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  • The Court held that mootness of a decision due to settlement of the dispute by the parties does not justify, as a routine matter, vacatur of the judgment under review even if the parties' own settlement agreement provides for vacatur of the judgment. — “US - Vacatur of Judgment”,
  • FBIC (Fight Bad Faith Insurance Companies) is a non-profit, advocacy organization which helps consumers and businesses when insurance companies wrongfully deny payment of claims Vacatur is an order by a court whereby a decision that has been rendered in a proceeding or judgment is set. — “"FBIC Vacatur"”,
  • Six of the nine Justices sided today with the Ninth Circuit -- over, among others, the Fifth. Wow! Sweet sassie molassie. Hall The question here is whether statutory grounds for prompt vacatur and modification [under the federal Arbitration Act] may be supplemented by. — “Annals of Arbitration: Supreme Court Zaps Vacatur - Blawgletter®”,
  • Evident partiality" on the part of a neutral arbitrator is a ground for vacatur of an award under Uniform Arbitrator Act 12(a)(2) and Federal Arbitration Action 10(a)(2). The standard for vacatur is appearance of bias; actual bias need not be shown. — “What is an Arbitrator's Duty of Disclosure?”,
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  • VOLUNTARY REMAND AND VACATUR (DE # 10) Intervenor-Defendant National Mining Association Motion for Voluntary Remand and Vacatur (DE # 10) because the requested relief would. — “IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT”,
  • Lagstein v Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's London (2010) (Award Timing), (Disclosure), (Irrationality), (Vacatur) Therefore, the respondent had a statutory right to vacatur of the award. — “Dubow Arb Case Report 2008-10 California Dispute Resolution”,
  • The AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society, ARIAS·U.S., is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes improvement of the insurance and reinsurance arbitration process for the international and domestic markets. law remains a viable basis for vacatur of an arbitration award in the. — “ARIAS·U.S”, arias-
  • Definition of vacatur in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is vacatur? Meaning of vacatur as a legal term. What does vacatur mean in law?. — “vacatur legal definition of vacatur. vacatur synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Judical Standards for Enforcement and Vacatur of Labor Arbitration Awards Appellate grounds for enforcement and vacatur of arbitration awards sanctioned by collectively bargained agreements between unions and employers in the United States. — “SSRN-Judical Standards for Enforcement and Vacatur of Labor”,
  • Instead, through a holding of mootness and an unexpected vacatur, the court vacatur of the lower court and because the law is better served by leaving decisions intact,. — “Nicholas A. Loyal Saint Louis University School of Law B”,
  • Notably, North Carolina and 22 other states opposed the vacatur and asked the court to stay the effectiveness of its decision. If the Court remands the rule or stays the vacatur, EPA could implement CAIR on schedule at the beginning of next year, while. — “Washington Energy Report - (1) DC Circuit Upholds FERC”,
  • When courts do address the issue, they will rely on the resolution of two prior issues: (1) whether parties can rely on the vacatur provisions in Art. 1 of the FAA, in a vacatur proceeding under the NY Convention. — “"Looking Into a Crystal Ball: Courts' In" by Eric S. Chafetz”,
  • Georgia's Arbitration Code, which closely mirrors the Federal Arbitration Act, previously specified four grounds for vacatur of an arbitration award: (1) corruption, fraud, or misconduct in procuring the award; (2) partiality of A party seeking vacatur must therefore demonstrate that the. — “United States, Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration, Georgia's”,
  • In describing vacatur as "the better practice when a case becomes the principles of vacatur identified in Nimbus -- was correct, it appears that this court's application of vacatur in Nimbus has. — “Oregon Judicial Department Appellate Court Opinions”,
  • Latin, third person singular present indicative passive of vacare, "it is made null and vacatur (plural vacaturs) (law) An announcement in court that something is cancelled or. — “vacatur - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of Vacatur in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Vacatur. Pronunciation of Vacatur. Translations of Vacatur. Vacatur synonyms, Vacatur antonyms. Information about Vacatur in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Vacatur - definition of Vacatur by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Insurance Recovery for Businesses Affected by the Gulf Oil Spill. Anderson Kill's State of California wins rights on behalf of California Policyholders. — “Home Page - Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C”,
  • Until Mattel, courts have broadened the bases for vacatur, creating several nonstatutory grounds for vacating arbitral awards. the extrastatutory grounds for vacatur, courts have relied on the. — “Bar Journal Article”,
  • Faegre & Benson regularly handles among the most complex and challenging transactions and litigation work facing multinational businesses. The vacatur order once again makes the GM sugar beet seeds a "regulated" article under the Plant Protection Act which precludes their planting. — “Center for Food Safety v. Vilsack: Court Follows Geertson”,
  • Izumi's motion to intervene in the appeal for purposes of opposing vacatur was denied by the Court of Appeals on the ground that Izumi was not a party to the action, and the court went on to find that vacatur was appropriate. Held: The writ of certiorari is dismissed as improvidently granted. — “IZUMI SEIMITSU KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA v. U. S. PHILIPS CORP”,
  • Appellate Rules: Vacatur - Wis. Stat. s.809.18, Folder: 1 of 1. Minutes of the May 18, 2001 meeting of the Judicial Council 809.18, relating to requests for stipulated reversal of stipulated vacatur of a lower court decision, June 14, 2002. — “Appellate Rules: Vacatur - Wisconsin State Law Library”,
  • Our case law defines manifest disregard of the law as a nonstatutory ground for vacatur. Tribunals in these arbitrations want to minimize the risk of vacatur, so they are likely to accede to parties' demands for more. — “McDermott - Newsletters - Federal Arbitration Act’s”,
  • vacatur IN BRIEF: Noun- An order of court making a legal proceeding void. is a free vocabulary and spelling program where you only. — “vacatur: Information from ”,
  • COMMISSIONER'S RULING ON PETITION FOR MODIFICATION OR VACATUR OF THE COMMISSIONER'S SEPTEMBER 24, 1993 ORDER 16, 2003, seeking modification or vacatur of a September 24, 1993. — “Stagecoach Field - Commissioner Ruling, March 12, 2004 - NYS”,

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  • (10/11/2009) Keeneland Race 7 Please enjoy this TrakusCast(TM) video, a combination of tight camera views and color-coded tiles (referred to as chicklets) that together allow for viewers to more easily identify and follow their horses throughout a race. For more information on Trakus and other Trakus videos please visit (10 Keeneland Race 7
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  • CHURCHILL DOWNS, 2009-11-01, Race 4 Entries: Thoroughbred Race, CHURCHILL DOWNS, 2009-11-01, Race 4: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Vacatur (KY), Lenclud, F, finished 7; 2-Sparkle of Light (FL), Prado, E, finished 10; 3-Glowing Report (KY), Maragh, R, finished 8; 4-Atwitter (KY), Leparoux, J, finished 6; 5-Barton Springs (KY), Theriot, J, finished 3; 6-Shawnee Moon (KY), Lanerie, C, finished 2; 7-Aqualane Shores (KY), Albarado, R, finished 1; 8-Naughty Bits (KY), Farina, T, finished 4; 9-Lou's Angel (KY), McKee, J, finished 9; 10-Big Starlet (KY), Rossi, O, finished 11; 11-Quality Miss (KY), Goncalves, L, finished 5; 12-Fighting Jo Jo (KY), Baird, E, finished 12;
  • CHURCHILL DOWNS, 2010-04-24, Race 7 Entries: Thoroughbred Race, CHURCHILL DOWNS, 2010-04-24, Race 7: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Lily Meadow (KY), Lanerie, C, finished 1; 2-Catnandu (KY), Nakatani, C, finished 3; 3-Vacatur (KY), Borel, C, finished 4; 4-Simple Words (FL), Bridgmohan, S, finished 6; 5-High Quality (KY), Albarado, R, finished 2; 6-Suekel (KY), Mena, M, finished 8; 7-Grace by Design (KY), Tamburello, A, finished 7; 8-Leopard Rock (KY), Hernandez, Jr., B, finished 5;

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