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  • This comes from Frank Zindler, and additional information as well as rebuttals to creationist arguments about varves can be found on Glenn Morton's page here. From "Rock of Ages" by Frank Zindler Varves are thin, laminar structures that, when seen edge-on, resemble the growth-rings of trees. — “Answers in Genesis BUSTED!: Rocks of Age: How Varves show the”,
  • Such views as represented by evolution actually rely on assumptions that these varves are laid down consistently year after year. So varves are not really a problem for a young earth, they just show that deposition. — “Varve - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science”,
  • Kingston, RI: The Rhode Island Natural History Survey will host a lecture entitled Varves, Palaeomagnetism, and Radiocarbon: Formulating a Detailed History of the Last Ice Age in New in the earth's magnetic field in "varves," fine-grained sediments deposited in lakes near. — “Rhode Island Natural History Survey " 2007 " September " 21”,
  • Lake varves indicating an old age for the earth, and used to calibrate C14 dating. — “Lake Varves”,
  • Varve ***ysis is the process of counting varves or annually laminated sediments to determine the rates of The salt and electrolytes in seawater cause a homogenous mass, preventing the formation of varves. — “Varve ***ysis”,
  • The selections below are quoted in full — including everything the authors say about varves — from a response (by Sarfati) in a rebuttal of Problems with a Global Flood by Isaak {but it includes an irrelevant quote from F.C. Kuechmann} and a counter-response (Henke). Response by Sarfati. — “Isaak & Sarfati & Henke (re: varves)”,
  • a condition of the genetals resulting from over use and/or high amounts of friction put upon the area. the condition may cause bruising, chafing of. — “Urban Dictionary: varves”,
  • Glacial Varves from Ancient Lake Great Falls. CLICK HERE to see a much larger version (1.3 Not all glacial lake sediments exhibit layers as distinct as those shown on this page, and varves are not limited to glacial lakes. — “Montana Earth Science Picture of the Week”,
  • For years young earth creationists have made a frontal assault upon a geologic feature known as varves. At the end of each claim, I will show the flaws in the young earth arguments against varves. — “Truth In Geology Series, The Truth about Varves”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Varves. Information about Varves in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Varves definition of Varves in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Pleistocene age varves at Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Of the many rhythmites found in the geological record, varves are one of the most important and illuminating to studies of past climate change. — “Varve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Varves in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Varves. Pronunciation of Varves. Translations of Varves. Varves synonyms, Varves antonyms. Information about Varves in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Varves - definition of Varves by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Usually, varves occur in repetitive series and thus comprise vertical sequences of annual cyclic deposits. Varves can be used as tools for correlation as well as for chronological reconstructions. — “varve: Definition from ”,
  • varves: fine layers of alluvium sediment deposited in glacial lakes. Their annual deposition makes them a useful source of dating. — “varves”,
  • Varves: Layered Sediments as. Evidence for an Old Earth. A varve is a pair of thin layers of sediment. Typically, one band of the varve is light and composed of sand, pollen, and spores, while the second layer is dark and composed of very fine clay particles. — “Varves: Layered Sediments as Evidence for an Old Earth”,
  • Students count the number of varves (annual layers of sediment) in The count is then extended to reflect the entire 260 meters of sediments where the billets originated, a period of nearly 2 million years during which the annual lake sediments (varves) were laid down. — “Lesson: Varves”,
  • Notice the regular laminations on the part of the yearly varves. Lake varves contain much organic material which can be dated by carbon 14. If the varves are yearly and the radiocarbon dating. — “Age of the Earth”,
  • About the VARVES WG. It has been ca. 10 years since the last specific meeting for the "varve community" was held at the Lammi Biological station in Finland. Since that, there has been a great amount of new publications on varved sediments, some. — “VARVES”,
  • Varves are amongst the smallest-scale events recognised in stratigraphy. Varves form only in fresh or brackish water, because the high levels of salt in normal sea water coagulates the clay into coarse grains. A: By counting the couplet varves you are counting the number of cycles. — “Varve”,
  • . This domain name is available for use! It is part of an exclusive collection of "shared" personal names that allows multiple users to have simple, memorable, personalized email addresses, such as you@, all sharing the same domain name. See if your name is available:. — “”
  • Varves definition, (in lake sediments) an annual deposit usually consisting of two layers, one of fine materials and the other of coarse. See more. — “Varves | Define Varves at ”,
  • Exposures of glacial lake sediments known as varves were found along Sandy Stream on the Varves are rhythmic couplets of coarse-grained and fine-grained. — “Glacial Lake Varves - Maine Geological Survey”,

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  • red The rate of deglaciation in the Merrimack Valley ~100 m vyr matches very closely the corresponding time of deglaciation in the Connecticut Valley southern New Hamshire and Vermont Deglaciation of the Merrimack Valley See text for description Click on image for high resolution version ~450 KB JPEG Deglaciation in the Northeastern U S
  • sarakstu Protams ciešā kontaktā ar tautu tāpēc LZRA gaidīs arī copmaņu viedokli un informāciju jo sevišķi attiecībā uz upīšu posmiem kuros ir parādījušās mazās HES Latvijā dažādos līmeņos ik pa brīdim uzplaiksnī diskusijas par lašu un taimiņu resursu izmantošanu par zvejnieku un makšķernieku savstarpējām attiecībām un lietām kas
  • d in a normal sedimentary sequence older beds overlie younger beds 13 This picture shows varves how many years are represented within the red rectangle a 1 b 6 c 12 d 150 14 Sea water is a supersaturated solution of a sulfuric acid b carbonic acid
  • Necik sen pieminēju Jim Chapralis Iedziļinoties viņa darbos arvien vairāk tajos atrodu lietas radnieciskas tām ar kurām esmu saskāries Viens labs piemērs ir rakstiņš
  • this exposure shovel is above the bottom varve being over a meter thick It may represent the later stages of subaqueous fan deposition from the nearby receding ice front Shovel is 0 5 m Varve Section at Canoe Brook Dummerston VT Letters indicate approximate position of three images below that show the progression from ice proximal A to distal C varves Note people for
  • research objective today is to find and sample varve exposures in the Hudson Connecticut or upper Merrimack Valleys that will span the gap and consolidate the separate varve sequences Antevs compiled the upper Connecticut varves to varve 7750 Antevs 1928 but at one exposure near Newbury VT he counted an additional ~750 varves This section would later be used by
  • Gatavosim izmaiņas noteikumos Darba grupa kura izveidota ar zemkopības ministra svētību un jau gadu darbojas ap dažādiem dokumentiem zvejniecības jomā ir ieplānojusi pēc divām nedēļām ķerties klāt pie
  • varve ***yses in hypertrophic Baldeggersee Switzerland Aquatic Sciences Research Across Boundaries Volume 59 Number 4 December http library eawag ch EAWAG Public awag 02384 pdf Notice the differences in water content and varve thickness through time from Units A G 20 Cm to 12cm etc in just 100 years It should be possible to extrapolate from this data
  • 10 yr mistake in varve measurement Calibration curve for Lower and Upper Connecticut Valley varve records Click image to download larger version ~350 KB JPEG The calibrated age vs NEVC plot for selected radiocarbon ages
  • 3 inch ID PVC schedule 40 pipe cut to 2 ft lengths with ends beveled Driving Cores with Drop Weight Core Driver Left to right Jack Ridge Jonathan Nichols and Duane Braun at Starrucca Ck in northeastern Pennsylvania Shown at right is the drop weight core driver being used to drive 3 ID PVC pipe
  • The box has a camera port on the top and has been painted on the inside with flat non gloss white paint Inside there are eight 2 ft full spectrum fluorescent bulbs to illuminate the cores Clockwise from top left Front view right side Front view left side View in top of box through access doors and camera port View in end of box showing core roller system The scale is
  • varve records from left to right which has become the norm in North America De Geer and varve chronologists in Sweden plotted records from right to left which is still the case today The images below show some of Antevs 1 1 tracing paper plots of varve thickness from tapes pinned to outcrops Many of the notations on these plots are in Swedish
  • H is represented by the difference in age of the basal varves at A and H or the number of varves missing from the bottom of the record at H as compared to the varve record at section A Determining the Relative Ages of Basal Varves Onlapping Varves The relative position of basal or ice proximal varves in a varve sequence at different places can be determined through
  • observation suggests that the varve records are truly annual The inter basinal matches have more recently become important for identifying major flood events recorded in single basins The histograms show the number of outcrops measured to compile the major varve records and normal curves in the northeastern U S from Ridge et al 1999
  • with lower Connecticut 6300 = upper Connecticut 6632 The lower Connecticut axis has also been broken to eliminate NE varves 5669 5678 now known to be a 10 yr mistake in varve measurement Calibration curve for Lower and Upper Connecticut Valley varve records Click image to download larger version ~350 KB JPEG The calibrated age vs NEVC plot for selected radiocarbon ages
  • varves Closeup of A in outcrop image above Varves 7 12 above base of exposure Thick 10 40 cm sandy ice proximal varves that thicken and become sandier downward Knife handle is 10 cm Transition varves Closeup of B in image above Varves 55 63 above bottom of exposure Arrows show positions of bluish gray winter layers Knife handle is 10 cm
  • 5 6 7
  • Even the local lakes with the potential for varves in the Holocene sediments and the opportunity for canoeing are interesting
  • nunataks snout erratic Yellowstone erratic Washington varves kettle lake kame terrace striations
  • 080823I2 GodbeamsAtS > 03 Nov 2008 22 47 288K 080823I2 GodbeamsAtS > 03 Nov 2008 22 47 19K 080819K2 PoolWithVar > 03 Nov 2008 22 47 400K 080819K2 PoolWithVar > 03 Nov 2008 22 47 7 5K
  • raksturīgas šim periodam cope ir vāja ar nelieliem neprognozējamiem uzplaiksnījumiem Cerīgākas ziņas kā vienmēr ienāk no upēm un ezeriem kuri saistīti ar jūru Medijos kur vien paskaties neviens neiztiek bez ekonomikas krīzes pieminēšanas Kā parasti pārsvarā viss tiek zīmēts drūmās krāsās un runa ir par recesiju ekonomikā 2009
  • pirms kādiem 5 gadiem pavasara palu laikā No makšķerēšanas frontes ziņas visumā nav optimistiskas tā kā pēdējās dienas valda stipri vēji labu ziņu pat no jūras ir maz
  • PL07 39PC YD varves HOR jpg
  • Ragnar Lidén that was formulated in the early 20th century Later revisions and additions are shown in orange The Fennoscandian moraines represent deposition during the Younger Dryas Event Swedish Time Scale from Stromberg 1989 De Geer and his students not only assembled varve sequences in Sweden but also in other parts of Europe North America South America and Africa
  • excluding the recent century under the Suess effect C Comparison between 14C sequences from tree rings and from varves likewise shows an unexplained deviation of tree centuries IntCal and Varves D The statistics of Ernst Hollstein s oak samples contradicts the current model 1 The observed sample count variations above 3 sigma are very unlikely
  • bathymetric changes associated with lake level change or sudden changes in sediment source In the example below the recession from the position of section A to section D took 150 years For the history of Ernst Antevs work on deglaciation go to History North America For the modern view of deglaciation in the northeastern U S vs varve chronology go to NEVC Today
  • pirms kādiem 5 gadiem pavasara palu laikā No makšķerēšanas frontes ziņas visumā nav optimistiskas tā kā pēdējās dienas valda stipri vēji labu ziņu pat no jūras ir maz
  • Sand in a basal varve resting on till in base of core at Clay Brook Charlestown NH Basal varves in the post Norway Beds Ridge and others 1990 west of Herkimer NY in the western Mohawk Valley The post Norway Beds rest on upward fining sand and gravel of an ice proximal
  • the base of a submerged ice front basal varves are likely to be very thick >1 m and composed of thick sandy summer layers that may have been deposited as a part of subaqueous fan deposits Basal varves overlying red till at Croton Point Park Hudson Valley NY
  • Dryas interval become thicker and sandier to several centimeters due to the shallowing of the lake by sediment infilling and the decanting of water by isostatic tilting in the region Left Newbury core section showing the spike in varve thickness at NE 7500 arrow that may represent a change in lake level or large flood event much further up valley Middle Newbury core
  • Transition varves Closeup of B in image above Varves 55 63 above bottom of exposure Arrows show positions of bluish gray winter layers Knife handle is 10 cm Ice distal varves Closeup of C in image above Varves 380 390 above bottom of exposure These varves were deposited in a distal environment relative to the receding glacier Arrows to the
  • image007 jpg
  • Radiocarbon ages of ice margins Click on image for high resolution version Calibrated ages of ice margins Click on image for high resolution version References
  • have faded into a gradation between the summer and winter layers NE6804 6809 6811 6812 6815 6816 or is replaced by a set of light gray silt partings NE6805 6806 6810 6813 6818 Top The Mink Brook varve section with flood events near Hanover NH as photographed back in the 1930 s by Richard Lougee from Lougee 1935 On the outcrop are Richard Lougee above and
  • The histograms show the number of outcrops measured to compile the major varve records and normal curves in the northeastern U S from Ridge et al 1999 Matching varve series from separate basins Top Connecticut Valley southern VT NH vs Merrimack Valley NH Middle Connecticut Valley southern VT vs Hudson Valley near Catskill NY
  • Diamicton of a later readvance The bottom varve in the post Norway beds represents abandonment of the subaqueous fan by ice recession and closely approximates the time of deglaciation Basal varves overlying till at Keesville NY in the Champlain Valley The bottom three varves resting on till arrows mark winter layers right most core are very thick and sandy as
  • We recommend no less than 1 pipe nipple and carrying several replacements and pipe wrenches into the field is wise To download a PDF of the core driver assembly instructions click here Core driver assembly Removing Cores Cores may be dug out carefully with shovels and knives and capped with duct tape on both ends
  • siltuma vilnis Nav brīnums ka arī copē viss iet kā pa viļniem vairumā cirkulējošais viedoklis par sliktu copi mainās ar atseviškām ziņām par negaidīti labiem lomiem 16 janvārī notika kārtējā darba grupas sēde par MN jautājumiem No tiem pantiem kuri mani visvairāk interesēja jāatzīmē ka grupā vienojāmies ka makšķerēšana no laivām
  • of all end moraines ice flow directions and erratic trains known at the time For a more detailed discussion of the history of Antevs work on varves and deglaciation click here Compiled by J W Goldthwait Plate VI of Antevs 1922 Click image for high resolution version ~530 KB JPEG Connecticut Valley Deglaciation
  • Rhyolite 0 52 Myr dammed the drainage of the East Fork of the Jemez River creating a lake in Valle Grande Most of the lake deposits consist of laminated diatomaceous silty clay VC 3 core from 73 7 m depth showing mud laminations and a diatomite horizon

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  • varve- earth layers making in 20 minutes 01.wmv How to make earth layers and varves in your own home in about 5-20 minutes. I'll show you... please DO this at home if you dont believe me....
  • CTriverAug42010006.avi Glacial varves in the Connecticut river at the train bridge, Northfield, MA. on Wednesday, August 4, 2010, with scuba diver. For detailed description of varves and New England during the glacial period, see
  • varve- earth layers making in 20 minutes 00.wmv science claimes that earth layer formation takes milions of years and that varve formation is an annual procces (as assumed is with tree rings and snowlayers). Well I can 100% surely say; thats a humonguous lie; I can do it within the time frame of 5-20 minutes and I'm going to show you how to do so. And even more I suggest that you do this test yourself at home if you dont believe me that I am speaking the truth. It is very very basic and easy... and it doesnt take a lot of material..... please do this at home....
  • Glaciation: Diamictites An examination of diamictine and sandstone strata of the Garvellachs and how they make up the rock formation.

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  • “Ron Schott's Geology Home Companion Blog - no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end Some of the best varves I've seen were along the shore of Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior, near Brimley, Michigan”
    — QTVR " Ron Schott's Geology Home Companion Blog,

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  • “In our final post in this series, we examine a fourth line of evidence—tree rings and lake sediment layers (varves)—and make concluding remarks. Subscribe to our RSS feed or add us to Google Reader to receive the latest blog updates from Science & the Sacred”
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  • “surfaces, roots, and coatings that cut across the varves, forming medium aggregates, most varves were nearly intact and few varves had ped surface”
    — Soil Taxonomy Forum - View Message -,

  • “I don't know. Can you help? Option 1: 50,000 varves represent roughly 50,000 years, and the fact that the Suigetsu varves continue to about 100,000 means the earth's history also must extend to at least 100,000 years”
    — Mick's Blog,

  • “Visit any anti-creationist website and you're certain to find a discussion of varves, tiny laminae thought to be annual deposits within sedimentary strata. In some areas millions of these are found in succession, which are offered as "proof" of long ages”
    — Varves: Proof for an Old Earth? - C***, conserva***.com

  • “Recently I've been encountering claims that many independent dating methods confirm each other, proving that Earth is millions of years old. This is in reference to different radiometric methods and also to non-radiometric methods like”
    — Agreement between Dating Methods? - Creation Conversations,

  • “Religion discussion forum: Lame Young Earth Arguments, and the People Who Promulgate Them Annually deposited sediments caused by temperature, or runoff in lakes form varves, thin layers that can be cored and counted”
    — Lame Young Earth Arguments, and the People Who Promulgate,

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