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  • Veristic surrealism is a style of surrealistic art which is designed to portray the dream world in rich detail. The style is often marked by strangely veristic, meaning realistic, painting which seems to draw the viewer into a fantasy world that has no connection with reality. — “What is Veristic Surrealism?”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Veristic - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of veristic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of veristic. Pronunciation of veristic. Definition of the word veristic. Origin of the word veristic. — “veristic - Definition of veristic at ”,
  • R.S.Beal SURREALISTE Graphics GALLERY One. R.S.BealConfrontation' (To understand the importance of not allowing censorship, in any form, to intercede w. durant. www.beal-surrealism Veristic AND Classical 'As the great philosopher 'Spinoza' said just before getting excommunicated from his Dutch. — “www.beal-surrealism :: Veristic and Classical Surrealism”,
  • A veristic Roman head. Verism was often used by the Romans in marble sculptures of heads. The Veristic style was favoured in the late republician period. — “Verism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Avatech Solutions Helps Veristic Technologies Cut Design Time by 75 Houston-based Veristic Technologies designs and produces self-erecting oil rigs for its growing customer base. — “Avatech Solutions Helps Veristic Technologies Cut Design Time”,
  • The second tendency of Surrealist painting, sometimes called Veristic Surrealism, was to depict with meticulous clarity and often in great detail a world ***ogous to the dream world. In the work of the Veristic Surrealists, the surface of the painting. — “Veristic Surrealism”,
  • Veristic Surrealists, saw academic discipline and form as the means to represent the Contemporary Veristic Surrealists have worked for the past fifty years in silent seclusion. — “ABOUT SURREALISM”,
  • verismo n. Verism. An artistic movement of the late 19th century, originating in Italy and influential especially in grand opera, marked by the use For most of the veristi, traditionally veristic subjects accounted for only some of their operas. — “verismo: Definition from ”,
  • - create your virtual organization, find business partners, start a distributed business, be location independent, share and find business ideas Veristic Computing Devices. — “ - create your virtual organization, build a”,
  • View Veristic's photos on Myspace. Create a free online photo album like Veristic on Myspace Photos. — “Veristic's Pictures - Myspace Photos”,
  • Discusses the origins of the movement as well as the schism between the Automatists and the Veristic Surrealists. — “History of Surrealism”,
  • Dixx's first paintings were in a veristic style, but after encountering works by Van Gogh In 1920 Dix returned to working in a veristic style. He drew ***s at the Akademie and. — “”,
  • Encyclopedia article about veristic. Information about veristic in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “veristic definition of veristic in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Surrealists approved of desire in its attack on reason and the Veristic Surrealism of Paul Delvaux (b 1897), in which women appear in the cool In the work of the Veristic Surrealists, the surface of the painting. — “Dada/Surrealism - Artchive”,
  • MySpace profile for Veristic - Public Enemy's DJ Lord on Halloween with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more. — “ - Veristic - Public Enemy's DJ Lord on Halloween”,
  • One approach, called narrative or veristic Surrealism, focused on creating realistic representations of dream-like states. Veristic or narrative Surrealists sought to represent subconscious images without alteration in their. — “***ytic Cubism”,
  • Definition of veristic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of veristic. Pronunciation of veristic. Translations of veristic. veristic synonyms, veristic antonyms. Information about veristic in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “veristic - definition of veristic by the Free Online”,
  • Download Vista DreamScenes, Windows 7 Themes, Win 7 Themes, Win7 Themes, Vista Themes, XP Skins & Visual Styles and desktop themes for DesktopX, WindowBlinds, ObjectDock, Google and Vista Sidebar Gadgets, SysMetrix, WinAmp, Windows desktop themes This is a multi-colored version of my Veristic clock. — “WinCustomize: Explore : SysMetrix : Veristic Colors”,
  • Veristic Technologies, Inc. is a Houston, Texas based structural engineering company that provides design and fabrication of drilling rig equipment and structures to the oil and gas industry worldwide. — “Rig Skidding System, Drilling Rig Mast, Substructures”,
  • Veristic definition, the theory that rigid representation of truth and reality is essential to art and literature, and therefore the ugly and vulgar must be incl See more. — “Veristic | Define Veristic at ”,

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  • Berceuse A. Gandino. Noémie Combe-violino, Andreas Stefenell-Piano Adolfo Gandino (Bra 1878 - Bologna 1940), studient of Martucci and Dall'Oglio and studied with NNRimsky-Korsakov. Important composer of chamber lyric vocal (312 for voice and piano) on the most important italian poets. Berceuse is only work for violin and piano composed in may 1900 in Boulogne about lyrics fragment of Carducci (Fides) in three movemente like a little sonata, but there isn't tematic elaboration only veristic vocal melodic expression (like Pizzetti or Respighi). The version perfomanced is original from m***cript, a premiere modern execution!
  • Ave Maria (Gounod) - Eugenia Burzio (1912) Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod), sung in Latin by Eugenia Burzio, accompanied by violin and piano. Columbia Record, 1912. Written by French Romantic composer Charles Gounod in 1859, his Ave Maria consists of a melody superimposed over the Prelude No. 1 in C major from Book I of the Well-Tempered Clavier (BWV 846), composed by JS Bach some 137 years earlier. Eugenia Burzio is known as "la patronessa del Verismo". She was an actress of gripping intensity whose recorded legacy closely mirrored her stage career in time and repertoire. Her voice was rich, dramatic and passionate. Like some sopranos who lived and performed at the cusp of the century, Burzio used an emphatic open chest voice ("voce di petto"): gra [chest voice:] _ ti _ a ple _ na, Do [chest voice:] _ mi _ nus te _ cum... La Burzio dominated the stage of La Scala as its primadonna assoluta between 1906 and 1920, widely known as "la tigressa". In 1908, she became involved in a heated argument leading to a screaming match with Toscanini during a rehearsal at La Scala. This led to her withdrawal from La Scala for three years... *********************** "Eugenia Burzio (20 June 1872, Poirino, Piedmont* - 18 May 1922, Milan) was an Italian operatic soprano known for her vibrant voice and passionate style of singing ( ... ) She went on to enjoy a highly successful career throughout her homeland as a lyric-dramatic soprano, although her ardent, larger-than-life mode of vocalism was not calculated to appeal to the taste of more ...
  • Cacaism will Prevail, ninjasamurai spacepirates eat nintendo ca-ca-ism (ka`ka.ism) n. A 21st century literary and artistic movement set out to revive veristic surrealism through the ***ytic formulation of the subconscious
  • Veristic Surrealism at Surrealistic Wall Art by Metke
  • Hidden treasures - Saverio Mercadante - Il reggente (1843) - Selected highlights A historical event of some relevance is frequently the basic foundation for an opera: indeed, most operatic works are, at the very least, set on the background of some sort of past tragedy; though historical accuracy was never the main objective of composers. At any rate, this is very much the case of the present work (as well as its predecessor and its successor): just as Verdi's "Un ballo in maschera" (1859) the plot and the text of which are basically derived from a translation by Somma, Verdi's "librettist", of the libretto Scribe wrote for Auber's grand opera, "Gustave III" (1833), Mercadante's "Il reggente" (1843), the piece on which we will concentrate in this posting, is based on an episode from the history of the Swedish monarchy, combined with a typical love triangle (on an interesting note, only the French version is actually set in Sweden; Verdi's work is usually transported to colonial Boston; while Mercadante's is firmly attributed to "16th century Scotland during the time of Mary, Queen of the Scots"; such easy change of setting only highlights the fact that the conflict is very much an operatic archetype). The premiere of "Il reggente" on the 2nd of March, 1843, was met with great praise, and the opera ended up being performed as late as 1870 in Palermo, eleven years after Verdi's version appeared on stage, though it was rarely heard hereinafter, being almost completely eclipsed by Verdi's version. The plot is identical to its two counterparts, though some ...
  • Bonato - Crux fidelis - Vokalna akademija Ljubljana Vokalna akademija Ljubljana & Maestro Stojan Kuret performed this live at Concordia vocis, Cagliari, on September 3, 2009. The singers are positioned in a big circle arround the audience, taking all the space available. Binaural recording - use headphones for a veristic experience of a listener in the centre of the cricle.
  • Eugenia Burzio - Casta Diva & Norma Scena Finale (1912) Casta Diva (0:00) - Qual cor tradisti (2:59) - Deh! non volerli vittime (5:42): Norma Scena Finale per La Burzio sola... Recorded for Columbia at the time when she was appearing as Norma at La Scala (1912). What a near-manic intensity! amazing chest register and beautifully open top! She triumphs over the primitive recording... But it is also the sense of untrammeled interpretative freedom that makes Burzio's records such a particularly engrossing experience. La patronessa del Verismo was a belcantista... who never made an uninteresting recording and also bequeathed us these unforgettable ones. She was an actress of gripping intensity. Her attention to the significance of the text is exceptionally insightful. It seems as though she is always singing in italics. Listen, for example, how she varies that freighted and thrice-repeated "abbi di lor pietade" (6:52) in "Deh! non volerli vittime". As she asks her father "Tu [puntatura di tradizione:] mel prometti!?", we hear a soul's despair (9:19). La signorina Burzio suffered from nervousness and became addicted to drugs to help her sleep. To put this artist in better perspective, it is important to recognize that she was capable of grandeur. The majesty with which she utters "contenta al rogo io ascen _ de _ _ rò" (9:57) at the finale of Norma and, indeed, the aura of sublime vulnerability she lends this whole "monologue" put other renditions of this Scena Finale in the shade. Her emphatic use of the open chest voice - ugly ...
  • Rocket Rig - Rig Up animation Need a simpler, faster land rig? The Rocket Rig can be moved in as few as 12 truck loads! Veristic Technologies' patented design simplifies the transportation, assembly, and rig up of the land rig. Many features that would normally be assembled after rig up are already built into the Rocket Rig and do not require removal prior to transport (example: Racking Board for drill pipe). Both traveling block and top drive do not require detachment and can be transported while contained in the top section of the mast. Read more at
  • Fast Moving Land Rig: The Rocket Rig Proven to perform on multi-well pads and drill extended reach wells, Veristic's Rocket Rig is an oil field tough drilling rig. The video highlights this land rig's design features - simplicity, speed, and safety. 1. Move Rocket Rig in as few as 12 truck loads. Top drive can travel inside the mast during transport. 2. Assemble Rocket RIg at ground level. Racking board, guide track, and many more components are built-in to the Rocket Rig and require no additional welding or installation at rig up (or removal at rig down). 3. Raise Rocket Rig without a crane. Unique "Dog-Tail" raising system has hydraulic winches built-in to the substructure. After all Rocket Rig modules are assembled, the mast is raised from horizontal to vertical in a single shot. More information about the Rocket Rig at More information about Veristic Manufacturing at http
  • Gloucester Cathedral Choir - Recordare, Domine.wmv From Ildebrando Pizzetti(1880-1968)'s 'Tre composizioni corali' Composer, born in Parma in 1880 and died in Rome in 1968. He was G. Tebaldinis student at the conservatory of Parma, he made himself known through the stage music for "La Nave" of DAnnunzio, performed at Rome in 1908. In the same year he took up the teaching post of harmony and counterpoint (the art or practice of combining melodies according to fixed rules) of music at the conservatory in Florence, which he then directed from 1917 to 1923. After having performed "La Pisanella", the stage music for DAnnunzios drama of the same name the " Requiem Mass" and other important compositions, he became director of the conservatory of Milan in 1924, which he then left in 1936 for the the position of perfectioning compositions at the Accademy of Saint Cecilia in Rome. To his intense creative work, the musician added right from his youth, the job of critic and music historian and that of director of this own theatrical and symphonic tours even in North America. In 1939 he was given the title of Italian Academic and in 1949 he became the president of the national Academy of Saint Cecilia. Being gifted with an essentially drammatical nature, he succeeded right from the beginning of his creative activity in aesthetically renewing melodrama, working on a drammatical style based on the idea of an absolute balance between words and music, this derives from his deep synthesis of traditional Italian music, and independent from ...
  • Rig Skidding System: The Rig Walker The Veristic Rig Walker is a custom-designed rig mobilization system. Our rig skidding system consists of 4 walker modules individually attached to the 4 corners of the rig substructure. With a 2.4 million pound lift capacity, our rig skidding system allows the user the ability to not only skid the rig in 8 directions, but also transport full stands of setback. Simple, powerful, and safe, the Rig Walker is ideal for multi-well pad drilling and is a reliable improvement to rig skidding procedures. This version of the Rig Walker video includes new and improved footage. More information about the Rig Walker at More information about Veristic Manufacturing at http
  • Giacomo Meyerbeer - Robert le Diable - "Idole de ma vie" (Renata Scotto) Here is Renata Scotto's rendition of this powerhouse of an opening aria (in Italian, bien-sur). The sound isn't as evenly beautiful as Sutherland's, nor is the more veristic approach really that appropriate to the romantic portrait of the princess (Sutherland gets top marks here), but I wouldn't want to be without this one. Scotto is absolutely involved and amazingly agile (check out the cabaletta, it is almost unbelievable). Next up - Anderson :)!
  • Blow Out Preventer Handling The Veristic Technologies BOP Handler is hydraulic skid that transports, raises, and positions the BOP. This video illustrates the transition of the BOP and its replacement. Moving along a guided skid the BOP travels horizontally using hydraulic power to be positioned near the well center. Pivoting to its vertical position directly above the well center, the BOP can then get replaced, or begin its task. Used as an essential component in the drilling industry the BOP (Blow out preventer) serves a number of tasks. Its primary purpose is to control the fluids present during drilling operations and ensure the safety of those on site.
  • Saverio Mercadante - Il giuramento - "Odi: ogni intorno echeggiano" (Giovanna De Liso, Giuseppe Morino & Marc Barrard) "I have continued the revolution begun with "Il giuramento": varied the forms, banished trivial cabalettas, exiled crescendos, fewer repeats, some novelty in the cadences, care with the dramatic part, orchestra rich without covering the singing, no long solos in the ensembles..." - Mercadante in a letter to Florimo. On March 11, 1837, at La Scala, Mercadante premiered his work, "Il giuramento". It would remain a part of the repertory well into the 19th century, though, like most belcanto works, it has only recently been uncovered and become recognized as an important work of art. I'll start with the bad: the libretto. Bianca has been married to Manfredo, although she is secretly in love with an unknown knight. Elaisa, a young woman in search of a woman who has saved her father, and Viscardo arrive in the city. The disgraced Brunoro (who has also loved Bianca) discovers that Viscardo is the knight who is loved by and loves Bianca. He tells Elaisa in order to make her jealous but she finds out that Bianca was the very woman she had been looking for. The count suspects Bianca of infidelity and locks her in the family tomb, intending to poison her. But Elaisa, who is loved by the count, manages to substitute a strong narcotic for the poison. Viscardo believes that Elaisa is responsible for Bianca's death and stabs her just as Bianca wakes from her sleep. As you can see, the plot is rather typical of romantic opera and really not that awful, but the treatment of the story by ...
  • Eugenia Burzio & Toscanini sing "Morrò, ma prima in grazia" (0:00) Eugenia Burzio sings "Morrò, ma prima in grazia" (Pathé, 1912-16). A finely wrought performance, unusually deliberate in its pacing, properly dolorous... Burzio's ability to sustain allows her to inflect the line more dramatically - and what expressive voice! La patronessa del Verismo was an actress of gripping intensity. The aura of tragic dignity she lends this whole prayer put other renditions of this aria in the shade. Her dramatic instincts are particularly apparent in in the expansive tenderness she lends to the phrase, "consolino i suoi ba _ _ _ ci" (1:48) Her attention to the significance of the text is exceptionally insightful. It seems as though she is always singing in italics. Listen, for example, how she varies that freighted and repeated "che mai più non vedrà!" (2:49). — La Burzio dominated the stage of La Scala as its primadonna assoluta between 1906 and 1920, widely known as "la tigressa"... In 1908, she became involved in a heated argument leading to a screaming match with Toscanini during a rehearsal at La Scala. This led to her withdrawal from La Scala for three years... (3:50) Arturo Toscanini sings "Morrò, ma prima in grazia". This is from the rehearsals for the last complete opera Toscanini conducted (Un Ballo in Maschera), in January 1954, in Carnegie Hall, with the NBC Symphony Orchestra: L'ul _ _ ti _ mo, sa _ _ _ rà — e alòra!!!!! brrrrr, oh Madonna Santissima!!!! ******************************** "Eugenia Burzio (20 June 1872, Poirino ...
  • Stevan Hristić, Kolo grlica iz baleta Ohridska legenda Stevan Hristić (June 19, 1885 August 21, 1958), was the most popular Serbian composer of the first half of the 20th century, remembered best for his technically cultivated compositions in the Neoromanticist, veristic, and Romanticist-Impressionist styles. This part named "The Dance of The Turtle Dove" was taken from the first act of his ballet "The Legend of Ohrid". Scenes from this clip represent the genuine surroundings of the Ohrid lake and "Crni Drim" river confluence, as well as stage dance from the early performances of this magnificient ballet,...
  • Rocket Rig UPDATE: Please see our latest video to learn more about the Rocket Rig! 9/8/2006 - Rocket Rig lifts off in El Reno, Oklahoma. Veristic Technologies' Rocket Rig takes drilling to the next level by designing a rig that is not only easy to transport but is easy to assemble. Channel 9 news (KWTV) was there to report.

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  • “Veristic Surrealists, saw academic discipline and form as the means to represent the want of recognition as a cultural force in the Twentieth Century, is Veristic Surrealism”
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  • “Sometimes the best sound is not the truest sound. as high fidelity, is a term that was adopted in a time when most recording technology could not physically reproduce sound in a veristic way”
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  • “Italian is the 19th more spoken language in the world: 62 millions people knows it as he started writing novels on the veristic model, which were published in a volume”
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