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  • Varietals – What does it mean? Of the approximately 10,000 documented grape varieties; 180 are made into wine. But in terms of wine labeling, varietal names are most often found on New World wines--those from Australia, America, New Zealand or South Africa. — “Varietals - What does it mean?”, iws-
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is a Varietal? The term varietal is most often used in the context of wine, as a description of the grape used in producing the wine. — “What is a Varietal?”,
  • This article explores some of the different grape varietals utiled to make wine. — “Wine Grape Varietals”,
  • The term wine varietal refers to the grape from which the wine is made. By law, the varietal must have at least 75% of that grape. Example: A California bottle of wine labeled Zinfandel must contain at least 75% Zinfandel grapes. — “Wine Varietals | Types of Wine | California Wines”,
  • Qupé is dedicated to producing handcrafted Rhône varietals and Chardonnay from California's Central Coast. We are committed to sourcing grapes from some of the best and most prestigious vineyards in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. — “Qupe Winery - Welcome to our Site”,
  • Along with the varietals rondinella and molinara, corvina is the principal grape used to This varietal most likely has its origins in the Ragusa province of. — “Italian wine grape varietals”, tuscan-
  • "Varietal" describes wines made primarily from a single named grape variety, and which typically displays the name of that variety on the wine label.[1][2] Examples of grape varieties commonly used in varietal wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot. — “Varietal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Camellia sinensis can be hybridized very easily, and this has led to the development of more than 3000 varietals (or cultivars). — “Tea Varietals - Tea Information from Tea Genius”,
  • Definition of Varietals in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Varietals. Pronunciation of Varietals. Translations of Varietals. Varietals synonyms, Varietals antonyms. Information about Varietals in the free online English dictionary and. — “Varietals - definition of Varietals by the Free Online”,
  • Information about Portuguese vine varietals from Vitis vinifera. Some of the more important Portuguese white vine varietals include: Alvarinho, Loureiro, Arinto, Encruzado, Bical, Fernão Pires, Moscatel and Malvasia Fina. Some of the more. — “Portuguese wine varietals”,
  • How to Experiment with Different Wine Varietals - A varietal wine is made primarily or exclusively from one grape variety. Learn how to experiment with different wine varietals with the help of this wine guide video. — “How to Experiment with Different Wine Varietals Video – 5”, 5
  • Definition: Varietal refers to a wine made from a grape variety like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Chardonnay. Often called the king of wine grapes, this varietal is rich in tannins, and provides the strength and complexity necessary to. — “ - Wine Varietals”,
  • Coffea Arabica coffee bean varietals and plant information on different types of coffee beans. — “Arabica Coffee Bean Varietals”,
  • Varietals. White. Arneis, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Cortese, French Colombard, Varietals. Calendar. Today Event. Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. — “Mendocino Winegrape and Wine Commission - Varietals”,
  • Understanding wine varietals is one of the first steps to understanding wine. Wine is made from grapes, and only grapes. However, there are hundreds of varietals that vary quite dramatically. — “Wine Varietals”, wine-tastings-
  • Do you know the difference between Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc? Learn more about the different types of wines with our educational guide to wine varietals. — “Reds Whites Wines Varietals Education Descriptions Tastes”,
  • German grapes and the wine they make differ surprisingly from the better known varietals grown in the US, Italy or France. While whites predominate, German reds are making some inroads and receiving acclaim. — “German Grape Varietals”,
  • Varietals. Dark French. Dark French roast is a super dark roasted coffee that offers a strong and intense, full bodied taste with a smoky flavor. While its roasted very dark, our Dark French does not have the burnt taste! 1lb Price: $12.95. Grind. Grind Notes or Filter Type. Red Sea Blend. — “Varietals”,
  • Varietals. Monterey produces over 40 different grape varietals, each with intense varietal characteristics from the concentrated fruit grown in the From the lighter Rhone varietals of San Bernabe, to the huge Bordeaux varieties out of the protected river beds and warmer southern region, Monterey. — “Varietals”,
  • Expert varietal specific wine articles and wine recommendations. — “Wine Varietals: Chianti, Syrah, Zinfandel & More | Into Wine”,
  • Olive Varietals. Regulations and Standards. Orchard Management. Milling/Handling/Packing Varietal Chart. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z All. — “Varietal Chart | The Olive Oil Source”,
  • Varietals refer to the specific variety or type of grape used to make a wine. For example, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are two different types of red wine grape varietals. — “Varietal”,
  • varietal adj. Of, indicating, or characterizing a variety, especially a biological variety. n. A wine made principally from one variety of grape and. — “varietal: Definition from ”,

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  • Vineyard Varietal Garden created by Santa Rosa Jr. Colege at Kendall Jackson Winery! If you've ever been interested in what the differences in grape varietal are you visiting the Kendall Jackson Winery is good place to start. I took this video of each of their varietals that is producing grape clusters (26). Because this video is exactly 10 minutes (the youtube max) I will post further videos of each varietal individually throughout the season (when I get the change to swing by Kendall Jackson). You can pause the video at any time to check out the suttle and not so suttle differences at at time. Enjoy!
  • ¡Pacamaras! The varietal of a given coffee has to be the most overlooked contributing factor to how it tastes. In this video I tell you all about one of my most favorite varietals, the strange and exotic Pacamara.
  • California Wine Month: Chateau Julien Cal-Ital Varietals Featuring Winemaker Bill Anderson
  • An Italian Varietals Wine Tasting and a Special Guest - ... Today Gary Vaynerchuk explores 3 Italian varietals that are planted in the United States and has a very,very,very,very special guest too!
  • Cabernet Class Bordeaux Varietals
  • Kaapzicht - Single Red Varietals (3 of 4) Kaapzicht produces 4 single red-varietal wines, each with their own unique characteristics and style....
  • Interesting Spanish Varietals Tom from Vino 100 of Newburgh NY discusses some great Spanish Varietals, including Monastrel, garnacha, tempranillo and cava.
  • Jan the wine lady-Red varietals Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Spanish Red Grape Varietals with Wine Expert Josh Hackler Behind the Burner goes "behind the vine" to tell you more about grape varietals before they hit your glass. We visit Bodegas Aragonesas in Aragon, Spain with wine expert Josh Hackler and discover what makes Spanish Tempranillo, Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah so special. Tip: Tempranillo grapes in northern Spain are larger than other varietals Tip: Cabernet Sauvignon is the sixth most widely planted red wine grape in Spain Tip: Syrah is typically powerful, full-bodied and peppery Tip: Tannins are found in grape skins and stems, adds zest to wine Trick: Vineyards in higher elevations typically yield more concentrated fruit Trick: Garnacha grapes thrive well in hot, dry climates Trick: Spain's climate conducive for Syrah's early ripening and concentration Technique: Older vines produce grapes with more complexity and character Technique: Garnacha wines are generally spicy, fruit forward and soft on the palate Technique: Cabernet Sauvignon has high acidity, tannins and aging potential Technique: Tannins dry out the mouth, give you a "puckery" sensation Technique: Acidity describes a"tart" taste, balanced levels give wine brightness
  • The Varietal Show This week's theme is agriculture. I talk about different varietals of coffee!
  • Macchia Winery Produces Award-Winning Italian Varietals in Lodi Winemaker Tim Holdener takes some time out in the barrel room to talk about Macchia Wines and his choice to drop everything and dive into the wine business. A decade and numerous award-winning wines later, Holdener and his wife Lani are living the dream.
  • Bianchi San Juan Vineyards Paso Robles Refosco - 2005 - 9.4 - James Meléndez The Refosco grape comes from Italy (Friuli), Slovenia and Croatia and now in Paso Robles. San Juan Vineyards has 10 acres of Refosco--which may be the largest planting of this varietal in one vineyard in California. Beyond the usual suspect varietals of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay--this area is a treasury of varietals from Italy, Spain and the Rhone region. The diversity of varietals is amazing and truly underscores this undiscovered wine country. The quality of wines are well done from this region. It is always impressive to see a lesser known varietal being produced in California and I think that this comes from the winery's principal and / or wine maker and their fundamental beliefs in these compelling varietals. This wine provides notes of black cherry, blackberry, anise and ground clove, cinnamon and chocolate and finishing with black pepper and Crimini mushroom. ¡Salud! *** Aplethora of wine reviews from wines regions around the world. Read more of my wine reviews: © 2010 James Meléndez / Jaime Patricio Meléndez All Rights Reserved. James the Wine Guy also on Facebook, Twitter and most major social medias.
  • Cabernet Class Why We Blend Bordeaux Varietals
  • Red Varietals I2W
  • Planting 4 000 vines from 13 varietals at Rouge-Bleu.mp4 Planting 4000 white baby vines in 2 acres, using 13 varietals. Shows how to do it with pulling cables on the soil, distributing the baby vines and planting them
  • Must Love Wine - Varietals Berto discuses a few of the varietals used in producing wine.
  • Mokelumne Glen, Lodi CA - Our German Varietals Our German Varietals
  • Jan the wine lady - white varietals Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio
  • Focus4 more knowledge about varietals
  • Junmai Sake : Junmai Sake Varietal The Junmai sake varietal is distinguished from other sakes by the amount of milling administered to the rice. Learn about the Junmai sake varietal withtips from a sommelier in this free video about sake. Expert: Beau Timken Contact: Bio: Beau Timken is a licensed sake sommelier and the owner of True Sake in San Francisco. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
  • public wine tasting held by Yats Wine Cellars featuring five red wine varietals Featured in this wine tasting event held in Makati Manila Upper East Restaurant are five red wine varietals namely Barbera, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo and Zinfandel. Over 45 wine enthusiasts attended. Yats Wine Experience is a public wine appreciation event. Because there are no sponsors, participants are never exposed to pushy wine salesmen or subjected to boring sales pitches and speeches. Every event has a different theme designed to highlight a certain aspect in wine appreciation. Although the whole point about Yats Wine Experience is really to have a wonderful time with wine and congenial company, many participants leave the event knowing more about wine. Those who wish to be kept informed may email [email protected] or call any of these numbers to be placed on their private mailing list: (632) 6375019 (045) 599-5600 0922-870-5178 0917-520-4401 (632) 584-4085. Most events are also posted on their web site . For more information about Yats Leisure, visit their web site at http
  • Master Sommelier Joseph Spellman Chats with Lindsay Pomeroy after Blind Tasting Session During the 2010 San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival week, Master Sommelier Joe Spellman walked some of San Diego's finest wine experts through the finer points of how to determine varietal, vintage and AVA utilizing classic techniques involving sight, smell and taste. The panel, along with the audience tasted from six exceptional wines and tried to establish the varietal, region and vintage. Lindsay and other panel members talked through why the particular wine's color, aroma, and palate lead them to believe they knew the wine's properties and characteristics. Spellman reviewed with guests and a blind tasting panel (that included Taste Of Wine TV/ Wine Smarties host Lindsay Pomeroy) what professionals look for in identifying different varietals and styles of wine following the Master Sommelier technique of wine identification. The blind tasting was conducted in the Court of Master Sommeliers' tasting format, at the San Diego Wine and Culinary Center. Lindsay caught up with Joe shortly after the class for a quick recap of what was presented during the session.
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  • White Varietals I2W restore
  • Kendall Jackson Vineyards Fulton, CA ( Sonoma County ) Sant Rosa Kendall-Jackson Winery: Private Limousine Service: Designated Driver Wine Tour Guide Service: I had the day off today so I decided to go to the Kendall-Jackson Winery (about 10 minutes from my house) and take some video of their grounds and their Varietal Garden. This video is of the Winery grounds, I will add the varietal garden in another video. The Winery grounds includes a varietal vineyard set-up by the local community college ( Santa Rosa Jr. College), Vineyards, a sensory garden, a culinary garden, as well as a seasonal garden. The Kendall Jackson Winery is an excellent place to learn about Wine. The Varietal Vineyard (garden) has about 30 different varietals growing side by side so you check out the suttle and not so suttle differences up close. I will post video of this Varietal Garden throughout the 2009 season to document the growth of each varietal. The sensory garden features flowers, plants, vegatables & fruits that you would smell or taste while drinking red or white wines. The Culinary Gardens ( International Cuisine Garden, Vegetable Trial Gardner, and the Culinary Herb and edible flower garden. If you plan on visiting Napa instead of Sonoma County and would like to visit a Varietal Vineyard similar to Kendall Jackson's you can stop by Pine Ridge Winery on the Silverado trail in Napa.
  • Wine Weirdos try odd white varietals from Anne Amie and Lynfred a Muller Thurgau and Seyval Blanc are up for inspection on this episode of Wine Weirdos
  • (#015) BC, Non Typical Varietals I love when regions start to experiment with grapes that aren't classic or typical of their region. If no one ever did this than how would we find out what varieties do well here.
  • Wine labels: Know your wines: Buy varietals like an expert Become an expert at decoding any wine label. This concise and informative ebook written by a 20 year Napa wine industry veteran is THE insider's tour to buying wine.
  • Joe Bastianich: Four Great Italian Varietals Joe Bastianich recommends four great Italian wine varietals
  • Current stage of 2009 vineyard growth - on different varietals! Napa & Sonoma My Blog: I will update a video once or twice a week showing the various stages of vine growth from Sonoma & Napa Valley Vineyards. This video was taken the week of April 27, 2009 approximately 3 - 4 weeks after bug break.
  • Navigating a Wine List with Sommelier Troy Weissmann at South Gate Restaurant When dining out, the food often gets the spotlight while wine menus get labeled high maintenance. We love to drink wine, but as much as we hate to admit it, those mammoth-sized menus can be a little intimidating. Celebrity Wine Consultant Michael Green makes sense of it all and takes us to award-winning South Gate Restaurant in Manhattan. Tip: Don't be intimidated, consider the wine list and sommelier your tools Tip: Want to engage the sommelier? Just ask! Tip: Communicate and let the sommelier know exactly what you are eating Tip: Try familiar varietals from different, undiscovered regions Trick: Let the sommelier know if you have any likes, dislikes or preferences Trick: Letting the sommelier know your price range helps the selection process Trick: Unique, lighter New World wines are a fresh alternative Technique: Wine lists are often arranged by grape varietal such as Chardonnay or Merlot Technique: Wine lists may be organized geographically as well Technique: Elegantly communicate your price range by pointing to a varietal and amount
  • WBM Video Interview: Varietals (Part 4) Wine Business Monthly editor Cyril Penn in an exclusive interview with Danny Brager of The Nielsen Company. Part 4: Varietals
  • 02 TWL Bacchus University Cork - Varietals
  • Wine Varietals 101 with Brian Kosi at Freemark Abbey Winery Indulge your senses at beautiful, historic Freemark Abbey Winery in Napa Valley, CA. Assistant Winemaker Brian Kosi explains how they create handcrafted wines from the renowned Rutherford appellation. From Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier to Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, learn what makes each varietal special. Tip: Malolactic fermentation is when tart malic acid is converted to a creamier, softer-tasting lactic acid Tip: Sauvignon Blanc has citrus, herbal notes and grass flavors Tip: Sur Lie means aging on dead yeast that forms after primary fermentation, resulting in richer texture Tip: Viognier has fresh flowers and peach flavors Tip: Chardonnay has pear, apple, toast and spice flavors Tip: Merlot is typically soft, fruity and round Tip: Petite Verdot is a red wine grape used in classic Bordeaux blends Tip: Brix is a measurement of sugar levels in a liquid Trick: Pick grapes early to retain acid Trick: Creamy texture from Sur Lie aging, not malolactic fermentation Trick: Stainless steel fermentation adds crispness and aromatics Trick: Oak is used in winemaking like spices are in cooking Trick: Blending fruits from different vineyards adds depth Trick: Retain Merlot aromatics by not over manipulating the wine Technique: Stainless steel fermentation keeps freshness and acidity Technique: 50% stainless steel and 50% oak fermentation balances complexity Technique: Chardonnay first fermented at 50º Fahrenheit in stainless steel Technique: For richness, barrel fermented wine is ...
  • Estate Varietal Wines Gloria Ferrer Director of Winemaking Bob Iantosca and Vineyard Manager Mike Crumly discuss Gloria Ferrer's Sonoma Carneros estate grown varietals, including Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  • An MW student's guide to remembering grape varieties I didn't make any of these up, honest. - If you've never heard the Tom Lehrer original, here it is: - If you love the Tom Lehrer original, well at least I kept the scantion identical. - If you are Tom Lehrer, please don't sue me.
  • Northstar Winery - Blending Varietals Northstar winemaker David "Merf" Merfeld discusses the blending varietals (Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, and Petit Verdot) used to add complexity to his world class Merlots.
  • How to Taste Wine, a 5 Point Method - An intermediate level instructional wine tasting method with Justin Manes from Crooked Vine Films. In this segment the a 5 point system is used to help illustrate the differences between 3 pours from similar varietals and 3 pours from the same varietal. 10-2-09
  • WineGeekTV Episode 021 Uncommon Grape Varietals. This show talks about a few grapes that the general wine buying public would not be familiar with, but produce good wine and for a reasonable cost. Learn about other geeky wine stuff at .
  • Fdip267: Running Varietals Talking about episode 267, "Running Varietals" while at the beach in sunny Florida.
  • Sam Scarpari's WINE PASSION TV #18 - Burgundy Varietals A special Chardonnay & Pinot Noir

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  • “Lodi Wine Country Blog. The Wine Whore. Vinotology Wine Blog. Wannabe Wino. Wine Conscience Saturday, May 22nd, 2010. Like Rhone varietals? In the Seattle area on July 13th & 14th?”
    — Rhone Wine Varietals | LangeTwins Winery and Vineyards Blog,

  • “Are you purchasing various varieties of pigs? If so which, some of our MO small farmers are blending heirlooms to get desirable traits .long loins, good fat, good”
    Varietals - Community,

  • “Limelight is's blog sharing news and events from our freelance writing community and the online publishing industry”
    — "Noble" Varietals,

  • “Tags:Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog, field blend, Tom Wark. Posted in Carignane, Geyserville, Lytton Springs, Petite Sirah, Rhone varietals, Varietals & Blends, Vineyards and Oenology, Viticultural Salmagundi, Wine Blogs, Winemaking, Zinfandel | 2 Comments "”
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  • “On February 29ththe Tasting Panel met to review Italian red wine varietals. We broke the tasting into 3 distinct groups. We reviewed 5 Chianti”
    — Italian Red Wine Varietals, Blind Tasting Results : Ken's,

  • “Taste and aroma profile for wine grape varietals semillon, sherry, syrah, shiraz, tempranillo,viognier, zinfandel The Bottle Topper [a wine blog for people]”
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  • “Home > News / Blog > Heathcote Shiraz Wines & Other Varietals to enable cookies. Heathcote Shiraz Wines & Other Varietals. 2007 D'Orsa Reserve Shiraz”
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  • “Blog. Cellarer planet. Cellarer search. About " Anjou wines: an overview On this website here is a list of red wine varietals. Here are articles on other quality websites about: white wine varietals”
    — 47 white wine varietals " blog.Cellarer,

  • “News and Blog: Blog. AIRFIELD ESTATES RHONE VARIETALS. August 25th, 2010. As most club The 5 red varietals we grow on the farm are Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Cinsault, and”
    — Airfield Estates -,

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