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  • Vaulting is the process of removing volumes from libraries, moving them to a safe place (vault), waiting for them to become empty Everything done by the vaulting mechanism is logged in a log file. — “TSMMANANGER”,
  • Rules & Relevant Documents. Rules for Vaulting Events, 7th edition, Guidelines for Vaulting Judges, effective 1st January 2009 - updated 12.03.2010. — “DISCIPLINES - VAULTING - RULES”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Vaulting. Information about Vaulting in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. fan vaulting. — “Vaulting definition of Vaulting in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • The sport of Vaulting is a competitive discipline where both gymnastic and dance elements If you are interested in a Vaulting package please click here for more information. — “2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ - Vaulting”,
  • Definition of vaulting in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of vaulting. Pronunciation of vaulting. Translations of vaulting. vaulting synonyms, vaulting antonyms. Information about vaulting in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “vaulting - definition of vaulting by the Free Online”,
  • Therapeutic or Interactive Vaulting is also used as an activity for children and adults who may have balance, attention, gross motor skill, or social deficits. Vaulting has many enthusiasts worldwide, but particularly in Germany, where it is often practised as part of basic equestrian training. — “Equestrian vaulting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • An introduction to the sport of Voltige or Vaulting. Find out what you'll need, how to prepare you and your horse, and what you need to know about vaulting or Voltige. — “Vaulting - Voltige - An Introduction to Vaulting - Voltige”,
  • Original designs for horse enthusiasts from western to dressage, drill to rescues vet and trainer gifts, high point awards and much more. Great prices, quality guaranteed. — “Vaulting : Cowgirly”,
  • A Dutch vaulting teamEquestrian vaulting is most often described as gymnastics and dance on horseback, and like these disciplines, it is an art and not a competitive sport. It is open to males and females. It is one of ten competitive equestrian. — “Equestrian vaulting”,
  • Vaulting could be described as the art of gymnastics on a moving horse. Vaulting, according to the American Vaulting Association (AVA), has a history dating back to the Roman Empire when it was a means by which soldiers were trained to ride. — “Vaulting”,
  • Vaulting has many enthusiasts worldwide, but particularly in Germany, where it is often practiced as part of basic equestrian training. American vaulters have been successful competing internationally and the US has produced several world champions and highly ranked vaulting teams. — “World Equestrian Games Disciplines - Vaulting”,
  • Nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of vaulting all over the world. — “International Vaulting Club”,
  • Vaulting coverage and results from the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky, from . — “Vaulting at the 2010 World Equestrian Games”,
  • You can read about vaulting here and elsewhere, but you really have to see it to believe it. Vaulting is a wonderful sport for kids and adults--who doesn't want to learn to stand on the back of a cantering horse and maybe do a flip off?. — “Equestrian Vaulting”,
  • vaulting n. The act or practice of constructing vaults. The method of construction of a vault. A vault or vaulted structure. — “vaulting: Definition from ”,
  • Vaulting enables youth to learn about horses, make new friends and do cool things on horses safely. The focus of these Vaulting teams is to promote character development and athleticism by working together with horses, other vaulters and through competition. — “Horse Vaulting in the Washington DC area”,
  • Competetive vaulting also meets most Sundays at 4. There is an additional $20 charge for this class. Vaulting is a very safe and fun way to be involved with horses. It develops balance, strength and confidence. — “Welsh Rabbits Vaulting Club”,
  • The sport of Vaulting is a competitive discipline where both gymnastic and dance elements are combined and performed to music on a cantering horse. The variety of events creates an engaging competition for spectators as they watch athletes of all. — “Vaulting | ”,
  • While it can be a thrilling spectator sport, vaulting is not only the safest of the equestrian disciplines, but it is documented safer than riding Vaulting injuries are comparable to those seen in gymnastics, and AVA injury summary reports demonstrate that the majority of vaulting injuries. — “Quarter Turn Ranch - Vaulting”,
  • "Introduction to Equestrian Vaulting" camps are designed to generate interest in the sport. — “American Vaulting Association Offers Summer Day Camps This”,
  • Spirit Equine Center: training in vaulting, dressage, and jumping. — “VaultingPro: Horse Vaulting Indiana”,
  • Equestrian riding and vaulting training. Program descriptions, prices, calendar, questions and answers. Horse photos with descriptions. — “Vaulting "Gymnastics on Horses" in Menifee, CA”,
  • Sanctioning body for U.S. competition in the sport of Vaulting - gymnastics performed on the back of a moving horse. — “American Vaulting Association”,

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  • WR Indoor & Outdoor pole vault Sergey Bubka World Record Indoor (Donetsk - 6.15 m.) and Outdoor (Sestriere - 6.14 m.)
  • Pole Vault Trail Leg Drill (Amy) Simple drill, but it's great for developing a fast, straight trail leg in your vault.
  • Utah Gymnastics Intra-squad Vault 11.21.08 Vaulting from Utah gymnastics team intra-squad on November 21, 2008
  • Pole Vault Fail (pole snaps) When i broke my pole vaulting in early 2004, 10 weeks of rehab and i was good as new
  • CHIO Vaulting Masters 2007 Vaulting Masters at CHIO 2007 - Aachen, 06.-08. July 2007 - DVD-Intro from
  • Hopping Pole Vault Joel has a navicular stress fracture with 8 weeks of non weight bearing. Is pole vaulting still an option? (and by the way, my PB is now 5.30m not 5.20m)
  • vaults 102 parkour
  • Explosive Pole Vault Fail - Break Fails The camera did not catch the two actors from Final Destination who were impaled by pole fragments. Clip of the Day.
  • Pole Vaulting 101: Rule #1 Never Let Go James demonstrates the hazards of a premature release of the pole, while vaulting in "The Shell." Location: Madison WI Date: December 1st, 2006
  • Ali Divita's 2007 Gold Women's Vaulting Freestyle Ali Divita performs her 2007 Gold Freestyle at the National Championships on Lorino
  • USA, FACE, Dark Side of The Moon Vaulting Freestyle, Aachen '08 Team USA, FACE - Dark Side of The Moon's first place freestyle on Wasonero at the 2008 CVIO/CHIO Aachen.
  • Scott Huffman vaulting in the 1996 Olympics Scott Huffman on Japanese TV. Broadcast of 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Video shows first attempt clearance of 18-4 1/2 (5.60m)
  • Trojan Games - Precision Vaulting It's all about the landing. Trojan Games.
  • Two Handed Vault - American Parkour - Parkour / Free-running The Two Handed Vault This is the traceur's basic vault in parkour. Approach the obstacle by placing two hands on it, then lift your legs up and over to the sied of the object. American Parkour - http
  • Gymnastics on Vaulting Horse Equestrian Vaulting, gymnastics on a horse
  • 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games-Vaulting This video was made to help understand the intricacies of Vaulting. For all your news regarding Vaulting please visit /competition
  • Pole vaulter breaks his shaft in three - from Universal Sports 2009, Berlin, Germany, IAAF World Championship Track and Field, decathlon athlete, Willem Coertzen of South Africa snaps his pole into three pieces, yet some how the commentator does not notice. (Universal Sports, )
  • Pole vaulting - Jack Dee Live at the Apollo - BBC stand up comedy Are some sports more manly than others? Another hilarious clip from Jack Dee's live stand up show at the Apollo Theatre in London.
  • Pole Vault Gone Bad More at: this poor athlete left his right nut up high.
  • vaulting, gymnastics on horseback FACE b team, Nationals 2005, Denver, Co.
  • Allison Stokke Pole Vaulting High School Allison Stokke pole vaulting for Newport Harbor High School. At Newport Harbor High School, broke the country record in her senior season with a mark of 13-7...also ranked second in California and second in the nation that year with that jump...during her junior year, made the Orange Country Register newspaper's "All-County Track Team"...three-time Seaview league champion...first place in the CIF Division II finals with a mark of 13-0...took second place in the CIF state finals (12-9), earning the second-place finish after recovering from a broken a sophomore, broke the county and meet records and tied the sophomore national record with her jump of 13-4, and a few days later, broke all three of those records with a mark of 13-5.75...took first at the Orange County Championships (13-0), and was named Female Athlete of the Meet...selected to USA Today's "All-USA Track Team, Girl's Team"...named one of the Los Angeles Times' "Top Performers"...achieved the age 15 national record (13-4), the age 16 national record (13-5.75) and the indoor sophomore national record (12-9) her freshman year, broke the school record four times...CIF state champion (12-8)...set the freshman national record with a mark of 12-8...named to the Los Angeles Times' all-star girl's track team...a verizona junior All-American...won the Newport Harbor High School Academic Excellence Award...NHHS academic letter and pin...made the national honor society and the California Scholarship ...
  • Alan Launder - Pole Vault Swing Discussion Alan Launder, the author of Beginner to Bubka, recently discussed the swing at a camp at Willamette Striders Track Club in Oregon City, Oregon. Buy his book at . Filmed by
  • The Vault - pole vault video mix This is pole vault video mix made by Tomas !
  • Parkour - How to Do Parkour Vaults To view the next video in this series click:
  • How to do Parkour : Parkour Training : Monkey Vault Learn the Parkour vault known as the "Monkey Vault"
  • THE VAULT pole vault mix video
  • Vaulting Freestyle WEG 2006 2006 Women's Gold Medalist, Megan Benjamin, performs her freestyle on Leonardo at the 2006 World Equestrian Games, Aachen, Germany. Video by the Barwig Family.
  • Off-Site Tape Vaulting Reliable data protection has never been more essential For organizations using tape as a backup medium, data backup and vaulting are no longer the straightforward tasks they once were. Recent trends have created new requirements, risks and expectations: * Explosive data growth, combined with litigation and compliance pressures, requires that the data on backup tapes be easy to search and retrieve * The growth of identity theft and network intrusions has heightened the need for backed-up data to be secured during transit and in storage * Recent disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, remind us how important it is to protect backup media and rapidly recover data to support business continuity Secure your data off-site, offline and out of reach -- until you need it You can absolutely depend on Iron Mountain to secure your backup data and ensure quick recovery of your vital information in the event of a loss. We offer a range of off-site tape vaulting services to meet the diverse needs of data centers, distributed offices, and remote sites. Off-site Tape Vaulting services will help you to: * Access your data whenever and wherever you need it * Recover quickly following disasters and other disruptions * Help reduce the possibility of data losses, theft and business interruptions * Reduce compliance risks, enhance accountability with rapid data recovery * Use best practices for vaulting consistently across your organization * Reduce costs with a convenient managed service No ...
  • 1980 Moscow Olympics, Mens Pole Vault Poland's Władysław Kozakiewicz won the pole vault with a jump of 5.78m (18'11.5") — only the 2nd pole vaulting world record to be established during an Olympics. In the pole vault competition, despite pleas for silence in three languages, jeers, chants and whistles among the different factions in the crowd supporting French, Soviet and Polish pole vaulters could be heard. Immediately after Kozakiewicz secured his gold medal, he responded to the jeering Soviet crowds with an obscene bent elbow gesture. This gesture is now referred to in Polish as "Kozakiewicz's gesture".
  • Gymnastics Attempt Gone Wrong One of the most crazy, painful and funniest things Ive ever seen
  • Jayme Wyss: Pole Vault Beginnings (2005) This video showcases the earliest stages of Jayme (Anderson) Wyss and the Pole Vault. Wyss's story as a track & field athlete began in the small town of Deer Park, Wisconsin, a self-proclaimed village with a population just over 200 people. Back when she was referred to by her maiden name of Anderson, Jayme had her interest in pole vaulting spurred by an older sister who competed at Wisconsin-River Falls. Despite her fascination, there were no opportunities for Jayme to be trained at Clear Lake High School, which did not have a vaulting pit or equipment. But instead of choosing the alternative of giving up on the sport her senior season, Jayme got her hands on some vaulting apparatus and a training video and started her career in her own backyard. I figured this was my last chance to try pole vaulting and there was talk of my high school getting equipment by the end of the year, so I wanted to get a head start, explained Wyss. I went in the yard and dug a hole in the ground, used some twine to vault over. It was rather amusing, she says as she looks back on her early days. Although her high school never actually landed the equipment, Jayme would not be deterred. Her homefront training paid off and she competed in a number of meets. Wyss showed enough skill to win her league title as a senior with a best mark of 8 feet, 3 inches. When it came time to decide on a college, Jaymes first priority was finding a school that fit her academic interests. She settled on the ...
  • Pole Vault Fail For more, go to:
  • Gymnastics Vault Guide: Part 1 Guide to vaulting using the 2009 Code of Points This video includes: Group 1: Vaults wihtout Saltos Group 2: Handsprings Group 3: Tsukaharas
  • Men's Pole Vault Technique ***ysis - 19' 4" in Full Speed and Slow Motion / Stop Action This vault is a little under at the plant and he just barely misses a great vault of 19' 4". Good stuff for ***ysis, coaching, and commentary of pole vault technique.
  • Skin-the-Cat to L Position Pole Vault Drill Amy and Natasha demonstrate a very tough drill that is great for building ab and lat strength for a quick rowing motion in the pole vault. Amy is doing the "hard" version; Natasha the "easy" one.
  • Petr Eim, Equestrian Vaulting World Championship, Brno 2008 Free style round of equestrian vaulting World Championship 2008
  • Isinbayeva retains pole vault title Russia's pole vault queen Yelena Isinbayeva easily retained her title, but she was unable to break her own world record at the world championships on Tuesday. Isinbayeva won with a vault of 4.80, while Czech Katerina Badurova took silver with 4.75 and Russia's Svetlana Feofanova bronze after taking an extra vault to clear the same height. (WCSN, )
  • The Best of Pole Vaulting pole vaulting
  • The mix of pole vault ! Another mix by Tomas !
  • Isinbayeva Breaks Pole Vault World Record Again 2008, Monaco, IAAF World Athletics Tour, Herculis, Womens Pole Vault, Yelena Isinbayeva, of Russia, sets yet another world record at 5.04 meters. In the midst of having a tough day, she pulled through and broke her old record on her last try. (Universal Sports, )

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