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  • THERE was venomously harsh criticism for an American woman who sent a message on Twitter when she realised she was miscarrying, telling her 20,000 "followers" how relieved she felt. Sounds like a blessing in disguise to me, as she'd clearly not. — “Euro Weekly News | Loud and clear | Boadicea | Columns | The”,
  • Definition of venomously from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of venomously. Pronunciation of venomously. Definition of the word venomously. Origin of the word venomously. — “venomously - Definition of venomously at ”,
  • 1. to exploit and commercialize a culturally significant person, place, thing or idea by an outsider with no cultural significance themselves. 2. t Referring to a fat girl a guy has slept with or would sleep with but denies it venomously, especially to his friends. — “Urban Dictionary: venomously”,
  • NOTICE: This domain name expired on 10/15/2010 and is pending renewal . Learn how to succeed—in life and online—with straight. — “”
  • My friend, I feel your frustration. Many is a time, I too have asked the very same question. I have tried to put it in various ways. I too am still waiting for an honest answer. The problem is, in this forum with much of the internet, people seem. — “What do Democrats and liberals really believe in? I see a”,
  • Hive world, eight hundred days standard from Scintilla, the main population and manufacturing focal of the rimward territories of the sector. Malfi has a grudge: it believes it should be the sector capital world and venomously protests the supremacy of Scintilla. — “Malfi - Warhammer 40K Wiki - Space Marines, Chaos, planets”, warhammer40
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adverb venomously has one meaning: Meaning #1 : in a very malevolent. — “venomously: Information from ”,
  • clean bed of pebbly clay,Her legs flexed in the air like a courtesan, Burning and sweating venomously,Calmly exposed its belly, ironic and wan, Clamorous with foul 3) 45987. Ransom, John Crowe. The Columbia World of Quotations. Sniffed venomously. I didn t flinch, though I m hanged if that. — “Search Results for "venomously"”,
  • venomously. Dictionary terms for venomously, definition for venomously, Thesaurus and Translations of venomously to Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Other. — “venomously in - dictionary and translation”,
  • Definition of venomously in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is venomously? Meaning of venomously as a legal term. What does venomously mean in law?. — “venomously legal definition of venomously. venomously”, legal-
  • Dis0306cordur - Then he spat the water down venomously to the Then he spat the water down venomously to the yard belowThe kitchen just down thereI just hoping I spit on some of your family ". — “Then he spat the water down venomously to the... - Dis0306cordur”, dis0306
  • Media Research Center (MRC) is a conservative media watchdog group dedicated to bringing political balance to the news and entertainment media. New NBC Sitcom Venomously Caricatures Corporations. — “New NBC Sitcom Venomously Caricatures Corporations -- 01/01”,
  • Sacred is just another four-letter word to those pint-size satirists on Comedy Central's fearless South Park, which this week sent up the polarizing blockbuster The Passion of the Christ and its maker, Mel Gibson, in typically blistering, scatological and venomously hilarious fashion. — “Sacred is just another four-letter... - Matt Roush | ”,
  • GVB Venomously. Limbless, formidable, poisonous, powerful, and awe-inspiring, snakes have never failed to fascinate me. Apart from male physique, looking at and reading about snakes is what makes my adrenaline rush and my heart pump more blood. It does turn me on. — “VENOMOUSLY: Home”,
  • Venomously definition, (of an animal) having a gland or glands for secreting venom; able to inflict a poisoned bite, sting, or wound: See more. — “Venomously | Define Venomously at ”,
  • What is a venomously, definition of venomously, meaning of venomously, venomously anagrams, venomously synonyms. — “Word venomously meaning. Word venomously definition. Free”,
  • venomously (comparative more venomously, superlative most venomously) In a venomous Retrieved from "http:///wiki/venomously". — “venomously - Wiktionary”,
  • Behind the scenes content from In the Loop including videos, exclusive interviews, still photos, cast and crew info, blog and news for film fans at he immediately attracts the attention of the PMs venomously aggressive communications chief Malcolm Tucker (reprised from The. — “In the Loop - MovieSet”,
  • In Spidey's third advent, his heart is venomously conflicted and so is the film. The film gets gargantuan props on its special effects. Of course, the entertaining visual acuity is expected and is no surprise. Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) battles his inner demons in "Spider-Man 3". — “Tobey Maguire Black' in Action in Venomously Conflicted”,
  • Italy's government finally fell Thursday, after Prime Minister Romano Prodi lost a confidence vote that made it clear that Italy's leaders know they face a deep political and economic crisis but are venomously divided over how to solve it. — “Surprising Few, Italy's Government Collapses | ”,
  • venomously 3 videos Subscribe Edit Subscription. Loading Upgrade to Flash Player 10 for improved playback had the SIMILIAR substance, and the supplement was declared, hence no big bans. venomously 11 months ago. — “YouTube - YOHAN BLAKE”,
  • Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. — “Venomously-green ID by ~Namco6 on deviantART”, namco6
  • Definition of venomously in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of venomously. Pronunciation of venomously. Translations of venomously. venomously synonyms, venomously antonyms. Information about venomously in the free online English dictionary and. — “venomously - definition of venomously by the Free Online”,

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  • "Las Vegas - San Diego" Vhenschke's photos around San Diego, United States Preview of Vhenschke's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: San Diego, United States Entry Title: "Las Vegas - San Diego" Entry: "Las Vegas - San Diego 21st June **Max's input** The next morning we has to wait for ages for the limo/shuttle but it felt very Vegas to exit by limo, it was an old limo with little cold air and no A/C but hey in the end we didn't get charged for it so you cant complain. **end of Max's input** When we got to the airport we didn't realise but out tickets had been randomly selected for further security checks, we started to worry as we got told to join a separate line, but luckily an office told us it was just a random check. This entailed going through an explosives detector that puffs air all over you and all of our carry on got searched and swiped for traces of explosives. Finally we got through and we were of to San Diego. It was not a long flight to San Diego and pretty uneventful. When we landed we called the hostel as they said they would provide free transportation from the airport. They said to jump in a taxi and get the driver to come to the front desk of the hostel and they would pay (but to make sure that it was going to be around $15 first, as a lot of them rip you off). Well this was an adventure in itself. So, I clarified the price first, but when I told them about the hostel paying he got all funny about it ...
  • Venomously Smokey A remake of the look I wore in my last vlog. New camera = better quality :). TWITTER:
  • Corvette Z06 vs Viper SRT10 Best of American muscle.Two super cars.I choose the Vette but the Viper is venomously serious.
  • out take of Pointing the finger with no sound effects outake of guy who, after venomously denying to all the cast and crew that it was not him who 'trumped' finds pressure can release more than just aggression, not allowing him to deny it a second time
  • LS ft Ailee - Life or Death LS ft Ailee - Life or Death Its an eerie feeling that swarms your entire body as you step into the dark streets of New York Citys Chinatown. You can feel the people scurrying around and maybe other things too as you turn each and every corner. Within this world away from the world, if you pay close attention, you can hear the name LS being whispered by almost every youth in almost worshipping tones. Who is LS? Or more precisely, what is LS? A young Christopher Louie lays in a midtown recording studio listening repeatedly to the storytelling beat playing in the background as the infectious lyrics of his story play in his mind and press his hands to write on the white sheets of paper directly in front of him. The words seem to flow like a story retold, and the papers quickly fill up as the chinky-eyed character uses his cane to quickly rise and say, Im ready. As he slowly limps into the booth, LS takes a deep breathe, closes his eyes, and begins to venomously spit out the words of what and who make the character LSLS grew up on New Yorks very own war torn streets of Chinatown. It was at this time when LS found the streets and the crew that he would come to know as his family. It was in this time LS learned what almost every other youth in every other ghetto around the US learned, the code of the streets. He quickly learned the ways of the Chinese gangs, and how they came to function as almost corporate-like entities with very unorthodox and ...
  • THE BIRD AND THE WORM Swimmer, Bronze medal winner of the Brno 16 International Film Festival, Czech Republic, is an unflinching and revelatory look at adolescent ***ual obsession at its most darkest and disturbing. This shattering drama opens up with a prologue from the protagonist, a four*** year old boy, revealing his undeclared crush on a woman twice his age and a harrowing determination venomously penned on making her his own. When he fails to approach her, he seethes with frustrated desires. What follows is an uncompromising portrait of the struggles of a former potential Olympic swimming champion who now lives a reclusive life cloistered in her flat next to the boy's. He, unseen, patiently observing, becomes obsessed with the swimmer, provoking ***ed ***ual fantasies that lead to intense behaviour within him, bordering on the misogynistic. He ultimately turns her already troubled life upside down when their paths accidentally cross and they make acquaintance. The boy manipulates his way into her heart. Both are emotionally fragile and ***es abound in the ***agers' mind. It isn't long before his desires become inexorable and he sets out to scupper what he can't have leading to an explosive nail-biting climax. Awarded the Bronze Medal Prize at the 46th Brno Six*** International Film Festival of Competitive Films Shortlisted in the best feature film category at the Festival of Fantastic Films Official selection at the Tromafling Film Festival Screened at the Edinburgh ...
  • Nobody's Home; Epilogue // Part Two - - - - Walking into the room about an hour later, Miley's eyes met Joes. A small giggle eloped as it rippled out from her throat. "This is not funny Miles." Joe spat venomously. "Oh yes, this is." She took out her phone, taking a quick snap shot before pushing into the pocket of her denim jeans. "Just get me out." He sighed. "My wrists hurt." Walking over to him, she sat on his stomach. "Uh oh." She smirked playfully. "What is it now?" Joe rolled his eyes. "I think I lost the key." She checked her pockets. "Don't play games with me Miles, and just get these things off of me." He hissed. Digging in her pockets, she shook her head. "Okay. Take a joke, will ya?" She unlocked his hands before jumping off of him. "There." Rubbing his wrists, he let out a relieved sigh. "Thank you. It was about time." He picked up his jeans, hooking his belt closed. "Just go get ready." She laughed. "Oh, not so fast." He stood up, as he began to walk over to her. Moving backwards Miley's eyes widened. "Joe, what are you doing?" "You played games with the wrong person Miles." He smirked as he lunged towards her, wrapping his broad arms around her slim waist. "Joe, let me go!" She thumped her small fists against his back. "No-" Just before he could finish his sentence, the cries of Maddie filled their ears. "Let me go Joe, I have to get Maddie." She laughed. "Lucky ***." He mumbled before setting her down on her feet. "I'll get you later." "Whatever." She smiled briefly before walking over and ...
  • In the Loop Trailer IN THE LOOP is a foul-mouthed comedy that draws on non-specific events to create a world that is terrifyingly familiar The US President and UK Prime Minister fancy a war, but not everyone agrees that war is a good thing. US General Miller (James Gandolfini The Sopranos, The Taking Of Pelham 123) certainly doesn't think so and neither does the British Secretary of State for International Development, Simon Foster (Tom Hollander Pirates of the Caribbean, Pride and Prejudice). But when the mild-mannered minister inadvertently appears to back the war on prime-time television, he immediately attracts the attention of the PMs venomously aggressive communications chief Malcolm Tucker (reprised from The Thick of It by Peter Capaldi), who latches onto him like a hawk. Soon, the Brits are in Washington, where diplomatic relations collide with trans-Atlantic spin doctors and Fosters off-hand remark quickly spirals into an insurmountable mountain of conflict. [D-Man2010] visit for the latest movie and video game news http
  • Empty Arms {2} Miley looked over at her two friends before hurrying into Taylor's laundry room. "Nick what are you talking about?" She whispered softly, trying to sooth the overwhelmed boy. "Miley, Frankie just went off on me. He's crying, saying no one loves him, and Joe, god knows what he's up to! For Christ sakes, I have no money in the bank and I hate my life!" He sobbed into the phone, falling onto his small bed, letting a bawl escape his tired lips. "Nick, please calm down. I can't, I just, Nick, I can't just leave." She stuttered, her tan hands threading through her brown locks. "Nick, what happened?" She questioned softly, staring at Taylor's pale wall. Nick's hand formed a fist as he clutched onto the tattered couch pillow. "I feel so useless Miley. Ever since you left, no one cares. No one cares about me, and since I feel so ***ty, who the *** is supposed to care about Frankie?" He whispered out, a sniffle following his words and he swiped away multiple tears. "I care about you." Miley added, in hopes of mending his broken heart. "You cared?" He cried, a sarcastic tone running through his vocal chords. "You left." He spat venomously, holding onto his broken couch for support. His dirty finger nails clung to the ragged couch cushion as he stared at his small cable less TV. "That isn't fair!" She screamed in response. "Nick, I had to go to college. It's the one thing my dad wanted me to do, and it's the only thing he actually cared about. I would have done anything to have ...
  • A Big Time Rush Story Love vs life ep. 12 Episode 11: ~Kat's POV~ Shoot. Seriously?! They had to leave me. I was so going to get revenge on them somehow. I don't know how yet, but I will somehow. "So..." James said, grinning. "We're alone again." That just peeved me off even more. "WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?" "What do you mean?" I startled him pretty badly. "You keep bringing up or freaking bed incident in so many ways. I was drunk. End of story. It'll never happen again. Ever. So... please, just stop, okay?" I wasn't as harsh. He tried to smile. "Sure, I can. It's just... never mind..." He said, quickly. "What?" I asked, sincerely curious. "Nothing-" I interrupted him. "If you were going to ask, it wasn't nothing. What do you want to ask?" "Well... when you were drunk," He started carefully. "You really seemed to like me. I mean, like like me. I mean we laid in bed together... and you snuggled with me." "James, it. was. because. I. was. drunk." I said, very slowly. "I know..." He said. "I just wanted to put it out there." Was he trying to make me feel guilty? Well, it wasn't going to work. There was no way I was going to have feelings for James Diamond. It made me shiver at the thought. ~Summer's POV~ "Kat seems really peeved." Chrissy observed over Carlos's shoulder. "I wonder why?" Logan mused. "She's always peeved... well most of the time." I said. The song ended and we headed back for the table. Kat was glaring at us as we walked up. "Have fun?" She said, venomously. She stood up and went to the ...
  • If We Kiss... A Jonas Brothers Story. Chapter 81 ------- Nick's POV. Summer hung up the phone a few minutes ago. She hasn't said another word to me, but that's okay. She can take her time. Summer's tears aren't falling anymore, but they're still in her eyes. I shift a little so I'm sitting next to her instead of in front of her. I lean against the wall and pull her close to me. I wrap my arms around her tightly and kiss the top of her head. After a while, Summer coughs once. “Nick…” she croaks. “Yes love?” I ask her back sweetly. “Are you sure you can…”—pause—“Be with me after what I told you?” “Summer, I'm not leaving you. I promise you that. I…” I stop mid-sentence. I can't tell her. Not yet. Doesn't matter how much I'm sure of it, or how deep this feeling is… I just can't tell her yet. I realize that at this point, it shouldn't scare her off. Not after what she told me. I think it over for a second. So… Summer had problems with alcohol. That's fine. “Can I ask you a question?” I ask hesitantly. Summer nods. “How… How long have you been sober?” I ask her quietly. Summer looks up at me with glassy eyes. “Since that time in the hospital…” Summer whispers. I close my eyes and process this information. “Can we get out of the bathroom? There's something I'd like to do that isn't so… Appropriate or comfortable in the bathroom…” I tell her with a hint of a smile on my lips. Summer takes a deep breath and nods. “Don't tell your brothers yet okay? Please? I'm not ready for that… I mean, you're my boyfriend, you deserve to know ...
  • It's a Man's Life (Nike Ad Parody) Straight from confidential government files, we peer into and rip the veil off of one of the most demanding jobs in the world...the daily routine of a Secret Service agent. When he isn't being obnoxious, of course. This was originally recorded last winter during my senior year of high school for a Video Productions course. I had no intention of returning back to it, until I heard about a fan contest for a show that I watch regularly called "Sad Panda Q&A." It's a faux sketch comedy show starring two European gents: one a sarcastic Frenchmen who plays the guitar ( the titular Sad Panda), and the other his Welsh co-host who reads the questions, venomously loathes the English, and has a major crush on actress Anne Hathaway (Welshy). If that premise sounds interesting to you at all, you can check out the show here: As for my own video, this was filmed on the brink of a choir rehearsal immediately after school had let out. In fact, the black suit of this video IS my old choir suit, sans the bow-tie to look more creditable. Half-way through, my dad actually showed up, and it is he who filmed most of the outside shots (expect for the first, which was mounted on a tripod), so I'd like to credit him for that. Another thing to note is that this wasn't the original version. This is actually REMASTERED, as the first version had only the indoor voice-over audio throughout. We accidentally left the microphone on the camera mute for the outdoor shots, so I went ...
  • MOTHMAN vs FUNKADELIC CHICKEN Fear in Garden Festival ... I shrieked as two figures exploded from the bushes. A bright yellow creature, squawking loud and scratching their heels into the ground before they launched to another strange manifestation. The other was golden and wings outstretched clicking, hissing in retaliation. The two came together with force and tussled to the ground. Each escaped the others grasp and fought venomously. The affray moved around the temples. I remembered my camera and quickly brought to my eye level and started to take photographs. I thought 'No one will believe this!' The fracas went on for at least ten minutes and then they noticed me. The two forgot about the other and launched in my direction.
  • Cherry Bakewell And His Rusty Trumpets - Venomously our first music video we made, hope you enjoy ;) lyrics: we have been so far behind, lost in a loveless world with no light our masterful art has been refined, found another place to restart the fight prepare the lights, get the cameras, non-stop action and a one-way trip reload the guns, full-speed ahead, we ain't gonna stop until we're dead! we're breaking through all again, we're making everything drain, all co-ordinated meticulously break the spell and curse and i'll kiss you, venomously one set of rules for you, one set of rules for me, all orchestrated meticulously. break the spell and curse and i'll kiss you venomously energise what still remains, watch the carcass come back to life feel the heat of pure disdain, cutting through restraints like a knife can't stop the force, can't stop the rage, unstoppable train-ride sets the stage victory is just a leap away, so jump on through into a brighter day! life is gaining, and growing and feasting sight is clearing once again mind it opens, and blossoms, and charges light is falling, and falling, and falling everything that we think, everything that we see, all co-ordinated meticulously break the spell and curse and i'll kiss you, venomously this is a new beginning, this is a road to winning, all orchestrated meticulously. break the spell and curse and i'll kiss you venomously
  • Joe Thurlow - Paper Houses (original song) Every time I upload a song it's a monumental act of bravery, since I automatically assume everyone is going to tear it apart venomously and be as hyper-critical as I am. All I hear when I listen to this is ***up after ***up, but it's a "rough draft"/practice/etc and therefore shouldn't be expected to be perfect (or so I try to tell myself). I'm getting a lot of static from my keyboard and I've been sick for a week, thus the voice. Also, I need a real piano player. All that ***ing aside, here's the lyrics: ------------ i am a specter, a bump in the night i will frighten your children and cause you to fight i will tear down your churches and set them alight i will be the destructor, a terrible blight, though, i am a loser, i've done nothing well i will wake late and drive to my own private hell and remain for nine hours until my farewell because leaving's the only thing where i excel; kings lay foundation on piles of creeping decay pink paper houses and flames that will blow them away palaces built with our bones are a common display burning our corpses, machines that will brighten the day we're the destroyers, we'll run on your home we will break up your families and you'll be alone we will spread our diseases and make ourselves known and we'll banish you all to a savage unknown though, we are a weapon we really don't care we have pressing concerns like our phones and our hair and we'll whine until dawn how the rules are unfair and won't bother with action; we'll fold ...
  • Scepticism Inc. PART 2 Chapter 27 By Bo Fowler.
  • Unforgettable Darkness_Two Okay well this is Part 2 :) I hope you like it; Nick just stood still, after 2 minutes of complete silence he spoke "So you want ice-cream then?" Miley deeply exhaled and kept repeating, while walking around "Its only for a couple of hours." Nick rolled his chocolate marbles "Youre like a radio, which is broken. Stop it! Otherwise, Ill leave you to look after the children." Miley stopped repeating the words and stared venomously at him. Her blood boiling up to an extreme high pressure. "No way are you leaving me in this house for 4 hours to look after some children, while you have fun!" She pushed him hard hoping he would fall down, but he didnt even stumble, it was as if his feet were glued to the floor. Nick let out a huge chuckle, then once he saw that Miley was actually angry at him, he stopped "Look Miles, Im not going to leave you .. I was just kidding, jheez!" He picked up the bucket, luckily none of the ice-cream had fallen on to the ground. He began to lick the spoon from its sweetness. The corners of his eye managed to catch the brunette walking into another room. For some extraordinary reason, he felt an urge to go and follow her, so he put down the ice-cream on the coffee table with the spoon next to it and walked into the bedroom of Mr & Mrs Johnson. Miley heard his footsteps behind her, but her attention quickly got diverted as the light automatically came on "Oh my gosh, thats so cool!" Nick said as he kept on walking in and out of the door trying to make ...
  • Falling Over You A Jonas Love Story Chapter 61 Nick's POV I lie down on my back next to the place where Mick's outline had been. She grabbed the plastic bag containing the glowing stars and pulled one out, examining it as if it were the most precious thing in the world. "Hmm..." she hummed, drumming her index finger on my stomach softly. "Mick, what's the problem?" I asked, laughing at the adorable face she was making. She looked constipated. She sighed and shrugged her shoulders, un-scrunching her nose. "I don't know where to start..." She tapped my stomach once more then took her hand off of me. "How bout... here." I suggested, poking her in the ribs. "Mm... I dunno." she said, a mischievous smile venomously crawling onto her face. She placed her hand on my side and slid it down the length of my body, making my fidget, half-nervous/half-ecstatic. She smiled once more and lie down next to me. She then rolled over my body carelessly and was now on the opposite side of me. "Ah-ha!" she grinned, placing a star in the grass right along my forearm. She worked studiously for the next 25 minutes while I struggled to sit still as her hands traced my body so precariously. She rolled over once again when she finished after putting the left-over stars back in their plasitc bag. Except this time, she didn't roll all the way over, she stopped when she was on top of me, her jade green eyes looking straight into my eyes. "That was fun." she smiled and leaned forward ever-so-slightly that I could just feel her cool breath on my lips ...
  • Pet Tarantula Care : Treating Tarantula Bites Seek medical care for a tarantula bite immediately. Learn more about treating tarantula bites with tips from an exotic animal expert in this free video on pet spiders. Expert: Mary Ann Hamilton Bio: Mary Ann Hamilton graduated from Texas A&M University with a double major in Bioenvironmental Science and Entomology. Filmmaker: Jess Mason
  • god save the ***in' queen SIDHELYN AND SARA sidhelyn is stranded as aliens plot venomously outside
  • Unification - Epic Shindig final song off the EP 'Fo Shizzle' this video was made with footage from 'Epic Shindig Live Rehearsal', which was broadcast over the internet. lyrics: she got a feeling that theres something in it, she got a feeling and she dont know why she's thinking maybe it's worth another go, she got a funny feeling and it's mighty fine. the suns shining and the air is still and calm maybe the dog devils gone to play the stage is set, so make a move, give it a go, come on, make my day! he's thinking that whats done is done, he's thinking of sinking down he's swimming into another day stream-lined, double-timed and going around there's something changing around him a new current, the turning of the tide a chance for another direction you want it, you want it, decide! seeking when two worlds collide unification 3, 2, 1, can you hear the countdown, you can't believe, I can see it in your eye... (and your life will never be the same) getting closer, to each other, seeking 3, 2, 1, can you hear the countdown, you can't believe, I can see it in your eye... (no your lives will never be the same) getting closer, to each other, seeking!
  • Yakuza 4 Walkthrough Part 71
  • Ill Bill- I'm a Goon [The Hour of Reprisal] 2008 [Verse 1] I hold my pistol like the bible, turn a page to a verse of vengeance Volcanoes of violence erupt in the words of each sentence Here's a toast to the death of my enemies My energy's similar to the Devil's, G My treachery stretch for centuries Menacing venomously, make you hemorrhage tremendously My fives senses suspended in weed and Hennessy You bleed endlessly, my greed gets me everything ***, cars, anything, the means to fulfill any dream I'm a fiend for the better things La Coka Nostra, my team be veterans Uncle Howie get the cream, who's better Forever rich, lock me up and throw away the key I'll still never snitch [Chorus x 2] I'm a goon Wild style goons in the room I'm a goon with the golden six-shooter and a mullet I'm a goon We the ones that they write movies about Uncle Howie goons take over [Verse 2] I make the moshpit spin like the Anthrax Indians video Here we go, cross streams, Slipknot and Willie Bobo So dope, cause relapses and overdoses Explosive like stone tablets in the hands of Moses The most focused on global implosion Bill burn the truth into your eyes, leave the both of them smoking Smile for the barrel, swallow the Magnum Laughing in your face while the back of your head is vomiting fragments You can't kill Bill, that was a movie, you can't move me *** stand ? of an Uzi or AK-47's I'm already dead, it's Ill Bill, the 2011 Mellie Mell Mother***er, what's really real? Really ill Run up on you, hit you with Israeli steel Yeah we really ...
  • hooray! it's annabel! hatchiban suspects everyone except him is in on some big joke to the effect that annabel is famous, and hits mauerpark on sundays for fun. of late, she has earned the dubious honour of being venomously described by hatchiban's girlfriend as "your favourite singer"...
  • Yakuza 4 - Smile Venomously
  • *** Sensations_Coming Soon The Australian's blonde hair fell across his blue eyes as a smirk crossed his face. "What?" He questioned, his engaged eyes staring over the brunette man. "She just dumped you?" Nick asked, his calm tone fluttering around the golf field. The neatly cut green grass crossed his black loafers as he gazed back at the 20 year old. "She's so snarky it's ridiculous." Liam scoffed, thinking of the boisterous, fearless, and eccentric girl. "But...She dumped you?" Nick inquired, extremely impatient for a response. "Yes! She dumped me alright?" Liam spat venomously, annoyed by Nick's pressuring over details. "The girl cannot be tamed, and it's too much pressure on me to even try." He grumbled. "But feel free to take a chance; any time you please Jonas." Nick bit down on his lip, thinking of the sultry girl, which indeed filled up his fantasies. "Why can she not be tamed?" He investigated, wondering why Liam could let such an ostentatious girl go. "Because...She just can't!" Liam yelled, enraged at Nick's lack of understanding. "You know what? Since you are so curious about Miley, why don't you try to tame the beast?" A smirk grew onto the hairy man's face. "Tame her?" Nick's eye brow immediately rose. "You're going to the Hampton's with your brother and Chelsea, take her and tame the beast. I'll be there all summer long." Liam's smirk grew as he stared at the 18 year old boy. Nick bit his bottom lip hard, examining over Liam. "Alright, I'll do it." Nick replied, teeing the ball in ...
  • Savages of Fenris Vs Ascendant Council Council 10m Paladin Heal Perspective
  • A Big Time Rush Story Making Changes ep. 19 Hope you like it! :) ~Megan's POV~ Everybody scattered. They wanted to get away from the girl with bright red hair and the big guy with the tattoos and shaved head that was following her. "Hello, Jamie." She grinned. She grimaced when she turned to me. "Megan," "Hello, Annica." I spat. "Why'd you crawl out of your hole?" "I heard there was a party... and I wasn't invited." She said, venomously. "Because nobody likes you." Haley groaned. "Can't you get that through your head?" "Everybody likes me. Who wouldn't?! I'm Annica Benson." "More like Annica the B**ch." Sammie muttered to herself. "Do you want me to do something to them, Miss Benson?" The big guy asked. I remembered that voice. His appearance came back to me now too. He was my nightmare. He haunted my dreams every night because of what he did. He was the one that killed Aunt Diana. "Y-you..." My voice quivered. "Yes?" He smirked. He knew who I was and what he did. He enjoyed watching me suffer. "You," I spat. "Killed my aunt. You tried to kill me." "Until your boyfriend saved you. You're the only girl who got away from me alive." The man, Bruno, said. "I remember you!" James shouted. "You rot in H*ll for what you did." "I don't see how you can like him, Annica." Bruno mused. "He's as bad as the rest of them. "After he's with me, he'll be like us. Don't worry," Annica snapped at Bruno. "I'll kill myself before I'm like you." James said, simply. "James, James, James," Annica shook her head. 'Why won't you learn that ...
  • Unification - Epic Shindig final song off the EP 'Fo Shizzle' lyrics: she got a feeling that theres something in it, she got a feeling and she dont know why she's thinking maybe it's worth another go, she got a funny feeling and it's mighty fine. the suns shining and the air is still and calm maybe the dog devils gone to play the stage is set, so make a move, give it a go, come on, make my day! he's thinking that whats done is done, he's thinking of sinking down he's swimming into another day stream-lined, double-timed and going around there's something changing around him a new current, the turning of the tide a chance for another direction you want it, you want it, decide! seeking when two worlds collide unification 3, 2, 1, can you hear the countdown, you can't believe, I can see it in your eye... (and your life will never be the same) getting closer, to each other, seeking 3, 2, 1, can you hear the countdown, you can't believe, I can see it in your eye... (no your lives will never be the same) getting closer, to each other, seeking!
  • YaviStyle C-Walkin' | I'm A Goon | I hold my pistol like the bible, turn a page to a verse of vengeance. Volcanoes of violence erupt in the words of each sentence. Here's a toast to the death of my enemies. My energy's similar to the Devil's, G. My treachery stretch for centuries. Menacing venomously, make you hemorrhage tremendously. My fives senses suspended in weed and Hennessy, You bleed endlessly, my greed gets me everything: ***, cars, anything, the means to fulfill any dream. I'm a fiend for the better things, La Coka Nostra, my team be veterans. Uncle Howie get the cream, who's better. Forever rich, lock me up and throw away the key, I'll still never snitch!
  • Alternia [14] Spider's Claw Vriska's theme. Bluh bluh. Toby's commentary: ------------------------------------------------------------ Rude girls sometimes have ***y battle themes~ It's (painfully/venomously) short because my goal was to spend very little time on each bonus track, and just making a few measures was taking up a lot of time. Creating this was a lot of fun though! I'd love to have had this as a normal track, but this track gives me the feeling that AG is only the kind of character that you play as while the world is ending, not during the regular game. I'm also sure she has a different track if you fight her as a boss. Why don't you think about what that would sound like instead, little boy? bluh bluh mwuh mwuh ------------------------------------------------------------
  • Tab Saheje Rachiyo Khalsa - Sant Anoop Singh Ji gurubar akal ke hukam so oupajiou bigiana tab sehije rachio khalsa sabath maradana With the command of the Timeless, the Supreme True Guru, proclaimed the self-realisation, And then, steadfastly, created Khalsa, the righteous ones, with the undefiled human form. eio oute singh babakar ke sab jag darapana |a mari deval gor masith tahi kiyaye maidana |a The Singhs rose up roaring and whole world was over-awed. They decimated and raised to the ground the (ritualistic) cemeteries, crematoriums, temples and mosques. bed puran khat sasatra fun mite kurana |a bag salath mite kar mare sultana |a (Compulsive) readings of Vedas, Puranas, 6-shastras and Quran was abolished. Bangs, the calls for Muslim prayers, were ousted and the kings were abolished. meer peer sab shap gae mazabo oulatana |a malavane kaji fir take kash maram na jaana |a Temporal and spiritual leaders were obscured, and all the religions became topsy-turvey. The Muslim priests and justices deciphered hard but could not comprehend dissolution. lakh pandith brehaman jotaki bikh ras ourajhana |a fun pathar deval pooj ke athi bharamana |a Millions of Brahamin scholars and astrologers were venomously entangled, And were drowned in extreme fallacies of worshipping the idols and gods. eio dono firake kapat mai rach rehe nidhana |a eih thisar mazehab khalasa oupajio paradana |a Thus, both the ignorant faiths, muffled in hypocrisy, were lagging behind. Then the 3rd religion, Khalsa, manifested triumphantly. jin gur hobind ke ...
  • Undefined Beauty '3 [MM 1/5] this chapter blows -.- This one is dedicated to Stasia, she MADE ME writte this xD sub her Selena and Miley walked towards the restaurant, their arms linked. Selena tried to push what happened last night out of her mind. She only enjoyed the beautiful scenery that engulfed her. After all, she was in Hawaii; she had to enjoy it, didnt she? Miley tucked a strand of her silky, auburn hair behind her ear as her azure marbles scanned the beach. "What happened last night?" Miley turned towards Selena, her crystal spheres swollen with curiosity. Selena sunk her teeth in the bottom of her cherry glossed lips. "What do you mean?" Selena ran her fingers through her field of chocolate, her hope that the subject wouldnt come up was destroyed. Selena was looking forward to just focusing on this vacation, even if Nick inappropriately produced it. "Don't play dumb, Selena!" Miley venomously spat. She could see right through Selena. That is a skill you receive when youve known someone for practically fif*** years. Nothing happened. We got into an argument, I stormed out, he ran after me, apologized, and I went back in. No big deal," Selena replied, attempting to sound as innocent as possible. "Okay." Selena separated from Miley, and walked into the restaurant. Once out of Mileys sight, a sigh of relief escaped Selenas pink plump lips. "Excuse me, I would like a table for two please." The man ran his fingers through his black field of spikes. He wore only faded blue beach ...
  • (220) Lamb / Wylde - 5th March 2010 Vote for the cast of the Lamb / Wylde storyline at the British Soap Awards 2010: Download Link Episode Date: Friday 5th March 2010. Summary: Natasha's preoccupied by Nathan's demands and when he spends the morning in town with Maisie, Natasha' furious. Nathan's torn when Maisie suggests that he should be nicer to their mum but when Natasha gives him one last chance to reconcile, he chooses the money. Natasha congratulates Nathan for financially crippling his own family and instructs him to say his goodbyes. With that, Nathan claims that he's leaving for a job in London immediately. There's a sense that Nathan cares for Maisie and Will enough not to leave but seeing his mother's scorn prompts him to drive off. Before he leaves, though, Nathan visits Ryan and venomously exclaims that he holds him fully responsible for destroying his family. Is this the last Natasha and Ryan will see of Nathan? No copyright infringement is intended.
  • (219) Lamb / Wylde - 4th March 2010 (8pm) Vote for the cast of the Lamb / Wylde storyline at the British Soap Awards 2010: Download Link Episode Date: Thursday 4th March 2010. 8pm episode. Summary: Natasha's appalled at how twisted and cold Nathan has become and panics when he takes Will out. Unaware of Nathan's scheming, Maisie suggests that they all sit down for a family dinner together. After dinner, Natasha's at boiling point when Nathan speaks down to her. When she slaps him, though, he venomously spits that unless she hands over the money, he'll expose her secret to everyone. Taking his threats seriously, Natasha tells him that he can have the money, providing she never sees him again. Without a shred of remorse, Nathan agrees. Will Nathan really ruin his own family? No copyright infringement is intended.
  • Anxious - Yo Lyrics : Anxious Beat : 5th Sequence Album : Concrete Rose VERSE : It's ridiculous, I kick it and spit it, and rippin ligaments and tickle you typical and you're diggin it Kickin it, figure i'm bigger cuz I be rippin it, *** I be spittin be almost as sick as syphilis Yeah i'm serious, the prodigal son, I lock it down, look out, i'm the methodical one Ya body gotta be stunned, ya mind is propably done, Come on and rob me, ain't no stopping the anxiety run Son, i'm a rebel deabting on wether I will go to heaven or hell, oh well i'm better not tellin all you see Sellin my spellin and unvealing i really like to play with words and my venom be venomously a part of me In my arteries, runnin around, gunnin you down, son I put a gun in ya ribs Pullin you out, put yo body down in the ground, to later be found, not able to identify it Mother***ers, you recon all my technical lines and my rhymes they burst in fire i'm an arsonist And when you say that you are fire, you're as hot as a flame, I will put yo light out, ***ing narcissist I wanna be rich you son of a *** you licking dick like addicted to drinking my *** But I admit that it's sick when you do it like this, and I predicted my dick would get covered with spit A boomin splatter bomb, i'm praised but spat upon, amazing that you work as a groupie tag along And maybe I am wrong, but you make me dwell, how come your only 16 and give amazing head ***ing ***, I cover you all, I come on all, cum is lost, I got powdery balls ...
  • Fear in Garden Festival ... MOTHMAN and FUNKADELIC CHICKEN. I shrieked as two figures exploded from the bushes. A bright yellow creature, squawking loud and scratching their heels into the ground before they launched to another strange manifestation. The other was golden and wings outstretched clicking, hissing in retaliation. The two came together with force and tussled to the ground. Each escaped the others grasp and fought venomously. The affray moved around the temples. I remembered my camera and quickly brought to my eye level and started to take photographs. I thought 'No one will believe this!'
  • Gravity_5 Sorry for the long wait. :( . . . .. . . . . . Selena awoke to a quiet buzzing next to her ear, as she turned over in the fluffy queen-sized bed. Groaning, her arm stretched over to the side table, and her fingers grasped the mobile phone. Too tired to even bother to see who it was that was calling, she flipped the phone up and pressed it to her ear. "Hello?" She mumbled, her eyes drooping again. "Why, hello," rang a familiar deep, husky voice. Selena jolted upright in an instant. "Nick?" "Mhm," he murmured. "Why are you calling me at. . ." Selena stopped trailing off glancing at her alarm clock. "three o'clock in the morning, may I ask?" she hissed venomously. Nick chuckled silently to himself. "Am I not allowed to call you at this hour? I was not informed," he joked. "How the hell did you even get my number, jackass?" Nick grinned from ear-to-ear, even though he knew Selena couldn't see him. "I have my ways," he trailed off, thinking. "You have 'your ways', hmm?" She repeated, eyes narrowing and her eyebrows arched in playfulness. "Then use 'your ways' to hang up the phone!" Selena screamed, hanging up, throwing the phone across the room and silently cursing to herself. "That boy. . ." she hissed, and slowly drifted back to sleep. - - - Selena stepped into the building sluggishly. Her hair in messy pony-tail, and had bags under her eyes. She had gone all natural with no make-up. Her legs covered up with grey, baggy sweatpants and her torso and arms covered with a thin ...
  • Mayor Endorses Dennis & Dugan (the antedotes).MOV Mayor Andrew Hardwick -- after admitting while in church, that he has a gun, he endorses his hand picked candidates by venomously slamming trustees, insinuating that they are poisonous to the Village, admitting that yes he has an agenda and seemingly calling residents that disagree with him as filth.
  • DARKEMPIRE The Merciless Storm - Cali Colombia /darkempireprog This song is from --THE ART OF PERSUASION-- (New Album in Studio) which will be in stores and in the web soon. ARTURO DUQUE: Vocals JORGE OLEAS: Guitars ADRIAN OLEAS: Guitars JAVIER ORTIZ: Key Boards LUIS MURILLO: Bass ALFONSO SIERRA: Drums ----The Merciless Storm---- The night has fallen The death is near I feel many lives are going to disappear Start to feel the chill of fear That enslaves our destiny and Surrounds our life Now you are on the land of endless pain Where our souls try to escape From the killing hand, every day!!! Theyre coming already, The servants of hate Sat in golden thrones, blessing: the damnation faith They have supported the fortune of tyranny That venomously governs our lives Killing our will And now, the past is here Charging us the bill because we forgot it In the bloody rivers of the wasted days We are diving once Again. Dont close your eyes Just, blame to yourself Because you gave this power to the killing hand This is the truth You sold your soul Join to the war to save your destiny Welcome to the lines Of the resistance Drink the power from your heart Come to break our chains. Theyre coming already, The servants of hate Sat in golden thrones, blessing: the damnation faith Here we are coming from the shades The warriors of faith, we are carrying our weapons of light Against its hate! (And now, the past) Here we are coming from the shades The warriors of faith, we are carrying our weapons of light Against its hate!!! And now, the past is here ...
  • Ryu ga Gotoku 4 OST [Vol. 2] - 14 - VIP Massage Track 14 - VIP Massage Composed by: SEGA

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