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  • Latent Variates and Multicollinearity. 7 Feb 2008 – M. Higgins. Georgia Tech BESTA Biostatistics Seminar Latent Variates are things/constructs which are. present but which can not be measured directly. For example, psychologists might. — “Latent Variables (Variates) and Multicollinearity "Good or Bad?"”,
  • The correlation is a statistical technique used to indicate the degree of relationship between two co-variates. A negative correlation means that there is a negative relationship between the two independent co-variates, where here an increase in one co-variate is related to a decrease in the other. — “Gerard Keegan's Psychology Site: Research Methods and the”,
  • 3. a discussion, in Section 3, of how to construct control variates in the constrained Monte Carlo coincides asymptotically with control variates. — “Some New Perspectives on the Method of Control Variates”,
  • Definition of variates in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of variates. Pronunciation of variates. Translations of variates. variates synonyms, variates antonyms. Information about variates in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “variates - definition of variates by the Free Online”,
  • variates. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 7 September 2010, at 06:02. Text is available under the. — “variates - Wiktionary”,
  • We found 3 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word variates: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "variates" is defined. General (2 matching dictionaries) variates: [home, info]. — “Definitions of variates - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • By Federico Belotti and Giuseppe Ilardi; Abstract: rtnorm() returns truncated normal random variates. The user may specify both the mean and standard deviation before. — “EconPapers: RTNORM: Stata Mata module to produce truncated”,
  • variates which are stable over time. The maximum likelihood approach models the positions of the group means to hypothesizing stable variates over time, one can also hypothesize. — “Canonical Variate ***ysis and Related Methods with”,
  • A well-known fact (sometimes used for generating random variates with non-uniform disitributions) is that will be a random Reversing this expression, one can create uniformly distributed variates from variates following other distributions by inserting the latter into. — “Generating Correlated Uniform Variates - COMISEF Wiki”,
  • Fortunately, proper use of variance reduction techniques (VRTs) such as control variates, strat the combination of control variates with stratification with respect to a continuous input. — “On the Interaction Between Stratification and Control Variates”,
  • Control Variates for Quasi-Monte Carlo. Fred J. Hickernell, Christiane Lemieux, and Art B. It is natural and obvious to combine QMC methods with traditional variance reduction techniques used in MC sampling, such as control variates. — “Hickernell , Lemieux , Owen : Control Variates for Quasi”,
  • Random Variates are described by Probability Distribution Functions (PDFs) How Random Variates and PDFs are used in Statistical Inference. Steps. — “Material for Session 4”,
  • Encyclopedia article about variates. Information about variates in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “variates definition of variates in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Downloadable! Methods based on linear regression provide a very easy way to use the information in control and antithetic variates to improve the efficiency with which certain features of the distributions of estimators and test statistics are. — “Regression-Based Methods for Using Control and Antithetic”,
  • A note on the quality of random variates generated by the ratio of uniforms method. Full method to generate nonuniform random variates out of uniform random numbers and. — “A note on the quality of random variates generated by the”,
  • The following program demonstrates the use of a random number generator to produce variates from a distribution. The variates depend on the seed used by the generator. The seed for the default generator. — “Random Number Distribution Examples - GNU Scientific Library”,
  • these situations it is more meaningful to construct common canonical variates that After finding the pairs of common information variates, we can plot each. — “COMMON CANONICAL VARIATES FOR INDEPENDENT GROUPS USING”,
  • The University of the Philippines Variates, more commonly known as the UP Variates or UPV, is the duly recognized socio-academic organization of the UP School of Statistics. Founded in September 8, 1989, its 21 years has been focused to support. — “University of the Philippines Variates - HOME”,
  • 2.3 Control Variates. Control variates (CVs) is a variance reduction technique. for that we undertook to use the method of con- trol variates in J-D and. — “2002: NEW APPROACHES FOR SIMULATION OF WAFER FABRICATION: THE”, informs-
  • A random variate is a particular outcome of a random variable: the random variates which are other outcomes of the same random variable would have different values. Random variates are used when simulating processes driven by random influences (stochastic processes). — “Random variate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • BRUCE W. SCHMEISER [1] MICHAEL R. TAAFFE [2] JIN WANG [3] We study Biased Control Variates (BCVs), whose purpose is to improve the efficiency of stochastic simulation experiments. BCVs replace. — “Biased control-variate estimation.(Honoring Alan Pritsker”,

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  • The Visionaries - Bringing chaos and love with Sivanski In this 3rd episode of the Visionaries we followed the talented street artist Sivanski. Her art is a balance between chaos and peace, they consists of small details, short messages or just something she wants people to see. If you take a closer look you see her dedication and passion into her drawings. We followed her as she takes a tour on the streets putting her art works up to let people see and enjoy it. /​ /​sivanski The Visionaries "Be more than just a dreamer, move to make them real everyday" Is a creative serie of video portraits that portrays individuals telling passionately their story about their art, passions, interests and on how they make their dreams live, to make them real. A Visionary variates each episode. One could be a musician, the other a graphic designer. Want to stay updated on The Visionaries Check us out on: The- / the_visionaries / thevisionariesFB
  • Variates On A Theme Of Robert Schumann This is my favorite of the the bass clarinet pieces that I'm thinking of using as an audition recording, but not this exact one. Mind you that my register key stick constantly.
  • Introduction to Angelfish (Part 1) This is part 1 of a recording of the talk given by Lisa Davies to the North Wales Aquarists Society at the June 2011 Meeting and Auction. Lisa Davies has been keeping and breeding Angelfish for many years and boasts a wealth of knowledge on the topic, and is also responsible for the naming of the Titanium Blue Angelfish we are now recently seeing in the shops. She covers a lot of the available colour morphs and strains and variates of angelfish currently available in the UK. With stunning pictures and a vast amount of knowledge in the genetics of Angelfish Lisa provides and in depth over view of these wonderful tropical fish, which can ALL be kept by any person wishing to have a tropical fish tank/aquarium. If you wish to contact Lisa about her Angelfish, as she does sell privately too, then visit the North Wales Aquarists Society Forum ( and find her under the screen name Ghipsi. Thanks for Watching! PART 2:
  • UP Variates AVP Video presentation of UP Variates for 08-09 freshmen orientation. ^^
  • Syncronicity vs. System : Highlight Points chemtrails afghanistan death cults conspiracies rewards nwo secrets fight or flight conscious awareness .. Freemantv made original audio and video from Freeman's radio show. This is the 'highlight' point edit of the 'syncronicity vs. the system'. There are many ways to react to our world as it careens and variates around us. If one chooses to seek the true peace of love within, there is no way to stop it from transforming the individual as well as the surrounding world. This is our true way of defeating the enemies which roam through this world seeking to destroy it. We must reverse negative polarities and find ways to see the good things in life and do what we can to contribute to them. That's whirledenergy channels viewpoint at least. Thanks for stopping by. Visit channel for more vids at your leisure. Also if you want to visit original 'lecture' visit Freemantv channel as well. Aloha (alo' exchange ha' breath of life)
  • VariaTes 1v3 WeZZy BaBy
  • Winter Wonderland This is one of my most successful plane spotting videos yet. Unlike my other spotter videos, this one have a large difference of aircrafts. Size variates from a Fokker 100 to a Boeing 777 This 3 minutes long clip was recorded 17th of February 2011, behind the western fence, getting a nice view for runway 19R-1L. This day was certainly a ILS approach CAT III day, with visibility of less than one nautical mile. If you pay close attention to the Thai Airways take off, you can see a cloud of snow following, because of the tremendous amount of thrust produced by the 777 engines. Please enjoy the winter wonderland plane spotting at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Norway 1st aircraft: Scandinavian Airlines SAS Boeing 737-800 from London Heathrow landing runway 01R 2nd aircraft: (taxiing) Thai Airways Boeing 777-200ER flight TG955 bound for Bangkok, Thailand 3rd aircraft: KLM Boeing 737-800 delta opperated flight DL9503 bound for Amsterdam Schipol Airport, Netherlands 4th aircraft: Aeroflot Airbus A319 flight SU212 bound for Moskow Sheremetyevo 5th aircraft: (taking off) Thai Airways Boeing 777-200ER flight TG955 bound for Bangkok, Thailand 6th aircraft: Continental Airlines Boeing 757-300 flight CO039 bound for Newark Liberty Airport, New York 7th aircraft: Austrian Arrows Fokker 100 bound for Vienna, Austria 8th aircraft: Thomsonfly / Thomson Airways Boeing 767-300ER flight BLX841 bound for Phuket, Thailand Please note: I did not use a tripod on the 1st and 3rd aircraft, therefore ...
  • How to make fawm kauv, banh cuon, steamed rice noodle roll A video on how I make Steamed rice rolls - from what I know this dish is known in Vietnam as Bahn Cuon. In China it's known as Rice noodle roll and Hmong peeps call it Fawm Kauv. I apologize if anything is incorrect. The dish variates in each culture and region. This is my all time favorite dish - it beats the eggrolls haha. :) Please enjoy!
  • Tester Seeds Blackberry Pie,Skank Tooth & Cavity Kush also Chocloate Rain & Update Today is update day as u see the babies are doing well growing right along and doing what they should, pumping up.Today I also show u my genetics tester seeds the variates are listed up top,i cracked all 5 each of them beans.I also cracking 3 Chocolate Rain seeds (to make a total of 19 more beans im cracking) the seeds from them are not seeds they are from another breeder. So the garden has become really interesting with all the rest of whats in there as well, I hope u all enjoy and like peace to all, smoke em if u got em like and sub hope u all-have a great week and see u next time in the garden peace all PS:Any questions please ask below
  • How to Pronounce Orthogonally Learn how to say Orthogonally correctly with EmmaSaying's "how do you pronounce" free tutorials. Definition of orthogonal (oxford dictionary): adjective 1of or involving right angles; at right angles. 2 Statistics (of variates) statistically independent. (of an experiment) having variates which can be treated as statistically independent. Derivatives orthogonality noun orthogonally adverb Origin: late 16th century: from French, based on Greek orthogōnios 'right-angled' Take a look at my comparison tutorials here Subscribe to my channel here :
  • Waterflame - Super swing-Bit Orchestra (HD) were else to go! but the super swing-bit orchestra show! for all your Swingin' needs baby ~ Taking small breaks here and there from my big job project and making something purely for the fun of it! This is a project of mine where i tried to mash up bigband and swing elements to a jumpy electronic beat. and this is the end result! Give it a chance, it variates and shifts all the time. so you might find something in there you like! hope you guys like it! peace ~ Stay tuned for more tunes guise! (Had to re-upload this cause of a publishing bug.) go here for download. (The little yellow floppydisc icon) dont forget to vote if you download it!: ( art used: )
  • HashUp EP (Promo) [Hardisco Records] Hardisco Records: Hashup EP (2012) **Out now on Juno Exclusive** Hashup EP is the second release on Hardisco Records which includes three tracks produced by Kalson, Rave Charles and Malkin Fritz. The style variates from Electro to Disco/Nu-Disco, from Clashy Club sound to Boogie and House music. Opening track of the release is Kalson's Spice, where driven 808 beat, deep bass and jackin' vocal will remind you of classical Boogie sound from end of 80's mixed with nowdays clubby and groovy production makes the track fresh for home, club or open air play . Followed up with Treviso by Rave Charles where driven distorted bass takes the main role filled with catchy cutted sequences, one of main ingredients in todays French Disco production, sealed up with intense rhythm section, no matter whats your style, Daft Punk, Justice or Sebastian Tellier, this piece brings perfect vibe as a "slow burner". The release closing track Aerobics produced by Malkin Fritz, mixture of Disco 4x4 beat and heavy breaks filled with spacey sequences and melodies that reminds of Nu Disco and classical Italo touched by a clashy groove gives a unique sound and vibe in todays dance music. BUY:
  • Dschingis Khan, myth and truth - "Storm from the East" [1/2] Djingis Khan, Genghis Khan, Chingiz Khan. Where does he come from, who was he? Myth and truth about folk of the blue wolf... His Story told by one of his officiers, by Je Hui Ahaj (i hope this is right). The 2nd Part Including a folk song to honor Djingis Khan. "We the children of Djingis Khan..." This was the melody from which Isao Tomita mades his Soundtrack. He simply variates the theme in 13 Track - and he does ist very well (in fact, this is the one and only CD i have from Tomita, i do not like his other music).
  • Pantera Live San Jose 1999 Pt5 A concert from 1999 with Pantera! They opened up for the Reunion of the classic Black Sabbath band. The quality variates but it´sa good show! In this clip: Primal Concrete Sledge & ***ing Hostile Setlist: Domination Hollow A New Level Walk Becoming Use My Third Arm Primal Concrete Sledge ***ing Hostile This Love Cowboys From Hell Enjoy!!!
  • 6.2. If x and y are two independent variates they are uncorrelated
  • How To Clip A Horse A simple tutorial how to clip a horse for beginners. This specific video features a trace clip but this style can work for all variates of clips including a full body or blanket cut.
  • Capoeira - Maripusa, Butterfly twist, Parafuseta [trans. Little twist] This sweet aerial acrobatic originates from Kung-Fu where it is called a butterfly twist and those guys do a lot of variations, into splits, 540 falling onto your front and even doubles! Capoeira variates mostly the entrance, here a young member of Grupo Engenho da Bahia, Salvador peforms a fast 360 twist. It can also be done straight from meia-lua de compasso which would keep it more 'in the game'.
  • How to Build a NIR Calibration Model with 11Ants Model Builder This tutorial video shows how you can quickly and easily build NIR calibration models using 11Ants Model Builder. If you've always been interested in experimenting with algorithms like support vector machines, Gaussian Processes, or many other machine learning algorithms, then you will find this video interesting. We also show how you can simply and quickly introduce co-variates into your calibration models, without any special treatment. Interesting to chemometricians and spectroscopists and anybody who needs to build a NIR calibration model. Visit www.11Ants***
  • Pantera Live With The Incredible Hulk Pt 3 This is Pantera Live With The Incredible Hulk! The quality variates. Sometimes it´s great other times less good. But it really is a great show. In This Clip: Slaughtered Setlist: Use My Third Arm A New Level Walk Strength Beyond Strength Slaughtered Domination Hollow I´m Broken Phil Talking Becoming Five Minutes Alone Phil Talking With The Incredible Hulk ***ing Hostile This Love Mouth For War Phil Talking Primal Concrete Sledge Encore Break Cowboys From Hell Crowd Noise No Video. Just Picture And Sound
  • Fender Supersonic Twin Combo - Damon from Fender UK @ Nevada Music UK Buy this here.. The Fender Super-sonic Twin 2 x 12 combo amp has been upgraded to what Fender are calling "Pro-level" and the power output is now 100 watts, however there are a few new tricks up the sleeve of the Fender Super-Sonic Twin ... Firstly we have an Arena/Club switch that variates the volume between 25 watts (suitable for club level) and 100 watts (suitable for an Arena) and this way the amplifier always performs to its optimum setting - plus you don't need to have a seperate amp for when you're playing a small club. Another new feature is the "Notch Tune" control - essentially this is a notch filter that allows you to manually scan the mid-range frequencies so that you can fine tune your particular flavour of distortion be it American or British. Following closely behind is a control parameter which allows you to change the characteristics of the speaker response - the "Damping Control" is located on the rear of the amp cabinet and can be set to Normal, Loose or Tight. Fender in their infinite wisdom have also introduced an Automatic Bias Control so that the user can configure the valves to their specific requirement, this handy addition will allow you to set the output valves to the recommended factory setting and to your preference of ?hotter? or ?cooler? bias with subsequently no need for meters or tools. But the fun doesn't stop there ... Fender also include 2 dedicated channels which have been voiced to achieve a specific sound, the ...
  • Edguy Live Compilation This one is for all you die hard Edguy fans out there! A collection of live clips from various years. The quality variates from okey to very good. The songs featured in this video is: Lavatory Love Machine Fallen Angels Walk On Fighting How Many Miles Wake Up The King Deadmaker The Piper Never Dies Enjoy! And please make comments and give oppinions on the songs and quality here!
  • Random Variates Normal && Poisson
  • Thema Met Variates Hendrik Andriessen's Thema met Variates. Recorded by James Alcée Brodeur at Holy Apostles Church in Cranston, Rhode Island on February 10, 2011.
  • wax on part 1 Wax ON, Performance at Michael Janssen Gallery, December 9th 2010 The WAX ON performance is literally a meltdown of several works. The Burned Marshall "VAMP" from the Armory show 2010 (Hoet Bekaert Gallery) -NYC performance, the bassguitar "Was een bas" from the "All bound rubber sound" installation at ART Brussels 2010 (Hoet Bekaert Gallery) and the drums from "Bag Drop", as part of the "Like a hurricane (you are like) exhibition (Michael Janssen Gallery) are here regained and settled as the finest gear for a greasy smoochy performative act which took almost 1 hour. (The video registration is about 25 min.). The track "Wax On" is a simple composition which hardly variates from the beginning to the end - very limited drum-variations smashed by phillipp janzen who give support to a very strong and massive bass provided by christopher marquez. Guitars and vox (joris van de moortel) are literally 'put on top' of all this. And off course the wax (joris van de moortel), the gass-fire...
  • UP Variates 20th Anniversary - Alumni Tribute It's been twenty years since everything started. Today we stand united and strong, molded by twenty years of genuine service and dedicated excellence. Today, we are here because all of you made a difference. UP Variates is what it is now because of you. We are your legacy. Song: Baryates (Himig Variates)
  • How to Pronounce Orthogonal Learn how to say Orthogonal correctly with EmmaSaying's "how do you pronounce" free tutorials. Definition of orthogonal (oxford dictionary): adjective 1of or involving right angles; at right angles. 2 Statistics (of variates) statistically independent. (of an experiment) having variates which can be treated as statistically independent. Derivatives orthogonality noun orthogonally adverb Origin: late 16th century: from French, based on Greek orthogōnios 'right-angled' Take a look at my comparison tutorials here Subscribe to my channel here :
  • How to Pronounce Orthogonality Learn how to say Orthogonality correctly with EmmaSaying's "how do you pronounce" free tutorials. Definition of orthogonal (oxford dictionary): adjective 1of or involving right angles; at right angles. 2 Statistics (of variates) statistically independent. (of an experiment) having variates which can be treated as statistically independent. Derivatives orthogonality noun orthogonally adverb Origin: late 16th century: from French, based on Greek orthogōnios 'right-angled' Take a look at my comparison tutorials here Subscribe to my channel here :
  • FFXIV Conjurer Cassiopeia Hollow Jellyfish Grinding - HD 1080p Grinding some Jellyfishes in the underground caves of Cassiopeia Hollow at Rank 20 Conjurer. The points variates alot, from 50-350 per Jellyfish. They resist my spells offen, though my Piety(magic acc) is way to low at the moment. Enjoy. Server: Lindblum
  • Speeding in Malaysia, Take 2. Kuantan to KL (E8 Motorway). This year I had a 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6L with a CVT Auto. Achieving 195km/h from a little car with a tiny 1.6L is certainly not a bad effort from the vehicle. Equipped with a Constantly Variable Transmission, the engine speed relates to throttle position while the g/box constantly variates, so with full throttle the engine can maintain full revs for the whole time. Around town, this actually made for very smooth and relaxed driving. If anyone from Kasina Rent-a-Car sees this video, I sincerely apologise.
  • [PEC001] Dr. Avalance - Borders // Play Electrik Club The first release of Play Electrik Club is "Borders", an elaborated composition by Simon Gomez aka Dr. Avalance. Finalist of the Sasha remix contest for his track "Cut Me Down", he launched his first LP "Borders" after passing through labels such as Stripped, Last Night on Earth or Per-Vurt. Under the name of Play Electrik Club lies a project leaded by Rob Loren and Dr. Avalance. Both work from Vigo (the northwest of Spain) in order to make known new artists through the publication of electronic music whose common denominator is high quality and the lack of conventionality. "Borders" is a musical reference to the borders of the universe. This concept is the answer to the title given by Dr. Avalance to the LP tracks, where you can find great bass lines leading a harmonious proposal. Its sound variates from Deep to progressive rhythms, reminiscent of Trance or the darkest Progressive House. The listening of "Borders" converts its music into to main character of a sensory journey showing us the different lines of the universe... 1: Dr. Avalance - 0zone 2: Dr. Avalance - Multiverso 3: Dr. Avalance - Point of No Return 4: Dr. Avalance - Konus Perfectus 5: Dr. Avalance - Divergencia 6: Dr. Avalance - WHAP 7:. Dr. Avalance - Borders Produced and mixed at Seaside Studios Artwork and video by Andrés Fontán http Mastering by Cid Inc. Text by TalenteDj´s BUY HERE!! on beatport @ http on Juno @
  • izreden.izreden.izreden. izreden.variates
  • Dreamscene Backgrounds for Windows 7 & Vista Dreamscene can be enabled on Windows 7 and Vista, but with certain video types. Dreamscene will only work on a Windows Media Video (.wmv) format only. So, you will need to convert your videos to a .wmv video type. Although, I have a site here for you for moving backgrounds that are created specifically for both Windows 7, and Vista. _______________________________________________ Scroll down and you should see a category of great variates of different background types.
  • Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Revving & Driving Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Revving & Driving A beautiful 8C I spotted this weekend, number 75/500. Nice owner, he revved the car for us! Recently I have filmed very little although I have spotted a lot of interesting cars! I might have to stop the weekly car spotting because I have exams quite soon, but after the exams are over I will be uploading very frequently. I can't wait for the Arabic cars in the summer! This weekend I have spotted -Bugatti Veyron matte black -Ferrari Enzo -Lamborghini LP570-4 Performante -Ferrari 599 GTO (3) -Porsche Carrera GT -Mercedes SLR Mclaren (different variates) -The usual Ferraris and Lamborghinis -Missed a Pagani Zonda F! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I filmed this with my Sony HDR-CX115! Buy one here; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- London has a load of nice cars and I have seen quite a few, but I haven't been able to get a decent video of any of them! Sorry for the lack of uploads, if you are interested in the cars I see check out my Flickr stream: granturismo mc stradaleNitrous, Need for speed, garn turismo, jay z, eminem, rihanna, trance, drum and bass, pagani zonda huayra hauyra, lamborghini lp700-4 aventador Bicolore larini sound acceleration Armin van buuren, , London supercars, supercars, cars in London, hypercars, sportscars, supersport ...
  • AK69 Limitless Compositions - Startale Bomber Thanks for watching, Comment, Like, Subscribe! FAQ: How can I learn to seperate my hands and feet to play polymeters and ostinatos like you ?! There are an abundant ammount of free video lessons of how to begin practicing these styles of drumming on my channel, I also am avaiblibe to teach you privately on Bandhappy. You can find me at /profile/AddisonKurt You can also find me at: /ThePracticeVlog /AddisonKurt /AddisonKurt Startale Bomber is a composition based around three rhythms evolving and overlapping around each other. This polymeter will be the first in a series of videos I'm going to be releasing on my Youtube channel. One side quest within these compositions is that all the drum tracks will be challenging for the drummer to play, but executed in an elegant and visually pleasing manner. One particular aspect of this piece is the overlapping of the 2/4 right hand pattern against the left hand 7/8 pattern between the two toms, requiring various crossover patterns as the polymeter variates and permutates.
  • AN-94 Abakan w/ m145 - 18/2 @Basra this is just a short gameplay to show how well the M145 works on the Abakan. Played with Stab. stock, Vipermags, precision barrel and obviously m145. To the Abakan itself, it feels like the mother of the Famas & the L85, it has something from both guns and variates them both very greatly. Essentially you get the ROF of the Famas with a little less recoil of what an AEK has and the accuracy of the L85, if you can stay on the target and tapfire correctly, that is. A very special gun and it surely is worth using once in a while.
  • Tekkit Ep8 - Light Sensing Castle door thingys In this revisit to Tekkit doors, we look into the different variates of door design that can be achieved with redpower2 in the nice setting of a castle. Light sensors, security locks and even a castle drawbridge make there way into this short episode, if there are any part you would like in a little more detail just leave a comment and I will try get back to you =) Enjoy. Texture Pack - Sphax PureBDcraft - Outro by Daniel Yount 'Dark Horizons' -
  • What is Qualitative Comparative ***ysis? by Wendy Olsen The full length [email protected] video can be watched for free at Qualitative Comparative ***ysis (QCA) offers a new, systematic way of studying configurations of cases. QCA is used in comparative research and when using case-study research methods. The QCA ***ysts interprets the data qualitatively whilst also looking at causality between the variables. Thus the two-stage approach to studying causality has a qualitative first stage and a systematic second stage using QCA. QCA is truly a mixed-methods approach to research. The basic data-handling mechanism is a simple qualitative table of data. This matrix is made up of rows and columns. Its column elements can be binary (yes/no), ordinal, or scaled index variates. QCA is best suited to small- to medium-N case-study projects with between 3 and 250 cases. Crisp-set QCA uses only binary variates for its truth table. Fuzzy-set QCA also uses ordinal variates. A variate is a column of numbers representing real, not hypothetical, cases. In implementing QCA, one can code up the case-study data using NVIVO 7 software to create substantive case attributes. Multiple-level nested or non-nested cases can be handled. Fuzzy-set ***ysis is an optional extra stage, which also uses Boolean logic, but which is not necessary for QCA and tends not to be as qualitative as crisp-set QCA (csQCA) itself.
  • grandma variates in goldberg grandma tries to express herself in moving to the 25th of the goldberg variations by JSBach piano played by Katharina van Leyden
  • Waterflame - Everyday heroes (HD) Made in 6 hours in FL studio 9! Please listen to the whole ting :D it variates and becomes more epic after a while Some guitar-breakin trumpet action goin on here! March out and do your thing! be an everyday hero! Need Custom music for your project? Contatc me at: [email protected] go here for download. (The little yellow floppydisc icon) dont forget to vote if you download it!:
  • variates.acle1.teaser0809 up variates 1st semester acle 0809

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  • “The location guide is the definitive resource for location filming and global benefits and incentives have capability to make the best out your project, with a huge variates of locations, I been the location manager for feature film like Miami”
    — Location Guide :: Pre Production Forum :: Read,

  • “Prior to 40D release, I hoped very much to see the next batch of Canon finally arrive with AutoISO*(cfr.infra) for the masses. So when 40 the way it variates is not user defined -variates only between 100-800 iso, leaving 1600 & 3200 unused. From my very short tests, it seems that it”
    — Auto ISO : 40D (0) vs 1D mkIII (1) vs Nikons (1) - Convincing,

  • “[Solved] Adding New Variates not being Saved - due to DB error January 2009, 15:01:39 " Oh my oh my I'm a silly one. I quickly found this thread from Neo - this fixed the problem. http:///forum/index.php/topic,4907.msg14195.html#msg14195”
    — [Solved] Adding New Variates not being Saved - due to DB error,

  • “[Archive] Low-Discrepancy Sequences with Accept-Reject Schemes Methods: Chapters 7, 8, and 20 When transforming uniform variates to normal variates (for example), is it legitimate to utilise accept-reject type algorithms such as Box-Muller?”
    — Low-Discrepancy Sequences with Accept-Reject Schemes [Archive,

  • “Now this is only an overview of how to prune Thompson Seedless and other unfruitful variates. Copyright © How To Grow Grapes | My Grape Vine Blog - Powered by WordPress. ProSense theme created by Dosh”
    — Pruning Thompson Grapes, my-grape-

  • “Online flash casino, due sciences club, which was concealed by wittgenstein. The channel found cards of paroli variates after the drink. A high play that will fly”
    — Online Flash Casino,

  • “Stocks having less than $50 million in total capitalization can be categorized as penny stocks, but this market cap cut-off variates greatly from one organization's definition to the next. Tags: Penny Stocks. 0 responses so far Visit the archives for more! © 2006–2010 Penny Stock Pick Alert Blog”
    — Great Penny Stocks,

  • “Generally speaking, we generate independent random variates in a simulation. to generate a list of variates according to some distribution, and”
    — RiskAMP :: Support Forum :: Bivariate Poisson distributions,

  • “MyCOW vous invite à apprendre l'anglais en le pratiquant au quotidien. De nombreuses ressources pédagogiques anglophones”
    — Forum anglais > traits that make a man irresistable,

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