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  • Versions. About YouVersion. My. Get all the benefits of YouVersion. Sign Versions. All versions. nblhNueva Biblia de los Hispanos View NBLH. Language: Español. About this Title. Nueva Biblia de los Hispanos. — “Nueva Biblia de los Hispanos (NBLH) - Versions - Bible”,
  • However there are some work-arounds to run IE6 on Windows 7 and other more recent versions of Windows. Downloading and running the Multiple IE installer will allow you to install the versions of IE that you select and it will allow you to run them as. — “Install multiple versions of Internet Explorer on Window XP”, cre8
  • Differences Between Bible Versions: Translation Prinicples, Greek Text-types, and Other Controversial Issues. — “Bible Versions Controversy - MKJV-LITV”,
  • The German versions of WinZip software products are sold by Globell B.V. Please contact them or visit their You can download fully functional evaluation versions of the German version of WinZip 14.0, WinZip Self-Extractor 4.0, and WinZip Companion for. — “German Version of WinZip®”,
  • drzax @mbrusse Many schools, companies, and institutes use Versions. Please email us more details to [email protected] 1:03 PM Jan 24th from Tweetie in reply to drewbiewan. — “Versions (versionsapp) on Twitter”,
  • Versions Similar Albums: Embrace , Before the Quarrel , *** the System , You Come Before You , Rise of Brutality , Misery Index: Notes from the. — “Versions: Information from ”,
  • Whether you're a *** Subversion user or new to version control systems, Versions will help streamline your workflow. Versions saves you the hassle and makes working with Subversion easy for your entire team. — “Versions - Mac Subversion Client (SVN)”,
  • Article on versions of the Bible in the original languages and in translation. Grouped by source. — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Versions of the Bible”,
  • A description of all Windows Vista Versions, what are the differences? And let us advice you which versions fits most with your needs. — “All Windows Vista versions”, windows-vista-tips-and-
  • Bible Study Tools - free online Bible resources, verses search, 40 versions including NIV, KJV, commentaries, concordances, reading guides. — “Bible Study Tools Online, Verses, 40+ Versions, Commentaries”,
  • Offering information and downloads about previous versions of the Microsoft browser. — “Microsoft: Internet Explorer Previous Versions”,
  • King James Version. Text. Audio. New American Standard Bible. Text. Audio. New Century Version Audio. New International Version - UK. Text. New International Version 1984, ©1984. Text. New. — “ - Over 50 online Bibles in 35 languages, in”,
  • Full Versions, Crack, Serial, Keygen, Games, Apps, Movies, Music. — “Full Versions Serial Crack Keygen Warez Torrent Rapidshare”,
  • The Versions Plugin is used when you want to manage the versions of artifacts in a project's POM. Goals Overview. The Versions Plugin has the following goals. versions:update-parent updates the parent section of a project so that it references the newest available version. — “Versions Maven Plugin - Introduction”,
  • Learn about Versions on . Find info and videos including: How to Know If You Have a 32-Bit Version or a 64-Bit Version, How to Update Adobe Reader From Version 7 to Version 9, How to Convert Adobe Acrobat From Version 7 to Version 8 and. — “Versions - ”,
  • find download all kind of old versions of your favorite software got all old versions software to match your requirement get information on many old versions of software. — “Older versions, find old version software, older version”,
  • For the process of assigning documents or software version numbers, see Revision control or Software versioning. For the movement of an eye, see Version (eye). For the obstetric procedure to reorient a breech baby, see External cephalic version. — “Version - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • YouTube is a place to discover, watch, upload and share videos. — “YouTube - Broadcast Yourself”, .au
  • Formally, each new version of the Unicode Standard supersedes all earlier versions. Such versions consolidate all errata and corrigenda and supersede any prior documentation for major, minor, or update versions. — “About Versions”,
  • You can create as many project versions in networks, work breakdown structures, and in the There is a difference between project and plan versions:. — “Versions”,

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  • Sugar Magnolia 2/9/73 Grateful Dead -- BEST VERSION This is hands down the best version of sugar mag i have ever heard, It was recorded 2/9/73 at stanford university in palo alto California, i just had the audio so put some clips and photos of the dead up with it enjoy
  • Green Day - 21 Guns [Cast Version] (Video) © 2011 WMG "21 Guns" by Green Day from ' ,' available now. Links: Facebook: Twitter: Website: "21 Guns" Lyrics: Do you know what's worth fighting for? When it's not worth dying for? Does it take your breath away And you feel yourself suffocating? Does the pain weigh out the pride? And you look for a place to hide? Did someone break your heart inside? You're in ruins One, 21 guns Lay down your arms, give up the fight One, 21 guns Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I When you're at the end of the road And you lost all sense of control And your thoughts have taken their toll When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul Your faith walks on broken glass And the hangover doesn't pass Nothing's ever built to last You're in ruins One, 21 guns Lay down your arms, give up the fight One, 21 guns Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I Did you try to live on your own When you burned down the house and home? Did you stand too close to the fire Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone? When it's time to live and let die And you can't get another try Something inside this heart has died You're in ruins One, 21 guns Lay down your arms, give up the fight One, 21 guns Throw up your arms into the sky One, 21 guns Lay down your arms, give up the fight One, 21 guns Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I
  • How to: Use autosave and versions in OS X Lion Original video: Backing up and retrieving past versions of your documents on your Mac has never been easier.
  • [HD:1080p] SNSD/Girls' Generation - GENIE Dance Version [JAPANESE] DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN GIRLS' GENERATION, THE VIDEO, OR THE SONG. -------------------------- Video download credit: [email protected] + *The quality of this video here on YouTube is higher than the one on the website link. I converted it to a higher quality on my own. Sorry for any misunderstandings! * -------------------------- Japanese Debut Single Genie PV [Promotional Video] August 25/26, 2010 Dance Version Video : September 7, 2010 --------------------------- Any rude behavior or inappropriate comments will be deleted. Be respectful to each other's opinions. But, do please have some thought before posting. Do not start any arguments or fuss through the comment pages. --------------------------- For [HD1080p] SNSD Genie PV (Japanese Version) Eng/Rom Sub.
  • LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Game Review (Wii) LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Wii Game Review. Review #66. This is probably the best Indiana Jones game ever made. Still what do me and the Mrs think of this game? Watch to find out in our 4th Co Op Review! *WARNING* Review contains talk of ***'s & Good Vs Evil. Gunstar Heroes is next. My band's Album -
  • JYJ - In Heaven - QR Code Full Version ( 10 QR Code Versions in One ) The 10 QR Code Versions in One ( JYJ's New Album In Heaven )
  • Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal - Moonwalker Version [Bluray] Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal straight off the recently released Moonwalker - 'Bluray' Edition - which boasts a crystal-clear, full 1080p picture complete with rich, theater-quality sound. This is as good as it gets! Overview: A sensation upon its original cinema release in 1988, Moonwalker features live performances and music videos for some of Jackson's biggest hits. The outstanding centerpiece is the music video fantasy feature for Smooth Criminal set at a seedy underworld nightclub whose influence can be seen in the work of a whole new generation of performers like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. It's a mini-movie, also featuring Joe Pesci (Lethal Weapon, GoodFellas, Home Alone) as an evil drug lord intent on pushing drugs to kids. With amazing special effects, this segment features Michael morphing into a car as well as a spaceship in the climactic finale. Starring: # Michael Jackson, Sean Lennon, Joe Pesci, Brandon Adams & Kelly Parker Directed by: # Colin Chilvers & Jerry Kramer Purchase Links: USA - [CD Universe] or [Play Asia] or [eBay] Note: It is recommended to exercise caution, completely read a product's description and be sure of the website's/seller's credentials/authenticity before purchasing any product. More Info: Jeffrey Daniel of the soul music group Shalamar co-choreographed the "Smooth Criminal" video. It was directed by special effects coordinator Colin Chilvers. The dance sequence of the video in the 1930s style ...
  • Sesame Street: Feist sings 1,2,3,4 New season of Sesame Street premiering Monday Sept 26th 2011! New episodes weekday mornings on PBS! (Check local listings.) Ifyou're watching videos with your preschooler and would like to do so in a safe, child-friendly environment, please join us at In this clip, Feist sings Sesame Street's version of 1,2,3,4. Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization which also produces Pinky Dinky Doo, The Electric Company, and other programs for children around the world.
  • League of Legends - Hyfe's Guide to the Competitive Nasus This guide is a bit outdated because it's been out since September 2010. To see the latest information about how I build and play Nasus, check out the written versions at: or
  • Trading Yesterday - Shattered (MTT Version) Taken from their More Than This album. There are two versions of this song, this one is just a little bit longer. Lyrics: Yesterday I died; tomorrow's bleeding Fall into your sunlight The future's open wide beyond believing To know why hope dies And losing what was found, a world so hollow Suspended in a compromise But the silence of this sound is soon to follow Somehow sundown And finding answers Is forgetting all of the questions we call home Passing the graves of the unknown As reason clouds my eyes with splendor fading Illusions of the sunlight A reflection of a lie will keep me waiting With love gone for so long And this day's ending Is the proof of time killing all the faith I know Knowing that faith is all I hold And I've lost who I am, (i'm waiting) and I can't understand (and fading) Why my heart is so broken, (and holding) rejecting your love, (love) without, (onto these tears) love gone wrong; lifeless words carry on (i am crying) But I know, all I know's that the end's beginning (i'm dying tonight) who I am from the start, (i'm waiting) take me home to my heart (and fading) Let me go and I will run, (and holding) I will not be silent, (silent) all this time (onto these tears) spent in vain; wasted years wasted gain (i am crying) All is lost but hope remains and this war's not over (i'm dying tonight) There's a light, there's a sun (i'm waiting...) taking all these shattered ones To the place we belong (i am waiting...) and his love will conquer all Yesterday I ...
  • soulwax E-talking e talking
  • Black man loves Pokemon Original version! *Hit up my Links below if you are part of Siggas NATION* MY Website: my fan page my twiiter: my google plus: my second page:
  • Robert Webb does... Flashdance ... High Quality in Full There are already a few versions with just the dance clip on. Here's the full section including a terrific introduction from Robert himself. From Let's Dance for Comic Relief, remember to visit to donate if you enjoy it, guys.
  • ● VERSIONS ● - Misplaced Directed and edited by Nanou Blair Gould With Dario Torre ● Versions: Sam (vocals), Marco (guitar), Michele (guitar), Stefano (bass), Nicolò (drums) versions4 ● Versions are a *** band, rising from the almost dead town of Lucca. Playing together since 2009, it didn't take them long to catch the attentions of Daniele Nelli (from the popular alternative / metalcore band Tasters, based in Livorno), who offered to produce and record "The Lights Are Fading", the band's first EP. credits released 04 January 2011 Recorded @ Adrenaline Studios, Livorno, Tuscany, Italy. Engineered by Daniele Nelli and Davide Bitozzi. Produced by Daniele Nelli and Versions.
  • Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Music video by Moby performing Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Animated).
  • iTunes Version - Bed Intruder Song iTunes link: Tribute Album: shirt design / iTunes album art by Shelli Langdale - more of her work here: Antoine's sites www.antoine- http Auto-Tune the News / Gregory Brothers links: Lyrics he's climbin in your windows he's snatchin your people up tryna rape em so y'all need to hide your kids, hide your wife hide your kids, hide your wife hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband cuz they're rapin errbody out here you don't have to come and confess we're lookin for you we gon find you we gon find you so you can run and tell that, run and tell that run and tell that, homeboy home, home, homeboy we got your t-shirt you done left fingerprints and all you are so dumb you are really dumb--for real you are really, really, really, really so dumb i was attacked by some idiot in the projects so dumb, so dumb, so dumb, so chorus bout 5'9", 5'10" coffee complexion, low cut like a caesar with some little waves in his head clean cut, very smooth face seein my sister when i walked in he had his hands around her neck first thing was to pull him off of her and that's what i did chorus well, obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park are you serious, my boy? i got your t-shirt i got your scent i know what shoe size you wear, my boy so you can run and hide but we're gonna find you, find you chorus x2 (with ballet dancers ...
  • The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) FACEBOOK BLOGSPOT EMAIL [email protected] "The Rain Song" by Led Zeppelin Music by Page and Plant Thanks to Lynn in Scotland for reminding me I was supposed to re-do this at some point. It's kind of a springtime song for me, but what the hey. It's always springtime somewhere, right? This "arrangement" incorporates some elements from the bass and mellotron parts but there is no attempt to play the vocal line. (That I'd like to see). Therefore it's presented to you so that you can sing along and post your version of Planto's masterpiece. I know one or two of you who could do a killer vocal take on this. C'mon. Or you can be like me and sing to it in your apartment and frighten the neighbors. Sorry, I have no tablature available. The chords and music are readily available in decent "recorded-versions" books which should still be in print. Martin 000-17s; mahogany construction Oh, and the tuning dgcgcd (this matches the 6 string used in the recording, not the 12 string tuning. I believe it also corresponds to the tuning on the 6-string neck of the double neck used in concert. If you give a hoot about this sort of information, see the article on this song for more.)
  • Garbage - Stupid Girl [Original Version] (HD Official Video) SUPPORT ORIGINAL MUSIC!! Download this song on iTunes at the price of 0.99€ Or the video at the price of 2.49€ Greatest hit of Garbage, impossible to be classified as pop, it would be lame. It is rather a catchy and deep Alternative song. Lyrics fulfilled...
  • Resident Evil 4 HD: Xbox 360 vs other versions Fragger does a direct comparison between the new Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil 4 HD, and it's Gamecube, PS2, and Wii counterparts.
  • System Of A Down - Toxicity The Video to SOAD - Toxicity Here the lyrics: Conversion, software version 7.0, Looking at life through the eyes of a tire hub, Eating seeds as a past time activity, The toxicity of our city, of our city, New, what do you own the world? How do you own disorder, disorder, Now, somewhere between the sacred silence, Sacred silence and sleep, Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep, Disorder, disorder, disorder. More wood for their fires, loud neighbors, Flashlight reveries caught in the headlights of a truck, Eating seeds as a past time activity, The toxicity of our city, of our city, New, what do you own the world? How do you own disorder, disorder, Now, somewhere between the sacred silence, Sacred silence and sleep, Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep, Disorder, disorder, disorder. New, what do you own the world? How do you own disorder, Now, somewhere between the sacred silence, Sacred silence and sleep, Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep, Disorder, disorder, disorder. When I became the sun, I shone life into the man´s hearts, When I became the sun, I shone life into the man´s hearts.
  • Pachelbel Meets U2 - Jon Schmidt U2 - With or without you
  • Mad World - Gary Jules The original video of Gary Jules' and Michael Andrews' cover version of Mad World, directed by Michel Gondry. Throughout the video children are making animated figures on the sidewalk below. (the song was featured in the movie Donnie Darko. If you haven't seen it, seriously consider it.) Directed by Michel Gondry .
  • Canon Rock (JerryC) - The Original www.Guitar- I learned how to play guitar over at Guitar- Practice hard and sign up over at http , that's how I did it. Oh yeah, and it's free! The original professional guitarist known as JerryC plays Canon Rock. Arranged by JerryC ******************************************************* HEY! If any of you Canon Rock fans have a Canon Rock cover then shoot me a video response request and I'll be glad to add it. I love hearing all of the different versions there are and all of the people that have taken the time to learn this song. I think it's great! So once you've finished learning this song, make a video, post it on youtube and I'll add your cover to my responses here! Thanks for all of the support and I can't wait to hear your cover! ******************************************************* For everyone that would like it, here you go. The back track to Canon Rock Now you can stop asking me for it. ******************************************************* Since my message in the video apparently wasn't enough, I'll just add this here for all to read. The person in the video playing guitar is JerryC. The uploader of this video is Maes67, a person completely different from JerryC. Please stop sending me fan mail, any kind of request, or questions on how to play this song because I may not reply or I may even insult your intelligence for not knowing how to read. Thank you and rock on JerryC fans.
  • Prince of Egypt - Deliver us (Hebrew Version) Prince of Egypt - Deliver us (Hebrew Version) I think is one of the best versions of this song because they sing it in their native language. For any question about the lyrics - just ask :-)
  • Chain of Fools : Upgrading through every version of windows (HQ) For further information on this experiment see my blog :
  • Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark (Live At Donnington Park) Music video by Iron Maiden performing Fear Of The Dark (Live At Donington Park).
  • James May Toy Stories Episode 1 Part 6 No copyright infringement intended, for entertainment purposes ONLY.
  • Trick and Treat with English Sub - Reborn! version - Kagamine Rin Len - HQ From Nico Video: sm6237510 HQ version: Transcription Encoding: lxw English Lyrics: RENA Link to Lyrics: takeit- Video Download: removed by MediaFire? Ok, this is the PV I really wanted to sub but it was taken down until... right after I subbed the other one. orz Original video: Please use the below links to download the Mp3. Rin Len: Off vocal: Click on "MP3 を抽出" and the download should start. Rin Len: Click on "* mp3をDLする" and the download should start. Rin Len: *A Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer. This software is primarily used to produce songs. For more information consult Wikipedia at .
  • Song Of Healing (Different Versions) My Favorite Melody in MM. Since I'm completely in love with this song, i decided to make a video with all the versions i could find of the Song Of Healing. The first version is the Clock Tower one. When your inside and the Happy Mask Salesmen is in. The Second one you hear is the piano version when you help that guy that was half Gibdo/Redead and you heal him. Then the third version you hear, is from ZREO which is a website that Re-made all the music of Zelda. Same with the 4th version you hear. But, personally i love the Original Versions of the music.. Still i wanted to put those new versions as well. Then finally, the last part of the video is the version of Twilight Princess when wolf Link howls the Song of healing. A Poem To The Song Of Healing By ColdFlameZero. Day to night, dark to light, Fall the sands of time. Let the years like the gears Of a clock unwind In your mind walk through time Back to better days. Memories, like a dream, Wash your tears away. Like a star in the sky darkness can't reach you. Light the night, joy is light 'til the new dawn. Cast away your old face Full of gloom and spite. With this mask I will ask To borrow your light.
  • Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ Bach's most famous organ piece, with a bar-graph score. FAQ Q: Can I download a version to play on my computer/iPod/iPad/iPhone/etc.? A: Yes, you can get that here: Q: Where can I get free sheet music for this piece? A: Sheet music for this can be found here: Q: Who wrote Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor? Q: Isn't that like asking who's buried in Grant's Tomb? A: Heh-heh. A theory has recently (1981) been put forth that JS Bach did not write this piece. A brief summary of the supporting evidence for this theory can be read here: Q: What's wrong with synchronization? A: I don't know, but it appears that if you use this URL, it works better: Q: Where can I get the mp3 of this? A: You can download it here: Q: What does the piece look like as a whole? A: There are versions you can print out here The 'scroll' version is for cutting out and taping together to form a long strip. Q: Where can I get the MIDI file that this was made from? A: I'm not sure it's exactly the same, but the closest I could find was this: Q: Hey, what happened to my question/comment? A: Questions answered in the FAQ, and comments with nothing to do with the video ("spam"), are removed. If you posted a comment and don't know why it's gone, email me (stephen at musanim dot com) with "YouTube comment" in the subject line. Q: How did you make this video? A: You can read about it here: www ...
  • Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (Original Studio Version) Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" So I actually posted this video at a time when the album version of this song (which is the one you're hearing) was not on YouTube. It's a great rendition of the Leonard Cohen piece. Enjoy. If you've got a request for a song you can't find on YouTube, send it to [email protected]
  • HALLELUJAH , (shrek song) Espen Lind(on guitar), Askil Holm, Alejandro Fuentes, Kurt Nilsen(World Idol) 4 norwegian great singers.
  • DOUBLE RAINBOW SONG!! (now on iTunes) iTunes download: shirts: Yosemitebear and the G. Bros are also joining forces to get the song on iTunes The most famous double rainbow discovery ever--reimagined in song. Original video here: Subscribe for more remixes/songifications-- Lyrics/Chords: Whoa, that's a full rainbow all the way bm G Double rainbow, oh my God, double rainbow DA It's a double rainbow all the way...damn bm G It's a double rainbow all the way...damn, oh my God DA f#m What does this mean? It's so bright, so vivid GD Double rainbow, double rainbow, it's so intense (tense) G f#m What does this mean? It's startin to even look like a triple rainbow GD That's a whole rainbow, man, ahhhh! GF# Double rainbow all the way 'cross the sky bm G Yeah, Yeeeeaaaaah, so intense DAF# Double rainbow all the way 'cross the sky bm G Wow, wow, oh my God, look at that rainbow DA
  • Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love (acoustic version recorded for RTE's Other Voices) Recorded in Dingle, Co. Kerry for Other Voices. Screen Grabbed from the RTE website so the video quality may not be great but the sound is and thats all that matters in my book.
  • Chaor's Commandos Part 2 Watch high resolution, full-length episodes for FREE exclusively at www.4 anytime! Chaor's daring mission into OverWorld territory is threatened when Maxxor discovers his scheme. Can Maxxor stop his nemesis before Chaor seizes his super-secret BattleGear? A dangerous rooftop duel and a high-speed battle through the streets of Kiru City lead to an explosive conclusion!
  • Iron Maiden - Wasting Love Music video by Iron Maiden performing Wasting Love.
  • MLP - Fluttershys 20% cooler version - Fireflies Parody lyrics go to: Mithent sung by: me! program used: Garageband + Imovie (yay autotune~) Equestria Daily!! Look at this awesome album cover!! mp3 (now with 20% less m4a and clicking!): Acapella WELL! Its on my other computer which is currently KO'd!! Original here: Image: Off vocal: ((LOTS OF LINKS)) Lyrics: You would not believe your eyes If ten million Fluttershys Flew in the room as I fell asleep 'Cause they'd fill the open air And their squeaking everywhere Would be so cute That I would just stand and smile I'd like to make myself believe Equestria's kind pony Would come to me when I'm feeling tired And snuggle me to sleep 'Cause ponies have invaded all my dreams 'Cause into my room they'd fly Those ten thousand pegasi As they sung me lullabies to sleep "Time to lay your sleepy head Hush now, time to go to bed" I'd slumber then, Snug under my warm bedspread I'd like to make myself believe Equestria's kind pony Would come to me when I'm feeling tired And snuggle me to sleep 'Cause ponies have invaded all my dreams (When I fall asleep) Don't close my browser for a bit (Please send me a pony here) 'Cause I need another pony hit (Please send me a pony here) Why can't I stop with one more peek (Please send me a pony here) It's 5am, and I need to sleep To ten million Fluttershys I'm weird, 'cause I hate goodbyes I got misty eyes as they said farewell But ...
  • Simple Mac Version Control Quick Start A quick tutorial on setting up a Subversion control system on OSX Leopard using Versions. From the blog of
  • Planet Bollywood News - Shahrukh to release 2 versions of Ra.One, Madhubala's vintage photo shoot, & more hot news Amitabh Bachchan suffers chest pain due to constant promotions Hema Malini wants to see Amitabh Bachchan & Rekha onscreen International music icon Rihanna will perform at IIFA Katrina Kaif's sister faces troubles with her debut Madhubala's vintage photo shoot from 1951 Mallika Sherawat's bikini scene edited out of Double Dhamaal Priyanka Chopra is reportedly out of Kaminey 2 Ranbir Kapoor maintains distance from co-star Ileana D'Cruz Rani Mukerji is sending feelers to Vishal Bhardwaj for Dedh Ishqiya Shahana Goswami plays the second lead in Heroine Shahrukh Khan will release 2 versions of Ra.One War of the music composers over Salman Khan
  • External cephalic version (ECV) to turn a breech baby This video shows an ECV to turn a breech baby to head-first. It is offered to women at 36-37 weeks and reduces the chance of needing caesarean section. It is a safe procedure and is successful about 40-50% of the time. On this occasion I used a drug to help relax the womb first. While most women find it uncomfortable, it isn't usually painful. If you have a tender uterus anyway, it is more likely to hurt. The baby in this video had a reassuring fetal monitoring right before I started the procedure and the fetal heart was checked afterwards. If a longer attempt at ECV was carried out then we check half way through too with the ultrasound. Transient changes in the baby's heart rate are not uncommon and usually settle after a few minutes. Very occasionally they don't settle and a caesarean section needs to be done. For the ECV shown, the baby does a forward somersault anticlockwise. The first step is to lift the baby's bottom out from your pelvis and move her to lying transversely. Often that is the most difficult part. Overall, it normally takes between 1 and 2 minutes to do the turn - any longer than that and the chance of success goes down. It is more likely to succeed in the following situations: - if you have had a baby before - if there is a normal amount of water around the baby - if your baby has his knees bent - if his or her bottom isn't engaged in your pelvis - if the baby's head is not right up against the placenta During an ECV uterine contractions can occur and ...

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