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  • I need some help making words out of the word valentine. FOr this activity, you can mix any of the letters in the word valentine around and create a (with obscure words)" list: Levantine Valentine Venetian Elvanite Ventaile Lineate Veinlet Naivete Elative Ventail Enliven Lenient Valine Vineal. — “How many words can you make out of "Valentine"? I need some”,
  • A group of pro Battlefield Heroes players. To make sure we get the best players, one of your heroes must have a kill/death ratio 362165. 145. Ventaile. 361645. 146. ilhan.. 357992. 147. 00miguel. 354668. 148. — “Groups - Free Shooter Game - Online shooter - Battlefield Heroes”,
  • What is a ventages, definition of ventages, meaning of ventages, ventages anagrams, ventages synonyms ventaile " ventailes. Word lists: All words, By Lenght, Letter Mix, All Unique Letter. — “Word ventages meaning. Word ventages definition. Free”,
  • aventail aventaile ventail ventaile ventayle. the movable front to a ventail ventaile ventayle. see AVENTAIL. visard. a mask or visor. See also VIZARD. visor. — “Association of British Scrabble Players - Words”,
  • ily unit was critical for survival in the Middle Ages, the problem of treach Described in line 582 in the Awntyrs off Arthur as " [h]e gurdes to Sir Gawayn / Throgh ventaile and. — “TREASON AND BETRAYAL IN THE MIDDLE ENGLISH ROMANCES OF SIR”,
  • Definition of Vent with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. ventaile. ventailes. ventails. ventana. ventanas. ventayle. ventayles. vented. venter. venter. Other Resources Relating to: Vent. Words people are searching for today:. — “Vent: Definition with Vent Pictures and Photos”,
  • Some obscure and unusual words come to light while looking back at the history of hats and headdress. Having recently finished reading THE PROFESSOR piece, called the mesail, or mursail,..but more generally known in England as the ventaile, or visor, was pierced for both sight and breathing. — “Some Fun with Antiquated Hat Terms – Part One: Ancient Greece”,
  • Browse over to http:/// instead, if you arrived here with the intention of looking Tony Sim (SIN) has returned the favour to Pui Cheng Wui (MAL), by playing a nine-timer of his own, VENTAILE (158) against Pui. — “Causeway Scrabble Challenge”,
  • 8(eight) letter words, ending with e and containing e: aegirine,aegirite,aeglogue,aerodyne,aerolite,aesthete,beadlike,beaklike,beamlike,beanlike,beanpole,bearable,bearbine,bearlike,beatable,beauxite,bechance,beclothe,bedabble,bedaggle,bedazzle, ventaile. — “8(eight) letter words, ending with e and containing e”,
  • Image:Song-for-a-ragggy-boy.jpg. Image:Spider-Man-DareDevil-Versus-DVD.jpg. Image:Spider Image:Model-ox-ventaile.jpg. Image:Mōryōmaru_Manga.jpg. Image:Newavengerspidey.png. Image:. — “User:Kotepho/reports/orphaned fairuse media2 - Wikipedia, the”,
  • The shield 72 is carried by a frame 74 hinged at 76 to the sides of the cap 10. This allows the visor 70 to be raised and lowered like a ventaile. Preferably, ventilation slits 78 are left between the frame 74 and the front part of the headgear to prevent misting of the shield 72. — “(WO/1986/003950) PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR, PARTICULARLY FOR SPORTS”,
  • Aeris Ventaile edited Strike of Neos 2-Pack Set 1 minute ago. Aeris Ventaile edited Aeris Ventaile edited Force of the Breaker 2-Pack Set 15 minutes ago. — “Copycat - Yu-Gi-Oh!”,
  • abactor: a cattle lifter, who steals sheep or cattle in herds, not aventallum: a ventaile, or visor. aventura. See adventura. avera: a day's work of a ploughman. averagium: service with horse and carriage due by the tenant to his lord; contribution by merchants towards losses of cargo by tempest. — “Glossary of Latin Words”,
  • The bascinet type helmet were used in early 14th Century. At first, it was worn under the great helm as it had no visor. Later it In England the bascinet helmet was constantly worn with camail, but without any ventaile; and in this case the great helm was retained and in action was worn over the. — “Bascinet Helmet”,
  • I see James' HOIdENS for 87 and EXTERNaL for 80. William played GLAIRES for 72 and the lovely lovely lovely VENTAILE to the triple for 86. What makes this special is that on his next play, he puts down AA/AVENTAILE on the triple again (this time. — “WPC 2008 Commentary: Round 17”,
  • The following list is based on TWL2006 and CSW2007. abactors abanding abatures abdicant vendange vendings vendises venerean venerers venidium ventaile ventanas ventayle ventiges. — “SOWPODS-Only Eight-Letter Words”,
  • Be sure to check the copyright laws for your country before downloading or redistributing Do not change or edit the header without written permission. Please read the "legal. — “Plain text (1.5M)”,

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  • “Everything Hats - Hat Culture and Information from the mind of Fred Belinsky, CEO of .but more generally known in England as the ventaile, or visor, was pierced for both sight and breathing”
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