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  • Vestigial is a novel nuclear protein with no known homologs, except for an N-terminal domain resembling that of Paired. Combining vestigial mutation with mutations that cause cell hypertrophy (too many cells) results in a partial reversal of the vestigial phenotype. — “Interactive Fly, Drosophila”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Vestigial - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Vestigial definition, of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a vestige: See more. — “Vestigial | Define Vestigial at ”,
  • Vestigial organs are components of biological systems, which either have reduced function or have become nonfunctional. The appendix is perhaps the most often quoted human vestigial organ, and was even presented as evidence during the infamous Scopes trial. — “Vestigial organ - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation”,
  • Some of the more renowned evidences for evolution are the various nonfunctional or rudimentary vestigial characters, both anatomical and molecular, which are found throughout biology. During macroevolutionary history, functions necessarily have been gained and lost. — “The following discussion is taken from”,
  • The human vermiform appendix is a vestigial structure; it no longer retains its original function. Vestigial structures are often homologous to structures that are functioning normally in other species. — “Vestigiality - wikidoc”,
  • The human vermiform appendix is a vestigial structure; it no longer retains its original function. Although structures usually called "vestigial" are largely or entirely functionless, a vestigial structure may retain lesser functions or develop. — “Vestigiality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Asimov1 provides two examples of a vestigial organ: (1) the tiny bones posterior to the A long time back these vestigial organs must have been important; now. — “Do any vestigial organs exist in humans?”,
  • Charles Darwin argued that vestigial organs are evidence of evolution and represent a function that was once necessary for survival, but over time that function became either diminished or nonexistent. We just think they're weird. — “Top 10 Useless Limbs (and Other Vestigial Organs) | LiveScience”,
  • A vestigial structure (sometimes callled a rudimentary structure, especially in older texts) is one that is homologous to structures found in other organisms but which has less function than its homologues. The vestigial eyes of fish such as the cave-dwelling varieties of. — “Vestigial Structures - SkepticWiki”,
  • vestigial adj. Of, relating to, or constituting a vestige. Biology . Occurring or persisting as a rudimentary or degenerate structure. — “vestigial: Definition from ”,
  • Vestigial Structures. Vestigial Structures summary with 2 pages of encyclopedia entries, research information, and more. — “Vestigial Structures Summary | ”,
  • Myspace Music profile for VESTIGIAL. Download VESTIGIAL Industrial / Ambient / Experimental music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read VESTIGIAL's blog. — “VESTIGIAL on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • enPR: vĕ-stĭjʹĭ-əl, vĕ-stĭjʹəl, IPA: /vɛˈstɪdʒɪəl/, /vɛˈstɪdʒəl vestigial (not comparable) Of or pertaining to a vestige or remnant; like a trace from. — “vestigial - Wiktionary”,
  • They are vestigial organs in comparison with the presumably functional eyes of the rat's ancient ancestors. These structures are typically in a degenerate, atrophied, or rudimentary condition, and are often called vestigial organs, despite some of them not being actual organs. — “Vestigial organ - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Also See Studies Find Vestigial Organs Not So Useless After All Excerpt from a recent article in the National Geographic News (Below) The standard definition of vestigial' is an organ that once was useful in an animal's evolutionary past, but that now is useless or very close to useless. — “Vestigial Organs”,
  • The vestigial organs are organs that serve no useful function in the organism. — “Vestigial Organs - Creation Studies Institute”,
  • Vestigial structures are anatomical structures of organisms in a species which are considered to have lost much or all of their original function through evolution. Vestigial structures have lost their original main purpose, but they may retain lesser functionalities, or develop entirely new ones. — “Vestigial structure”, schools-
  • "Vestigial structures are entirely consistent with intelligent design, suggesting structures that were initially designed but then lost their function through accident or disuse. Nevertheless, vestigial structures also provide evidence for a limited form of evolution. — “Vestigial structures - Conservapedia”,
  • Definition of vestigial in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of vestigial. Pronunciation of vestigial. Translations of vestigial. vestigial synonyms, vestigial antonyms. Information about vestigial in the free online English dictionary and. — “vestigial - definition of vestigial by the Free Online”,
  • The notion of "vestigial organs" was first put forward a century ago. The best indication of this was the gradual yet substantial decrease in evolutionists' long list of vestigial organs. — “Darwinism ”,

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  • DON'T TOUCH MY VESTIGIAL ORGAN Scientists that don't believe in God sometimes complain the presumption of intelligent design stifles research into how things work. But what about the presumption of evolution? In the 1930's, Doctors removed tonsils from half the children of America because they believed they were vestigial. This video discusses many glands once thought to be vestigial - Thymus, Spleen, Pituitary, Adrenal, Lachrymal, Lymph, Pineal, Pancreas, and the granddaddy of them all - the Appendix.
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  • Discovering Religion: Ep 09 - Vestigial Organs (2 of 2) The ninth installment of my original series, "Discovering Religion". In the second part of this episode I explore the vestigial structures found within the human body. Human Vestigial Organs: Appendix Wisdom teeth Plantaris muscle Human tail Coccyx Ear-wiggling muscles Recurrent laryngeal nerve Olfactory Receptor genes Body hair Goose bumps Male nipples Poor Design in the Human Body: Blind spot in the vertebrate eye Bursa of the knee Ulnar nerve of the elbow Poor protection of the brain by the skull Lack of brow ridges found in other primates Playlist: .
  • Halo CE - CMT Vestigial CTF Gameplay from CMT Vestigial Why am I posting this? 1) I'm now on CMT 2) Cuz ODX did it :P 3) Cuz Duce told me to record gameplay videos after I told him ODX did it In either case, sound is slightly unsynced (maybe more than slightly), because I recorded using the xfire ingame recorder
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  • Creationisms Part 3 - Vestigial Organs I totally forgot I had already made this video. Sorry about the bad audio, this was before I got a decent microphone. Anyway, this deals with the idea that "vestigial organs are actually functional" - Well, some are, some aren't, and it's the latter group that still demands an explanation.
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  • Evolution Part 6: Homologous Structures, "Vestigial" Organs Soviet-style brainwashing techniques have been used in the government schools for over 30 years. Students are not taught to think for themselves, or to think logically and critically. This clip further explores false teachings in the field of biology. See also: Read article on the demise of "Mitochondrial Eve" here:
  • Discovering Religion: Ep 09 - Vestigial Organs (1 of 2) The ninth installment of my original series, "Discovering Religion". In this episode I explore such concepts as descent with medication, homologous structures, and vestigial organs. This is one of my favorite videos of the series, as it serves to display the powerful mechanism of natural selection that has shaped all life on this planet. In part one of the episode I explore various vestigial structures found throughout the Animal Kingdom: Presence of a reduced pelvis and femur in whales, as well as the development and subsequent reduction of hind limb buds in the cetacean fetus. The loss of eyes in cave dwelling animals, such as the Blind Mexican Tetra and the Blind Texas Salamander. The Dandelion contains ***ual organs, such as a stamen, pistil and pollen, although this plant reproduces through an a***ual process known as "apomixis". Certain reptiles of the genus Cnemidophorus only exist in the females *** and reproduce a***ually, although females still act like males by continuing to engage other females in matting rituals. Monotremes, like the platypus and echidna, have both an "egg-tooth" and a caruncle, structures used by animals like reptiles and birds for hatching through hard egg shells. Marsupials also express transient egg shells and caruncles during their embryonic development. There are also many variety of animals that display wings although they are unable to fly, such as beetles of the genus Lucanidae, as well as birds like the Kiwi, Ostrich, and Penguin ...
  • Vestigial Organs Vestigial Organ - an organ that has lost it's primary function Many creationists confuse this definition, but regardless here are the Top Ten Useless Limbs (and other vestigial organs) according to
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  • Valkyrie Profile OST Disc 2 - 28 Vestigial Dream Valkyrie Profile is easily one of the best RPG games ever made. It's sad that the psp version of this PS1 gem didn't do the original justice IMO. The game also boasted a very extensive and beautiful soundtrack mixing some techno beats with classical music to truly create a grand setting of a world. If you have access to a PS1 be sure to give this game a try! you won't regret it. Big thanks to crimeinpartner for giving me the idea to upload this from his awesome lets play for Valkyrie Profile. Disc 02# - 28# Vestigial Dream
  • Vestigial organs! Vestigial organs are excellent evidence for evolution. Here I will explain them, and give a long list of them. It'll be easy, possibly even FUN, to watch. This is no university lecture! _____ Copyright stuff... Image Two: King Penguin.jpg COPYLEFT- photo by Jeff Kubina Image Five: *** spurs.jpg COPYLEFT- photo by "Dawson" on Wikipedia. Image Six: Lymantria_dispar_8-8-2006_19-20-14.jpg COPYLEFT- photo by "Opuntia" on Wikipedia Image Ten: Haliaeetus leucocephalus LC0198.jpg COPYLEFT- photo by Jörg Hempel Image Thir***: 2003-09-17 Goose bumps.jpg COPYLEFT- photo by Ildar Sagdejev All others are noncopyright OR public domain.
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  • Vestigial Fusion Factory-Sonic 2 This remix was a collaboration by:Prince of Darkness, DrumUltimA, Kyle Etges, Mark Kinz. Click here to download track 2 Seeing as im a big sonic fan and sonic 2 was my favourite. This song is amazing,but dont take my word for it, judge for yourself and to the creators of this. I am truely greatful for this, so thank you.
  • EQII: Vestigial Cella - Queen Finally made this video, after I've been wanting to for like 10 days because after pulling it a couple of times, I thought "holy *** this fight would be great with 'Murmaider II". The strategy can be found here: eq2 and here: eq2 Now, the guides say that the mez method is easiest. Personally, I think the AoE burn method is easiest, due to the fact that you need to kill each round of adds AND burn the queen to her scripted percentage before the dragon's buff wears out on you for that round. If you have a single target-focused group, then the mez method may be best for you; it really depends on your group make up. Last but certainly not least, CG to everyone on their updates and for letting me come along to get the footage!
  • Youtube Poop: Soundwave irrevocably obfuscates the vestigial curlicues of an egregious parakeet IT'S A SEQUEL POOP! I hope this one lives up to the hype set by its predecessor. This one was *almost* called "Transformers AniTWOted is eh pritsy kewl guy".
  • Vestigial Window Trailer This Is a Trailer for a short Film Called Vestigial Window. Driven by love Daniel, a dying scientist constructs an instrument that tunes into the frequency of human consciousness. He believes that this is achievable by using algorithms derived from the coils found in the bloodstream (DNA). With a deep respect for his passionate belief, his soul-mate Sarah follows his instructions in an effort to bridge the gap between life and death. When they meet in the astral plane they both realize that they are breaching the barrier of death. But the mysteries of whether consciousness is in fact measurable become even more daunting to Daniel and for Sarah consciousness is the only thing that can save her from the lure of death's dream.
  • Vestigial nymph A single photo by Paula Rosa. Music and direction by me.
  • Vestigial Organs 1 of 4 downloaded free from : TS Headquarter : RELAX or REFUTE or REPENT or RECYCLED
  • ENDURA-Vestigial Horn Previously unreleased Track
  • 29. Vestigial Organs, appendix? whale pelvis? snakes claws? coccyx ? (DVD 4, 1hr32:29-1hr40:53) 29. Vestigial Organ, appendix for immune system, whale pelvis for mating, snakes with back claws? human tail bone coccyx needed, humans with tail? (DVD 4, 1hr32:29-1hr40:53)FYI. I do not allow comments on these videos. If you notice, these video clips are taken from the seminar videos. If you want to leave a comment, you are welcome to go to the seminar video on my channel and leave your comment on that video where these clips are taken from. For organizational reasons I am not taking comments here. If you have already tried to leave a comment on this video, my apologies, you are welcome to repost on the real video featuring this clip by going to my channel page and looking for this DVD under the "playlist" for this Seminar.
  • Valkyrie Profile - Vestigial Dream RPG Music has all your favorite RPG OSTs to browse through! Visit us at:
  • Re: Vestigial Structures by XyoungearthX It seems that you forgot that vestigial structures includes those found suitabe for other benefits. Take the penguin for example. It's wings were once used for flight. Upon diminishing in size because of the lack of need to fly, they soon found a serendipitous use for them, FINS! That's vestigiality at it's finest!
  • VESTIGIAL LIMB: Spring, 2006 cordless jam on the beach with one of those 9v mini marshall amps...the one with the belt clip...
  • Vestigial Vs. Usless OK, a few days ago i posted a video that was not totally correct, so to correct that err i have posted this clarifying my inconsistencies. these are the links i said i would give:
  • Vestigial Fusion Factory (Sonic 2 Remix) Here's a remix of a bunch of themes from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This was originally release for DoD's 8-bit vs. 16-bit month from April 2009. I had a couple guests artist on the tune, but I was actually intending on having even more people! Footage from Cybershell13's channel. Personnel -Tony "Prince of Darkness" Dickinson: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming -Doug "DrumUltimA" Perry: Vibraphone -Kyle Etges: Saxophone -Mark Kinz: Trombone Studio Version:
  • Rachel Maddow- Delaware Republican Party- vestigial organ
  • Evolution Vestigial Organs_Not Useless or Vestigial 7-17 Kent Hovind
  • Torn Flesh Records Presents Vestigial Sickness - Intro Torn Flesh Records Presents Vestigial Sickness 100th Compilation Release - Coming Soon!!!
  • Vestigial Structures (Part 1) This is the first of a few videos on the topic of vestigial structures/behaviors. A vestigial structure is the label attached to a bone, organ or behavior that is believed to have been reduced in function over millions of years of evolution. This relies on the assumption that evolution has occurred, not on observable scientific evidence. The classification of a structure as "vestigial" is actually a science-stopper, because it is assumed to be useless. If something is useless, why bother studying it's function? This video covers these "vestigial structures" and why they are not remnants from evolutionary history: Pelvic bones in baleen whales Wings on flightless birds The coccyx (the human tailbone) "Fake-***" in virgin whiptail lizards The appendix Blind (eyeless) cave fish
  • Richard Dawkins: Vestigial Organs: The Wings of the Flightless Cormorant Richard Dawkins explains how vestigial organs like the stubby wings of the Flightless Cormorant were one of Darwin's key arguments for Evolution. Download Quicktime version (720p HD): Get the RDF TV podcast through iTunes! "In May 2007 Josh and I were among those who went to Galapagos with a large group from the Center for Inquiry. As we walked with the guided parties over the islands, Josh took every opportunity to film the wildlife. Occasionally he would turn the camera on me, and I would ad lib a few words about whatever animals we were looking at. These 'vignettes' were unscripted and unrehearsed, and there was no time for any "Take 2" repetitions, because the guided walk was moving on." Richard If you enjoy the video, and would like to help us make more videos like this, please consider donating $1 (or any other amount you'd like) to The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science: Camera & Music by JOSH TIMONEN Presented by THE RICHARD DAWKINS FOUNDATION FOR REASON AND SCIENCE
  • EVOKEN - Vestigial Fear Funeral Doom metal band from the US(Lyndhurst, New Jersey) !!! Formed in 1994. Album: Evoken/Beneath The Frozen Soil - Split 2010.
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  • “FAQ. vestigial organs. Discussion of everything related to the Theory total of all vestigial oragans in man and their function in ancestors?”
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  • “A few weeks ago, we did a post on vestigial organs -- organs that were once integral to our survival that we The study reminds us that even our vestigial organs can serve important functions that we have yet to discover”
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