxes instead?
  • Emergency Vets Emergency vet on animal planet at 9 & 9:30 am Monday-Friday. Please comment & rate.
  • New Directions Veterans Choir 36-62 ~ America's Got Talent 2010, auditions LA New Directions Veterans Choir 36-62 ~ America's Got Talent 2010, auditions Los Angeles. Celebrity Howie Mandel joins the judging panel as they travel to Los Angeles, California, where an array of hopeful stars, including singers, dancers, comics, and other talented individuals hope to win America's heart and the grand prize. ©nbc universal, inc.
  • HOMELESS VETERANS ON THE STREETS OF AMERICA ( )From the CBS Evening News, Sunday, March 25, 2007.
  • 10/15/08: Presidential Debate "Hidden Microphone" on Iraq Vet 10/15/08: Presidential Debate Unseen "Hidden Microphone" Footage - Police Arrest and Abuse Iraq Veterans Against the War Produced by Mr. E of at the New York Film Academy This video is dedicated to every veteran, dead or alive, who has ever been pushed around by a police officer that enjoys abusing his or her power. Furthermore, this video is dedicated to every veteran, dead or alive, who has fought to protect our liberties Especially those who have come back to find that their liberties have been extinguished while they fought abroad. Thank you to Adam Kokesh, Matthis Chiroux , Kristofer Goldsmith and the other veterans at the debate who were willing to risk arrest and their lives to let their voices be heard. You will be remembered forever. Why is this injustice not being covered by the mainstream news? That is for you to decide... Help out and spread this video virally as fast as possible... Facebook, MySpace, Email it, send it to everyone... Do your part to help support the troops... The Hempstead 15 will be defending themselves in court for charges of disorderly conduct on November 10th, 2008 at 9:00 am at the Hempstead Courthouse located at 99 Main St. in Hempstead, New York. Please come out and show your support on this fateful day for these fine individuals. If police can treat Veterans this way and get away with it, what is to stop them from doing the same to civilians? Furthermore, many people have told me to sell this footage to the ...
  • O'Reilly: We don't owe homeless vets anything Bill O'Reilly continues his lie that John Edwards blamed homelessness among veterans on corporations and the economy (watch the edit around :42 where Edwards talking about Exxon Mobil's record profits is spliced to a different clip of Edwards talking about homeless veterans to make them seem connected). Edwards has never blamed homelessness among vets on corporations or the economy. BOR then attacks David Letterman. BOR goes on to claim that the Veterans Administration has plenty of beds for every homeless veteran. In a discussion with conservative idiot Carrie Lukas and FOX contributor Col. (ret.) David Hunt, BOR claims that homeless vets suffering from addiction "don't want to be rehabbed" and that homeless vets don't need help because "it isn't a matter of owing anybody anything." BOR was clearly upset that Hunt, a reliable ally, repeatedly refuted all of BOR's claims that homeless vets get all the help they need, that the VA provides a bed for every one of them, and that homeless vets have chosen to be homeless addicts. Two weeks after saying that the government is providing plenty of money and resources to help homeless veterans, that homeless vets are in their situation by choice, and that Americans don't owe homeless vets anything, BOR announced that he would support the creation of a new GI bill because the government isn't providing enough money and resources to vets and that we as Americans owe veterans more than they are getting. BOR had previously said that ...
  • Vet Year 2011 - Photo competition Funded by DG Health and Consumers of the European Commission... Starting Jan 21, go to and upload your best shots' of pets, farm and other animals, (with or without you or your vet in the picture). The most original and exciting pictures of "vets in your daily life" posted before 15 March can win a great prize. Anyone can enter... you too! Winners will be selected from 5 regions of the world, along with one overall international winner. Prizes include photo equipment and a trip for all of the winners to Brussels and Paris, as special guests of the EU Veterinary Week conference and the OIE General Session in May 2011.
  • Kings veterans prank Jason Thompson Kings rookie Jason Thompson doesn't fulfill his rookie duties and pays the consequences...
  • Laser surgery on a turtle - Vets in the Wild West - BBC Animals The vets perform surgery to remove tumours in the lungs of a turtle, using a laser. Fascinating video from BBC show Vets in the Wild.
  • Republican Senators Blocks Homeless Veterans Bill Senator Patty Murray today called up a homeless women veterans bill on the Senate floor but it was blocked by Senate Republicans. The bill was introduced in June of 2009 and passed the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee on January 28, 2010 with strong bi-partisan support. "I am deeply disappointed that Senate Republicans continued to put politics above people and blocked my bill that would provide support for homeless women veterans and their families," said Senator Patty Murray. "This is a bipartisan, common-sense bill that would support veterans in my home state of Washington and across the country. I am going to continue fighting for it to pass. And I urge Senate Republicans to end their obstruction and allow homeless women veterans across the country to get the support they have earned."
  • Program Brings WWII Vets to 'their Memorial' SelectPlusProgram Brings WWII Vets to 'their Memorial'Program Brings WWII Vets to 'their Memorial'The Associated PressAn organization called Honor Flight brings World War Two veterans to Washington, DC to see the World War Two memorial at no cost to them. Six thousand vets are on the waiting list to see the memorial. (June 21)(NATS 13:50:55)PLEASED TO MEET YOU. I'M KEITH. Keith Axelson has experienced a lot in his 83-years, but he's never seen this: [Notes:dissolve to walking shot] The four-year-old World War Two Memorial in Washington DC Axelson and his daughter Lys travelled from California to see how the nation remembers the more than 400-thousand Americans who lost their lives in that war. (NATS)(13:19:40) THIS ONE. THE M1.Axelson unsuccessfully tried to join the army when he was 17. He was drafted soon after turning 18. Not long after his July 1943 induction, Axelson and the 81st Infantry Division were battling the Japanese on Anguar Island in the South Pacific. There he was hit by shrapnel from anti-aircraft guns the Japanese were firing straight into the air. (SOT: KEITH AXELSON/WWII VETERAN)(13:08:45) I WAS CRAWLING BACK AND I GOT BACK ABOUT 150 200 YARDS SO I STOOD UP AND A SNIPER SHOT ME. I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM. I NEVER DID KNOW. SOME GUY IN A WEASEL, YOU KNOW THE LITTLE TRACK VEHICLES, HE COMES DRIVING UP, I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE CAME FROM, HE WAS ALL ALONE IT WAS EMPTY. HE SAID YOU WANT A RIDE? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK I WANT? SO HE TOOK ME BACK TO ...
  • Homeless Veterans: Stand Down Some veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan into the recession are finding themselves homeless. Scott Pelley reports on an annual encampment in San Diego where veterans can find hope, help and services.
  • FOX Attacks! "Non-Existent" Veterans To Bill O'Reilly: Homeless veterans exist. I met some. BOR was either ignorant to or consciously ignoring a recent study from the National Alliance to End Homelessness (using data from the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Census Bureau) that found "In 2006, approximately 195827 veterans were homeless on a given night — an increase of 0.8 percent from 194254 in 2005. More veterans experience homelessness over the course of the year. We estimate that 336627 were homeless in 2006."
  • AMAZING SPEECH BY WAR VETERAN What is Really Happening in Iraq If you liked this video, do consider sharing it with your friends and acquaintances. Thank you. Our real enemies are not those living in a distant land whose names or policies we don't understand; The real enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable, the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it's profitable, the Insurance Companies who deny us Health care when it's profitable, the Banks who take away our homes when it's profitable. Our enemies are not several hundred thousands away. They are right here in front of us - Mike Prysner Please Support the Veterans at: Also visit The name of the track used is Boards of Canada - Davyan Cowboy Speech Transcript: Watch with Spanish sub titles Asombroso discurso de un Veterano SUBTITULADO ESPAÑOL DISCURSO DE MIKE PRYSNER indicando quienes son el enemigo verdadero de su pais.
  • Why Won't McCain Sign the GI Bill? Faced with unprecedented filibusters, the only way to ensure Senate passage of the GI Bill is to get 60 co-sponsors. So far, John McCain has refused. The same McCain who insists he supports our troops. The same McCain who is voting lockstep with the Bush administration (who have also resisted this bill). We need to get John McCain to lead -- to sign now and signal to other Republican leaders that we should be strongly behind our vets. Sign the petition demanding John McCain sign on as a co-sponsor to The Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act (S.22 & HR2702):
  • Struggling Female War Vets With over 200-thousand female service members deployed, they make up 11% of the total force. As Russ Mitchell reports, female Veterans are facing a tough battle after they return home.
  • Ice Cube - Ghetto Vet ice cube ghetto
  • Q TO MIKE GRAVEL: Did Vietnam Vets Die in vain? OnJuly 23, 2007, CNN and YouTube partnered to sponsor the first Democratic primary debate of the 2008 election cycle. Questions were asked by citizens from around the country by uploading personal videos to the YouTube website.
  • Games Workshop veterans on Ultramarines movie Games Workshop's Warhammer 40000 veterans talk about their reaction to seeing the finished Ultramarines movie.
  • Bad Vet If you have any ideas as to what occupation Dr.? should eff up next, please comment below. Unfortunately Gynecology is unfilmable... Or tell me via twitter so i can instantly dismiss you as a loon.
  • Oklahoma Veterans and Jim Inhofe All of James Inhofe's votes on vets are documented at .
  • Apple Kitty Keeps the Vets Away An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Our female Persian kitten, Mochi, interpreted this advice in a slightly different way. She thought that if she became an apple for a day, perhaps the vet would forever stay away. Hence Mochi plans to dress up in an apple suit for Halloween. She can even double as a poet or an artist. Come visit out blog!
  • Boston Vets Reattach Cat's Face Veterinarians on Tuesday performed an unusual surgery to reattach the face of a cat they believe was injured by a car's fan belt, probably because she tried to stay warm under the hood. (Dec. 9)
  • WET LAB "VET DREAMZ" Wet Lab's latest drop. UC Davis Vet School through the eyes of a hopeful applicant. Taking you through the application process, the dreaded interview, receiving your acceptance email, getting to Davis, and starting school. "Vet Dreamz" Wet Lab Albuma Pudenda Profunda Triskaidekaphilia Records LYRICS: (Apoptosis Cocoa Butter Kerns) October 2nd's comin up fast, better get up on dat VMCAS Got ur LORs, GRE GPA, and bach-e-lor degree Youve come a long way, now dont get impatient Just blow 'em away wit ur personal statement Spittin mad game bout goals and development keepin' it crunk wit dat character limit Finally done, you hit submit schools selected - davis toppin' da list Da waitin game begins, hope it's all worth while Checkin' SDN like its goin outta style At last u get chosen fo' da interview What happens next? Here's a little preview! (JD5000 & Brush-Border) Hello there, good morning potential freshman, It's time to lay down your first impression. I like her steez yo, that pantsuit's lookin sleek yeah fo sho b border, but i wanna her speak. First whats the deal with that crappy C in physics And no hours spent in penguin rehab clinics? Tell me about some issues today in Vet Med And don't say euthanasia cause that issue is dead do you feel like you need to be da top o' da class or do ya jus kick back and hope dat you pass? Wait up JD, how bout an ethical dilemma? Yeeeah, t's time to get nervous and make that hot seat simma Say your momma got in a fight with a big bad ...
  • Veterans and Suicide - We Must Overcome 'Like' the Vets Prevail Facebook Group at The need for care is urgent. The time for action is now. Support America's Veterans. Not on facebook? Follow us on Twitter at /vetsprevail Artistic Direction: Thomas Christiansen Written by: William Litton Technical Advisor: Oscar Alatorre Original Music: Eddie Williams
  • Ice Cube - Ghetto Vet Ice Cube - Ghetto Vet, Friday, Next Friday, Gangsters
  • Ali G Learns About Vietnam Vets Ali G is unable to understandd the difference between a Vietnam Vet and a Veterinarian.

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  • “Last month, the Reuben H. Fleet Foundation donated $50,000 to Vets Helping Heroes. This Blog of his adventures at Please also look”
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  • “The goal of the blog is to: Provide a forum to discuss newsworthy articles on Aid and Update VA pension information when it becomes available to complement the Checks for Vets resource book”
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  • “A Vets Blog, "Army of Dude" A year later and this is what we have to show for it. A year later and we care Read more from his Blog. . . Our greatest asset as a Stryker brigade has always been the Stryker itself. Fatigue has been a thorn”
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