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  • Wikipedia has an article on: Ventifact. Wikipedia ventifact (plural ventifacts) A pebble or little stone .org/wiki/ventifact" Category: English nouns. Personal tools. Log in / create account. — “ventifact - Wiktionary”,
  • The easily accessible vertifacts at "Ventifact Hill," east of Afton Canyon, are just a few of the many spectacular examples of sandblasted rocks that are to be found in the east-central Mojave Desert. Today, areas of active ventifact formation are limited to a few hill crests where dune. — “Basin Road - A”,
  • Over time, the bouncing sand grains can erode the lower portions of a ventifact, while leaving a larger less eroded cap. The wind direction at the time the ventifact formed will be parallel to grooves or striations cut in the rock. — “Ventifact - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Antarctica can be a windy place and since the Dry Valleys has a lot of sand there are also allot of ventifacts. Here are some photos of some of Dave's favorites he found during his walk. This one is sandstone. Pam resting near a large ventifact. Pam posing in a ventifact. — “Exploring Our World.: Ventifacts in the McMurdo Dry Valleys”, dave--
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for ventifact in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “ventifact - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • Definition of ventifact from The American Heritage Science Dictionary. — “ventifact - Science Definition”,
  • The ventifact shape and associated surface features depend on rock size, density and The ventifact is abraded by dune sand. Image 4. Ventifact from the Mojave River Sink,. — “IAG Planetary Geomorphology Working Group |”,
  • Definition of ventifact in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ventifact. Pronunciation of ventifact. Translations of ventifact. ventifact synonyms, ventifact antonyms. Information about ventifact in the free online English dictionary and. — “ventifact - definition of ventifact by the Free Online”,
  • A ventifact is a rock that has been abraded by the windblown particles: sandblasted if you will. My samples are from Ventifact Ridge, in Death Valley National Park. — “Apparent Dip: Deskcrop #3 - Ventifacts”,
  • ventifact (stone), stone that has received one or more highly polished, flattened facets as a result of erosion by windblown sand. The facets are cut in sequence and correlate with the dominant wind direction. As one surface is cut, the stone. — “ventifact (stone) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • 3D model by ventifact. 22" flat Screen monitor with desktop icons and open document windows, hand drawn to scale with SketchUp 6. 3D model by ventifact. 22" flat Screen monitor with desktop icons and open document windows, hand drawn to scale with SketchUp 6. — “22"_FS_Monitor by ventifact - Google 3D Warehouse”,
  • Ventifact definition, a pebble or cobble that has been faceted, grooved, and polished by the erosive action of wind-driven sand. See more. — “Ventifact | Define Ventifact at ”,
  • Definition of ventifact from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of ventifact. Pronunciation of ventifact. Definition of the word ventifact. Origin of the word ventifact. — “ventifact - Definition of ventifact at ”,
  • The term ventifact is derived from the latin "ventus" meaning wind. Sometimes the term ventifact is used to describe a wind-abraided rock exposure still attached to bedrock but most geologists consider ventifacts clasts such as pebbles and cobbles. — “”
  • Category:Ventifact. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to: navigation, search. Media in category "Ventifact" The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total. Ventifact at Ventifa 96,886 bytes. Ventifact at Ventifa 105,712 bytes. Ventifact. — “Category:Ventifact - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Learn more about "ventifact" and related topics at . — “Ventifact - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • ventifact ( ) n. A stone that has been shaped, polished, or faceted by wind-driven sand. [Latin ventus , wind; see vent + (ARTI)FACT. — “ventifact: Definition from ”,
  • Put X charge counters on Ventifact Bottle. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery. At the beginning of your precombat main phase, if Ventifact Bottle has a charge counter on it, tap it and remove all charge counters from it. — “Ventifact Bottle (Mirage) - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering”,
  • It is a small boulder of vesicular basalt that has been sculpted by sandblasting into a ventifact. And fittingly enough it's locality is Ventifact Ridge, opposite the southern junction of Artists Drive and Badwater Road in Death Valley National Park, California. — “Day #18 Outcrop: Vesicular Basalt Ventifact " Ron Schott's”,
  • Find Ventifact Weld County, Colorado large #FO36 in Collectibles, Rocks, Fossils Minerals , Other category on — “Ventifact Weld County, Colorado large #FO36 on (item”,

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  • Drumsara Pinot Noir 2008 Wine Review Lady Parker reviews the Drumsara 'Ventifacts Block' Pinot Noir 2008 from Alexandra, Central Otago, NZ. $NZD44.00 Thanks for watching Lady Parker Wine Review - Twitter @ladyparkerwine Facebook /ladyparkerwine
  • Ventifacts Oct 2010.wmv Ventifacts are rocks that have been created by windblown sand, typically found in a desert environment. The sand is blown by the wind in a bouncing manner, called saltation, and impacts the rocks on the desert floor. If the rock remains stationary for hundreds of years, the action of the sand is to create a facet - a flat, fairly smooth surface on the rock. Many ventifacts have more than one facet. This is due to either a change in wind direction or the rock shifts its position relative to the wind. In any case, where one facet meets another a ridge separates the two. The ventifacts displayed in this video are of a fine grained basalt or porphyritic basalt. The fine grained nature of this volcanic rock allowed for very nice developemnt of the facets.
  • sand dunes | Imperial County | California | 15 December 2009 A hike in a small dune field in Imperial County, California. (Beats tearing over them in a dirt bike.) Landforms created by wind are referred to as "aeolian" landforms (also spelled 'eolian'). Aeolian sand dunes (dunes also form sub-aqueously in flowing water) are beautiful landforms best experienced in silence and contemplation. They are fascinating systems of mass and energy: the mass, in this case, is grains of sand, and the energy wind. The study of sand dunes is an ongoing and vital field of research in the geomorphological sciences. There are many types of windblown sand dunes. The simplest type is the barchan dune. A barchan dune (pronounced bar-kan) is composed of a stoss side up which windblown sand is transported, a slipface down which sand falls or avalanches, and horns pointing in the direction toward which the dune is migrating. Dunes can be classified as either active or inactive. Inactive dunes are generally vegetated with some soil development. The dunes in this video are active dunes. Although winds were calm on the day I visitied them, I have visited these dunes when the wind was blowing strongly and all of the transport processes described in this video were on display. Other dune types which are not found in this dune field include barchanoid or transverse dunes (coalesced barchan dunes formed transverse to the prevailing wind direction), longitudinal or linear dunes (aka seif dunes), star dunes, dome dunes and parabolic or blowout dunes.
  • Earth Rocks A short film a mate and I made to show what we learnt as the result of a two-day (government funded) film workshop where we got taught by two professional film-makers. We got given the topic (no we didn't choose the rock!) to help document Taranaki's history and we did our best to make it interesting. Unfortunately there were a few glitches that we encountered along the way and were unable to fix in the short time-frame. Let us know what you think
  • Borknagar - Abrasion Tide (HQ) with lyrics Track 5 from Universal lyrics: We're ensnared by the fate if persistence As the forces of nature interact To weather slope and mountain, close and by distance Creating expanding ventifacts Running water conducts the erosion Leading grains of sand in the grind Empowered by wind, time, and oceans To wear down soil's rind A tide that changes primary plains Even principles positions A flood that runs untimely through the elements and our veins Shifting our focus and our definitions New perspective from a vaster reflection Thoughts flow like water from a hillock That's repeatedly rinsed, achieving friction Releasing knowledge of the rock An archaic course across the outer core Seasons transform while remodeling the Solum Above the altering scenery stars soar Watching the drama like diffuse phantoms The land is disintegrated by a power that was ice bound At the same time fertilized As our forefather's feet touched a ground That nature constantly has revised

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  • “WordPress blog about Ventifacts. Ventifacts. By went can] ble; f And Elkos, and unto parth acts ventifa cts ventifac ts ventifact s ventifacts entifacts vntifacts vetifacts”
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  • “One common artifact of the sand dune is a windkanter or ventifact. faces can develop on a single ventifact. http:///seite2.htm”
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  • “Need some help with this one. I found this in the desert near Ouargla, Algeria when I was there on a seismic crew about 10 years ago. Similar pieces were quite common in the area. Size is 5 cm in largest dimension, hardness about 6-6.5, streak is”
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  • “Day #18 Outcrop: Vesicular Basalt Ventifact Vesicular Basalt Ventifact. What you see above is a beautiful example of what happens when rocks are exposed to sustained winds over a long period of time. It is a small boulder of vesicular basalt that has been sculpted by sandblasting into a ventifact”
    — Day #18 Outcrop: Vesicular Basalt Ventifact " Ron Schott's,

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  • “Please donate to support our blog, website, and podcast. Ventifact" describes a rock whose surface has been shaped over many, many years by the sandblasting action of wind”
    — AGU: Wrapping up my notes on Phoenix - The Planetary Society,

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