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  • Proper vacuuming is the easiest and most effective way to keep your carpet clean. — “Vacuuming”, carpet-
  • BISSELL produces some of the world's finest vacuums. Let our experts help you find the BISSELL vacuum that best matches your lifestyle today. — “Bissell”,
  • Here are some tips on how to reduce injury while vacuuming. One of the best vacuums out on the market that can vacuum your floor and carpets by itself is the "Roomba iRobot Red Vacuuming Robot. — “Vacuuming - Associated Content - Topic - ”,
  • The most important step in caring for your carpet is vacuuming it thoroughly and frequently, particularly in high-traffic areas. Frequent vacuuming removes these particles from the surface before problems occur. — “Shaw Carpet: Vacuuming Tips for the Best Flooring Care”,
  • How Do I Vacuum Efficiently? To make the most out of the time and effort you put into vacuuming your carpet, check out the FAQs below. How often should I vacuum? The frequency of vacuuming is determined by the amount of wear your carpet gets. — “Efficient Vacuuming”,
  • Regular cleaning and proper technique will get you through this job quickly. Most household vacuuming takes place on carpets and rugs using a vacuum equipped with a beater brush. Hard floors should be cleaned using suction tools without a. — “Vacuuming, Housekeeping & Cleaning Guides, Explanations”,
  • Aerus, The Healthy Home Experts, is your source for quality, durable vacuum cleaners with air filtration features to clean your home. — “Lux vacuum cleaners by Aerus, The Healthy Home Experts and”,
  • The incumbent in this position performs light and heavy cleaning duties such as sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and vacuuming floors, gathering and emptying trash, cleaning windows and a variety of other tasks as needed. Maintains the professional. — “Vacuuming | |”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. to use a vacuum device (as a vacuum cleaner) on. — “Vacuuming - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Vacuum cleaners have cleaned our homes for over a century. See a vacuum cleaner from the inside out and read expert reviews about vacuum cleaners. — “HowStuffWorks "How Vacuum Cleaners Work"”,
  • Definition of vacuuming in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of vacuuming. Pronunciation of vacuuming. Translations of vacuuming. vacuuming synonyms, vacuuming antonyms. Information about vacuuming in the free online English dictionary and. — “vacuuming - definition of vacuuming by the Free Online”,
  • We offer top brands of vacuum cleaners including Miele, Dyson, Electrolux and SEBO. From canister vacuums to upright vacuums, there is a HEPA vacuum to meet your cleaning needs. — “Vacuum Cleaners - HEPA Vacuum Cleaners - ”,
  • vacuuming use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with vacuuming. vacuuming in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Vacuuming up this dirt can be difficult when traditional vacuums can''t reach the car due to the length of their cords or their large shape can make it tricky to get. — “vacuuming - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Learn about Vacuuming on . Find info and videos including: How to Replace a Vacuum Hose on a Kenmore Vacuum, Which Vacuum Cleaners Are Comparable to Dyson Vacuums?, How to Hook a Vacuum Advance Into a Full Manifold Vacuum and much more. — “Vacuuming - ”,
  • Canister vacuum cleaner for home use. A vacuum cleaner, also known as a hoover (a genericized trademark) or sweeper and commonly referred to simply as a vacuum, is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors. — “Vacuum cleaner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Here a Free Pics & Movies galleries for the search "Vacuuming" from our site. Visit us for more free galleries !. — “Vacuuming - Pics & Movies Galleries - Here *** Videos”, here***.tv
  • Miele S5381 Leo Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Electrolux Versatility Upright Vacuum Cleaner EL8502B, Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Miele S7580 Bolero Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner. — “Vacuuming”,
  • There are two methods to vacuum a pool. The first is to vacuum the pool and discharge the water to waste, and the second method is to vacuum the pool and have the water travel through the filter to catch the debris and then return to the pool. — “Pool Vacuuming ~ Expert Pool & Spa, Inc”,
  • Vacuum Home is a premier online retailer of residential and industrial vacuum cleaners. Providing high-quality, competitively-priced vacuums that will serve to meet your high demands. — “Vacuum-”, vacuum-
  • There is a true art to vacuuming, spend your time on other things yet keep your home vacuumed, you can. It is easy. — “Vacuuming”,
  • Visit iRobot and discover our home cleaning robots, including Roomba, Scooba, Verro, Dirt Dog and Looj. iRobot creates robots that make a difference. — “iRobot Home Cleaning Robots: Vacuuming, Floor Washing, Pool”,
  • Therefore, frequent vacuuming with proper equipment not only extends carpet life but also contributes to better indoor air quality. IMPORTANT! Always pre-test spotters for color fastness by spraying on a white cloth or tissue and pressing against an inconspicuous area of the carpet. — “Vacuuming”,

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  • Vacuuming in High Heels: The Crush Crushing a toy car & vacuuming it up. Had to speed up the middle section to make the run-time less than 10 minutes. This is my first crushing video, was very surprised at how easily these toys break. Completely ruined my shoes, though. Tech specs: Electrolux z331, 700 watts (240 volts AC/DC) Made in Australia. circa -mid 1970's
  • Open a Pool - Brushing, Skimming, and Vacuuming To view the next video in this series click:
  • Vacuuming in High Heels: Candy II Pebbles... it's a box of fun. For everyone requesting to see more videos of the Hoover uprights. Removed the front cover half-way through filming and didn't realise I hadn't put it back on straight. Tech specs: Hoover Junior 1346A. 230-250volts / 40-60hz / 250watts. Made in New Zealand by Fisher & Paykel (under license Hoover Gt Britain)
  • MANLY VACUUMING SKILLS! (DailyDecember12) pre-order my new wristbands on using coupon code "preorder" :)
  • 12 month old baby vacuuming He is such a helper.
  • Vacuum cleaning our cat This is a video showing us vacuum cleaning our cat. She is huge and totally deaf from birth. She's almost 14 years... The vacuum itself is on the lowest mode, just enough to get the loose hairs off, so no animal was harmed during the making of this vid ;)
  • Vacuuming In High Heels: Mono Deluxe Sound Test Another test of the new sound with some experimental footage. Also testing the H264 format. Have a feeling it's going to be ***ty though. Apologies for the poor quality.
  • iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver With dramatically improved navigation, cleaning coverage, vacuum pickup, and particle filtration, the Roomba 560 vacuuming robot picks up amazing amounts of dirt and debris with the simple touch of a button. The powerful unit features innovative spinning side brushes that grab dirt and dust from corners and along wall edges, as well as two high-speed, counter-rotating brushes that pick up pet hair, cat litter, food crumbs, and other debris from floors. The vacuum sucks up the debris and deposits it into a large, easy-to-empty, bagless dust bin, and its improved fine-filtration system traps dust, pollen, and other allergens inside the unit, reducing infiltration into the living environment. For added convenience, the vacuum's cleaning head automatically adjusts to transition from wood, tile, and linoleum to carpets and rugs, while improved anti-tangle technology ensures it will not get stuck on cords and rug fringe. If the unit begins to pick up a cord or carpet tassel, it will automatically reverse the direction of its brushes to extract the item. A gentle-touch bumper system senses obstacles so the vacuum automatically slows its approach, gently touches the obstacle, then redirects to continue cleaning under or around the object. Because it cleans under beds, couches, and other hard-to-reach areas, it actually vacuums more of the floor than a standard upright. The vacuum also senses dirtier areas and spends more time cleaning them, and it uses built-in cliff ...
  • Dyson DC24 Ball Vacuuming Dyson DC24 vacuum cleaner. Before I bought this machine I thought that the ball was simply a marketing gimmick! Since I have had this machine I realise how much better and easier it is to have this on the machine particularly if you vacuum random areas quickly. I can see that Dyson are genuinely getting better and this machine so much better than previous Dysons and it is very durable and you know it can be bashed about without worry unlike the previous Dysons I have had which were fragile. Good to see Dyson are now making their machines more tougher and long lasting. This machine is used quite heavily. In this vid I am just vacuuming random areas due to holding the camera (vacuuming with a vid cam is difficult lol)
  • Vacuuming First time Alexis used real vacuum.
  • Replacing a Home Air Conditioner : Vacuuming Home Air Conditioner Lines Vacuuming the lines pulls all the atmosphere out of the system. Learn about using a vacuum pump with tips from a professional HVAC technician in this free home cooling system repair video. Expert: Tony McClaren Bio: Tony McClaren is a licensed master journeymen HVAC technician with over 20 years of schooling. Filmmaker: NIk Ruscha
  • Vacuuming Leaves with the Toro Super Blower/Vac Toro blower with the vac attachment.
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips : Pre-vacuuming Carpet for Cleaning Watch as a seasoned expert discusses the importance of pre-vacuuming in this free online video about professional carpet care. Expert: David Green Contact: Bio: David Green is the owner of Customer Choice Services Inc. He has been providing Utah with carpet, upholstery, tile grout, air duct windows, and blinds for over 10 years. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins
  • First Generation Roomba Commercial This is the TV commercial for the original roomba.
  • Vacuuming in High Heels: TheMatty1012 request Party clean-up video as requested by TheMatty1012. Poor quality due to problems with my camera. Tech specs: Electrolux Z328. 700 watts/ 240 volts/ 50 hertz. Circa: 1975
  • vacuuming up dirt and dust i vacuum so much that i run out of stuff to vacuum so i just empty the collection chamber and then vacuum it back up.
  • Diamond Pt. 2 @ Car Wash with her two Camaros GOING INNNN! lil big sis Diamond and she's clearing up the repo rumors.
  • Vacuuming Bees -- Delusional Diva music video The long awaited music video to "Vacuuming Bees" conceived and performed by R. Sky Palkowitz, The Delusional Diva. Join the Diva and her wacky mother and father as they venture into saving the living room by vacuuming live bees out of the ceiling. Sure to be a cult classic. Additional material, directed and edited by Jason Jenn. Starring Dave & Rochelle Palkowitz. Recording engineer - Maxim Velour Second Camera: Ryan Janek Wolowski Still Photography: Ro Carroll Best Boy/Grip: Cliff Satriano Shot on location at: The Palkowitz Manor, New York The Hive Honeypot, Los Angeles Sound Recorded at: The Cottage, Santa Monica While the song is based on true events, yellow jackets were the real culprits (but "bees" sounded better for the song and are much cooler). No bees were harmed in the making of this video. In fact, honeybees are currently under severe threat by human pollution. Bee pollination sustains over 33% of our food sources. Please support and eat organic food products! Curious how you can cultivate the creative honey of your soul! Find out more at: More information about Delusional Diva Productions can be found at
  • Dueling Vacuums 01/08 - Ian shows off his vacuuming technique with his mini-Dyson he got for Christmas. He sucks.
  • foam block wrapping and/or vacuuming line - Vacuum press to reduce and seal foam blocks, cutted sheets piled up or simply wrap them. Secure double welding on each side combined with pressing power and flexibility, ensure a customized result. Machine is built strong and solid to be able to handle in time the stress and compression effort. More at :
  • vacuuming bees that began a hive bees swarmed two days ago under water meter cover. Vacuumed them out with a special bee vacuum designed by fellow bee keeper J. Vale. Once extracted we placed them in a hive.
  • Vacuuming in High Heels: Clear hose test video 2 More of the clear hose. Very harsh lighting in this one. Electrolux 333 cordomatic
  • Vacuuming in High Heels: vacuum*** request Vacuuming up a pile of dirt in a pair of pointed mules, as requested by vacuum***. Was requested some time ago and I'm sorry it has taken so long. Vacuum bag was full so vacuum cleaner suction doesn't seem as strong as it should be. Also, a lot of static can be heard, probably from the electromagnetic field generated by the motor. I am slowly getting through all of your requests. Tech specs: Electrolux D346. 230 - 240 volts AC, 850 watts. Made in New Zealand. circa: late 1970's - early 1980's
  • woman vacuuming
  • Vacuuming in High Heels: Baubles Crushing & vacuuming glass baubles. Not a great clip, hope it's worth uploading. Tech specs: Electrolux D346. 850watts / 240volts / 50hz. Made in New Zealand.
  • girl vacuuming girl running the vacuum cleaner
  • Removing Algae From a Swimming Pool : Vacuuming Dead Algae From Swimming Pool Place vacuum hose over return outlet to clear out air bubbles. Learn how to vacuum debris out of your swimming pool in this pool care video from our swimming pool expert. Expert: Tena Sloan Contact: / Bio: Tena Sloan, is an owner of the Princess Pools store in Dickson,...
  • Vacuuming with a Parson Jack Russell terrier! Check out our "Everything Jack Russell" store at: and join our Jack Russell Forum at for all the latest chat about these wonderful dogs! When you have a Jack Russell, your life is never the same! This is what vacuuming is like around our house with Maggie on duty protecting us from the evil Vacuum Cleaner Monster!
  • Vacuuming in High Heels: Candy Vacuuming up a packet of marshmallows, the first in a series of 'candy' videos. Love the sound these make as they're sucked up. Tech specs: Electrolux Z333 Cordomatic. / 230 volts / 50 hz / 750 watts. circa 1978
  • Vacuuming with the Shark Cordless Sweeper Using the Shark Cordless Sweeper in my room, the hallway, and living room.
  • I love vacuuming Every day I pester my mummy to do the vacuuming, so I got my own....
  • Hanford, Nuclear Waste Cleanup: Vacuuming Radioactive Sludge This is what nuclear waste cleanup looks like to an operator vacuuming up radioactive sludge from basins that held spent nuclear fuel at the Hanford Site. The operator --standing on metal grating about 20 feet above the water in the basin -- must use a camera to guide the vacuum nozzle because any movement stirs up the sludge and clouds the water.
  • Vacuuming with my Italian Greyhounds Robbie and Frankie get an experience with the vacuum!
  • iRobot Roomba Scheduler Vacuuming Robot with Intelli-Bin iRobot Roomba Scheduler Vacuuming Robot with Intelli-Bin model #4260 My Black Roomba at work, nice ;)
  • Electrolux Lab Test: Vacuuming with music Music assisted vacuuming increases the number of nozzle sweeps, improves the cleaning result and leaves a general feeling of happiness. These were some of the results of an Electrolux lab study to investigate the compatibility of music and vacuuming. The study was part of the development for Electrolux latest product: the Ultrasilencer. It is the most silent vacuum cleaner in the world, so quiet that it doesnt hinder the enjoyment of music, even on a low volume. Electrolux researchers investigated different styles of music, including: classical, R&B, pop, rock and jazz. Different factors were taken into consideration such as: heartbeat, dust pick up performance, number of sweeps with the nozzle, the difference between estimated and actual cleaning time, as well as the users flow and general sence of happiness during the test. Visit for images and the report from the study ( in Swedish). DISCLAIMER: the site referred to in the video is only available in swedish. Follow this link to dowload the report as a pdf in english
  • This hand vac really sucks! for more reviews and info. I'm so glad that I bought this hand vac. I used to have a Shark car vac which didn't work half the time and just caused frustration every time I used. I bought this one since it's best selling and well reviewed and now my life is so much easier. Two concerns I had from reading reviews were the noise level and dusts not staying in after being sucked. Both didn't bother me at all. There are two power levels and the noise level is not that high at low and the suction is still pretty powerful. Between an 1 year old who is scared of regular hand held vacuum's noise and a husband with frequent night shifts, it's hard for me to use a regular vacuum cleaner and this little one helps tremendously to keep my apartment clean. (My 1 year old has lots of fun vacuuming with this. That also helps the apartment clean!) The problem with the dusts after suction never happened to my cordless vac. I've even experimented to shake after vacuuming and they stayed in. This is a handy yet powerful, easy to use (easy to empty dust bag) rechargeable vacuum. A great buy for the money. Highly recommended.
  • House Dusting : Vacuuming Upholstery, Bedding & Mattresses Vacuum those secret areas that collect dust, such as underneath couches and couch cushions. Vacuum upholstery, bedding and mattresses with tips from a former housecleaning business owner and operator in this free video on housekeeping. Expert: Sabrina Karges Bio: Sabrina Karges owned and operated a housecleaning business for a number of years. She has some valuable tips on cleaning. Filmmaker: TOM KARGES
  • Vacuuming in High Heels: Experimental 'suck-o-vision' prototype test clip Playing around with a clear hose
  • Vacuuming in High Heels: vacnut07 request Requested by vacnut07 & shinyloulou. Vacuuming the stair crevices to create that certain 'screaming' sound. Don't expect any action in this one. This video is long overdue, hope it was worth the wait. Tech specs: Electrolux Z338 Ambassador 230volts / 50hz / 900watts. Made in New Zealand circa 1987
  • Vacuuming the Forest Music Video - by Amilcar This is the music video debut of Amilcar, a new age and ambient music composer who reached the top charts in 2005. More than a music video this video is probably more a sort of music eco-documentary. This video brings calming music with real sounds of nature with interesting environmental facts. To know more about Amilcar visit the official site:

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