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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Variometer - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • . — “ | Bessey Vario | Paragliding Wing | Paraglider”,
  • Definition of variometer from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of variometer. Pronunciation of variometer. Definition of the word variometer. Origin of the word variometer. — “variometer - Definition of variometer at ”,
  • This is my homemade variometer. A variometer is a two terminal coil that was used in the early days of radio. These were used to change the radio tuning or regeneration control. — “Dave's Homemade Vario-Meter Coil”,
  • The project consists in the realization of an accurate low-cost Alti-Variometer and Barometer instrument based on the Sparkfun Electronics Weather Board equipped with VTI's SCP1000 digital absolute pressure sensor (see Fig.1) and running on a Sony Ericsson C905 mobile phone. — “Alti-Variometer”,
  • Variocoupler and Variometer Primer "The Peebles Choice" by Mike Included with this discussion are circuit and pictorial diagrams for building your own variocoupler and variometer out of common salt boxes. — “Antique Radio: Xtal Set Society Newsletter Excerpts”,
  • I decided to construct an experimental loading coil and variometer unit suitable for antenna testing and low power low frequency operation. A carefully centered hole is drilled through the walls of the variometer form and filed to fit a length of 3/4" ABS sprinkler riser pipe. — “Build a Ten Gallon Loading Coil Variometer for MF/LF”, w5
  • Aspects of the topic variometer are discussed in the following places at Britannica. The most important instrument is the variometer, which shows when the glider is moving up or down even when. — “variometer (instrument) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of variometer in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of variometer. Pronunciation of variometer. Translations of variometer. variometer synonyms, variometer antonyms. Information about variometer in the free online English dictionary and. — “variometer - definition of variometer by the Free Online”,
  • But for free flying, something better than just a basic altimeter is needed: There should also be a variometer function built in, that is, the instrument should measure rate of climb/fall, and give acoustic information about this. There are many such instruments available commercially. — “Variometer-Altimeter”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Variometer. Information about Variometer in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Variometer definition of Variometer in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Variometer definition, an instrument for measuring inductance, consisting essentially of an inductor with two or more coils whose relative position may be changed See more. — “Variometer | Define Variometer at ”,
  • The term variometer also refers to a type of variable transformer or an instrument for measuring the magnitude and direction of a Magnetic field. It is usual for gliders to be equipped with more than one type of variometer. — “Variometer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The SkyAssistant variometer is a small on-board device which indicates the R/C model's vertical speed by an audible signal. Actual variometer pictures: Click on the picture to enlarge it. — “Variometer”,
  • variometer a measuring instrument for measuring variations in a magnetic field. — “variometer: Information from ”,
  • Pressure transducers replaced flow sensors in our variometers in 1982 and their variometer/audio functions plus a push button averager, all functions properly altitude. — “Manual for B40 VARIOMETER/audio/averager”,
  • Variometers,varios,contest vario,ultra sensitve variometers,world famous instruments,high quality hand made mechanical instruments. — “Sage Variometers - High Quality Mechanical Variometers”,
  • The variometer gives the glider pilot information on performance of the glider while flying through the atmosphere. The variometer operates on the same prin-ciple as the altimeter, however, it indicates rate of climb or descent instead of vertical distance. — “Glider flying - Variometer”,
  • Variometer. Product Name+ Model. Price. Buy Now. Expansion Tank. Expansion tank with copper Bestsellers. 01. Expansion Tank. 02. Variometer MacCready Ring. 03. Variometer 57mm. 04. — “”,
  • Buy variometer, Electronics items on eBay. Find great deals on Collectibles, Business Industrial items and get what you want now!. — “variometer items - Get great deals on Electronics”,
  • Personal flight instruments for soaring, hang glider, paraglider, and balloon pilots. — “Flytec USA // Personal Flight Instruments For Soaring”,
  • electronic variometer: Developing and building a electronic variometer is a very interesting task - especially for a glider pilot who studies electronics. Based on the experience with the altimeter I developed a electronic variometer, which is described on this page. — “electronic variometer - Marko Rocznik”,
  • The variometer signal is simply the derivative of the barometer signal. It gives a much more accurate vertical speed signal than is possible with GPS.This kind of measurement is used by the free flying community (hanggliding, paragliding, ballooning). — “Variometer - Openmoko”,

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  • L1D Variometer - Almost there ... Sound is a little too laggy, should move exponentially towards the "target note", but other than that it's SWEET!
  • Eryri HD for download on: Take a ride over the mountains of Snowdonia National Park in a soaring plane.
  • L1D Vario (FPV variometer) - "Silent mode" test flight Today I tested the "silent mode", which is configurable from an external button on the vario. It lets you focus on flying more than thermaling by going silent when no thermals are detected. The vario jumps into action as soon as a climb is found. Apart from a tiny thermal that I was not able to circle in there wasn't much activity today. Most of the flight was pretty quiet, which proves that "silent mode" is very nice especially for "bad" (for us soarers) weather conditions. There was a lot of wind, but the vario handled turbulence without problem. Next up: Improving sound algorithm. "Final" release: +/- 1 week PS: L1D stands for Last One Down :)
  • Coffs Harbour Unplugged HD on: just one single take, no cuttings, no blends and only some comforting music to emphasize the dreamlike atmosphere of this fantastic piece of art.
  • RC Mamba 3000 second flight RC Mamba 3000 second flight with radio variometer and altimeter turned on
  • FTX Pacific Northwest - Majestic Flight A huge, expansive vista awaits in this serene video flyover showing the unique terrain, photoreal areas and some of the urban and cityscapes. Set to a soaring guitar and orchestra soundtrack, it will give you goosebumps! Made for Orbx by video maestro Variometer aka Andreas Paschen.
  • Variometer viedo#2 Variometer
  • Cularis with video camera and navigation system Cularis with FPV equipment: camera, 2,4GHZ sender/receiver and experimental OSD navigation system, with full avionics: speed, distance, location, altitude, variometer and artificial horizon.
  • Centering a Thermal A short clip demonstrating the centering of a thermal in an ASW-19 sailplane. This ***pit view shows the pilot narrating his efforts to locate the center of a column of rising air whilst piloting a sailplane. The clip starts at 5000 feet. The clicking sound that you hear is an aural indication of rising air currents. This sound is produced by a very sensitive instrument known as a variometer. Most variometers emits a series of beeps, the instrument in this aircraft was made by the Redwood Instrument Company "RICO" in the 1980s and uses a series of clicks to indicate rising air. The more rapid the clicks the faster one is ascending. Shot over Brownsburg Quebec Canada in the spring of 2009, pilot Yves Bastien of the Montreal Soaring Council, aircraft is a Schleicher ASW-19 registration C-GBYR
  • DCS: Black Shark - Sieg KX1 CNC Milling simulator gauge - part 2 Milling a part for a simulator variometer -part 2 The mill is a Sieg KX1 bought from Arc Euro Trade ( More info here: /Oakes
  • DCS: Black Shark - Sieg KX1 CNC Milling simulator gauge Milling a part for a simulator variometer. The mill is a Sieg KX1 bought from Arc Euro Trade ( More info here: /Oakes
  • variometer video #3 confirmation of the same behavior of second variometer Results: the first the movement from 0 to 90 and from 0 to 270 no frequency shift again only the movement from 90 to 180 and back to 270 makes frequency change.
  • electro soaring model and strong wind onboard camera self made electro soaring model equipped with flycam one 2 and wstech variometer cs voice III. wingspan 2.2m
  • Radio Controlled Glider, Valenta Thermik ***L Some free-style flying. Tube in the Tail is TEK probe for the Variometer (DataVario). You can get the Variometer from Wolfgang Schreiner at
  • The Story of LastOneDown Boy Once upon a time in a village faaaar up in the mountains ... :)
  • Soaring Heroes HD-Version on Gliding over the outlands of Australia. I like the AU-Blue-scenery very much, because it looks so stunning real flying low over the ground.
  • M-Link extreme, Segelkunstflug in Hayingen mit SZD-59 Glider aerobatics with the SZD-59 in Hayingen. We used the Multiplex M-Link Variometer to see the values during aerobatic figures. The variometer in the plane has its limits at +/-5 m, the M-Link-sensor allows higher values. There was no problem with the range. After more than 2 km range, the signal was cut off during the aero tow. During the aerobatics (beginning at 1200 m above the airfield) we recieved datas in a high quality all the time. The transmitter I use is the ***pit SX.
  • variometer video #1
  • Model aircraft up to 2000 feet over Kelsall, Cheshire Model aircraft with video camera flying over 2000 feet altitude. The aircraft is equipped with telemetry (variometer) and talks to the pilot stating exactly the height.
  • Melbourne International HD on Exploring Melbourne International Airport
  • Orbx YBCS Official Trailer YBCS, the tropical gateway. Cairns is a thriving coastal tourist mecca not only for Australians, but tourists from all over the globe. This makes Cairns International Airport very busy in terms of airline traffic, as well as the many tourist operators who run sightseeing flights from the GA and commercial apron. Jarrad Marshall is the developer working his magic on YBCS, with the level of accuracy we've come to expect from him. Not only is the airport represented in enormous detail, the entire city of Cairns including the major hotels, marina, foreshore and other POIs are also modeled to create a simply wonderful approach to the airport from the south. Perfectly blended into the popular AU GREEN region, this airport will be yet another jewel in the expanding Orbx crown of internationals. This video has been beautifully produced by Andreas Paschen (Variometer) who has based it on the intro of a popular 1970's TV series set in Hawaii.
  • Gliding - York GC - Thermalling - 700ft per minute climb York Gliding Centre, Rufforth,UK. This is a 700 foot climb in a minute, in a reasonably strong thermal on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, in the clubs Grob Astir single seater. Altimeter bottom left shows the increasing height, variometer(s) right top and bottom showing rate of climb (6 to 8 knots [nautical mph vertical speed]).
  • RC aerotowing Kyosho Piper Cub 50E, EasyGlider Pro with EagleTree Glide Variometer system
  • DIY radio variometer
  • FsBus & variometer
  • DCS: Black Shark - Sieg KX1 CNC Milling simulator gauge - part 4 Milling a part for a simulator variometer -part 4 The mill is a Sieg KX1 bought from Arc Euro Trade ( More info here: /Oakes
  • Another Day Over HD on Sunset Downunder in the Realair Decathlon cruising above the FTX-sceneries AU-Blue and AU-Gold
  • FTX - Enter a whole new world HD for download on: This is the official promotional of the fantastic FTX-Australia.
  • Ascent- Reach for the Sky.mp4 Introducing the new Ascent Vario specifically designed for paragliding and hand gliding. The Ascent Vario brings you everything you need in an affordable package...and it's small enough to wear like a watch. If you live in the US, you can purchase it at Link
  • Radio Controlled Glider in Thermals, WSTech DataVario Some thermal flying and the free-style flying. You can get the Variometer from Wolfgang Schreiner at
  • One Night in Hong Kong HD on take a VIP tour above the city of Hong Kong and visit the old airport Kai Tak as a passenger on board of the EC-135 Helicopter.
  • LPCXpressoVariometer.avi LPCXpresso LPC1100 Challenge Variometer & Logger for R/C Aircraft
  • DCS Black Shark - Variometer Demo Demo of my DIY Variometer for DCS: Black Shark More info here: /Oakes
  • Paragliding in a Thermal at Elings Park, Santa Barbara - I went to the Training Hill today in Santa Barbara and got a real nice thermal up and over launch. About an 8 minute flight, and I caught most of it on my GoPro Hero camera. If you want to see what flying a paraglider can be like without a motor, You'll enjoy this. Nice gentle thermal - up, up and away! It's really fun to track the lift using a small variometer and the visual of a bird here and there getting a bug as it gets sucked up off the ground. The video ran out of memory just before I came back in for a nice top landing (and a round of applause). Really, a very special little flight!
  • Variometer zar sailplane Video courtesy of SkyAssistant Variometer is installed on board this model sailplane. In the background you can hear an audio announcement in predetermined intervals, regarding Altitude. The SkyAssistant can also be programmed to inform you of temperature , RX battery voltage, and many other settings, including warning alarms. The Variometer helps you center thermals and have more feedback from the model. After the flight you can view, save and ***yze a graph from the units cpu via USB port. SkyAssistant is available for purchase in the USA from in EU it is available for purchase from
  • L1D - FPV Acoustic Variometer buy it now at:
  • FPV Instrument panel project getting finished At last there was a better weather to try out the FPV instrument panel with all the measuring elements working. It was very windy with heavy gusts, so there is no stable flight. As usual I forgot to recalibrate the vario before getting in the air, so it sees a small positive vertical speed. And because I am a lazy sob ... I havent made the audio link to hear the variable pitch beeps from the variometer. Vario down can be seen well, but vario up LED is weak, barely can be seen. The IAS indicator is not calibrated yet, it indicates only the raw measured data Details about the project can be found at:
  • Sage Variometer Audio Demo Demo of new Sage Variometer audio at the SSA Convention. Has 3 different audio tones. It can be retrofit to any Sage Variometer
  • DCS: Black Shark - Sieg KX1 CNC Milling simulator gauge - part 3 Milling a part for a simulator variometer -part 3 The mill is a Sieg KX1 bought from Arc Euro Trade ( More info here: /Oakes
  • Tasman V1000 Variometer Overview Overview of the Tasman V1000 variometer for use in sailplanes. By Paul Remde of Cumulus Soaring, Inc., www.cumulus-

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  • “Just in, and in stock, is the NEW 6015 Flytec Variometer-GPS for hang gliding and paragliding pilots. We also stock and promote the equivalent Brauniger BASIC-GPS. **Update (25/11/09): We plan to sell these at $715 AUD”
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  • “Here's a cool DIY tool for para-gliders and alike, learn how to make an Alti-Variometer. I've actually seen a para-glider who crashed into a tree by the”
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  • “But I just realize that I will never going to post a video in this forum because of the quality in here. Quote from: Variometer on April 30, 2010, 06:37:12 AM. Thanks to all of you for your nice commens, they are”
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  • “Hello Can someone advice me how to built myself a Altimeter and Variometer for RC plane ? I would like to get datas live transmitted on a LCD disp”
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