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  • 4 spawns spawned with in hours of each other, 2 spawn ventrals intact 2 without ventrals. I'm not blaming missing ventrals on microworms, either, and I do regular partial water changes in my fry tanks, too. — “Betta Fish Breeding - Missing Ventral fins”,
  • Ventrals large, one-third to more than half the width of the body; nostrils lateral; Ventrals 213 to 245, about four times as long as broad. Caudals in males 37-47, females. — “Laticauda colubrina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • ventrals. enlarged ventrals. ventral view of head and *** region. Fig. 3 Thalassophina Less than 275 ventrals; more than 29 scale rows around neck ®. — “SEA SNAKES”,
  • Scalation: dorsal scales flat and round, about equal in size to ventrals: 1 post*** tubercle on each side. Scalation: 3 post*** tubercles each side: dorsal scales flat and round, almost as large as ventrals. — “DIPLODACTYLINE GECKOS - VELVET GECKOS”,
  • Ventrals and subcaudals between 143-189 and 51-81, respectively. Ventrals and subcaudals between 155-180 and 35-58 respectively. The dorsum is gray or dun-brown, usually with distinct large. — “Prof. Dr. Bayram Göçmen - Amphibians of Reptiles of Northern”,
  • Ventral's Page. Achievements 8 of 17 complete. 10 times. Ninjutsu. 1 time 'undying love' by two steps from hell 131 using Mono Pro for a total of 48671 points '. — “Audiosurf - Ventral's Page”, audio-
  • Scalation: smooth, 210 ventrals, 68 subcaudals, all single except for numbers 64 and 67 which are paired. 197 ventrals, 17 mid body rows, divided ***, No visible hemipenes. Other details can be gleaned from a photo of this animal and. — “cannia australis burgessi”,
  • Blues should also be lacking any opaque and their ventrals should not be white. This fish has white ventrals which is considered a slight fault. — “Betta Crazed Color Varieties Page”,
  • Ventrals: The shape of the ventrals mimic the blade of a knife with The ventrals have a full appearance, are equal in length, do not cross each other and should be in balance with the rest of the. — “Betta Splendens - Half Moon, Double Tail, Crown Tail Bettas”,
  • Provides information on the crew, past interview text, Q&A section, and more. drummer mike portnoy quits dream theater. Posted at 9/8/2010. fear factory narrowly escape devastating bus fire. — “Underground Opie and Anthony”,
  • In trachypterus (Gouan) there are a few teeth, thoracic ventrals, a dorsal the whole length of the body, and an erect caudal; the northern ribbon fish or vaagmeer (T. bogmarus, Val. In the genus gymnetrus (Bloch) the ventrals are reduced to a single ray, very long and dilated at the end;. — “Ribbon Fish”,
  • Information on the Eastern Garter Snake of PA These ventral spots may be hidden by the overlapping ventrals. The head is grey, olive, tan, brown, black or a reddish coloration. — “Eastern Garter Snake | PA HERP IDENTIFICATION”,
  • Coral Snakes in Southeast Asia. — “Coral Snakes”,
  • Wildlife of Pakistan is not affiliated with any organization. white bands on middorsum; 34-40 midbody scale counts (highest of all subspecies); ventrals 169-199 (highest of all subspecies). — “Snakes of Pakistan: Saw-scaled Viper, Sochurek's or Eastern”,
  • There are around 55 species of sea snakes which are found in the seas of the world but in the coastal waters of Pakistan, only 14 species have so far Scale rows at mid body 31 to 40; ventrals 302 to 390. Total length 655 mm to 1150 mm. Habitat: it inhabits muddy mangrove swamp and sandy beaches. — “Sea Snakes - The Venom List - For All Things Venomous!”,
  • Midbody scales are in 19, 17 or sometimes 15 rows, ventrals number 161 to 174, subcaudals 48 to 52 (single) and the *** scale is Mid-body scales are in 17, 18, 19 and rarely 21 rows, ventrals number 160 to 184, subcaudals 45 to 54 (single) and the *** scale. — “Tiger snake: Information from ”,
  • However, male fish do exist with short ventrals, especially those influenced by the rosetail trait. and short ventrals is a girl than a fish with a short tail, ovipositor and long ventrals. — “ - Guide: ***ing Bettas”,
  • Life History Notes: Black ventrals of male used in courtship and territorial display. ventrals fanned out, for 2 feet or more and sinks down again. — “Observations On Fishes Associated With Kelp Beds in Southern”,
  • 58. Body extremely gracile and attenuate; head much broader than neck; pupils vertical; ventrals more than 215, subcaudals more than 120.59 61. Pale postocular streak extending from upper posterior border of orbit; no nuchal collar; fewer than 135 ventrals; 2 postoculars. — “Stenorrhina degenhardtii”,
  • Ventrals definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Ventrals | Define Ventrals at ”,
  • I'm starting to wonder if I've ended up with one of those spawns that's missing its ventrals. I took at look at the growth chart, and the ventrals don't seem to be pronounced in those pictures until the. — “betta fry missing ventrals? - Tropical Fish Forums”,
  • There are 7-12 supralabials, 8-13 infralabials, 137-175 ventrals, 42-75 undivided subcaudals, and 17-25 dorsal scale rows at had prominent umbilical scars on Ventrals 144-146 and 145-147,. — “Revista de Biología Tropical - A new species of arboreal”,

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  • lasiodora klugi (Bahia Scarlet) and Lasiodora fracta (Smokey Grey) Vid Wow, they both molted on the same day. This was recorded on Independence Day, so Happy Independence Day to you all. This videos shows you how the L.klugi and L.fracta slings look incredibly similar to each other, and it's very important to label your specimens. The molts didn't turn out so great for ***ing, but after looking at the ventrals, the L.klugi is a suspect female, L.fracta is a male.
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  • SOLD: Bobby Sox - Red Steel Butterfly Halfmoon betta pair PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION - USE THE ARROW BUTTON ON THE RIGHT TO SCROLL DOWN!! This young male can really strut his stuff - the white ventrals remind me of bobby sox! Perfectly matched sibling pair offered for sale $90AU Selling as a pair only - too well matched to separate. Fish are in AUSTRALIA. No import or quarantine fees apply. Contact [email protected] for shipping information and costs. Many other bettas, guppies and apistogrammas in stock. Please ask. Fish can be viewed at Fishchick Aquatics Shop 17 Annerley Arcade, 478 Ipswich Road Annerley QLD 4013 ph: 07 3848 9585 Please note - Australian Purchasers only - we CANNOT ship overseas. Shipping can be arranged to all states except TAS. Please provide your postcode AND suburb when asking for costs. HOLDING RULES: We will place a fish on hold for you for 5 days only. There is a $10AU per fish holding deposit. This must be paid IMMEDIATELY or the fish will not be put aside for you. If you purchase the fish this money will be applied to the purchase price. If you do not finalise the sale in 5 days the deposit is forfeit. If you telephone to put a fish on hold, immediately follow up with an email and proof of payment. Disclaimer: Fish are sold as is. Be aware that aquarium lights, the camera colour capture and computers may cause the colours seen to be slightly different to real life - especially of metallic and reflective colours We are not responsible for fish that will not breed for you, nor ...
  • Blue Marble Halfmoon Plakat Male (SOLD) Great looking little Halfmoon plakat male, fabulous ventrals! Bred by Ammarabettas, Thailand. For sale $35 matching female $32. Pair $60 Fishchick Aquatics Bettas Of Distinction Showrooms/Retail Outlet Annerley Arcade Shop 17/478 Ipswich Road Annerley QLD 4103 email: [email protected]
  • Double Dark (DD) Black Angelfish Awesome DD Black Angelfish with perfect fins, gill plates, and ventrals. This strain grows extremely fast and will become velvety black as they mature.
  • Moloko: Male PK Flaring at Reflection Flaring begins at 0:25. Click if you'd like to jump ahead :) Moloko is my new little boy that was mislabeled as a female at the pet shop; this video, his bubblenest, and his long ventrals were the deciding factors :) He is in a half gallon "QT" tank until his 6 gallon is cycled.
  • Turquoise Halfmoon Plakat His ventrals are reddish but he is still pretty.
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  • Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 23: Detailed Pokie Video - Reuploaded FIXED The longest yet. Covers every pokie species: Platnick's World Spider Catalogue: Pokie Ventrals: Pokie Leg Patterns: Pokie Carapace: Dorsal ***ing: Arachnoboards thread (1st page at bottom)
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  • Snake - Poskok - Vipera ammodytes - Velebit mountain - Croatia horned viper, long-nosed viper, nose-horned viper, sand viper Vipera ammodytes is a venomous viper species found in southern Europe through to the Balkans and parts of the Middle East. It is reputed to be the most dangerous of the European vipers due to its large size, long fangs (up to 13 mm) and high venom toxicity.[3] The specific name is derived from the Greek words ammos and dutes, meaning "sand" and "burrower" or "diver"; not a very good name for an animal that actually prefers rocky habitats.[4] Five subspecies are currently recognized, including the nominate subspecies described here Grows to a maximum length of 95 cm (37.62 in), although individuals usually measure less than 85 cm (33.66 in). Females are somewhat smaller than males. Maximum length also depends on race, with northern forms distinctly larger than southern ones.[3] According to Strugariu (2006), the average length is 50-70 cm (20 to 28 in) with reports of specimens over 1 m (40 in) in length. Females are usually larger and more heavily built, although the largest specimens on record are males. The head is covered in small, irregular scales that are either smooth or only weakly keeled, except for a pair of large supraocular scales that extend beyond the posterior margin of the eye. 10-13 small scaled border the eye and two rows separate the eye from the supralabials. The nasal scale is large, single (rarely divided) and separated from the rostral by a single ...
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  • Angels Plus WYSIWYG Group #50 Select Koi An excellent group of 6 juvenile select koi. All have orange in their dorsal and *** fins. 4 of the fish have orange ventrals, and 2 have very noticeable orange streaks in their caudal fins. Very intense, vibrant orange on all of the fish in the group. /wysiwyg

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  • “Snake Forums > Kingsnake Forum > Mountain Kingsnakes. Colorful and popular as pets both If you are a new user to this forum, please take the time to review the rules first”
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  • “The crabro can change its color very rapidly from Black to the attractive gold barred " Copyright © 2010 Cichlid-. All Rights Reserved. F.A.Q. | Privacy Policy | Terms”
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  • “F-35 Forum. F-35 Aircraft Database. F-22A Raptor. F-22 Raptor News. F-22 Photo Gallery. F-22 Forum Index " F-16 Fighting Falcon " F-16 Spotting & Photography " Text on ventrals RNlAF”
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  • “Question on No Ventrals (Pelvic Fin) Hi guys, been long time never post and being in Re: Question on No Ventrals (Pelvic Fin) it is bcos of ur water condition while the fries”
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  • “Most know of the experiment Lisa began last year with a spawn of ventral deficient fry. I spawned a pair a few months ago. The male had curled ventra ventrals and his sister had only one. A small number of eggs & I ended up with 4 fry from this mating all with long ventrals. No”
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  • “Lake Tanganyikan Discussion Forum - Specialized information and advice on All Things Tanganyikan they kept their fins all spread out, esp the ventrals wich have a very unusual shape”
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  • “Would all Forum users please ensure that your email details are correct. You can do this by clicking on "Settings" below and then "Edit profile" I was just messing around with the scanner, to see how easy it is to get a clear picture of the first 20 ventrals, without 'squishing' the snake”
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