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  • Planning to have custom garden and entrance gates made takes a bit of boldness and sometimes even a tad of whimsy. I also choose a Verdigrises color to paint the gate to give an aged look to the gates. — “Through The Garden Gate - Bridgehampton, NY - ”,
  • A green patina that forms on copper or brass or bronze that has been exposed to the air or water for long periods of time. Verb: verdigris 'vur-di,gree(s) Colour verdigris. Derived forms: verdigrised, verdigrises, verdigrising. Type of: color. — “verdigris, verdigrised, verdigrises, verdigrising- WordWeb”,
  • 11 letter words beginning with V: vacationers, vacationing, vacationist verdigrises. verdureless. vergerships. veridically. verisimilar. verkramptes. vermeilling. vermicellis. vermiculate. vermiculite. vermiculous. vermilioned. vermillions. verminating. vermination. verminously. vermivorous. vernaculars. vernalising. — “11 letter V words : 11 letter words beginning with V”,
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  • Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. — “verdigrises definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Superior detail, 3 piece construction medal with correct wide pin. 48mm wide, 4mm thick, 40 grams in weight. Shown on the left is an aged (the verdigrises patina option) medal and on the right is mint out of the box. — “Kriegsmarine War Badges”,
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  • Shopping for Antiques Opaline Art Glass? Browse our collection of Antiques Opaline Art Glass in Gardenartus Antiques on Ruby Lane. This is so stunning it is exquisite without any verdigrises and still retaining the original high shine gilding. — “Antiques Opaline Art Glass from gardenartusantiques on Ruby Lane”,
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  • Buy and Sell High Quality Pre-Owned Watches Classic Wris***ches Secondhand Pocket Antique Vintage Rolex Omega Cartier Patek Tag Breitling IWC Breguet Having 2 steel blades, the conditions of which are superb,apart from a small amount of verdigrises, consistant with the age. — “Brittons Watches - Antiques”, brittons-
  • List words containing gr verdigrises. videographer. videographers. videographies. videography. vinaigrette. vinaigrettes. winegrower. winegrowers. wintergreen. wintergreens. witchgrass. witchgrasses. xenograft. xenografts. xerographic. xerographically. xerographies. xerography. — “List words containing gr”,
  • Definition of Verdict with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. verdigrises. verdin. verdin. verdine. verdins. verdit. verdite. verditer. verditer. verditers. verdites. Other Resources Relating to: Verdict. Words people are searching for today:. — “Verdict: Definition with Verdict Pictures and Photos”,
  • Verdigrises definition, a green or bluish patina formed on copper, brass, or bronze surfaces exposed to the atmosphere for long periods of time, consisting principa See more. — “Verdigrises | Define Verdigrises at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Verdigrises - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
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