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  • Ingénieriste ensemblier d'unités de valorisation des déchets EBHYS company designs and builds plants intended for the valorization of wastes : sorting (comingled and industrial waste), recycling (Tires,. — “Ebhys - Ingénieriste ensemblier d'unités de valorisation des”,
  • Definition of Valorization in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Valorization. Pronunciation of Valorization. Translations of Valorization. Valorization synonyms, Valorization antonyms. Information about Valorization in the free online English. — “Valorization - definition of Valorization by the Free Online”,
  • Ms. Massarelli is Director of the Social Role Valorization Implementation Project, a human service teaching Social Role Valorization based workshops, and working with families, human service staff and. — “SOCIAL ROLE VALORIZATION”,
  • Social Role Valorization (SRV) is set of approaches designed to enable devalued people in society to experience a Good Life. — “Social Role Valorization - Overview of Social Role”,
  • Considering the recent ban on dumping non ultimate wastes, energy valorization and landspreading remain the two major issues for sewage sludge. Thermal valorization: gasification, methanation, incineration, wet oxidation, case studies,. — “ECSM'08 - European Conference on Sludge Management”,
  • valorization (economics) First tried in 1906 and briefly repeated during the war, this "valorization" policy was reinstated during the 1920s in the face of persistent. — “valorization (economics) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Publications. News. Contacts. Newsletter. Valorization. Productions. Mapping. Home. Contacts us Universidad de la República (UdelaR) is the Uruguayan partner of the Capright project and. — “Capright”,
  • OpenEye Group - A strategy firm that believes social innovation is a craft. OpenEye provides practises and tools for impact design on international scale. — “Valorization”,
  • The Social Role Valorization Implementation Project (SRVIP) is a human service training, evaluation and consultation effort aimed at addressing the Social Role Valorization, when well applied, has potential to help societally devalued people to gain greater access to the good. — “The Social Role Valorization Implementation Project”,
  • Valorisation thus specifically describes the increase in the value of capital assets Valorisation of capital is for Marx not at all the same as the ". — “Valorisation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Inauguration of the Organic Waste Valorization Center in Sequedin,On the 20th of september 2007, Pierre Mauroy inaugurated the most important Organic Waste Valorization Center in Europe. It is one of the pilot plants that takes part of the. — “Inauguration of the Organic Waste Valorization Center in Sequedin”,
  • In compliance with its obligations under the contract with the Algerian National Agency for the Valorization of Hydrocarbon Resources (ALNAFT), the Gazprom Group has commenced drilling of the first prospecting well (Rhourde Sayah-2) in Africa. — “Gazprom commences drilling of first prospecting well in”,
  • Contract Awards from Dreal Country Of The Loire for Study Of Valorization Of The Programme Of Restoration Of The Littoral in France. Access free tenders related to Miscellaneous Books - Reference, Atlases, Languages etc. — “Study Of Valorization Of The Programme Of Restoration Of The”,
  • Questioning the valorization of labor of "low-income" students for Sony But more disturbing to me is the valorization of links between the government, academia, and industry. — “Questioning the valorization of labor of "low-income”,
  • Definition of valorization from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of valorization. Pronunciation of valorization. Definition of the word valorization. Origin of the word valorization. — “valorization - Definition of valorization at ”,
  • Valorization and the Labour Process. A member of the KCL Reading Capital Movement, will introduce a discussion Valorization and the Labour Process: Surplus Value, Constant Capital. — “King's College Reading Capital Movement: Valorization and the”,
  • Talking about "valorization", capitalization and exploitation of outcomes and about The valorization and dissemination process needs to start from the outcomes and. — “Emdel: a Model for Valorization of eLearning in a Knowledge”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Valorization - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • This article reviews the scholarly literature concerning English language valorization in This article reveals that English language valorization in Puerto Rico is grounded in. — “Maritza Sostre Rodríguez, Ed”,
  • It argues that the valorization of women's moral authority—the authority that was believed to spring from the Confucian classic Essentially strengthening gender stereotypes, such valorization nevertheless enabled some male literati and. — “Yang Binbin: Valorization as Rhetoric: Women's Moral”,
  • [ Biogas valorization ] We make complete biogas lines, that covers all the equipment necessary to the good functioning of the instalation. The different installations already done by BSDV cover all the profitable economical possibilities of the valorization of biogas, that are the following :. — “BSDV - Clean up valorization : the whole line of biogas”,

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  • TEKNISA Institucional - English in subtitles Company Established in 1990, Teknisa has a prominent position in the Latin America Food Service Software market, being the leader in several segments of IT business management. Its sphere of action covers the Central and South America and Teknisa already began to extend its Market Shares over Europe and North America. The company provides agile IT solutions in the Business Management sector, with its systems installed in about 3.000 companies, totalling nearly 15.000 systems sold. It is structured to render the best IT services with a team of high qualified professionals such as personnel support team, computer ***ysts and programmers, consultants and instructors whom are highly competent and possess the most advanced technological skills. Thus, Teknisa has an efficient implementation methodology capable of reducing time and resources. The quality management system adopted by Teknisa counts on a department responsible for implementing, maintaining and monitoring the whole process. Through a continuous improvement program that totally covers the business structure, Teknisa ensures greater obligation to rendered services. Policy Constantly Improve our processes, products and services in order to ensure the growth of Teknisa and valorization of our clients and staffs. Obligation Teknisa's commitment to its clients begins with the idea of freedom and incentive to innovation of their company's management. Our softwares allow you to define your profile according to your ...
  • Tears of Stone 2 Second clip from the film 'Tears of Stone'.
  • Recyclage Granutech Recognized as a North American leader in the field of recovery, transformation and valorization of energy-content wastes, Recyclage Granutech prioritizes the 3RV-E activities that are source Reduction, Reusing, Recycling and Valorization of Energy.
  • The Psychic Warfare Chronicles Episode 4
  • P8290218
  • Digital Content Marketplace Thierry Breton, CEO of Atos Origin, and Mark Hurd, President of Oracle, discuss the new digital content marketplace and how it is aimed mainly at governments and organizations wishing to digitize and preserve their national treasures, archives and heritage. They also outline their new partnership in the area of digital capture, preservation and valorization where Oracle creates the digitization software and Atos Origin is responsible for its execution in the marketplace.
  • Benedict XVI: New media technologies for evangelization That you may evangelize todays digital continent was Benedict XVIs request to the participants of the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.The Pope noted that for the faithful, the required valorization of new technologies in the media must always be supported by a consistent outlook of faith, knowing that, beyond these instruments, the effectiveness of the proclamation of the Gospel depends above all on the action of the Holy Spirit, who guides the Church and the way of humanity.Finally, Benedict XVI recalled the 50th anniversary of the Vatican Film Archive, which possesses a rich cultural patrimony pertaining to all humanity and he encouraged the collection and ...
  • Vibratory Equipment for MSW / Single Stream Recycling Systems GK offers a full line of separation technology for MRF / MSW processing. General Kinematics solutions can separate by size, density, and more. Drying of material can also be accomplished with our proven vibratory fluidized bed technology, which stratifies product for complete material contact. GK MSW / MRF systems are excellent for material preparation and valorization for diverting recoverables or for fuel preparation for waste to energy facilities.
  • Telecentros Versao extendida com legendas subtitled Telecentro Sao Paulo - Brasil - Subtitled in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese Digital Inclusion English Italian Spanish Portuguese French The biggest network using free software in Latin America
  • The Expo Shanghai 2010 was officialy opened on the 1st May The ribbon was cut and the Italian Pavilion was visited by the Italian commission including Environmental Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo, Expo Shanghai Italy Commissioner General Beniamino Quintieri and Ambassador for Italy in China Riccardo Sessa.
  • DelFly Micro DelFly Micro video | Eelke Dekker
  • Espaciel light deflector Espaciel light deflector video | Eelke Dekker
  • NEW CLUES FOUND IN MONA LISA´S EYES CCTV News Art experts have made a surprising discovery of the world's most famous paintings, the Mona Lisa. They claim to have found a set of tiny letters painted into the eyes and a number under the bridge in the backdrop of the painting. Tom Fearon looks into the cryptic message in the 500-year-old portrait. For centuries, Mona Lisa's eyes have enchanted art lovers admiring Leonardo da Vinci's celebrated masterpiece. However, few people dared imagine the eyes contained an actual code. Stefania Romano from Italy's National Committee for the Valorization of Cultural Heritage says the latest discovery leaves more questions than answers. For centuries, Mona Lisa's eyes have enchanted art lovers admiring Leonardo da Vinci's celebrated masterpiece. Stefania Romano said, "We believe that in the eyes of the Mona Lisa there are two letters: an L in her right eye, and an S in her left eye. It is also possible to notice the number 72 with a simple magnifying lens." The "S" might refer to a woman in the Sforza dynasty that ruled Milan. The letter "L" could be for Leonardo. The number 72 is auspicious in the Judaism's Kabbalah. 7 is also sacred in Judaism and Christianity in the creation of the world, while 2 could refer to the duality of man and woman. But art historians aren't convinced of the meaning. Claudio Strinati, art historian of Italian Culture Ministry, said, "Even conceding that there are really letters and numbers hidden in the painting, it seems to me that the mystery isn't ...
  • SEMARDEL Group Purpose of the Group : To master the collect, the treatment and the valorization of every waste and materials, respecting the environment, anticipating all the approved and technical evolutions in order to guarantee the lesser processing cost for all the SIREDOM members collectivities. This global service is also meant for all the country, collectivities, firms. The ambition : To serve the general interest, the SEMARDEL group has the ambition to become the reference model for French collectivities in the business of collecting, treatment and valorization of the waste in the environmental, economic an human field.
  • Super E-paper Super E-paper video | Eelke Dekker
  • QualityStocks Daily Video 02/01/2007 Welcome to The Daily Stock Report...brought to you by Quality , performance tracked daily. I'm Cathy Rankin and for Thursday, February 1st.... we're bringing you the latest news from around the markets as well as the top movers to look out for today... In Headline News Today... The Stock Trader's Almanac states that, "as the S&P goes in January, so goes the year." Well, with the S&P 500 briefly slipping into negative territory for 2007 last Friday but rallying into the end of the month to finish up 1.4%, that momentum carried over into Thursday's session, jump starting what is historically a flat month for equities. Perhaps more notably was the economically-sensitive sector's ability to look past a discouraging update about manufacturing conditions. The January ISM index unexpectedly fell to 49.3%, indicating contraction, which ran counter to a Fed directive that showed firming economic growth a day earlier. The disappointment initially left investors questioning the validity of Wednesday's rally that we still believe was overdone considering the Fed's continued talk about tightening. While a rebound to 3.5% growth from 2.0% in Q3 dispels the worst of recession fears, suggesting the economy is back on trend, the GDP report further diminished the chance of the Fed easing anytime soon. Today's Fed statement further echoed such improbability, as the directive reflected a continued leaning toward a rate hike rather than lowering rates. Be that as it may, a market ...
  • Wedding Video by David Bastianoni is an international wedding photographer based in Tuscany for weddings in Tuscany but operates all over Italy for exclusive wedding photography. David Bastianoni approaches to photography moved by a strong passion, and above all, by the professional experience inherited from his family, esteemed and creative photographers - grandfather, father and uncle - whose work, since 1932, narrate through images the realism of story and feelings. His passion focuses on wedding photography, aiming at the constant search of moments and special situations in a simple and natural style, but at the same time full of emotions and spontaneity, of sensations enhanced and magnified by the different scenic shooting backgrounds: Chianti and Val d'Orcia, Versilia and Val d'Elsa, Florence, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, Arezzo and numerous Tuscan villages from Certaldo, Vinci, Pienza and Montepulciano to San Gimignano, Poppi, Pontignano, Cortona, Montalcino, Greve in Chianti and Sinalunga, whose historical simplicity frames the playing of the event. He becomes quickly popular as wedding photographer by creating his own personal style based on reportage photography shoot by a "preferred watcher" of the event, thus seizing emotions and unique moments. He constantly searches for a unique and exclusive work, for telling a tale described technically, elegantly and spontaneously, matching candid photos with formal photos and giving shape to emotions through the combination of lights, colours and ...
  • Business Model-----Recyclage Granutech Recyclage Granutech place innovation at the center of its business processes. The preparation of energy value formula, among others, to recover 100% of the total weight of waste to energy value it also promote the reduction of production cost of energy from waste. Our respect for the environment leads us to be involved in the management of waste and, therefore, in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases ( GHG). Recognized as a North American leader in the field of recovery, transformation and valorization of energy-content wastes, Recyclage Granutech prioritizes the 3RV-E activities that are source Reduction, Reusing, Recycling and Valorization of Energy.
  • Vini Il vino abruzzese nell'ultimo decennio ha ottenuto consensi inter***onali di mercato e di critica su riviste, guide e nei principali concorsi enologici di tutto il mondo. Si tratta di un successo al quale hanno contribuito diversi fattori, primo fra tutti la scelta di puntare sulla valorizzazione del territorio e dei suoi vitigni autoctoni più importanti, in particolare il Montepulciano e il Trebbiano abruzzese, ma più di recente, anche su altre varietà minori come Passerina, Pecorino e Cococciola. Il Montepulciano, di cui si hanno notizie certe della sua presenza in Abruzzo sin dalla metà del '700, è oggi considerato uno dei grandi vitigni autoctoni a bacca rossa d'Italia e costituisce la base del Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC (che conta anche la tipologia Cerasuolo). È un vino che si evidenzia per duttilità che lo fa apprezzare già a 8-10 mesi dalla vendemmia ma che gli consente di assumere complessità nel tempo grazie alla sua grande attitudine all'invecchiamento. Conserva integra l'intensità di colore, che va dal rubino al granato, i profumi che ricordano la marasca ei piccoli frutti neri, accompagnati da note leggere di spezie e il gusto deciso, lievemente tannico se bevuto giovane, invece avvolgente, vellutato con un finale che richiama la liquirizia ed il cioccolato se invecchiato Il Cerasuolo prende il nome dal colore rosa ciliegia che si ottiene dalla breve macerazione a freddo che non supera mai l'arco di una notte; è un vino fresco dai profumi di frutta rossa ...
  • INDIGENOUS_Proyecto Turismo Shuar-Ecuador.wmv The Kichwa Shayari Community Center works to develop community tourism as a tool for sustainable development, focusing at the same time the conservation and valorization of their culture and generating complementary economic resources. This project is intended to strenghten, improove and diversify this touristic process by improving infraestructure and equipment (recue center, cabains, energy system), the legalization and promotion of the Community Center(telephone, promotional event) ,and the strenghtening of local capacities (improvement of handcrafts, management of the rescue center, music and dance).
  • Video telecentro de Sao Paulo Video Telecentro de Sao Paulo
  • CETMA CONSORTIUM - Engineering, Design and Materials Technologies Center The Cetma is an non-profit operating consortium; its profits are reinvested in educational and research activities. The Cetma offers innovation, products and processes development, planning, simulation and characterization services for materials and components. It offers to own partners multidisciplinary competences as: modelling and prototyping, product design and environmental impact assessment, multimedia planning, Virtual Reality, Immersive Virtual Reality Based System, Information systems for the industrial engineering. Cetma supplies specialized advices and proposes, participates and manages research programs with firms and agencies. It is taken care of technological transfer and scientific researchs results valorization. Cetma has always encouraged high specialized education, considering as an important instrument for an organic engagement in the world of job.
  • Rector Magnificus Fokkema announces the Delft Design & Engineering Award JT Fokkema - Rector Magnificus of the Delft University of Technology - announces the Delft Design & Engineering Award
  • 006_MV_EcoUnit by Architecture and Vision Issues of sanitation and hygiene still remain one of the main concerns for developing countries. Designed to assist in this widespread need and as a tool for hygiene education, "EcoUnit" is a mobile structure, easily transportable by truck, to be placed near medical service centers, and wherever necessary. Supplying solutions developed for the International Space Station, the unit is equipped with systems for water purification and recycling, and also uses energy from the sun and derived from waste valorization (biogas). Designed by Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler
  • Why is Divided Attention a Bad Thing? It seems obvious that the supposed reduction in the ability of children to give undivided attention to a task is an inherently Bad Thing. We are told that the endless round of MTV videos, Xbox games with rapid kill rates, google searches, and the logic of txting has produced a generation who are incapable of the sustained attention demanded by the novel, the opera, the movie that lasts more than 90 minutes, or the prolonged course of study. This might well be true but is there nothing good to said at all for divided attention? Could a consciousness which operates in chunks and shards have a functionality that the monolithic consciousness of prolonged thought lacks? I suspect that at least some of the valorization that is given to sustained and undivided attention is at least partially inherited from other attributes of mind and being associated with the classic cartesian subject. This is the figure unified in a single undivisible consciousness, stable and rational, and in whose head the world is represented and made rationally whole. The mechanisms at work (presumably) in the head of this subject take the fragmentary attentional acts that make up sensory engagement with the world and compose them into a single sustained thread of mind. The ability to sustain attention and to give it over to a task in a way which is 'undivided' therefore reflects this unified idealised subject at work. Outside of the body of this individual however, there may well be other mechanisms for ...
  • tarantelle group folk herbessus The association is born with the purposes to cultivate and to propagandizthe popular traditions sicialian folkloristiche, to announce searches and studies on the uses, customs and traditions of the people of Sicily, with particular reference to the valorization of the cultural patrimony of our earth. The ideation, the realization, the production and the spread of artistic twinship with people of other nations; initiatives like shows for children in the world.
  • Delfi-n3Xt Delfi-n3Xt video | Eelke Dekker
  • How B-Phot works with industry
  • Energy production center Recyclage Granutech place innovation at the center of its business processes. The preparation of energy value formula, among others, to recover 100% of the total weight of waste to energy value it also promote the reduction of production cost of energy from waste.Our respect for the environment leads us to be involved in the management of waste and, therefore, in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases ( GHG). Recyclage Granutech wishes to work in partnership with communities in setting up multi-functional sort centers. The goal is to contribute to job creation and get citizens involved in our waste valorization philosophy & GHG emission reduction efforts.Recyclage Granutechs philosophy is to develop new processing techniques & technologies as an alternate solution to landfills, wastes valorization and GHG emissions reductions. Our business model promote industry creation to recover the waste, make sorting and transforming raw materials into secondary and tertiary as will as to maximize recycling and reduce landfill.
  • Inspirational Commercial Jawdropping
  • A Green Energy Visit for more information! In Sweden, an industrial factory co-digests ley crops and organic household waste to create biogas fuel and helps in reducing dependency on fossil fuels for transportation. Because its a renewable energy, biogas can play a role in reducing dependency on fossil fuels for transportation. Produced from the anaerobic fermentation of organic animal or plant waste, biogas allows an optimal energy valorization of residual sludge.
  • SOAS CAMEL CONFERENCE - 24-25 May 2011 [Click "more info" for full details] Dear Colleagues, It gives us much pleasure to issue the formal Call for Papers for our SOAS conference entitled 'CAMEL CULTURES: HISTORICAL TRADITIONS, PRESENT THREATS, AND FUTURE PROSPECTS' to be held at the School of Oriental and African Studies [SOAS, London] on Tuesday 24th - Wednesday 25th May 2011 The conference will address all aspects of camel culture, past, present and future and in all continents. It will deal with both material and cultural concerns, and will cover both Dromedaries and Bactrians, in all continents, but not the related camelid species of the Americas. The aim of the conference is to examine, document and celebrate camel cultures wherever they exist, and we welcome papers on every possible aspect of the camel and its development through the ages. The "Future Prospects" section of our title is particularly important to us, and we encourage contributions that look at the camel in terms of sustainable agriculture in times of global warming and desertification, sustainable transport solutions, and the valorization of nomadic / herding cultures. If you wish to present a paper at the 2011 conference, please send your proposal to the conference organiser at [email protected] The proposal should include: (1) Title of proposed paper; (2) Your name; (3) Institutional affiliation, if you are connected to an institution; (4) A summary of your proposed paper [maximum 200 words]; (5) A brief CV [maximum 100 words ...
  • Das Kapital study group, session eight, Fall '09, NYC. Chapter Three, special theme. Our group convenes this week and begins with a discussion and celebration of the latest events from comrades in the West and the possibility of further accelerations of struggle in our own vicinity. We respond to a series of questions posed by a Greek bourgeois newspaper concerning their year of insurrection and revolt. Our attention then turns to our weekly collective study. This week we prepare to continue reading chapter three. We review, recite and observe with a particular emphasis: the capital process is masked by its constant transformations into concrete particular modes of existence; the commodity's dual aspects are masked by their existence in the equivalent and relative forms as only a use-value for the reciever and only an exchange value for the transmitter; the labor and marginal theory of value of the political economist is a mask that freezes time as opposed to the historically dynamic abstract and socially necessary labor time at the root of the value of products; capital's money-form as wages for the proletariat mask their role in the circulation of variable capital as drafts for means of subsistence as opposed to money as disposition for productive consumption, for the capitalist; convention, culture and juridical activity mask the productive-historical factors that are behind them leading to bizaare rituals and value systems; markets mask the myriad shifts in supply and demand for countless productive activities which we lose track of and therefore ...

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  • “Visit Oran Forum - The Oran community The valorization and alteration work of the Habibas islands will be launched soon, learns one from a source close to the commune of Aïn El-Kerma”
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  • “SRV news, training updates, ***ysis, questions and examples blog to regularly post news, ***yses, videos and links, training updates, resources for further learning, questions, and so on, relevant to Social Role Valorization”
    — Social Role Valorization,

  • “Blog. An interview with Andrea Brandolini. November 8, 2010 by Jovial at 10:10 am. Andrea Brandolini has been involved in einkorn My aims are the conservation, the evaluation and the valorization of the einkorn collection maintained at CRA-SCV (Italian”
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  • “STW valorization proposal on "inMotion - Wireless Motion Sensor Networks in Sports" is granted. Academic collaborations. Industrial collaborations. Education. Student assignments. People. Blog. Vacancies. Contact. Top. Last modified on 22-07-2010”
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  • “Blog To create the lives and communities we want, we need each other. We need to collaborate, share, cooperate & learn together. Join us. Danielle Cheyne”
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  • “STW valorization grant. 01/27/10. SeaSTAR project begins. 01/01/10. 2009 STW valorization proposal on "inMotion - Wireless Motion Sensor Networks in Sports" is”
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  • “Forum - Solar Business: Investment, Valorization, IPOs, M&A. You must be connected to post Que signifie le reporting RSE en 2010 ? Nov. 25. Projets pilotes Smart Grid français et”
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